ZIIP HALO review

A quick summary…

by | January 22, 2024

The ZIIP HALO is a distinctive, simple & intuitive at-home microcurrent device, and a genuine pleasure to use. Choose a nourishing ZIIP gel to suit your budget & skin needs. The app syncs specific waveforms & intensities designed to lift, clarify, refresh, energise & rejuvenate throughout your tissues, whilst you follow 12 easy video routines for your full face & trouble spots. Use it on your delicate eye & lip area too. Easy & delectable pamper time you’ll look forward to.
"Tight, bright, healthy, even-toned, dewy & flawless skin, & contoured, lifted features."

4.7 / 5

Face, neck, eyes & lips


ZIIP HALO review at-home microcurrent & nanocurrent device, tried & tested by Wearebodybeautiful.com

What is it?

The ZIIP HALO is a small, cordless, FDA-cleared, home use microcurrent device. This model replaces the older ZIIP GX and ZIIP OX. The two electrodes send tiny, painless electrical currents into your neck and facial tissues through a water-based conductive gel. These gentle currents are just like your body’s own bioelectricity, so your cells use it to fuel electrochemical processes. And this boosts how much ATP energy molecules they make.  

ATP is vital because it powers almost all cellular activities. This means stronger collagen and elastin, more hydrating sugar molecules, and less inflammation, for healthy younger-behaving skin. 

Compared to other microcurrent devices, the ZIIP HALO is special because, as well as micro amperage currents, it also uses vastly smaller nano currents. ZIIP says this is precisely in tune with your skin cells and so creates the most ATP, more so than just microcurrent alone. And not only that, it can send two simultaneous waveforms into your skin, and change them during your routine to target specific areas.


Microcurrents vs. nanocurrents

We measure electrical flow in amperes, or amps for short. Amps are the amount of electricity running through a circuit.

Microcurrent: 1 micro amp (μA) is 1 millionth of an amp

Nanocurrent: 1 nano amp (nA) is 1 billionth of an Amp (it’s teeny!)

You must connect with the ZIIP app to access several full or targeted facial routines. Each routine sends different waveforms and intensities into your skin.

The ZIIP HALO range is 900 nanoamps to 200 micro amps, at a frequency of 50Hz. It is a dual waveform (or biphasic) device, which means it can deliver two waveforms at one time. And it also changes the waveform during your routine. This means more precise energy for different facial areas and concerns. You select the routines using the app, and use the ZIIP conductive gels. I think they’re rather good. Learn why in the rest of my ZIIP HALO review.
Rejuvenating micro & nano current technology with the ZIIP HALO.

Some people see immediate (but temporary) lifting and de-puffing of their features such as brows, jaw and cheeks. But not everyone does. It’s over several weeks of use that you’ll feel and see long lasting rejuvenation. You can learn even more about the science behind microcurrent anti-aging facials here.

What’s different in the ZIIP HALO vs GX/OX?

Compared to the ZIIP OX and GX models, the new ZIIP HALO is more comfy and intuitive, with a sleeker, modern look and durable materials. The power button on the new ZIIP HALO is now on the underside, ensuring that you don’t accidentally turn off your device while working (a common issue with the older models).

And the HALO has a few simplified features. The GX and OX remember your last selected routine (even if you don’t!) whereas the HALO always defaults back to ‘The Lift’. The GX and OX pause the current flow when it loses skin contact, but the HALO keeps going so you know it’s always on.

All these models feature ZIIP’s dual waveform tech with microcurrent and nanocurrent intensities. So, you’ll get the same results with all models. But the HALO has improved treatments and video routines. 

The full facial routines with the GX and OX are longer, there are several movements, and fewer freeform routines, which means they’re more complex and harder to remember. In contrast, the HALO has a new set of simplified video routines and repetitive movements, which are much easier to do and learn. Once you know these movements, you can ZIIP on auto pilot without following the videos.

Plus, with the HALO, you get more helpful info in the app and videos about the specific waveforms and intensities to help you choose your go to routines.

First impressions

The ZIIP HALO comes in a teeny but sturdy, rectangular cardboard box with a slide-off information sleeve. It’s smooth, clean, attractive and professional.

I like the rather splendid embossed white bubble texture that signifies the electric micro and nano currents on the front. And the photo on the back adds a pop of colour to an otherwise monochrome design. The layout is simple and clutter-free because it’s printed in English only. However, on the underside of the info sleeve you’ll find all the information repeated in German, Spanish, French and Italian. It’s a clever use of space.

The ZIIP HALO packaging is compact, neat, clean and professional. The box is just 16cm long! There’s branding and a picture of the HALO on the front, and on one side a concise ‘how to use it’ overview in 3 steps.
Clean, attractive, professional and dinky box!
On the other side of the ZIIP HALO box is a colour photo of 2 ladies using the HALO. It also lists what’s in the box and the results on your skin. On the side is a QR code to download the app, and a concise overview about the micro and nano current technology.
Lots of easy-to-read information

Slide off the info sleeve to reveal a simple, silver ZIIP branded white box and lid.

Under the ZIIP info sleeve is a simple, sturdy, white slide off lid, cardboard box with silver ZIIP branding on the sides.
Let me in!

Everything is neat, securely packed in white, moulded cardboard beds. The HALO device is on top, with the Electric Complex Gel and charging cable below. I spy a little tape keeping the charging cable in place, and a thin cable tie. But apart from that, there’s no more plastic. ✔️♻️

The ZIIP HALO kit is neatly and securely packed under the lid. First is the HALO device, then the Electric complex Gel and charging cable, all secured in white cardboard moulded beds. There’s a scrap of tape and cable tie that aren’t recyclable. 
Eco-friendly packing for the win!
In the ZIIP HALO kit you get the HALO device, USB C charging cable, 50ml of the Electric Complex Conductive Gel, User guide booklet and a Quick Start guide showing how to do the default  'The Lift' routine.
The ZIIP HALO kit contents.

What’s in the box?

  • HALO device
  • USB C charging cable
  • Electric Complex Gel 50ml
  • User guide booklet
  • Quick start guide

The compact box fits snug in a drawer, so it’s a good idea to keep it to store your ZIIP device between uses.


TIP: If you travel regularly, or use your HALO away from home, it’s worth investing in the heavy duty neoprene storage pouch. You can buy that from ZIIP Beauty for $25.

Quality & design

The tiny ZIIP HALO is a distinctive shape versus rivals, made with tactile and durable materials. And you don’t need any extra expensive attachments. The clever design treats all areas of your face and neck with the same pair of electrodes, including your delicate under eye, under your brows and your lips.

The ZIIP HALO device is distinctively small and lightweight, but made with quality, robust materials. 
Small, distinctive & robust

From the back, the HALO looks like a small metallic pebble. It’s rounded and smooth, and curves gently inwards so it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It’s well made with a grippy and robust wipe-clean silicone underbelly, and a light-up indicator band that glows white when it’s in use. On the underside, are a pair of smooth electrodes and the simple controls. The tiny HALO is just 10 centimetres long and wrighs only 68 grams.

This side view of the ZIIP HALO device shows the rounded smooth reflective silver back, which is edged with a 0.5cm wide grey/white band with a ZIIP logo front and back. This band glows white when you use the HALO. On the underside are two round silver electrodes surrounded by a white, grippy silicone. It’s a robust, durable and wipe-clean construction. You can use the electrodes to treat all facial areas, including your eyebrow, under eye and lip area - no extra cash for additional attachments!
Quality build and materials.
The ZIIP HALO body is just 10cm long, 5cm wide and 1.5cm deep. The electrodes protrude about 8mm more from the body, and they’re angled inwards slightly. It weighs just 68 grams!
Dimensions of the ZIIP HALO.
The chrome-plated electrodes on the underside of the ZIIP HALO both have a diameter of 2.5cm and are 1.5cm apart. In between these, and slightly to the left, is the power button, slightly raised out of the silicone. Set into the indicator band at the top, you’ll find the charging port.
Super simple controls and shiny electrodes.


I like the ZIIP HALO comes with a distinctive, short, woven USB C charging cable so you’ll always know which one to use. It’s just 32cm long. Use your own mains USB plug adaptor. There are no bulky charging cradles or attached mains plug, which makes it easy to store and convenient for travel.

The ZIIP HALO USB charging cable is 32cm long, flexible and made of an extra durable woven material. Use it with your own USB power adapter. It is compatible with the US, UK, EU and more countries (100 to 240V). I like that there are no bulky plugs or storage cradles.
Simple USB worldwide charging.

When your HALO needs a charge, the indicator band glows orange. It also glows orange as it charges. When it’s fully charged, the indicator band turns off. It takes up to 4 hours to charge and the battery life is excellent. You get up to 4 weeks of use. This depends on how many times per week you use it and how long your sessions take.

Unfortunately, there’s no power remaining feature in the app. However, when I see the orange light, I’m still able to finish a session with 3 or more routines so it doesn’t cause any inconvenience (as long as I then remember to charge it!).

Your ZIIP HALO will glow orange when in use if the battery is low. It also glows orange as it charges, and the lights turn off once it’s done. It takes around 4 hours to charge and a full charge lasts up to 4 weeks, depending on how many routines you do and how frequently.
Simple charging

TIP: If your HALO’s power is completely dead, you must plug it in and press the power button to activate it. Otherwise it won’t start charging!

Conductive Gel

You get a travel size 50ml pump-action bottle of ZIIP’s Electric Complex Conductive Gel in the kit. I like the shiny bottle. This is the most affordable of ZIIP’s gels because it doesn’t have any extra added skincare goodies. You simply wipe it off when you’re done. and apply your own favourite skincare.

In the ZIIP HALO kit you get a 50ml/1.7fl oz pump dispenser pot of ZIIP’s daily use Electric Complex Conductive gel. It comes in a fancy reflective silver pot. ZIIP says it is recyclable, however there are no markings, and it may depend on your local recycling. This is the most affordable of ZIIPs gels at £30/$25 per 80ml. It’s an effective conductor, but more basic than the other gels with no nourishing active ingredients. However, it has the same non-drip, beautiful slip and stay wet feel as the others. The 80ml pot lasts up to 2 months of use.
Travel size conductive gel in the kit

The other ZIIP conductive gels are the Silver, Crystal and Golden gels. There’s more of my thoughts and feedback on them later on in the review.

ZIIP app

The ZIIP app is available for Android and iPhone. It’s an invaluable resource to learn the various routines. You can use your HALO anytime to do the default ‘The Lift’ routine, but you need the app to do all the others, which each use different waveforms and intensities.

Connect your phone via Bluetooth to the ZIIP app. Choose your device and then access all the routines. There are currently 12, but new ones can get added too. You can choose from full facials or targeted treatments. The app connects with your HALO and configures the different waveforms. You can follow along to the videos (best for newbies), but once you know the moves, you can go it alone! If you can’t decide which routines to do, follow one of the 3 treatment plans over 6, 14, or 30 days. 
Simple and easy ZIIP app.

At the time of writing, there are thirteen routines in the app and ZIIP releases new ones occasionally, too. One routine called ‘Learn your HALO’ is an interactive tutorial to learn the different waveform sensations. Then, there are six full facial and six targeted area routines.

All the routines feature Melanie Simon, founder of ZIIP Beauty. She shows the technique throughout the videos. They’re straightforward.

  • The lifting microcurrent routines follow an ‘up and out’ motion across the treatment zone, be it your full face, or your jaw, eyes, brows or forehead.
  • With the targeted routines for acne and pigmentation, you circle over your trouble spots focusing with the active electrode furthest from the charging port.
  • And when it’s nanocurrent, you simply circle or swoop every bit of skin on your face and neck with both electrodes.

Most of the full facial routines are free form, so you can focus where you want. But one, called All Inclusive, follows a timed sequence, where the waveform changes as the routine progresses up your different facial areas. Therefore, you must sync up with Mel, or remember the moves and count the reps yourself.

There’s more info on how to do the routines and what they feel like later in this ZIIP HALO review.


The app also has three treatment plans of different durations that you can follow. This is splendid if you can’t decide which routines to do. 

  1. New to ZIIP: 14 day plan. 1 or 2 routines per session with 6 rest days.
  2. Event prep: 6 day plan. 1 to 3 routines per day.
  3. Best skin of your life: 30 day plan. 1 to 3 routines per day with 14 rest days.

Unlike rival brands, there’s no selfie comparison tool, history of your completed routines, or session reminder notifications. I don’t miss the first two, but the reminder notifications would be helpful if you are following a treatment plan and need a timely prompt.

Before you start

First, read the user guide, charge your device, and download the ZIIP Beauty app. There are also instructions in the user guide for a gel and device skin sensitivity test.

Read the user manual before your first session. Pay close attention to the contraindications which are reasons you shouldn’t use the ZIIP HALO device.
Read the user manual whilst you charge your HALO

The user guide is a quick and easy read, with plenty of helpful diagrams. It explains the HALO’s features, buttons and lights, how to charge it, store it, clean it and travel with it, and the warranty and specification information. 

Pay attention to the warnings and contraindications listed at the front. Reasons NOT to use the HALO are if you’re under 18 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding, have a heart condition, seizures or epilepsy, cancer, tumours, or a pacemaker or other electronic or metallic implanted device. Also, don’t use it over swollen, infected or inflamed skin, swollen veins or varicose veins. Learn more about at-home microcurrent contraindications here.

Once you’ve charged your device, start with the ‘Learn your HALO’ routine in the app. This short 3 minute video tutorial lets you feel all the different waveforms of microcurrent and nanocurrent used in the routines. It’s a handy way to experience all the sensations so you know what to expect.

The treatments

To get set up, create your account and login in the app. Then, add your HALO device following the instructions. You can then access all the routines.

There are just a few steps to your treatment:

  1. Open the ZIIP app
  2. Apply gel
  3. Sync treatment
  4. ZIIP along!
  5. Layer more routines if you fancy!
  6. Leave the gel on as a nourishing mask, or wipe it off and apply your favourite skincare
Get ready for your ZIIP HALO session: you need your HALO device, the ZIIP app, a ZIIP conductive gel, and a towel to wipe your hands.
Get comfy and get your kit ready
Get set for your ZIIP HALO session! Open the ZIIP app, power on your HALO, and apply your ZIIP gel. You need 4 to 8 pumps for your full face & neck, or 3 to 5 pumps for a smaller targeted area, such as eye/forehead and jowls/jaw.
App, power and gel are on…

I like to open the app and turn on my HALO before applying my gel. You need between 4 and 8 pumps to cover your full face and neck. Or if you’ll focus on a smaller targeted area, 3 to 5 pumps should do it. You can rub any excess into the backs of your hands and/or wipe your hands on a towel.

Next, select your treatment in the app, and then click ‘START TREATMENT’.

The app then syncs the specific waveforms and duration to your HALO. The video plays and begins with applying your gel. If you’ve done this already, ‘SKIP’ this and go to the start of the routine.

It looks like this in the ZIIP app…

A sequence of screens from the ZIIP app, showing how to sync and start a ZIIP Halo routine. 1) Choose your treatment from the list, 2) Tap ‘START TREATMENT, 3) The app syncs the treatment to your HALO, 4) It tells you when it’s successfully synced, 5) The video starts, beginning with applying your gel. You can ‘SKIP’ this if your gel is already on, 6) Follow Melanie as she ZIIPs along to the routine, showing you the technique.
Simple ZIIP app syncing & video routines with Melanie Simon. Go Mel.

The video doesn’t control when the routine starts or ends. The current flows only when you touch the electrodes against your skin. You can tell it’s flowing when the indicator band glows a brighter white. Follow along with Melanie as she shows how to move the HALO electrodes around your neck and face.

Go! Now start your ZIIP HALO session! The current flows when you touch both electrodes to your skin. You’ll see the white indicator band glows brighter white!
Touch to your skin and off you go!

You work on one side of your face first, then the other. Most routines are a series of ‘up and out’ gliding movements. Start a new glide when you feel your HALO vibrate.

Nanocurrent routines are a little different. For these, you circle and swoop the electrodes over every bit of skin, including the under eye area (but remember to avoid over your thyroid in the centre-line of your neck).

Move to the other side of your face when you hear it beep once. When the routine is over, your HALO beeps twice and turns off. You can choose another routine, repeat and continue ZIIPing if you like!

The technique with your HALO is easy. Do up and out pulls holding your HALO horizontal or vertical for the lifting routines. When it’s nanocurrent, simply circle or swoop the electrodes over every bit of skin on your face and neck. Take care to avoid the centre-line of your neck over your thyroid! Your HALO vibrates during your session. This tells you to start a new gliding pull up and out, or continue gliding over your skin. When you hear a beep, repeat the routine on the other side of your face. When you hear two beeps, that’s it, you’re done! Your HALO automatically turns itself off.
Lifting, upwards and out pulls, or anything goes nanocurrent!

IMPORTANT: DON’T use your HALO over your eye or over the centre-line of your neck (over your thyroid). Check which routines are safe to use under your eyes and under your eyebrows. You can pass the electrodes over your temples but don’t hold it still over this area.

When you’re all ZIIPed out, simply wipe off your gel and apply your regular serums, cream and make-up as you normally would.

Schedule, effort & results

Do 3 to 5 sessions per week with your HALO. 

Do 3 to 5 sessions per week with your HALO. Each session takes from 10 minutes, but you can layer more routines if you like. Some people see an immediate lift or pop around their features, but not everyone does. Feel results after a week or 2, with noticeable results after 6+ weeks that get even better with long-term regular use.
How often to use your ZIIP HALO

You can choose which treatments you do. You’ll need at least 10 minutes per session. Do a lifting microcurrent full facial one day, then a couple of targeted treatments the following. And add in the Founder’s Favourite all nanocurrent routine if you have another 10 minutes to spare. Or spend a bit longer and try layering a few more treatments in one session. You’ll see faster and better results that way too. 


TIP: If you can’t decide, follow one of the set treatment plans in the ZIIP app. Easy! However, none of the plans include treatments for blemishes and acne, or for fading pigmentation. You should do these treatments regularly if you want to fix and prevent them. Just remember, do them (Problem Solver and Electric Tone) as your last step because you must wash off the gel immediately afterwards.​

The sessions are easy to learn with a simple technique to master. So, you can play the videos in the background and watch TV or listen to music as you ZIIP. And it’s very calming, pampering and pleasant. Pick a quiet, uninterrupted time so you can enjoy it. And keep it consistent so it becomes a habit. I choose 30 minutes of an evening whilst relaxing in bed. But you could also do your session in the morning or as an afternoon break if you work from home.

There’s no reduced maintenance schedule. Keep going with 3 to 5 sessions weekly as you feel your skin needs them. You can ramp up your sessions in prep for a big event too.

Advertised results

Some people see an immediate lifting of facial features, such as their jaw, cheeks, and brows. But not everyone does (and that includes me 🙋‍♀️). These results last a few hours. Your skin feels much smoother too, and especially so the day after a session.

Results with the ZIIP HALO: ✔️Plumps & hydrates ✔️Smooths pores, fine line & wrinkles ✔️Perfects pigmentation for a uniform tone that glows ✔️De-puffs & fades under eye dark circles ✔️Lifts jowls, neck, jawline, brows & hooded eyes ✔️Tight, firm, dewy, clear & velvety smooth skin. Results vary by individual from subtle to significant.
The ZIIP HALO results

After several sessions, you’ll notice the effects are longer lasting. And they get even better with regular use. As your ATP levels climb, your skin builds stronger collagen, elastin, and more hydrating sugar molecules. Most ZIIPers feel the effects of this within a few weeks. And after around 6+ weeks, there’s a noticeable change in the health and appearance of your skin. 

It feels plump and bouncy, and velvety smooth with refined pores, and smoothed bumps, wrinkles and fine lines. Spots and blemishes fade away, and your skin is bright and even toned, with a radiant with a healthy glow. Sagging skin tightens on your neck, jawline and jowls, lips are fuller and upturned, and eyes bright, smooth and wide-awake. It all improves even more with continued use over the course of a few more months. 

Keep going to top up your ATP levels and maintain your results.

Results vary by individual. You may see all these improvements, or just a few, and they vary in impact too. Take a few before, during and after photos to track your progress. It’s hard to spot changes if you scrutinise your face in the mirror each day!

What’s it like?

The small and lightweight HALO is the perfect shape to fit in your palm as you gently grip around the sides. It’s easy to tilt in your fingers and pivot with your wrist as you work around your facial contours. And the angled electrodes keep close skin contact and are the ideal distance to touch both your under eyebrow and forehead during brow lifting, to cup along your jawline, around cheekbones, and slip along your delicate under eye area.

The ZIIP HALO is small, robust, lightweight and comfy, and the electrodes fit perfectly around your facial contours. It’s simple to operate and intuitive to use with a helpful indicator band light and vibrations to let you know it’s working. Each routine has 2 sets of rather loud beeps to mark the halfway point and the end. The battery life is excellent and because it’s all compact, it makes the perfect travel partner.
Comfy, easy & intuitive HALO

I like the simple one-button control tucked away between the electrodes. There are no intensity controls or mode buttons to worry about or add bulk to the design. You can’t see the electrodes as you work. But that’s ok because they’re directly beneath your fingers, so it’s easy to feel your way instead. 

The white indicator band and the vibrations are a clear and subtle way to let you know the HALO is working and to keep the routines moving, without being too intrusive and annoying. However, the beeps that signal the treatment halfway point and end are loud. This is good because you won’t miss them (even if you’re distracted), but they’re somewhat surprising to anyone else in the room (and my dog especially). 

The battery life is excellent too. I do three sessions per week, typically lasting around 30 minutes each, and it takes 3 weeks before my HALO needs a charge. It’s a shame there’s no battery level indicator available in the app. However, the glowing orange band is an obvious sign and, when I see it, I’m always able to complete my current session. 

Charging the HALO is straightforward with the short and robust USB charging cable. This compact kit is ideal if you’ll travel regularly with your ZIIP.

The videos & routines

Next, there are 12 routines to learn. So, it takes a few weeks to try them all. But the movements are simple, the videos are easy to follow, and it doesn’t take long to learn and remember them.

The ZIIP HALO routines are easy to follow & quick to learn. You have 12 to choose from to suit your mood and time. You don’t need a mirror, you can feel your way. The gliding movements are soothing and it feels very calming, personal and pampering. You can mute the videos if they get annoying.
Easy video routines are quick to learn

To start, you simply sync the treatment, then follow along with Melanie as she shows the techniques and explains what the currents do. I like the soft piano and orchestral background music tracks. They’re varied, subtle and soothing, with no annoying repetitive loops or beats. And Melanie is confident, calm, and engaging. 


TIP: You can use a mirror to start if you like. But you don’t really need it because the HALO is intuitive to position and move around your face.

Somehow, I get a few vibrations ahead of Melanie, despite touching the electrodes to my skin at the same time as her! And you can’t skip forward/back in the video either. This is annoying at first when you can’t recall every step of the longer routines. Or if the current and routine is timed, such as with All Inclusive. Plus, the videos get a little repetitive after several watches. So, it’s reassuring it takes just a few goes to learn the various techniques, starting positions and reps. Then you can simply mute the videos and safely set off on your own. 

And I love the huge choice of routines! It keeps things interesting and you can do whatever suits your mood or availability. The gels stay wet on your skin too, so you can layer several routines in one session. 

I like to apply the Golden gel and start with a microcurrent lifting routine such as The Lift, followed by a few targeted treatments such as jowls, brow lift, eyes, contour or plump, finished by 10 minutes of nanocurrent with Founder’s Favourite. I leave half the gel on my skin and massage it in for an extra pampering treat, too. Lush.

On days where I have less time (or I’m tired), I’ll apply the Electric Complex Gel and do All Inclusive (with both microcurrent lifting and nanocurrent TLC), followed by either Problem Solver or Electric Tone on a couple of trouble spots. I then wash my face and apply my own skincare products.

More thoughts on the gels next…

What are the ZIIP gels like?

The ZIIP HALO kit comes with the cheapest ZIIP conductive gel, and I appreciate that. It keeps the cost of the kit down and gives you the flexibility to upgrade to one of the more expensive gels with active ingredients if you want to. 

These are all the ZIIP conductive gels with links to their ingredients:

I’ve tested most of them and I think they’re rather good.

I think the ZIIP gels are rather special. They have a thin and tacky texture that stays wet on your skin for ages. There are 4 types; Electric Complex, Silver, Crystal and Golden which suit different budget and skincare needs. You can alternate which ones you use. Plus, they last for months!
Lovely and long lasting ZIIP gels

That’s because the ZIIP gels are unlike other microcurrent gels. They have a thin, gloopy consistency which slips easily over your skin and sits on the surface like a mask. Use your fingers to apply them. You can massage any excess into the backs of your hands, but it’s good to have a towel handy too. 

The gels are tacky and stick to your features so they don’t drip or sting your eyes. They have a slightly sweet taste if a bit gets in your mouth. But the best bit is they take aaages to dry, and they don’t pill or clump either. This means you can apply the gel all over your face at the start of your session and it stays wet throughout. You can then layer several treatments without stopping to reapply more gel.

ZIIP also suggests you can vary your use of the gels. Use the cheapest Electric Complex Gel most regularly. It’s also the best option when you do Problem Solver and Electric Complex treatments, as you must wash your face afterwards. Then, throw in one or two ZIIP facial treats per week with the Silver, Crystal or Golden gel, depending on your skincare needs. It’s a flexible approach, which is considerate of different budgets and skin sensitivities.

An 80ml bottle of gel lasts me around 3 months of use, so I don’t mind splurging so much on the more pricey options. 

Which is just as well because my skin is rather partial to the most expensive Golden Gel. It’s packed with superstar and goodie active ingredients. You can wipe it off when you’re done, and it leaves your skin silky smooth, bright and fresh. But I’d rather hang on to all the nourishing ingredients. Therefore, I wipe away a little of the gel, then massage the rest into my face and neck as a nourishing overnight mask. And the next day my skin is super smooth, dewy, plump and extra bright.

If you want to try more from the range, you can buy bundles of the other ZIIP conductive gels from CurrentBody.

What does it feel like?

First, I must reiterate how calming your HALO sessions can be. 

What does the ZIIP HALO feel like? You need little concentration once you know the routines and you can ZIIP as you watch TV. Or, focus on your ZIIP session to feel calm, present and centred. The glides are soothing and massaging and sometimes there’s a tension in your muscles around your mouth and eyes. Your eyes may flutter, and you may feel a pulling sensation around your hairline, too. Add extra gel if it’s too much. It also zings over spots and blemishes. But there are no nasty skin reactions or side effects.
Easy, calm with the occasional zing

It’s true, I can happily ZIIP out a few treatments whilst sitting in front of the TV. It takes little concentration. But I also enjoy sitting by myself in silence, emptying my brain, focusing only on the HALO, and simply enjoy the sense of stillness the routines bring me. I like the methodical moves and how the handleless HALO feels like an extension of my hand gliding over my skin. I really get into it. In this way, it feels very personal, unlike any other device I use. I love you can choose your depth of experience with it.

It also helps that the sticky gel creates a tiny, gentle massaging drag on your skin as you glide the electrodes. And this feels good, especially on my jawline, around my cheeks and brows. And depending on the treatment, you’ll feel some sensations from the microcurrent.

With some of the lifting microcurrent treatments, you can feel a painless tension or a charge in your muscles. ZIIP calls this a ‘sculpting feel’. I feel it briefly in my teeth when starting a glide from my chin, and as I move around my bottom jaw, my lips sometimes twitch slightly outwards. Then, on my cheek, I feel this tension around my eyes and my vision flutters slightly for a second. On my upper face, I also feel a gentle pulling sensation around my hairline. It’s most pronounced with the treatments The Lift, Contour and Jowls.

This sensation differs by individual, so you may feel nothing at all. If it feels too intense for you, add an extra pump or two of gel to your treatment area.

For me, the worst bit is from the lifting microcurrent facial routines when you ZIIP over a juicy spot or blemish. This zings with a surprising, sharp and prickly sensation. It makes me flinch and sometimes cuss. It’s unpleasant, but it doesn’t hurt, and it seems to lessen further into the session. 

Interestingly, the Problem Solver treatment for spots and acne is much more pleasant. With this, you feel a tingling or prickly sensation over spots you can see and those brewing under the surface. There’s a similar sensation with Electric Tone, which targets uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

It’s also common for people to have a slight metallic taste in their mouth during microcurrent. I do with rival devices, but not with the ZIIP HALO. And for a few microcurrent treatments (All Inclusive, De-Puff, Brow Lift, Eyes, and Plump) I feel no sensation whatsoever (even over spots). I also feel nothing during nanocurrent (All Inclusive segments and Founder’s Favourite).

After each session, my skin looks a little pink, but I have no nasty skin reactions. You can wash or wipe off the gel and apply your own skincare. Or leave on the gels with goodies in them as a facial mask. I find them a little sticky, so I wipe off about half, then massage the rest into my face and neck. The next day, my skin is bright, dewy and velvety smooth.


TIP: Some users report headaches during and after microcurrent. To avoid this, drink plenty of water beforehand. It also makes the microcurrent more efficient in your skin!

The ZIIP HALO negatives

Here are the few negatives to know about the ZIIP HALO.

First, there’s no protective pouch in the kit. And a simple soft fabric pouch would be helpful to protect the electrodes and shiny exterior from scratches. Instead, you could use a sunglasses pouch. Or, you could buy the ZIIP black neoprene travel pouch from ZIIP Beauty for $25.

Second, and as mentioned earlier, I often find myself a few vibrations ahead in the videos. This is despite touching the electrodes to my skin at the same time as in the video, and being in sync with the first vibration. Once your HALO starts, the vibrations keep coming, so you can’t simply pause and wait for the video to catch up. And you can’t skip forward in the video either. This is frustrating if you can’t remember all the moves and starting positions. To counter this, I start the routine almost 2 vibrations behind Melanie, so I always know the next move and I catch her up by the end of the video.

Related to this, there’s also no way to know when the HALO changes waveform or intensity during a treatment, such as All Inclusive. So, if you’re out of sync or not paying attention to the videos, you may get it slightly wrong. This isn’t dangerous at all. But some kind of feedback from the HALO would be helpful to mark the changes.

Next, there’s no battery level indicator in the ZIIP app. So, you can’t proactively check how much power remains. You must wait for the indicator strip to glow orange. For me, this often happens at the start of a session. But I’m always able to do my usual 3 or 4 routines with the remaining power. Just remember to pop your HALO onto charge after that session.

And another thing about the app, you can’t listen to music or podcasts whilst the app videos are playing. This is something I’d like to do on my phone whilst doing a HALO session, so it’s annoying this isn’t an option.

I like the compact HALO and how simple it is to use. That’s possible thanks to the partnering app, which also means there’s no other way to store and access treatments with just the HALO device. Some may not enjoy depending on the app to use the full range of treatments. So, if you feel strongly about that, then the HALO is probably not for you. However, I can confirm I have no issues connecting to the app and syncing treatments, ever. So it seems pretty stable to me. 

And finally, the HALO is an expensive bit of kit and unfortunately there’s no money-back guarantee. However, unlike rivals at around the same price point, you don’t need extra, expensive attachments to get the best results around your eyes and lips. The ZIIP HALO device does it all. So that, plus the impressive array of treatments to target several concerns, for me means it’s much better value than most. Plus, you can use my special voucher code below and bag yourself a sweet discount!

ZIIP HALO Review Summary

The tiny HALO is a serious multi-tasking device for fresh, dewy, tight skin that looks & behaves younger. I love the stay-wet nourishing ZIIP gels, my next day super smooth & bright skin, and the simple app with a choice of 12 easy & pampering routines targeting all tissue depths & all areas of your face (including your lips & eyes). The calming, satisfying sessions are a quick habit to form and easy to stick with. It’s expensive, but there’s a special discount code below just for you!  

I love the calming, satisfying ZIIP HALO sessions for next day smooth & bright skin, & significantly healthier skin after a month or two.

Here’s a summary of my test scores, and pros and cons for ZIIP HALO to help you decide:

Ease of use


A unique device that’s small, lightweight, intuitive & calming to use with up & out glides. Use it with the stay-wet ZIIP gels & the app. Sync the app treatment then follow the videos of 6 full facials & 6 targeted routines for contouring, jowls, eyes, acne, pigmentation, de-puffing & plumping. Easy to learn & remember. Some ‘sculpting’ & tingling sensations, zings over spots, but otherwise a pampering, pleasant gliding massage with no pain, irritation or side effects.



A regular commitment. Use it day or night. Layer 2+ treatments per session which takes from 10+ mins, 3 to 5 days per week. For ongoing, regular use. Longer & varied sessions give the best results. You can watch TV as you go. Follow the app treatment plans for inspiration or to prepare for special events. 



Each session leaves skin smooth, firm & hydrated, with a healthy glow the next day. Some also see an immediate lifting effect on brows, cheeks, & jaw. Acne reduces after 3+ weeks, with noticeable anti-ageing results after 6+ weeks. These last longer & get even better a few months in as your collagen & elastin refreshes throughout. Tightens, lifts, firms, clarifies & brightens for dewy, fresh, healthy & younger looking skin. 


  • Small & robust
  • Comfy & intuitive
  • Excellent battery life
  • Easy & varied routines
  • Full facials or fix trouble spots
  • Calming & pampering
  • A pleasant habit to form
  • Watch TV or enjoy a focused, calming ZIIP session!
  • Advanced waveform tech with nanocurrent
  • Treats under eyes & lips too(with no costly attachments)
  • ZIIP gels don’t dry out during your session
  • Basic, affordable ZIIP gel option 
  • Nourishing ingredients in other gels
  • Compact kit is perfect for travel
  • Clinically proven, UKCA & CE certified
  • FDA-cleared


  • It’s expensive

  • Regular ongoing time & effort

  • No battery level indicator in the app

  • No feedback from your HALO when the waveform changes

  • Can’t use the ZIIP app & also listen to music/podcasts on your phone!

  • Little published evidence on the benefits of nanocurrent

  • Not everyone sees immediate or long-term skin-lifting results

  • No money-back guarantee


Found this ZIIP HALO review helpful? Please support my future reviews and shop via these links. I earn a small commission, but your price stays the same. And I really appreciate your support 🙏!


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