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It’s important you know why you can trust my reviews and articles. So, this page is about transparency. Here you can learn why I do what I do, why my reviews are different, and how I make a living from Wearebodybeautiful.
By Laura Gladman
February 07, 2024
This article explains why you can trust my reviews and articles, and what makes wearebodybeautiful better than the rest.

How it started…

Back in 2011, I bought my first at home IPL hair removal device. There were just a few options back then, but I couldn’t find what I needed to make a confident decision. I did hours of research, trawling through forums, reading scientific papers, and disappearing down various rabbit holes. I just couldn’t find any impartial and in-depth product reviews. So, I set out to learn all about the tech and create them myself.

To start, it was a little side hustle. I still worked as a digital project manager, working on website and app projects. But as I got the hang of it all, I saw Wearebodybeautiful could support me full-time. So now, as well as at home laser and IPL, I also test and review skincare and anti-ageing devices, and wellbeing products too.

Yup, I’m more than a little obsessed.

free-to-read reviews

testing hours


honest & fair

So, why are my reviews different?

I detest unhelpful reviews and regurgitated lists of IPL and skincare devices where there’s been little to no product testing involved. They’re unhelpful, often inaccurate, and a total waste of your precious time. Boo.

That’s why my reviews are different.

I spend hours researching the most worthy devices to review. Then weeks to months more, testing, collating data, and planning my feedback. Sometimes, I enlist friends and family as testers too. Then, I craft insightful reviews focused on helping you.

I test each device over several weeks or mnths, and the collate all my test data and feedback into my reviews on Wearebodybeautiful.com

I test every device over weeks or months!

How to spot an untested product review

  • Basic feature lists
  • Stock or manufacturer photos only
  • No test data or test scoring criteria
  • No insight, feedback or tips
  • Baseless or meaningless recommendations
  • Mostly expensive devices in top lists without cheaper alternatives

How to spot a real product review

  • Lots of detail about how to use it
  • Loads of real life photos
  • Sometimes a video review too!
  • There’s real test data and a helpful scoring criteria
  • They describe the experience
  • With helpful feedback and tips
  • They share and explain all the negatives
  • With clear recommendations based on tests
  • Options at different prices

Why you can trust my reviews

Wearebodybeautiful is my baby. It’s a small UK-based, online business with readers all around the world, primarily in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Germany.

Testing and reviewing is my full-time job and also my passion. I employ a handful of trusted freelance researchers and writers, photographers, and developers to keep everything running.

Kay is my rather lovely freelancer photographer who helps with product shoots.

I employ a handful of freelancers who help me with my reviews & website.

My reviews are free to read and I make money to pay my bills through affiliate sales. This means, when someone buys a product via one of my deal links, I receive a small commission from the destination retailer (but your price remains the same).

And it’s an extremely competitive industry. I’m up against many small independent bloggers but also big-pants media brands with healthy advertising budgets, such as Goodhousekeeping, The Independent, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Elle. To compete and standout my reviews must be original, insightful, and ultimately helpful to you.

Therefore, I always give you impartial, balanced and honest feedback. And because I can compare and contrast different devices, I can make genuine recommendations based on real life use and goals. So, not only will you find in-depth product reviews, but also top product round-ups, and device comparison reviews too 👇.



I buy some devices I test. And sometimes I get freebies. But that doesn’t influence my scores, or the feedback I share with you. I never give a favourable review just because the device is gifted or I get higher commissions.

If you have any questions about Wearebodybeautiful, about my reviews, or if you have a product you’d like me to review, please feel to contact me.

You can also learn how I test and review products.

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