Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL review – Fast, no-faff & super-safe

Braun silk expert Pro 5 IPL Laura G
Braun silk expert Pro 5 IPL


The Braun Pro 5 IPL gives ultra-fast IPL sessions with no compromise hair-zapping power. It's safe for light to dark skin and works on dark hair. Adjusting each flash to your skin tone, the compact lightweight Pro 5 is effortless to handle. You're done in minutes and back doing something much more fun.

Fast, no-faff and super-safe

👍 Recommended for face, small & large areas, for light to dark skin & especially varied tones across your body

Selection of images in this Braun Pro 5 IPL review. They're taken during my tried and tested user trial. Learn more in the full review.

Lamp lifetime
One of the best with IPL flashes lasting 15+ years of monthly use.

Ease of use
Super-fast, elegant, light-weight and nimble. Perfectly balanced safety and power in every flash.

Silky skin after 4 to 12 weekly sessions, then top-ups every month or so to stay smooth.


  • Foolproof, super-safe plug-and-go operation
  • Ultra-fast IPL – try to keep up!
  • Powerful IPL adjusts to your skin tone


  • Getting used to the variable speed flashes
  • Expensive at full RRP
  • No money-back guarantee

Braun Pro 5 IPL Price from £249.99 to £610.00

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The Braun Silk Expert Pro is a home-use IPL hair removal device. It uses light energy to damage and disable the hair follicle slowing and preventing hair regrowth. Periodic top-up treatments keep your skin smooth.

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Use it on your body and face from the cheekbones down. Men use from the chest down.

Fitzpatrick skin tone chart showing it's safe for tones I to V, but not VI (the darkest).
Safe to use on light to medium dark skin tones (Fitzpatrick skin types I to V). Not safe for the darkest skin (type VI) or on dark freckles and moles.
Works on black, dark brown, mid-brown and dark blonde body hair colours. Doesn't work on light blonde, red, white or gray body hair colours.
Works on black to dark blonde hair. Not effective on light blonde, red and grey / white hair.

The Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL is new from Braun this March 2019. Launched in the UK, it’s clinically tested and meets EU standards with CE certification. It’s also FDA cleared. Proctor & Gamble market the device and Cyden Ltd manufacture it in the UK.

There are 3 models:

Photo of the white & gold Braun Pro IPL with body and precision attachments and gold and white printed storage pouch.

Model PL5137 RRP £599.99 with precision head, Venus extra smooth swirl razor and premium white & gold pouch

Photo of the white & gold Braun Pro IPL with body and precision attachments and grey storage pouch.

Model PL5124 RRP £599.99 with precision head, Venus extra smooth razor and grey premium pouch

Photo of the white & gold Braun Pro IPL with body attachment only and grey storage pouch.

Model PL5014 RRP £524.99 with Venus razor and storage pouch

Check retailer links for discounted offers.

You’ll need between 4 and 12 weekly sessions to get smooth skin results. Then, less frequent touch-ups as you need them, for example every 1 or 2 months.

The Braun Pro 5 is one of the best home IPL devices you can choose. Keep reading this detailed review for unboxing photos, tried-and-tested feedback, results and tips for your sessions.

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In this Braun Pro 5 IPL review:

— What’s it like? —

First impressions

The Braun Silk expert Pro 5 IPL packaging is professional, attractive, compact and neat. The black, gold and white box measures 10 x 19.5 x 28 cm.

Photo of the box front of the Braun Silk expert Pro 5 IPL. It notes it's for "Safe, Fast & Effective permanent visible hair removal".
The Braun Pro 5 IPL is “Safe, Fast & Effective permanent visible hair removal” with a SensoAdapt skin tone sensor for Smart IPL.

The IPL device is pictured with the precision attachment (not with PL5014 model). The box also notes it’s clinically tested, has UV protection and compared to the Braun Pro 3 model IPL its 50% faster and with 30% higher energy.

Photo of the back of the box describing the features and benefits of the Braun Pro 5 IPL. It's recommended by the Skin Alliance Foundation, has an advanced skin tone sensor, 10 intensity levels, it's fast, comes with a precision attachment and men can use it too!
The back of the the box explains the key features of the Braun Pro 5 IPL including accredited Skin Health Alliance logo.

There’s also a safe skin tone and effective hair colour chart so it’s clear who can use it. 3 simple diagrams also explain how IPL works, and that maintenance sessions keep your skin smooth.

The packaging is sturdy and economical. I like that there’s very little plastic because the storage pouch keeps everything covered, clean and together.

Remove the tamper seals to open and pull out the black cardboard box. Inside is the storage pouch.
Everything is stored secure and neat in the storage pouch, with the user manual underneath the pouch. Unzip the pouch to see what’s inside.
The contents of the box unpacked from the the storage pouch.

What’s in the box?

  • Braun silk-expert Pro 5 IPL with body attachment
  • Fixed power cord and base station pack
  • Power lead and plugs (UK & Australia)
  • Precision attachment (not with PL5014 model)
  • Venus razor and blade (differs per model)
  • User guide

The white and gold IPL device is sophisticated and refined. I like the clean lines, subtle curves and gold accents. In the hand it’s compact and lightweight. It feels quality – exactly what you expect from Braun.

Angled side photo of the white and gold Braun Pro 5 IPL showing the subtle curves and clean design lines.
The compact Braun IPL is lightweight and is very pleasing to hold.

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Before you start

Before you start zapping away, first read the user manual. There’s important information in there you must check. Such as, reasons you may not be suitable for home IPL (contraindications), warnings and guidelines around tanning.

You must also do a patch test first and get yourself a comfortable set up. Learn more in the next sections.

Read the user manual

The user manual is a quick and easy read. It’s well organised and spaced-out, with helpful diagrams.

Photo of the Braun Pro 5 IPl device above the user guide booklet open at the skin tone and hair colour chart page
The user guide booklet has 13 pages of easy to read information in English.

You’ll find the safe skin tone and hair colour chart, a diagram of the IPL device, a brief explanation of how IPL works, contraindications and warnings, how to use it, about your skin patch test, the treatment plan, cleaning and storage, possible side effects and a troubleshooting guide.

Spend time checking the important safety information, warnings and reasons you should not use the Braun Silk-expert Pro 5. These include being pregnant, having epilepsy, taking photosensitising medications, skin conditions, on tattoos or after skin peels plus more.

You can learn more about general contraindications for home IPL here. But be sure to check the user manual on Braun website before you buy.

There’re also must-know guidelines on tanning and home-IPL in the manual.

Tanning guidelines

Follow the guidelines on tanning and sun exposure to keep your skin safe.

Your skin is extra sensitive after tanning, which increases the risk of side effects from IPL, such as burns, blisters, discolouration and scarring. Your skin is more sensitive after your IPL treatments too so there’s a higher risk of sunburn if you go out in the sun.

  • Wait 7 days after sunbathing before treatments, or wait for your tan to fade
  • After your treatments, avoid the sun for 7 days
  • Cover up and use a sunscreen of SPF 15+ after your treatments to avoid unprotected sun exposure
  • Don’t use the Braun IPL on recently tanned or sunburned skin, including artificial tans.
  • Don’t use tanning booths or solariums during your treatments

So, during your start-up treatments it’s best to avoid tanning altogether. Both by sunlight and artificially with light or creams.

Do a skin patch test

There’s no guesswork needed with the Braun Pro IPL. It’s special because it scans your skin and chooses the best intensity level for you. This makes the skin patch test very straightforward.

On each area you’re going to treat, shave and flash 2 side-by-side flashes on your skin. Wait 48 hours and if your skin is normal you can crack on with your first session (but avoid the test patch until your next weekly session).

You may experience some redness but this should disappear within 48 hours. lf after 48 hours there’s still a skin reaction, check in with your doctor. If there’s no lasting reaction then you’re good to start.

A smooth shave

Shave before every treatment. Your skin must be totally smooth before you start zapping. And luckily you get a brand new top notch Venus razor with the Braun Pro 5 IPL.

close up photo of the Venus Swirl razor with my Braun Pro 5 IPL
You get a Venus razor with the Braun Pro 5 IPL for a smooth shave before your treatments

If there’s any hair left on the skin surface it can sting when zapped! The IPL energy needs to go deeper into the follicle (the bit below your skin). It’s down there it works to heat up specific areas, damage them and stop hair growth.

  • Use a sharp razor for a clean, close shave
  • Use a gel, foam or just hair conditioner to moisturise and protect your skin
  • Take your time to remove all hair without any cuts!
  • If you don’t want to shave your face, try this instead

Choose a comfy spot

Next, find a comfy and private spot to do your treatment.

Some people choose the sofa and watch some TV at the same time.  Others need more privacy so choose the bathroom or their bedroom. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • In front of a mirror: A full-length mirror is very helpful for underarms, a thorough bikini line, bum and backs of legs
  • A mains extension cable: the Braun IPL has a 2 metre long power cord, but an extension cable from the mains gives you even more flexibility
  • Find privacy: back to the bikini line again! It’s far from elegant and not something you’ll want to share with housemates, kids, window cleaner etc. The privacy of your bedroom is often best
  • Choose the right time: you don’t want to be rushed or interrupted, so do it when you have plenty of time and kiddies are tucked up in bed

Once you’ve got the right spot, you’re ready to get started.

Simple to get started

Just follow these steps:

  1. Shave before every treatment (unless there’s no hair left!)
  2. Plug in and press the flash or feather button. The 3 small intensity mode buttons shine white and you’ll hear the fan start up inside
  3. Select your intensity mode by pressing the feather button. 3 lights mean high, 2 gentle, and 1 extra-gentle.
  4. Position flat on your skin at a 90-degree angle and press the flash button.
  5. Slide to the next spot and repeat. Cover your skin in adjoining flashes avoiding overlap.

When you’re done, unplug from the mains and the Braun IPL powers down.

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Learn what’s good and bad about the Braun IPL design and features in the next sections.

Is it easy to use?

Here’s a quick summary of the good and bad bits of the Braun Pro IPL. Then there’s loads more detail in the following sections.

This is the good stuff which makes it easy to use:

  • Sleek, refined, minimalist design
  • Compact and lightweight, yet robust and quality build
  • Ergonomic shape is comfortable and easy to manoeuvre
  • Simple plug-and-go operation
  • Flashes for 15+ years of monthly full body sessions
  • UV filters & eye-safety skin contact sensors
  • Skin tone sensor protects dark skin
  • Automatically selects the best intensity before every flash
  • 10 intensity levels to match to your skin tone
  • Mains-power for non-stop flashes
  • Precision attachment for your face
  • Fast application – full leg in 5 to 8 minutes
  • Treatment calendar and reminder App for your phone

And for improvement:

  • The flashes aren’t consistent speeds so it’s tricky to accurately glide – but you get used to it
  • It can sting on more sensitive areas like upper legs and bikini line

First up, let’s see how long the flashes last from the IPL bulb.

Lamp lifetime

You get an excellent lamp lifetime of flashes from the Braun Pro 5.

Bar chart showing the lamp lifetime of the Braun Pro 5 IPL is one of the best available (2nd best)
The Braun Silk expert Pro 5 IPL lamp lifetime is superb. It’s one of the best for full body and face treatments because it’ll last for more than 15 years of monthly use!

The lamp gives 400,000 flashes. So, coupled with the 3 cm2 flash window you can treat a total 1,200,000 cm2 body area. That’s enough for over 200 full body treatments of full legs, bikini line, underarms and face. After a 12-week start-up phase this gives more than 15 years’ worth of monthly full body sessions. Braun say the flashes should last for around 22 years.

And even using the smaller precision attachment gives you more than enough to get to smooth and maintain your results for decades. Studies show after several top-ups you’ll be smooth for longer periods of time. So, after a year or two of regular use monthly top ups will probably be too frequent. It’s superb value, you’ll never run out of flashes.

N.B. I’ve used only the bulb life to calculate the years of use. General usage and wear and tear can also affect how long the machine keeps working.

Ergonomic shape

The Braun silk expert is a compact and distinctive shape you just can’t wait to hold. And it feels great.  

3 photos of the Braun Pro 5 iPL with gold body attachment showing the curvy shape and smooth lines
The curvy shape and smooth lines of the Braun Pro IPL are attractive and ergonomic. The buttons on top standout against a shiny gold accent.

It measures 18 cm long. The flash-end is wider and is curved and gently angled from the 10 cm long tapered handle. The fixed power cord is at the end of the handle.

The 2 buttons on top are easy to see. The large flash button is easy to press with fingers or thumb. And it works in a few different grips. Here’s the first:

3 photos of the Braun Pro IPL gripped snug in my palm with forefinger on the flash button.
This grip is comfortable and gives good visibility for stamping and when looking in a mirror for underarms and face

The width and curves of the handle rest perfectly in your palm with your fore-finger on the button. This point-and-flash grip works well on underarms and your face.

Or, you can hold it downwards like a compact model, gripping and pressing the flash button with your fingers or thumb. It puts less strain on your wrist. The tapered end of the handle keeps the power cord well out of the way. Like this:

This grip is best for gliding over large areas like legs or forearms, and for tricky bits around the bikini line

And you can change positions easily because it’s small and lightweight at only 285g. It’s simple like some compact models but with a distinctively premium feel.

Quality build

The materials feel quality and it looks sophisticated. The white body has a subtle glittery sheen and feels smooth but not slippery. There’s a white glossy panel on top where the gentle and flash buttons sit. And it’s finished with polished gold accents, logo and matt-gold body attachment.

It feels solid and well-balanced with no creaks or cracks.

Close up photo of the quality white matt and glossy surfaces with shiny  gold accent around the perfectly placed large flash button and smaller gentle mode 'feather' button. It fits perfectly in my hand.
This thing looks classy and fits perfectly in your hand

Power cord

Even the power cord is premium.

It’s fixed into the base of the IPL device. So, unlike the earlier models the weight of the power pack base isn’t going to pull the cable out mid use.

Photo of the fixed, sturdy white power cable in the handle of the Braun IPL device.
2 photos of the braun Pro IPL showing the long fixed-power cable and base power pack, and a close up of the supple cord secured in a Velcro tie.

It’s wrapped and secured with a white reusable Velcro tie. The cord is 2 metres long and it’s a very supple, quality thick cord that doesn’t tangle or twist. The power pack at the end of the cord fits a mains-lead measuring 90 cm to the power outlet.

The 235 g power pack rests on the floor below the power outlet so you get the full 2 metre cable to manoeuvre with.

Flash windows

Photos of the 2 flash windows with the Braun silk Expert Pro 5 IPL. the smaller white precision attachment and the larger gold body attachment.
The smaller white precision attachment (left) and the larger gold body attachment (right).

With all models you get the standard matt-gold body attachment. The flash window measures 1 cm by 3 cm so that’s a total flash area of 3 cm2.

The size and shape mean it’s an excellent multi-purpose attachment. It fits and is fast on legs, body, underarms and bikini line. On your face and upper lip it’s ok, but can be a bit awkward to get a flash in places.

With the PL5137 and PL5124 models you also get a smaller white precision attachment. The flash window is 1.1 cm wide by 1.5 cm long which is a total flash area of 1.65 cm2. It’s a particularly good fit on the upper lip and around the jaw line.

A photo of the Braun IPL with body attachment showing a slight taper down to the larger flash window. A second photo with the precision attachment showing a curvier taper down to the small flash window.
Each attachment is tapered towards the flash window so you can position it accurately and not miss any bits.

Changing the attachments is easy. Firmly pull from the base of the attachment away from the device. There’s a small lip there you can grip with your fingers.

Photos showing a hand removing the attachments from the IPL device.
To change attachments, firmly pull the attachment off away from the handle and slide on the new attachment.

There’s a sticky-out bit on the back of each attachment. Line this up with the small hole on the top of the device and plug in till you feel it click into place.

close up photo of the back of the body attachment showing the mirrored recessed light exit window and the small plug to fit in the IPL device.
The back of the flash attachment and the sticky-out plug bit. Line this up with the small hole on the device.
2 close up photos of the Braun IPL device without attachments in place.
The IPL device without an attachment on. The small hole to slide the attachment into is above the flash window.

The flash bulb is part of the device and not the attachments. The attachments click into place over the top. They can feel a bit stubborn to remove at first until you get used to the pressure needed.

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Is the Braun Silk Expert Pro IPL safe?

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL accredited by the skin Health Alliance

The Braun Silk-expert Pro is clinically tested safe for home-use. It’s safe for Fitzpatrick skin types I to V.

As with all other home IPL devices, there’s an inbuilt filter blocking UV light wavelengths touching your skin. So, it’s protected keeping it healthy. And that’s not all.

It’s also got reassuring independent accreditation from Skin Health Alliance. Skin Health Alliance have scientists and dermatologists work with companies ensuring products and services are safe. This means they’ve tested it and confirm it is skin-safe.

It also protects your eyes.

Eye safety

There are 2 skin sensors at either end of the flash window. They must sense your skin covers them or they won’t flash when you press the button. This means you can’t accidentally flash it into open air anywhere near your eyes.

The 2 sensor windows at either side of the body and precision flash window. They shine blue when in use.

The flashes are bright. But the bit you see when it’s against your skin aren’t harmful to your eyes. Use it in a well-lit room so the flashes don’t seem so glaring. You don’t need safety goggle or glasses. But if you find the flashes irritating try wearing sunglasses.

Advanced skin tone sensor

The Braun Pro 5 IPL has the same clever skin tone sensor as the earlier model. The blue sensor windows scan and check your skin tone before every flash.

It protects your skin and won’t flash if it’s too dark (Fitzpatrick type 6).

Close up photo of the blue skin sensor windows ready to scan your skin tone, and the red indicator lights showing your skin is too dark for safe IPL.
The intensity indicator strips on the side light-up red if your skin tone is too dark for safe IPL treatments

If your skin is in the safe range (Fitzpatrick types 1 to 5) it’s smart enough to choose the best intensity level for your exact skin tone. This means the most powerful intensity that’s still safe for your skin tone.

Close up photo of the SensoAdapt white intensity level indicators showing the medium intensity level chosen by the skin tone sensor.
The intensity indicator strip lights up white according to the intensity level the skin tone sensor chooses for your skin tone

The clever technology makes it so straightforward to use. It takes all the guess work out of which intensity level to choose.

10 intensity levels

The Braun IPL has 10 intensity levels. The maximum power intensity on level 10 is 6 J/cm2. This is one of the most powerful home-use devices.

Most other home devices have 5 intensity levels. But because the Braun Pro IPL has 10, you get a bespoke level for your skin tone (from more and stronger energy increments) to give you the best possible results in the shortest time.

But what if it smarts too much?

Gentle modes for sensitive areas

IPL can smart a bit on more sensitive body areas like your bikini line and underarms. So, the Braun IPL has 2 additional comfort modes to adjust the intensity. Braun improved the selection method with this latest model.

Press the feather button to cycle through the modes.

Press the small feather button to reduce the intensity output if standard mode smarts a bit! Perfect for underarms and bikini line.

1 light means extra gentle mode. This chooses the lowest intensity level 1.

2 lights mean gentle mode. This reduces the intensity so you’ll see fewer white indicator lights illuminated.

3 lights mean standard mode. The Braun IPL balances maximum power and safety for your skin tone. When you power on the Braun IPL it defaults to standard mode.

3 photos showing a finger pressing the 'feather' mode mode to cycle through extra gentle (1 light), gentle (2 lights) and standard mode (3 lights)
Press the feather button to choose another mode. It defaults to standard (3 lights) when you power it on.

As with the previous model, I’m unclear what value extra gentle mode adds. It’s some additional reassurance and control for dark skin tones because you can only use the lower intensity levels. However, if safety and comfort are a concern for darker skin you should consider my recommended device for dark and black skin.

Tip: Braun suggest you could use the gentle mode for your first few sessions to get used to the treatments. This is a good feature particularly if you’re cautious, but bear in mind you’ll get faster results in standard mode with the higher energy intensity levels.

Stamp and glide mode

The Braun Pro IPL has both the standard ‘stamp’ and ‘glide’ modes.

For Stamp position, press and release. Then re-position and repeat. Do this to get better coverage on uneven surfaces like knees, shins and ankles and the face with the precision attachment. Flashes are slower with the precision attachment.

For Glide position, keep the button pressed and after each flash glide the handset over your skin to the next position. The flashes come fast especially on the lower intensity levels. It couldn’t get any faster and still be manageable!

I love that the flashes are fast. You can glide the device over your skin so it’s a fluid motion. However, I do find the rate changes so sometimes I would glide it too far, or not enough in between the flashes.

My skin tone is light so it chose the highest intensities for me.

I’ve tested a lot of home IPL devices and I generally find it easier to keep my place and get accurate coverage by working in rings around my legs. But with the Braun IPL it’s much easier to glide and time the flashes vertically up your legs. However, curves make it awkward to remember all the bits you’ve zapped and not overlap or leave any gaps.

But really, it’s not a big deal. You’ll find your technique and rhythm. I’d much rather learning to handle the speed than sitting bored out of my mind with a tediously slow flasher!

So, how fast is it?

How fast is it?

You won’t get bored using the Braun Pro IPL. Treatments are super-quick. It’s 2x faster than the previous model.

  • Lowest intensity flashes every 0.6 seconds – that’s 100 flashes per minute to cover 300 cm2
  • Highest intensity flashes every 1.2 seconds – that’s 50 flashes per minute to cover 150 cm2

The flashes come every 0.6 to 1.2 seconds. They’re fastest on the lowest intensities. But even on the highest intensity, with the 3 cm2 body attachment and glide mode you can cover your legs super-fast.

Hand holding the Braun Pro 5 IPL with body attachment in a comfortable grip for glide mode
The Braun Pro 5 IPL is a fast high-power IPL perfect for super-fast flashes on legs with glide mode and the body attachment.

Braun say you can do both lower legs in 5 mins on the lowest intensity level. For me, the Braun IPL selected the higher intensities and one lower leg took just over 3.5 minutes. A meticulous full leg took me 9 minutes. That’s the fastest high-power IPL I’ve tried.

I did my full body in just under 28 mins (full legs, extended bikini, underarms and face). That’s quick. So, it’s easier to commit to the start-up phase and keep up with your top-ups.

And to help you with that there’s a helpful App too.

Treatment App

For this updated Pro there’s a newer, rebranded App called ‘Braun Silk-expert Pro’.

It has all the product information and ‘how to’ videos available on the Braun website. And the most helpful bit is where you schedule your sessions and reminders. The App even lets you change the frequency of your sessions to accommodate the switch to your top-up maintenance.

It helps a lot to remember and stick to your treatment plan so you get the best possible results.

Any improvements?

As well as making it smaller, lighter and faster and so easier to handle, Braun have answered most of the criticisms made against the previous Braun 5 IPL.

  • They’ve given us a smaller precision attachment for that tricky upper lip
  • We’ve got a fancy storage pouch that keeps this expensive bit of kit together and protected
  • The power cable is fixed so can’t accidentally disconnect from the base
Photo collage of the precision attachment, IPL and fixed power cord and storage pouch.
Braun corrected the criticism made to the earlier model (except the missing cleaning cloth!)

The one thing it lacks? A cleaning cloth. You get one with most other devices. But this is a very minor thing.

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— The different models —

Braun Pro 5 PL5137 vs PL5124, PL5014

The only difference between the three models PL5137, PL5124 and PL5014 is the storage pouch they come with, the type of Venus razor and the PL5014 doesn’t have the precision attachment.

The performance and specification of the Braun IPL device is exactly the same with all models. The storage pouches all do the same job and are good quality. The razors all do the same job.

The small precision attachment is a nice to have, and it does make it easier to get a flash on your upper lip. But if there’s a big difference in price, rest assured you don’t need it. You’ll get the same results without it.

Check prices and go with the cheapest one.

Braun Pro 5 IPL vs Braun 5 IPL

The Braun Pro 5 IPL is updated and improved from the previous version. The power intensity range, advanced skin tone sensor and gentle and extra gentle modes are the same.

Here’s a quick roundup of the key differences.

Size & weight

Both models have the same ergonomic shape and large flash botton. But the Braun Pro 5 IPL is 15% smaller and 25% lighter than the previous model. This makes a big difference. It fits better in the hand, and so is more comfortable to hold and easier to manoeuvre.

The Braun Pro 5 IPL is smaller and weighs 285g vs the Braun 5 at 340g
The Braun Pro 5 IPL (left) fits more comfortably in your hand and is easier to manoeuvre and position around your body
The size of the flash windows (body attachment) is the same for both models at 1 cm x 3 cm

Styling & cord

The Braun Pro 5 has updated styling. The colours change from white and bronze with silver accents to a soft white and matt-gold with gold accents.

The gold and white Braun Pro 5 IPl (left) and the white, bronze and silver Braun 5 IPL.

Both models are mains-powered with a long power-cord giving plenty of room to move around. However, the Braun Pro power cord is fixed into the base of the handle. This stops the weight of the power pack pulling it out during your treatments.

The Braun Pro 5 IPL power cord is fixed into the handle base (left). The Braun 5 IPL is detachable and can come out during use.

The cord itself is better quality too on the Braun Pro 5 IPL. It’s thicker, more supple feels better quality. There’s nothing wrong with the cord on the Braun 5 IPL (I don’t find it tangles). But on the Braun Pro 5 it’s just better!

Precision attachment

The Braun Pro 5 IPL also has the smaller precision attachment (not with the PL5014 model).

The smaller precision attachment with the Braun Pro 5 IPL PL5137 & PL5124.

This is a very helpful addition to get good contact for easy flashes on the jawline and upper lip. The previous model (and the PL5014) requires a bit of faffing and face-pulling to get a flash and cover all your skin. But, it’s still possible and gives the same results.

The Braun Pro 5 is faster

Sessions with the Braun Pro 5 IPL are faster than with the Braun 5.

  • The Braun Pro 5 flashes come every 0.6 to 1.2 seconds
  • The Braun 5 IPL flashes every 0.9 to 1.9 seconds

They’re fastest on the lowest intensities.

Both give fast treatments. I can do a full body session in under 30 minutes with the Braun Pro 5 and around 45 minutes with the Braun 5. So, you’re done before you get bored or tired. But the Braun Pro 5 is super quick. It’s the fastest available. Therefore, it’s easier to fit in around a busy day and commit to the regimen.


Both models promise the same hair reduction results. So the price of each is worth checking before you decide.

The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of the Braun Pro 5 is £524.99 to £599.99. Today it’s on offer at around £300. That’s super value.

The RRP of the Braun 5 is £399.99 to £499.99. And you can get it on offer around £230. That too is a fine deal for a great device. Prices may drop further to sell leftover stock now that the Braun Pro 5 has arrived. You could pick up a bargain.

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— What to expect? —

What to expect during your treatments?

You’ll hear the cooling fan whirring inside the device. And you’ll hear each flash ‘pop’.

The flashes are bright, but harmless to your eyes. You don’t need to buy specialist goggles or glasses. Use it in a well let room so the flashes don’t seem so intense. Sunglasses can help ease any irritation you might feel.

It feels warm and tingly against your skin. Some more sensitive areas, like ankles, thighs, bikini line and underarms can smart a bit. Hair is generally thicker and denser on the bikini line and underarms so these areas can be uncomfortable. Simply select gentle or extra gentle mode if it feels too intense. Sometimes starting with the more sensitive areas is easier.

Select gentle mode if the flashes feel too intense on sensitive areas.

It’s really fast so you won’t get bored. But it still demands concentration because you must remember which areas you’ve flashed. This avoids too much overlap and missed hairy bits.

What to expect after your treatments?

Skin redness is a common skin reaction to IPL. Your skin may also feel a bit hot and tingly. It’s normal and should wear off within 24 hours. You can cover it with a cool face cloth or ice pack. Cooling water sprays are good too, Aloe Vera gel or a non-scented moisturiser.

After your treatment, avoid things that could irritate the skin you’ve flashed. For example, using hot tubs and saunas, spanking, wearing tight-fitting clothing, using bleaching creams and perfumed or exfoliation products.

Avoid tanning and wear an SPF 15 or 30+ if exposed to the sun! If you don’t you risk experiencing some of the rare home IPL side effects.

What side effects are there?

There are a few very rare side effects of home IPL. With the Braun Pro, the treatments are super-safe because of the clever skin tone sensor. So, you’ve virtually no risk of blisters or burns.

The rare but possible side effects are below. If you experience them and they don’t go away in the times shown, go see your doctor:

  • Skin redness which doesn’t go away after 24 to 48 hours
  • Swelling and redness around the hair follicle which doesn’t go away within 2 to 3 days
  • Temporary lightening or darkening in skin colour
  • Increased hair growth in your treatment area which doesn’t reduce after several treatments. This is very rare but is seen most in people of Mediterranean descent.

Now, onto the hairless results!

What results can I expect?

You’ll need between 4 to 12 weekly sessions to get to smooth and hairless skin. You may get there before 12 sessions. Once you’re there, switch to less frequent top-ups. These could be every 1 or even 2 months.  

Shave before every treatment, and /or between sessions as you need.

Based on the previous Braun model, after the first few sessions you should notice less and finer, lighter hairs. Most see a significant reduction in hairs after 6 sessions. Continue until you’re smooth.

Then do top-ups as you need them. Shave if you need to before these. Try spacing some a month a part, and eventually increase the gap to 2 months and even further. Results vary, so you may need top-ups more regularly to stop hair growing back. But the top-ups are important. If you don’t do them, the hair will grow back!

How much effort is it?

The Braun Pro asks for such a small amount of your time for excellent results. It’s one of the best.

For most people, to get a significant hair reduction from full body treatments you’ll spend between 3 to 6 hours over 5 to 11 weeks during the start-up phase.

Here’s how I worked it out:

  • A full body session takes around 30 mins (excluding shaving)
  • You’ll need between 6 to 12 weekly sessions, taking 5 to 11 weeks to complete
  • 6 sessions x 30 mins per session = 3 hours
  • 12 sessions x 30 mins per session = 6 hours
  • So, that’s 3 hours over 5 weeks, up to 6 hours over 11 weeks

Obviously, if you’re treating smaller areas it’ll be even quicker! Then you’ll need a 30 minute touch-up sessions every 4 to 8 weeks. Start monthly, then after several top-ups, you may need them even less frequently.

I love the Braun Pro IPL because it’s so fast you can fit your sessions around your busy life.

Prices & Buy Now

Braun also say the Braun Pro gives “Permanent hair reduction in 4 weeks”. It’s an attention-grabbing statement, but I think it sets a false expectation. When I see that, I think I’ll need just 4 sessions to get smooth and stay that way forever. But that’s not the case because your top-up sessions are very important.

As new Anagen hairs grow, the IPL heats and damages them under the skin in the follicle. This damage has a compound effect on key areas of the follicle to give longer lasting results. The more top-ups you do the better it gets. So, please don’t be blinded by the marketing promotion. The Braun Pro 5 IPL commitment is one of the lowest for the best results, but it’s not an overnight miracle.

— In summary —

Should I buy it?

Absolutely. It scores top marks in most categories and it’s a pleasure to use. I recommend it for super silky-smooth skin on your face and body. It’s perfect for full body and face treatments because it’s so darned quick. You can buy it on introductory offer so check prices of the different models before you buy.

“Elegant plug-and-go simplicity that’s powerful, fast and super-safe”

I recommend the Braun silk-expert Pro 5 IPL models. They look and feel fab and get the job done fast and well. One of the best.

Here’s a quick Braun Pro 5 IPL pros and cons round-up:


  • A super-safe skin tone check & set before every flash
  • Incredibly easy and fast sessions
  • Elegant, perfectly proportioned & lightweight
  • Lamp lasts for 15+ years of full body treatments
  • Precision attachment for tricky upper lip
  • Suitable for a broad range of skin types (I to V)
  • European CE safety mark & FDA-cleared
  • Good customer service from Braun
  • Treatment calendar & reminder App


  • Not suitable for the darkest skin tones or fair hair
  • Very expensive at the full RRP
  • Speed of flashes varies on glide mode
  • No money back guarantee

N.B The Braun UK 100-day money back guarantee is valid until 8th October 2019 only for up to £400 value. Note it applies only until this date which now gives you less than 100 days.

You can check prices and buy the Braun Silk-expert Pro 5 IPL using the links below.

Where to buy the Braun silk expert Pro 5 IPL

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