CurrentBody Skin Light Therapy Mask review: before vs after

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by | March 15, 2021

This is the easiest at-home device trial I’ve ever done. The battery-powered Current Body Skin LED masks are safe for all skin tones and types. They use red and near infrared light during each short 10-minute session. It stimulates cells and boost collagen & elastin which refreshes, rehydrates, fades discolouration & brightens your skin. No hands or concentration required! Perfect for zero-fuss results in just 1 month. For ongoing use.
"Smooth, bright, firm, hydrated & healthy skin"

4.8 / 5

Face, neck, decolletage

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Tried & tested Skin LED light therapy mask review by

What is it?

The CurrentBody Skin wearable LED light therapy tech comes in a flexible full-face mask, and separate neck and décolletage perfector. They each have many light emitting diodes (LEDS) of both red and near infra-red light held next to your skin.

It's me! wearing the CurrentBody Skin LED face mask and Nec & Dec Perfector for this CurrentBody Skin Light Therapy Mask review
Love these effortless masks with noticeable healthy-skin results
Many LEDs of x2 wavelengths: Red 633nm & near infra-red 830nm, Process is photobiomodulation
Light therapy works by a process called Photobiomodulation

The photons in these specific light wavelengths boost blood flow and energise the mitochondria power generator organelles in our cells. The process is called photobiomodulation.

This perks-up all your cells, including fibroblasts which build more and stronger collagen and elastin. This gradually heals and refreshes your skin. With regular use they’re clinically proven to reduce facial lines, improve texture and pigmentation for younger looking, healthier skin. Use with an optional Hydrogel Face Mask for enhanced skin hydration too.

✔ Reduces inflammation
✔ Boosts blood flow
✔ Faster cell metabolism & so more ATP energy
✔ More antioxidants & detoxifies cells
✔ More & stronger collagen & elastin

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Available as a kit and with a skincare bundle too

First impressions

The packaging reminds me of an expensive, white and black oblong chocolate box. It’s sturdy, minimal and all made of recyclable cardboard. The mask is shown below.

Neat black and white SkinLED light therapy mask packaging
Simple and sophisticated box with designed in Britain flag top left.
Black back of the Skin LED light therapy mask box
Concise information on the back of the neat box
The white id removed from the Skin LED light therapy mask box to reveal the white silicone mask.
The mask fits snug and black cardboard secures everything inside the box.
Below the mask in the Skin LED light therapy mask box
With compartments for the different plugs, manual, controller, cables and carry bag
The CurrentBody skin LED light therpay mask kit labelled
The contents from the box

What’s in the box?

  • Silicone flexible face mask
  • Controller
  • Power supply and country specific adaptors
  • USB connector
  • Head strap
  • Carry bag
  • User manual
  • Quick start guide

The mask and neck & dec perfector are well-made and durable, smooth and soft. They connect to a controller with a single button to power it on. There are various cables for charging too. I like that they’re thin, lightweight and flexible, unlike alternative hard, moulded masks.

Bring out the gimp.

Before you start Skin LED light therapy mask and user manual
Read the user manual for important contraindications and other info

Before you start, read the user manual. It’s a quick, easy and informative read. Check the contraindications section for important reasons you should not use the LED mask. These include pregnancy, breastfeeding, photosensitivity, photosensitising medications, lupus, and genetic eye conditions. See more contraindications here.

Also do a sensitivity test with the mask on the inside of your arm for a 10-minute treatment. If after 6 hours there’s no reaction, you’re good to go.


TIP: Test the mask immediately once you receive it because accept returns within 14 days of purchase for those who experience skin or eye sensitivity.

Design, durability & comfort

Top down view of the front of the Skin LED light therapy mask
Simple but attractive styling with logo and light prism effect lines.

The mask-front is durable but soft white silicone with black branding matching the box. It’s thick enough and flexible. The inside of the mask is clear silicone, evenly spaced with small, slightly recessed LED lights. The user manual states the LEDs won’t dim with age to render them ineffective.

The CurrentBody skin masks are ✔ Soft, flexible, durable, ✔ Simple to use, ✔ Long-lasting battery

The mask and perfector run on battery power so you can use them anywhere. There’s a long white, flexible cable fixed and secure on the bottom righthand side. This attaches via USB to a small controller. It’s simple to operate with just a single button to power on/off the mask. There are no intensity levels or other controls to worry about. The LEDs automatically shut off once the 10 minutes are up.

Close-up photos of the quality edging around the white silicone Skin LED light therapy mask
Quality, smooth finishing and edges around the eyes, nose, mouth, sides and cables.
Close-up photos of the LED lights under the clear siliconelayer of the Skin LED light therapy mask.
Evenly spaced LEDs on the underside around cheeks, chin, forehead and two on the nose.
Rows of evenly spaced LEDs on the underside of the CurrentBody Skin face mask and neck and dec perfector
Rows or red LED lights. You can’t see the NIR light.
The Skin LED light therapy mask connected to the small battery powered controller.
The battery-powered mask, cable and small controller

You also get a soft white fabric carry bag for each to keep them clean and free from dust. And because they’re flat not bulky, they’re easy to store in a drawer and fit in a case or bag if you travel frequently.

Protective fabric carry bag for the Skin LED light therapy mask.
The protective carry bag.

The mask wraps around your face and moulds to your contours so the LED light bathes every area. A soft and smooth black strap, with no scratchy bits, secures the mask. It’s easy to thread through the loop on the sides of the mask. Loop it in and back to secure the Velcro on one side, then position on your face and secure the other side of the strap/mask. Once on, adjust the strap as needed so it’s a snug fit but isn’t squishing your skin, nose, lips or eyelashes/lids.

The perfector secures around your neck like a bib and rests comfy on your chest, bathing it in light. The black velcro strap is slightly thicker, but still soft, and easy to adjust. Wear a low cut and loose fitting top so it’s easier to postion under your clothes.

Close-up of the soft black strap which secures the mask on your head
The soft black Velcro straps looped through the silicone mask and perfector.

TIP: My head is a weird shape and I find the mask strap slips down the back of my head. To stop this, I wear my hair in a secure ponytail just below where the strap sits to support it and stop it sliding 💥.

CurrentBody skin Light therapy masks reviewed by
Comfortable masks wrap around contours & fit well.

The eye and mouth holes are in the right place (for me at least) and the mask is soft and comfortable. My nose fits comfortably through the slits and seems to get adequate coverage from the two surrounding LEDs. The nose slits leave small indentations when I take off the mask but it’s not uncomfortable.

However, I do find movement of my upper lip is restricted a bit under the mask. But I’m still able to stick my tongue out through the mouth hole which is very important. It’s always funny. And never gets tiresome. Ever.


My mask and perfector arrived fully charged so they’re ready to go out of the box. And the battery life is excellent. A single charge is good for around twenty 10-minute sessions.

Once used up, you must charge the Lithium battery in the controller. It takes around 6 hours to fully charge. Connect the mains-cable mini USB into the controller. Then plug into the mains using the plug adaptor. You get four different plug types, so this means it’s handy for travel too.

The Skin LED light therapy mask comes with 4 different country mains plugs
The four mains plugs (including UK) which connect to the mains charging cable

As it charges, three white micro LEDs flash on the controller, then stay lit when it’s fully charged. You can’t operate the mask whilst it’s charging (it won’t switch on).

The routine

Love, love these hands-free, effortless masks.

  1. Wash and dry your face.
  2. Put on the mask. Turn it on, sit back and relax for 10 minutes.
  3. Take off the mask, wipe it down. Put it away.
  4. Do something else.
Hands-free, Zero concentration, 10-minutes relaxation with the Current Body Skin LED light therapy mask and Nec & Dec Perfector
Hands-free flexible red & NIR mask from CurrentBody is easy and excellent value

What does it feel like?

There’s no heat, pain or skin sensation from the light whatsoever. However, it is very bright. My eyes adjust after a minute or so, and I find it less intense if in a brightly lit room. If it’s still too bright just relax for 10 minutes and close your eyes!

Photo taken of the Skin mask in darkness so the red LED lights shine bright
Bright red LEDs covering the inside of the mask.


The mask needs no eye or skin safety mechanism and sensors as with other devices. That’s because the light wavelengths and intensity are safe for both skin and eyes. It’s also clinically proven safe and effective for home use and meets all European safety and manufacturing standards for CE conformity, plus some additional voluntary worldwide standards.

The mask and perfector remain cool throughout the session too, not sweaty or itchy. And it takes zero concentration. They’re perfect to do whilst watching TV or having a 10-minute lay down.

Skin reactions to the light are rare. Your skin may be a bit red afterwards but it should return to normal within 1 to 2 hours. And a possible side effect is a temporary headache. Drink water or take a painkiller if you need to.

Schedule, effort & results

Use the mask and perfector 3 to 5 times a week for 4 weeks. Then, use as frequently as you need to maintain your results. I do at least 3 maintenance session per week, sometimes more if my skin’s a bit tired and dehydrated.

Current Body Skin LED light therapy device treatment plan: ✔ 3 to 5 times per week, ✔ 10 minutes per session, ✔ See results after 4 weeks, ✔ Maintenance as you need it (I do 2 to 3 times per week)
The easy schedule

The CurrentBody LED mask is one of the lowest commitment and least effort devices you can choose. It asks for no brain-power, is hands-free and you can read or watch TV at the same time. So, it doesn’t feel like a chore and requires just the smallest motivation.

Wearing the Current Body LED mask is comfortable and easy. It's very low effort with minimal motivation to do a session.
Zero concentration, 100% hands-free. A smidge sassy.

Most users see good results after 12 sessions. Collagen builds and refreshes your skin gradually so a before and after photo help show the changes. During this time skin texture smooths, firms and tones, skin rehydrates and fine lines and wrinkles soften, pigmentation fades and reveals a more even, brighter complexion.


What it fixes:

✔️ Softens fine lines & wrinkles, ✔️  smooths texture, firms, tones & rehydrates skin, ✔️  reduces inflammation, ✔️ fades pigmentation for glowing & healthy skin.

You may see all these results or just a few, and to varying degrees too. Your lifestyle and overall skin condition determine the breadth and depth of results and how frequently you need continuing sessions too.

My before & after photos

I’ve heard that red light and microcurrent are a power-house combo, with a synergistic effect. So, I decided to test the CurrentBody Skin LED mask by adding it to my current microcurrent routine. I do a relaxing 10-minute mask session before my 25-minute evening microcurrent session. I’ve done this 5 days per week for 4 weeks.

Microcurrent gave me incredibly healthy and beautifully hydrated, supple skin. So, I wasn’t sure it could get better. But it has.

Here are my comparison photos after 4 weeks of using the CurrentBody Skin LED mask:

My CurrentBody skin Light therapy mask review before and after 4-weeks of using the CurrentBody Skin LED mask along with home microcurrent (Nuface). I went from lovely freshand healthy skin, to super healthy and bright skin. LOVE.
After 4 weeks of using the CurrentBody Skin LED mask (with microcurrent!)

My skin is perkier still! It’s further smoothed my skin and refined my pores. It also plumps-out and fades my forehead lines, being most noticeable immediately after the LED mask. My under-eye area is thicker and brighter, so the fine lines aren’t as noticeable anymore. And boy is my skin BRIGHT 🤩. The colour is deeper and more unified, and there’s a vibrancy to it too.

My CurrentBody skin Light therapy mask review before and after 4-weeks close up of my softened forehead lines along with home microcurrent (Nuface).
My CurrentBody skin Light therapy mask review before and after 4-weeks close up of my lovely smooth and refined pores, using along with home microcurrent (Nuface).
My CurrentBody skin Light therapy mask review before and after 4-weeks close up of my smooth and bright under eye area using along with home microcurrent (Nuface).

I love the results here. And the boosting combo makes sense to me, because both ultimately help your cells create ATP energy.

It works like this…red and near infrared light stimulates your cell’s mitochondria. These are the teeny power factories that create ATP energy via cellular respiration. Red light speeds-up cellular respiration producing much more ATP than usual. This ATP in turn fuels all cell activity, so everything perks-up and acts younger, including your fibroblasts building stronger collagen and elestin.

And microcurrent boosts cellular respiration too. The teeny microcurrent ‘recharges’ your skin’s dwindling bioelectricity by creating a flow of ions in your tissues. Your cells borrow this charge to move vital nutrients and ions exactly where they need them. So, your energised mitochondria have all the important ions readily available for faster and more efficient respiration and loads more ATP.

You can see how my skin changed when I quit microcurrent (but carried on with the CurrentBody Skin LED mask!)


There are a few negatives to consider.

The bright red LEDs shining through the eye, nose and mouth holes on the Skin LED light therapy mask
Bright, but bearable for most.

First, as mentioned earlier, the lights are bright. But there’s no annoying flashing as with other LED devices. A bright room makes it seem less intense and to read you need a well-lit page or screen. Or simply rest and close your eyes for the duration of the session.

Second, it’s a bit awkward to walk around in. That’s because you can only see dead ahead. No peripheral vision therefore means potential bumping and tripping hazards. Don’t even attempt the stairs.

Lay down or sit upright with your head levels and eyes dead ahead. You can read (hold a book or phone at eye level) or watch TV. It hurts after a while looking downwards as it's an awkward angle.
Comfortable to watch TV or read with your head upright (looking downwards aches!)

I also feel discomfort in my neck if looking downward to read or type. It’s much more comfortable looking straight ahead. Therefore, I prefer watching TV during my treatments.

Next, it can be a little difficult to fit the mask properly. The strap can slip causing tightness in some places and gaps in others. A second strap across the top of the device would help here. Or, if you have longer hair, try positioning your ponytail low on the back of your head and lie the strap across it to keep it securely in place.

Use your ponytail to position the velcro strap and stop the Current Body LED mask slipping down.
My ponytail stops the strap and mask slipping

Another negative is at £349 it’s expensive and it may simply be beyond your budget. However, offers are common, and you can buy the mask and neck and Dec perfector together to save cash. So, if you can afford them, but are weighing up a cheaper LED alternative, consider this. With other hand-held LED rivals, you must hold and position the device several times over your skin. Full-face treatments are tedious and aren’t hands-free. Therefore, I think the CurrentBody Skin LED mask is worth the extra cash because it’s so much more convenient. So, you’re much more likely to stick with.

CurrentBody Skin Light Therapy Masks Review Summary

I love the short 10-minute hands-free sessions because you can also watch TV, read or chill. And it’s  fast to show results with just 3 to 5 sessions per week for 4 weeks. Then, continue as frequently as you need. No gels, no fussy routines. These masks are simple and effective for smoother, healthier and brighter skin.

These CurrentBody Skin masks are quick, simple and effective for smoother, healthier and brighter skin.

Here’s a summary of my test scores, and pros and cons for the CurrentBody Skin Light Therapy Masks to help you decide:

Ease of use


Easy to put on & simple to operate with a close-but-comfortable fit. Light is bright but not irritating, it’s pain-free. And as it’s hands-free you can easily watch TV, surfda interwebs, read or rest during the quick sessions.



Three to five 10-minute easy and hands-free sessions per week for at least 4 weeks. Continue, or reduce frequency according to your skin’s needs. For ongoing use.



Collagen and elastin build over 4 to 6 weeks to brighten, tighten and smooth skin. Wrinkles and fine lines then gradually soften. Gives a healthier, glowing complexion.


  • Quality, no-dimming Omnilux LED technology
  • Excellent battery life
  • Virtually effortless hands-free operation
  • Durable, comfortable & pain-free
  • Zero-faff: watch TV, read or rest during your sessions
  • No ongoing cost of gels or replacement bits
  • Lightweight & portable (good for travel)
  • Clinically-proven & CE certified
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Bright lights! – may be irritating for some
  • Uncomfortable/bad fit for a few faces
  • Awkward to walk around in
  • It’s expensive at full RRP

CurrentBody Skin Light Therapy Mask deals

Found this review helpful? Please support future reviews and shop via these links for the CurrentBody Skin LED mask and Neck & Dec Perfector. I earn a small commission, but your price stays the same.


Use this code at CurrentBody for an extra 15% off!

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