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Radio Frequency

Everything you need to learn about Radio frequency skin tightening, from how it works to how professional and DIY results compare. See all my tried and tested reviews, and round-ups of the best devices to help you find your perfect at-home device.

NEWA RF review

NEWA’s patented RF electrodes drive the energy deep and evenly into your skin dermis where the quick & efficient warming sessions tighten and rebuild your collagen and elastin, to rejuvenate & lift your skin. It’s simple, intuitive & the comfiest at-home RF device I’ve tested.

Sensica Sensilift review

The Sensilift’s RF combines with massaging fingers, so not only does it feel lush, but it spreads the RF current even and deep throughout your dermis. So, each skin-warming session tightens and rejuvenates as your collagen and elastin rebuild. It’s easy, intuitive, the most comfy and lowest effort at-home RF device I’ve tested. Come learn more…

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