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Find out what microcurrent and nanocurrent is, how it works, what it does, and how it compares to professional sessions. See all my tried and tested reviews and round-ups of the best devices to help you find your perfect at-home device.

ZIIP HALO review
ZIIP HALO review

The app-controlled ZIIP HALO uses microcurrents & teeny nanocurrents to tighten, heal, refresh & perfect each skin layer on your face & neck. It’s safe for all skin tones and types. See smooth, tight, firm, plump, dewy & glowsome skin in around 6 weeks. Learn more about the pampering routines, results, and other pros & cons, in this in-depth review.

NuFACE Trinity+ review

This easy, upgraded at home microcurrent device from NuFACE targets different depths from the epidermis & dermis down to your deep facial muscles. It does that with 2 new frequencies plus a microamps boost for trouble spots. Get healthy, refreshed, tight, smooth, beautifully hydrated & glowing skin in 60 days.

Nuface Trinity review: before vs after

Does the popular Nuface Trinity at-home microcurrent device live up to the hype? It promises ro energise everything in your skin, making it look and behave healthy and young so it’s smooth, healthy, dewy and lifted. But it’s an ongoing committment. See my before vs after photos and my pros and cons to help you choose.

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