LYMA laser review: before and after photos

A quick summary…

by | March 30, 2023

This cold laser combines with bacteria-busting blue LEDs, and is safe for all skin tones and types. The 808nm cold laser stimulates your skin cells and right down to your muscle, rejuvenating and perfecting throughout the layers. No pain, or irritation and the LYMA skincare is optional. It’s a clever multi-tasker for acne, anti-aging, scars, thread veins & cellulite around your whole body. But you must dedicate time, and muchos dosh. Learn more in this LYMA laser review.
"Firms, smooths, tightens & brightens; heals acne, rosacea, scars, cellulite & thread veins"

4.7 / 5

Face, neck, hands & body


WeAreBodyBeautiful's review of the LYMA laser starter kit device for use at home

What is it?

This at-home device combines cold laser and blue LEDs to rejuvenate gradually, calm, and heal your skin with daily use. The expensive LYMA skincare is optional, but could give you faster results.

The LYMA laser kit includes the LYMA laser and the Active Mist and Priming gel to be applied daily AM & PM, and before each session. LYMA says these cosmetics give faster results.
The LYMA laser kit: anti-aging rejuvenation, acne, scars, thread veins, bruises & sun-damage on face & body

Unlike other at-home rejuvenation lasers, the LYMA laser does not trigger a healing response by damaging your skin with heat. The laser energy is nonthermal or ‘cold’, and it stimulates your skin cells instead.

The LYMA laser is a Near Infrared (NIR) laser with a wavelength of 808nm. It triggers a process in your cells called photobiomodulation. This energises your skin cells, fights inflammation, and detoxes. With more energy, your fibroblast cells build better collagen and elastin to support and heal your skin. It gives you protected, healthy skin that behaves younger.
The LYMA laser is the only at-home skin rejuvenation cold laser.

The photons from the 808nm near-infrared laser reach your deepest tissue layers and give your cells an energy boost with a process called photobiomodulation. This reduces inflammation, boosts blood flow, and energises ALL your cells, so they not only build better collagen and elastin, but they’re protected too. It calms, heals, refreshes, hydrates, brightens, firms and safe guards your skin from oxidative and environmental damage too.

You also get 4x blue LEDs with the LYMA laser. When these are These show the power is on, and the blue wavelength (470nm) kills bacteria on your skin’s surface. So it helps calm acne and also controls sebum production. In the USA, you get 4x red LEDs. the 620nm wavelength energises cells in your skin surface for smoother and brighter skin
The blue light kills acne causing bacteria and the near infrared laser soothes & heals spots

You can’t see NIR light so you also get four 470nm blue LEDs. These firstly let you know the power is on. Second, the light wavelength triggers a photochemical reaction which controls sebum, kills acne and other bacteria, to give you clear, blemish free skin.

It’s slightly different in the US 🇺🇸 because of the necessary FDA clearance needed to market and sell the laser. Here, instead of blue LEDs, you get four red LEDs of 620nm. These work to heal, brighten and revitalise the outer layer of your skin.

First impressions

The black, understated packaging is simple and refined, and it’s heavy too. It does a splendid job reminding me this is an expensive bit of kit. It’s beautiful 😍 and rather exciting to open.

A small/medium-size black card board clad box with red security tabs
The LYMA laser comes in a medium-size mysterious black cardboard box with red security tabs.
Peel off the red security tabs from the LYMA laser box. They show the words ‘open’ and ‘void’ so you’ll know yours is a virgin device. There’s also a picture of a seal 😂! Then, from the corner, pull the tape to open the protective cardboard outer layer.
Peel off the security seal tabs and pull the thin tape to open the outer cardboard
The understated LYMA laser box is matt-black with rose gold LYMA lettering. The box has a tactile feel, a little like a fine coating of silicone.
The recyclable cardboard-outer opens and falls away to show the LYMA-embossed, super-matt black box.
Once the lid is off, the black cardboard says ‘Welcome’ in classy rose-gold lettering. I like the subtle sheen on the textured cardboard, it’s like tiny little scales.
LYMA laser box says ‘Welcome’. This is very posh indeed.
There’s the rather heavy cardboard envelope and below that the LYMA laser, mist spray and gel secured in a black-moulded cardboard bed.
LYMA has done a top job with a simple but thoughtful presentation of the LYMA laser kit
LYMA knows how to make you feel special with a rose-gold member id card. It’s made of metal. Probably not genuine rose-gold, but maybe considering the price of this kit 🤭…
Inside the weighty cardboard envelope is a shiny rose-gold metal authenticity card (with member id on the reverse).

The envelope opens out to reveal a beautiful A5 hardback matt-black user guide book, with fresh new paper smell. It’s beautiful and looks more like a fancy coffee-table book than a user guide.

Remove the laser, serum and spray mist to reveal a small hole in the tray. Use this to lift out the whole cardboard tray.

Tiny black accessories box at the bottom of the LYMA laser kit packaging
And below the presentation tray is a small box with charging accessories and a protective pouch.

It’s all made of recyclable cardboard packaging ♻ Bravo, LYMA.

The contents of the Tripollar VX home RF kit laying in a floofy cream throw: the STOP VX device, 50 ml prep gel, user guide, 2m mains cable, UK, EU and US plugs.
The LYMA Laser kit contents

The LYMA laser kit contents:

  • LYMA laser
  • 30ml Oxygen Mist
  • 50ml Oxygen Glide gel
  • Neoprene storage pouch
  • Battery charger
  • Charging USB cable
  • User guide book
  • Membership card
  • Charger manual & warranty

Quality & design

The LYMA laser device is a small but heavy cylindrical black wand. It feels expensive, made of superb quality tactile materials with a neat and durable construction. I love the simple black styling with engraved ‘LYMA’ logo towards the business end. It looks rather like an expensive, powerful torch, and it’s pleasing to hold.

The LYMA laser is 15cm long, 3cm diameter, and is rather heavy at 230g.
The laser looks and feels good to hold. It’s superb quality & you get a 2-year warranty.

Slightly recessed into the top is a textured, soft silicone push button. It’s the only control, and it simultaneously operates the laser and blue light – simply on or off.

Ah push it! Just push the button on the LYMA laser device - on/off.
Very simple controls to turn the LYMA laser and blue LEDs on/off
Unscrew the end to remove the battery from the LYMA laser and charge it in the small & portable charging cradle
This end also screws off so you can remove and charge the battery.

You also get a small charging cradle and USB charging cord. I like this isn’t too bulky and there’s no mains plug, so you can use your own USB charging port or plug. I also like you must remove the battery to charge it. That way you can store the expensive laser device safely whilst it charges, rather than leaving it out where it’s vulnerable to knocks and damage.


TIP: 🔋 Make sure the sliding clip in the charger has gripped the battery, otherwise it can jump out!

LYMA Laser battery lifetime: 500 charging cycles, 1,000 hours, 10 years of use, Battery charge: x4 lights = fully charged, takes 4 hours max, 2 hours of use
Quick charging, decent charge usage and excellent lifetime

A full battery charge takes up to 4 hours. All four blue lights stay lit once it’s fully charged. You get around 2 hours of use per charge. So, you’ll need a few charges per week if you use the laser for 30+ mins per day.

The total Li-ion battery life is good. You get at least 500 charging cycles, giving 1,000 hours of laser energy. LYMA says that’s enough for 10 years of use.

There’s a transparent plastic treatment lens on the opposite end of the laser. It’s smooth on the surface and really rather pretty, with rings and levels of teeny clear hexagons. They’re designed to refract the laser beam from the tiny pinprick laser aperture and diffuse it over a larger surface area. LYMA says it does this 25,000 times and so the energy delivered to our skin is 25,000 larger than traditional lasers (but they don’t say how big the originating beam is). This “ultra-diffused” energy is safe on your skin (and around your eyes) and allows you to treat a larger surface area, spread throughout the treatment lens.

The LYMA laser business-end: The treatment lens is made of rings of tiny, clear hexagons which refract the laser 25,000 times around the 8cm2 lens. There are also 4x blue LEDs, and the lens has gently curved edges, and a smooth and easy-glide surface.
The LYMA laser business-end
Close-up of the LYMA laser’s hexagon diffusion lens
These rings & levels of teeny clear hexagons refract the laser beam
The lens diffuses the laser energy so it’s skin and eye safe. Our eyes can’t see the NIR laser beam, but the camera picks it up in this photo.
The blue LED light through the lens, and the camera also picks up the refracted infrared beam!

LYMA Oxygen Mist & Glide gel

The kit comes with the Oxygen Mist spray (30ml) and Glide Gel (50ml). Use these before your laser session. You can use the Mist as part of your daily skincare routine too. They’re expensive – to buy more costs £99/$149 and should last for a month. 

They come in plastic bottles, which is a bit of a shame, as glass is infinitely recyclable, so better for our planet ♻️🌎.

LYMA Oxygen Mist 30ml, LYMA Oxygen Glide gel 50ml, these are cosmetics and not conductors (so they’re optional). Use them before your laser session. You can use the Mist as part of your daily skincare routine too. They last a month if used on your face & neck and they cost £99/$149 per month
1 month supply of the optional LYMA skincare

The Mist gives your skin a good old dose of the star ingredient, oxygen. Then, the Glide gel sits like a hydrogel mask on your skin surface. It’s packed with moisturising goodies and more oxygen, and gives a lovely slip over your skin for smooth, soothing laser glides. You can use it as a nourishing 20-minute face mask too.

LYMA says they’ve made the Mist and Glide combo to optimise the results of the LYMA Laser…

“The Oxygen Mist’s pure active, stabilised oxygen deeply penetrates the skin while the Oxygen Glide’s patented Glycerin and highest quality, absorbable Hyaluronic acid hydrates, firms and smooths while dynamically facilitating the Laser’s capability to transform skin.”

I’m all for a bit of “dynamic facilitation”, whatever that is. However, these products aren’t mandatory conductors as with microcurrent, Radio Frequency and ultrasound. The laser travels through your skin just fine without them. They’re simply cosmetic products to condition your skin. The laser does all the hard graft, and it works just fine without them. 

But don’t you need the Oxygen they contain?

Well, LYMA says Oxygen deprivation speeds up ageing. But their Mist and Glide protect your skin by flooding it with oxygen which boosts detoxing, blood flow, and moisture, to repair your skin barrier function and increase collagen production. 

Sounds good, right?

Hmm. A few problems here.

👉 First, it’s true that oxygen is awesome, and it helps heal chronic wounds. However, there’s no scientific evidence to show normal ageing skin lacks oxygen. When we’re healthy, we get plenty of oxygen from the air we breathe. And our blood delivers this oxygen to our organs, tissues, and cells, along with other much needed nutrients. We breathe out waste as carbon dioxide along with the oxygen we don’t need.

On their website, LYMA casually drops this little nugget “By the age of 40, the skin loses 60% of its oxygen capacity”. Yikes. Now, that sounds rather alarming. But they share no source for their statement and I’m unable to find any robust scientific or clinical evidence to support that healthy ageing skin lacks oxygen.

👉 Second, even if an oxygen boost were beneficial, there’s scant evidence that oxygen applied directly to the skin, either during an oxygen facial or in a potion or lotion, has any benefit at all. 

👉 And last, there’s little substance to this Active Stabilised Oxygen ingredient. I can’t find an official INCI ingredient name, listing or data for it. So, who knows how it’s made, what it’s made up of, how it gets to the deepest layers and what it does there? And LYMA doesn’t share test results of the LYMA laser used with versus without this wonder ingredient. So, it may or may not have the effect as billed. 

It may be no better for your skin than your current skincare products.

Here are the LYMA Glide and Mist ingredient lists decoded on

Before you start

It’s quick to get started because you don’t need to do a skin sensitivity test, and the instructions in the user guide are very easy to follow.

Skip passed all the sexy imagery and fancy-sounding marketing bumpf at the beginning. The instructional content about charging, how to use it, contraindications, and operational data is on the last few pages.

A short list of contraindications in the user guide
A short list of LYMA laser contraindications in the user guide

Contraindications for the LYMA laser are:

DON’T use if:

  • You have a medical condition which makes your skin sensitive to light, or if you’re taking any medications which make you sensitive to light.
  • Don’t use over tumours, over-active thyroid, fungal skin infections, implanted pacemaker, melanoma.
  • If pregnant, don’t use it over the abdominal area

✔️ You CAN use the laser alongside RF, microcurrent and micro-needling, and it’s safe to use after sun exposure. You can also use it over fillers or other injectables, and if you’re using topical retinol too.

Next, how to use the LYMA laser…

LYMA Laser routines

The LYMA laser is very easy to use. Common treatment areas are the face, neck, chest, hands, knees, and scars. A small hand-held mirror is helpful if you’ll treat frown lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, scars or spider veins.

Here’s how to treat your face and neck.. 

First, wash and dry your face. Then, get yourself comfy and apply 6 pumps of the Oxygen Mist around your face and neck. 

When it has soaked in, apply 6 pumps of the Oxygen Glide to your face and neck. You can use a foundation brush, or apply it with your fingers. 


TIP: You can also use your own serums and moisturisers with the laser for better slip across your skin.

The technique is simple. Divide your face and neck in half and work in strips the width of the treatment head to cover your skin in super slow glides. Back and forth along a strip is one rep. Do a minimum of 5 reps on each strip, then move onto the adjacent strip and repeat.

I like to begin at the bottom with my neck. Start just below your ear and work in up-and-down strips to the collarbone, along to the centre of the neck. Repeat on the other side.

LYMA laser neck routine: Work along your neck to the centre in super-slow up-&-down glides, 5 reps per strip.
How to use the LYMA Laser on your neck

TIP: Unlike with other technologies such as microcurrent and Radio Frequency, there’s no need to avoid the centre line/thyroid area of your neck.

On your face, start under your ear and glide in side-to-side strips along your jawline, working up your face to the top of your forehead. You can glide on the sides and down the ridge of the nose too.

LYMA laser face routine: Work upwards from your jawline to forehead in super-slow back-and-forth glides, 5 reps per strip.
How to use the LYMA Laser on your face

Do slow semicircle glides around your mouth, along your under eye and over the brow bone area. Hold the laser for 3 additional minutes over trouble spots such as wrinkles and pigmentation, or where you need extra TLC. Then, repeat on the other side of your face.

LYMA laser around eyes & mouth: Do slow semicircle glides around your mouth, along your under eye and over the brow bone area. Hold over your lips and trouble spots for an additional 3 minutes.
Eye, mouth, wrinkles, pigmentation & bit that need TLC with the LYMA Laser.

It’s the same deal for your chest, hands, knees and any other area you’ll treat. Apply the Mist and Glide (if you like), then cover your skin in super-slow back-and-forth glides.  Treat each area for a minimum of 15 minutes, but ideally 30+ minutes to get your fastest results.

For your face, neck, hands, chest and other body areas treat with the LYMA laser in slow glides for a minimum of 15 minutes, but ideally 30+ minutes for faster results. Or you can hold the laser still for 3 mins per area.
30+ minutes for each area gives your fastest results.

TIP: LYMA say treating longer than one hour’s daily use per treatment area won’t give you any additional skin benefits.

For thread veins, scars and bruises you hold the laser over each section for the specified time, as follows:

For spider veins, hold the LYMA laser against the skin for 10 minutes. The infrared laser energy creates gentle heat in the damaged blood vessel which breaks it down. So, it shrinks and dissolves over time. However, I didn't see much change in mine.
For spider veins, hold the laser against the skin for at least 10 minutes (longer for faster results)
For scars and other trouble spots, hold the LYMA laser for 3 minutes on each section of skin.
For scars hold the laser on each section for 3 minutes. Repeat to cover all the scar.
Hold the LYMA laser over each section of your bruise for 5 minutes each.
For bruises, hold the laser on each section for 5 minutes.

There’s no built-in timer in the laser. So, it’s a good idea to set a countdown alarm so you know you’ve treated each area for the minimum recommended time. Stop then if you need to. Or, do it all again on your face, neck, chest, hands, knees and other body areas to hit the ideal 30 minute treatment time.

Alternatively, LYMA says for best results, you can hold the laser for 3 minutes over each section of skin in your treatment area. This sounds ok for around the mouth and eyes. For me it’s about 6 positions to cover each which is 18 minutes each. It’s even ok for backs of hands with roughly 11 positions each (33 minutes per hand). But to cover my face is 3 minute holds is excessive. It’s around 60 positions (180 minutes or 3 hours). Yikes! So, my preference is gliding for 30 minutes per area. It’s reasonable and easy to fit in most days. Plus, I also like that it feels soothing and relaxing.

When you’re done, turn off the laser, wipe it with a damp cloth and store it safely. Or charge it if it needs more juice ready for your next session. Use a damp LYMA sponge or a face-cloth to wipe the Glide gel from your skin. Follow with your favourite skincare.

What does it feel like?

First, the LYMA skincare products are pleasant. The Oxygen Mist is refreshing, the Oxygen Glide gel gives excellent slip for the laser glides. Both feel good, but for me they’re nothing extraordinary. My skin feels hydrated and smooth, but no more than with my regular serum.

I like there’s no cord to get in the way and the laser is super simple to use on hands, decolletage and easy-to reach areas of my legs.

The cordless LYMA Laser is comfy to hold (if a little heavy and chunky at times) and it glides smoothly across your skin (with or without the optional Mist and Glide gel). I like to use a little bit of pressure which feels good around the cheeks and jaw. It's painless and without no nasty skin reactions.
Simple & easy cordless laser

I rather enjoy the facial routine. You don’t have to apply the Glide gel. The smooth laser lens slides easily around my facial contours without it. It’s quick to master the best grips for different facial areas. I also like applying a bit of pressure with the laser wand and this makes for a stimulating massage sensation around my face (with added face squishing 🥴).

However, compared to rival handheld devices, the laser is heavy and a tad chunky. This makes it a little awkward to reach under your chin and jaw, and tiring if used for longer periods on your face or chest.

The LYMA laser is heavy and longer facial routines are a bit tiring. Alternate your grips to keep your sessions comfy without too much strain. There are a couple of intuitive grips – here it’s held in a fist grip.]
The laser is a little heavy so alternate your grips to lessen any strain.

To combat this, you can alternate your grips from fingertips to a fist to lessen the strain. I also sit on my bed and support my arm by resting my elbow on my bent knee. This helps take the weight and lessen any strain. However, it’s perfectly comfy for treating hands and legs. That’s because the weight of the device rests down on the treatment area.

The laser routines require very little concentration and you can’t really get it wrong. It doesn’t matter if you lose count on your glides. Just start again from 1. You can’t overdo it.

Schedule, effort & results

Use the LYMA laser daily for at least 3 months. Continue for further improvements, or drop to 2 or 3 sessions per week to maintain your results.

The LYMA Laser schedule; Do daily sessions for 3 months minimum. You’ll feel changes after 4+ weeks. Continue for up to 6 months for even better results. Then do 2 or 3 top-ups weekly to maintain your results.
The LYMA laser start-up & maintenance schedule demands time & daily commitment, but it’s easy

Several of the subjects in LYMA’s before vs after photos use the laser for 45 minutes per session. So, it’s clear more is best with the LYMA laser. Do as much as you can up to a maximum of 1 hour per area. LYMA suggests you aim for 30+ minutes of slow glides with the laser. Concentrate more of this effort, or spend a little extra on holds, on areas that need extra TLC, such as around the eyes, mouth and lips, dry or thin bits, and pigmentation. This will give you excellent rejuvenation results within 3 months.


TIP: You’ll still see results with 15 minutes a day if that’s all you can fit in. But consider sticking with your daily sessions for a few months longer (up to 6 months) and you’ll likely see further improvement. I did this with my hands and I’m thrilled with the results (see the photos below).

So, it’s clear the LYMA laser is a big commitment, especially if you have multiple areas to treat. It’s ok to miss the occasional session. Life happens. You can try to make up missed sessions on subsequent days, but don’t fall too far behind!

I soon realised it’s best to laser each treatment area for the minimum 15 minutes e.g. full face, full neck, both hands etc. Then, do it all again for another 15 minutes per area. If you get tired or don’t have time to do the second round, then at least you’ll give ALL your treatment areas the minimum daily laser-love that they need. This way, you’ll see consistent results in all areas.

It gets easier once it’s embedded in your daily routine, too. Plus, it’s good to dedicate yourself a little self-care down-time each day.

I like the Glide gel is optional, and it takes very little concentration. I watch TV, listen to music or a podcast, and can even read my Kindle during my treatments. So, it’s easy to combine into several downtime activities versus other rival devices.

LYMA suggests you can use the portable laser any time during the day, for example at your desk, at the kitchen table or watching TV. This makes it easier to focus on several treatment areas. But this doesn’t work for me. 

First, because I simply don’t think to use it during the day. But it’s easy to remember as part of my wind-down evening routine. And second, I’m terrified of dropping and breaking this expensive laser! Therefore, I’m happier with it tucked away in my bedside drawer where it’s safe from curious hands and clumsy knocks.

Advertised results

What it fixes: firms & smooths skin texture, improves elasticity, plumps fine lines & wrinkles, strengthens muscle tone, fades sun-damage & thread veins, heals acne, scars & rosacea, smooths cellulite, lifts eye area

The LYMA laser needs consistent daily use. During a session your skin may flush pinky-red because it increases your blood flow. But there’s no pain, skin irritation, or other side effects.

With the LYMA laser: No pain, flushed pinky skin, results build gradually, 4+ weeks to notice changes
Slightly pink & stimulated skin, but no pain, skin irritation, or other side effects

It typically takes 4+ weeks of use to notice subtle changes, with significant improvements in your target area after 3 months of use. My trial results match this guidance. More on that below.

So, changes are slow and subtle as each daily session energises your skin cells, in turn strengthening, rebuilding and replenishing your collagen and elastin to heal and rejuvenate your skin.

Take photos…

Take before and after comparison photos so you can see your progress! Because changes are hard to spot when you scrutinize your skin every day!

Here’s what to expect for your different targeted treatments:

  • See changes in acne and rosacea from 1+ months of daily use, with significant improvement after 3+ months.
  • See noticeable fading of scars at around 2 months of daily use, but keep going for significant changes after 3 to 6 months.
  • For firmer, brighter healthier skin, with softened wrinkles and more elasticity, most see improvements at 1+ month using the laser 30-minutes daily. Keep going for 3+ months for your best rejuvenating results.

A note about results…

As with all home beauty tech, results vary by individual. Your lifestyle, age and overall skin health determine the breadth and depth of your results.

So, you may need longer to see your very best results. Be prepared to keep going with the 30-minute daily sessions for up to around 6 months of use.

Learn about my results next…

My LYMA Laser before & after photos

I’ve tried red and Near-infrared LED light therapy before. And I saw excellent results, especially from the Dermalux Flex MD light therapy panel. But the LYMA is the only at-home cold laser which also uses photobiomodulation to work magic on your skin. So, I’m eager to see how it compares.

I’ve decided to treat two problem areas I’ve not focused on in previous trials. That’s the annoying red thread vein on my right cheek and my crinkled old-lady hands! 

Let’s take a look.

My LYMA laser before and after trial: Photos of the backs of my hands before using the LYMA laser. The skin is very dry, thin and with a scaly texture and look. It's a sallow yellowy-green and orange -brown colour with dark spots of sun-damage. They are crinkly old-lady hands 😔
Before photos of my crinkled old-lady hands.
My LYMA laser before and after trial: Photos of the small red spider vein on my right cheek before using the LYMA laser, which I hope will dissolve and fade this somewhat.
Red spider vein, go away!

I hope to get considerably younger looking hands. The skin here is very thin, dry, with a scaly texture and a weird sallow colour. My right hand is worse I assume because it gets more sun exposure when I’m driving. 

And I’d love to fade the red spider vein. Not many devices claim they work on these. However, I’m mindful LYMA don’t have a before vs after photo for spider veins on their website. I live in hope…

Let’s move on.

The trial duration

4 month trial

Total 108 sessions

Treatment areas covered

Treatment areas

Hands &
small spider vein

Time per session

1 hr 10 mins per day

Spider vein: 30 mins
Hands: 20 mins each

I use the LYMA laser on an evening relaxing on my bed. I do my hands first for 20 minutes each. Why 20 minutes you say? – because at the same time, on my legs I use the Flex MD light therapy panel which requires 20 minute sessions to do it’s thing.

The LYMA laser is very easy and I love I can combine it with the hands-free Flex MD on my legs too.
Multi-tasking at it’s finest.

I then hold the laser agianst the spider vein on my cheek for 30 minutes.

And I feel the results on my hands very quickly.

1 to 4 weeks

After just 1 week, I feel a change in my skin, but only on my left hand 👍. The skin is a little springier to my touch and the colour looks less deathly. And because of this my motivation is high. I miss only 3 sessions during the first month.

Over the next two weeks the skin on both my hands starts to feel noticeably thicker and padded. But it’s still very dry, lacking elasticity, and it looks like roast chicken skin 🍗! Ah-boo.

It’s at the end of 4 weeks that my hands look a bit healthier too. They’re meatier, and with this the colour is clearer and brighter, so the weird yellow-green and orangey-brown undertone is fading. 

But they’re still dry and scaly on the surface. 

So, I see the rejuvenation effects are building from the lower skin layers up, and it needs more time to reach the outside. 

At this 4-week marker, there’s no change in the red spider vein on my cheek.

2 to 3 months

Over the following 4 weeks the skin on my hands slowly but surely improves further. I miss a handful of sessions.

After 2 months there’s considerably more volume and better hydration. My skin feels plump and smooth, and has some glow about it. I’m conscious I often stroke the back of my hands. But I can’t help it. They feel lovely. This is very encouraging.

There’s no change in the red spider vein.

The next month is a busy one for me and I miss ten sessions. So, at the 3 month mark, despite seeing further improvement, I’m not quite satisfied. I decide to keep going a little longer. 

Red spider vein remains. 

Before & After 4 months comparison

And it’s after a further 1.5 months and a total 108 session I’m finally happy with my new, smooth and youthful hands. 

Check out the comparison photos…

My LYMA laser before and after trial: Before and after comparison of my left hand. The skin is now meatier, bouncy & firm, smooth & hydrated, bright & healthy!
Left hand: Before & after 4 month using the LYMA laser
My LYMA laser before and after trial: Before and after comparison of my right hand. I see a unified colour & glow, firm & elastic skin, with a smoothed texture. The spots of sun damage are more noticeable now, but they don't bother me too much because the rest of my skin looks lush!
Right hand: Before & after 4 month using the LYMA laser
My LYMA laser before and after trial: Both hands comparison before and after using the LYMA laser for 4 months. BEFORE: dry, sallow, thin and scaly skin. AFTER: Firm, plump, smooth, hydrated & bright skin. Yay!
Lifeless & old versus youthful & sparkly!

I have smooth, hydrated and elastic skin. It’s plumped, meaty and bouncy, with a clearer, unified colour. I still see the dark spots from sun damage. But in all, the skin looks ALIVE. And it kinda sparkles!

I love these results. And maintenance is much easier to fit in. Two sessions a week works for me.

But unfortunately, I saw no change in my facial spider vein.

I’ve given it over one hundred 30-minute sessions. That’s heaps. And nadda. It’s disappointing, and I’m not prepared to keep trying. It’s just too much effort for no noticeable benefit. Here are the comparison photos for you to see…

My LYMA laser before and after trial: Comparison before and after LYMA laser photos of my red spider vein. no change after 4 months...
Looks the same to me…
My LYMA laser before and after trial: Close-up omparison before and after LYMA laser photo of my red spider vein. Yup, no change after 4 months...
Nope. Still the same.

The Negatives

There are a few negatives to consider with the LYMA laser kit.

First up, as mentioned earlier, the start-up stage demands time and daily commitment. 15 to 30 minutes for the facial routine is ok, but you’ll need even more time if you’ll treat multiple body areas. It’s manageable for just a couple of small facial or body areas. And it’s easier and less time-consuming during maintenance with two or three 15-minute sessions per area per week.


TIP: If you have several areas to treat, focus on the most important area(s) first. Complete the start-up regimen and then, when you swap to less time intensive maintenance sessions, you can begin on a new area and repeat.

But you’ll need time and plenty motivation to keep going!

The Flex MD red and NIR light therapy panel is much more practical if you want medical photbiomodulation treatment on larger or multiple body areas in one day.

Second, again covered earlier, the wand shape is a tad chunky and sometimes awkward around your face because it doesn’t have an angled treatment head. It’s also rather heavy because of the rechargeable battery inside. So, in all it’s a little less comfy and ergonomic than other handheld devices. And particularly if treating your face for longer than 15 minutes. However, it takes just a few sessions to find your best technique and grips, and it’s easy and very pleasant once you know how.

The LYMA laser isn’t as comfy and ergonomic as other handheld devices because: it’s slightly awkward to reach your neck and under your jaw because the laser doesn’t have an angled treatment head. This also means you must hold your arm at a tiring angle away from your body. Also, it’s heavy so it’s tiring to use for more than 15 mins on your face and décolletage. But once you’ve found your best technique it’s easy.
Not as comfy & ergonomic as other handhelds, but once you’ve found your best technique it’s easy

Next, whilst it’s easy to reach most areas on the front of your body, it’s not so for the back. Therefore, you may need a helpful assistant for hard-to-reach areas such as cellulite on the backs of legs or acne on your back.

And, as discussed earlier, the LYMA Oxygen Mist and Glide Gel are nice enough, but very expensive. Plus, there’s no INCI listing, scientific rationale or clinical data for the effect of the key ingredient ASO. You get a month’s supply in the kit. If you like and you can afford them, you can join LYMA’s ongoing monthly subscription service.

But if you aren’t fussed or can’t afford the monthly cost, don’t sweat it. They are not powerful drugs to transform your skin. It won’t suffocate from lack of oxygen, and you’ll get equally ‘optimised’ results from the laser without them. 

WOWSER 🤑 – it’s expensive

And finally, the LYMA laser is very expensive indeed, at £1,999/$2,695 😵.

And there’s no money back guarantee either. Boo.

Now LYMA can justify this price because it’s the only at-home rejuvenation cold laser you can buy. And this at-home tech is expensive to develop and build. It certainly feels a top-quality bit of kit.

But the real justification for this hefty price tag must be in the results. It’s billed as an impressive multi-tasker to treat an array of concerns other individual devices can’t, including rejuvenation, acne, scars, cellulite and spider veins. I can vouch for the significant and pleasing rejuvenation effects, but unfortunately not for fading my pesky spider vein.

It also irks me that LYMA use fuzzy language around the clinical test status for the LYMA laser. They say the technology behind the LYMA laser is extensively tested. e.g.

“almost all the plausible peer-reviewed evidence uses LYMA’s technology as the light source.”

LYMA’s technology is low-level light therapy (LLLT) laser photobiomodulation with a 808nm laser. But it doesn’t then follow that all low-level 808nm lasers with tests are the new LYMA laser. So, whilst on the surface it sounds like the LYMA laser itself has undergone a clinical test or two, that’s not specifically stated anywhere. I asked LYMA for more information on their studies but I received only generic studies and papers on LLLT photobiomodulation.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the LYMA laser is no good. I saw excellent rejuvenation results. But it could mean that the advertised results are not as reliable or as broad and deep as stated. This may not bother you. But I very much like and trust at-home beauty brands that have clear, supporting clinical evidence for their devices to back-up their claims. So, it’s disappointing the expensive LYMA laser most likely lacks this.

LYMA Laser Review Summary

This is a top-notch, powerful device promising significantly better results than rival cosmetic LED masks and handhelds. And as well as anti-ageing and acne, it can help with cellulite, scars and (maybe) spider veins too. Although you can use it almost anywhere on your body, each 15-to-30-minute session suits smaller targeted areas best such as face, neck, hands, knees, scars, pigmentation etc. You’ll need plenty spare time & motivation to tackle several of these areas at once.

The LYMA Laser is a top-notch, powerful device promising super results, significantly better than rival LED masks and handhelds

Here’s a summary of my test scores, and pros and cons for the LYMA Laser, to help you decide:

Ease of use


A super quality, cordless device with a decent battery life. Glide the wand slowly over your face, neck, and other body areas. Use with the LYMA Mist & Glide, or your own skincare for slip over your skin. Or hold it still for 3 mins. on each section of skin or trouble spot. It’s a tad chunky & heavy, but simple so you can do it as you watch TV.



Requires much time & commitment. Use daily for 3 months. Continue for even better results or drop to 2 or 3 sessions per week for maintenance. Aim for 30+ minutes per gliding treatment area for your fastest results, (15 mins. is the minimum). For pigmentation & scars, hold the laser against your skin for 3 minutes, 5 minutes for bruises, and 1o minutes for thread veins.



An impressive muti-tasker to heal, rejuvenate, perfect & fight acne. No pain, side effects, or nasty skin reactions. Changes are slow & gradual, typically taking 4+ weeks of daily until noticeable, with significant improvement at 3+ months. Be prepared to double-up on your daily sessions for faster results. For pronounced scars and areas needing extra TLC you may need 6 months of daily sessions.


  • CE & FDA-cleared
  • Very easy to use
  • Decent battery life
  • Use it over tattoos
  • No conductivity gels
  • Compact travel partner
  • Use all around your body
  • A powerful multi-tasking device
  • Very little concentration needed
  • Top-quality build & cordless design
  • Mist & Glide are optional
  • Safe over the centre of your neck
  • Safe around your eyes (no safety goggles needed)


  • It’s very expensive
  • The LYMA Laser isn’t clinically tested
  • Time intensive start-up schedule & maintenance
  • Difficult to treat hard to reach body areas such as your back
  • Monthly Mist & Glide consumables are very expensive (but optional!)
  • Slightly chunky wand-shape is a tad awkward to manoeuvre around your face
  • It’s rather heavy so it’s tiring on your face  (but easy on other areas like hands & knees)

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