Best home anti-aging & beauty devices round-up's round-up of the best at-home anti-aging & skincare devices
“I f I could turn back time, if I could find a way!” said Cher way back in 1989. Just 11 at the time (and with near-perfect skin) I couldn’t guess that 30 years later my inner voice would sing those lyrics literally every time I glimpse in a mirror.

Curse you, Cher.

But aging is inevitable. And I don’t want a facelift, botox or even fillers. I’d just like to look bright, awake and healthy. The best version of my 40-something face, aging gracefully.

And now I’m bored of expensive creams promising miracles. And doing zilch. So, I’ve started testing a few at-home anti-aging and skincare devices using various types of scientific sorcery. And I’m happy I did. It’s time to share with you the best home anti-aging devices (so far)…

Nuface Trinity Microcurrent

Lifted, healthy & dewy skin

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Photo of the Trinity Microcurrent device facing forward held comfortably in the hand.

The Nuface Trinity microcurrent device is safe for all skin tones and types. FDA-cleared as a facial stimulator, it’s a home version of popular microcurrent facials from beauty spas. Use it with a water-based conductive gel.

The microcurrent mimics the bioelectricity in your body. This stimulates tissues on neck and face making them smoother, tight and supple for a healthier and younger appearance.

Visible effects: Tighten, lift & contour, shrink pores, firm & smooth skin, depuff eye bags, lift eyebrows & hooded eyes, fade fine lines & wrinkles.

👍 For all skin tones & types, especially mild to moderate sagging

It’s a committment! 5 to 25 mins per day, 5 days a week for 60 days. Then 2 or 3 times a week to maintain your results.

Ease of use
Very easy to use, requires gel. Soothing pamper time. Use morning or night. No pain or side effects.

Subtle effects build over time and differ by person. Refreshes and tightens for a healthy, younger appearance.


  • Soothing, pleasant pamper time
  • No pain or skin irritation
  • Very easy to use
  • 90-day money back guarantee (from


  • Gel’s a bit faffy, plus ongoing cost
  • High intensities can leave a metallic taste
  • Time intensive advanced routine or plus ELE & LED attachments


How does it work?

As we age, our bodies create less of a vital molecule called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP fuels cell processes all through-out your body. This includes building collagen and elastin which repair and refresh your skin keeping it young. Therefore, less ATP is sad times.

Our bodies create ATP using natural bioelectricity in our cells. And this is how the Trinity helps. The gentle microcurrent circulates in your skin and is so similar to your body’s own, your cells use it to create ATP. This increased ATP boosts metabolism, flushes out toxins and builds collagen and elastin.

Gentle microcurrent at maximum 400 μA (micromps) leaves the massaging spheres and travels throughout your facial tissues to boost ATP production.

With frequent use you build and store more ATP in your skin.  So gradually, sluggish unhealthy aged cells wake-up and shake-up for a healthier, fresher-faced you. Happy times.

The treatment plan

The Trinity’s treatment plan is clinically-proven. Treat 5 days a week for the first 60 days. After 60 days or 2 months you should see good results. Then switch to 2 or 3 sessions per week.

These less frequent treatments top-up your ATP levels and maintain your results. You may continue to see improvements too.  

The basic glide routine lasts 5 minutes on face and neck. Add in all the advanced holds and it’s 20 minutes. Or just do the glides & holds you prefer.

What’s it like?

The device is small but weighty, curvy and ergonomic with quite a bit of character. The weight and balance in your hand adds to the robust, quality build feel. And the packaging is beautiful.

Professional, attractive, quality kit.

There are no safety locks or sensors because the microcurrent is so gentle. And, with just a single power and intensity select button, it’s very simple to operate. The battery life is excellent too, lasting 2 weeks of daily use.

The Trinity device in the charging cradle. Pop it back on when you’re done so it’s always ready to go.

The cordless Trinity device is a doddle to move around your face and neck. A series of soothing glides and holds make-up the routines. Start on your left neck, cheek then forehead. The repeat on the right. Beeps sound every 5 seconds so you know when to move to the next position. After a few uses, the sequence of glides and holds are easy to remember.


Nuface Trinity with trainer attachment sitting in cradle next to the ELE and LED attachment
The ELE and red light LED attachments available to purchase separately.

Two additional attachments fit the Trinity. They’re easy to remove and change. Each costs around from £125.

Note: these attachment don’t fit the cheaper and smaller Nuface mini facial toning device.

If you have the time for each attachment, I like that you can focus in on pretty much all anti-aging concerns you have, or as they appear, with a single device plus these attachments.

ELE precision microcurrent attachment

First, there’s the ELE attachment. This reaches areas you can’t with the big-balls trainer attachment.

It has two long prongs with small microcurrent spheres at the end. So you can plump your lips, reduce pucker lines, nasolabial folds and ‘11’s lines, smooth under-eyes, and lift hooded eyes and brows. Concentrate as you glide the prongs around your eyes!

The ELE routine lasts about 5 minutes per session. Follow the same schedule 5 days per week for 60 days, then 2 to 3 times per week.

LED wrinkle reducer attachment

And finally, there’s the LED wrinkle reducer attachment. Using a combination of red, amber and infrared LED light it smooths fine lines and reduces deeper-set wrinkles.

Place it against your skin for 3 minutes in each of the 7 treatment zones. Move to the next section with the beep. It’s extra help to smooth your forehead, around your eyes and mouth. Treat each zone or just the ones you need to. It doesn’t take much concentration and you can use it whilst watching TV. But note, you can see the red lights and this is irritating for some people.

The LED wrinkle reducer attachment routine lasts between 5 to 25 minutes dependning on how many facial zones you treat. The schedule is the same at 5 days per week for 60 days schedule, then 2 to 3 time per week for maintenance.

What does it feel like?

I love the indulgent, cooling, soothing glides of the spheres over my skin. You must apply a thin layer of conductivity gel to your skin. It doesn’t drip or sting eyes. Apply it in sections as you treat your face to prevent it drying out. It’s a bit faffy but quickly becomes part of the pampering routine.

You can also massage the Nuface gels into your skin afterwards so there’s moisturising benefit there too. The 24K primer gels are luxurious with added firming or brightening active ingredients.

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There’s virtually no sensation from the microcurrent. However, it can zing as you pass over a spot or blemish and pull slightly around your hair line. Sometimes, there’s a slight metallic taste too. But no uncomfortable skin reactions from the sessions.

Committment & effort

You must be consistent and commit to the Nuface almost daily to see results. It’s a high committment device. The overall effort depends on the routines you follow and how many of attachments you use.

With the Trinity ‘big-balls’ trainer, over the first 60 days (or 42 sessions) you’ll spend between 3.5 to 14 hours treating yourself with the Trinity. Then just 15 minutes to 1 hour per week during maintenance.

At the upper end, it’s a significant committment. But it’s a calming, pampering experience. You can do it at anytime during the day, but just once in a 24-hour period. I tried both morning and evening and preferred an unrushed, wind-down evening session. You can do it watching TV with a hand-held mirror.

The almost daily routine with the facial trainer attachment takes between 5 to 20 minutes depending on the glides & holds you choose.

Over the first 60 days you’ll spend around 3.5 hours treating yourself with the ELE attachment. Then just 15 minutes per week during maintenance. It’s manageable to do along with facial trainer attachment.

With the LED wrinkle reducer attachment you’ll spend between 3.5 and 17.5 hours over the first 60 days. Then just 15 to minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes per week during maintenance. It’s significant extra effort along with the trainer and ELE attachment. And not one I could be bothered with.

TIP: Both the ELE and LED wrinkle attachment are yet another time and effort commitment on top of the Trinity. To make it more manageable, begin the 60-day start-up for each attachment once you’re in the maintenance phase of the other. It’s all easier to fit in.  


The Trinity and attachments boast some impressive results and there’s lots of love for them.

Nuface say the Trinity and attachments can tighten, lift & contour, shrink pores, firm & smooth skin, depuff eye bags, lift eyebrows & hooded eyes, fade fine lines & wrinkles. You may see all or only a few effects because some results are more noticeable than others.

Some people see an immediate skin tightening and lifting effect from the microcurrent. They compare obvious differences with a treated vs non-treated side of their face! Overtime, the effects gradually build as your skin perks up. It’s after around 60 days you’ll see noticeable results. And each session’s effect lasts between 1 to 3 days. Visible results from the LED wrinkle reducer take between 6 to 8 weeks.

Some people don’t see the lifting results they hope for within the first 60 days. In this case, Nuface say you can continue with more regular sessions 5 days per week. Some users discussing the Nuface share they waited 5+ months before seeing the results they hoped for. So be prepared, it may take more effort and patience.

IMPORTANT: Results vary by individual and your skin health / damage, age, lifestyle, and genetics all play a part. And remember, at-home anti-aging devices can’t fundamentally change your face. But they do give healthier, younger-looking skin.

Taking a before and after photo really helps to compare how the small gradual changes build visible improvement in your skin. And you must keep going with the less frequent sessions 2 or 3 times per week to maintain your results.

The user feedback confirms results vary in depth and speed, and by facial area too. Most users are happy with their healthy skin results and upkeep routine. Our user trial is currently underway.

Money back guarantee

You get a reassuring 90-day money back guarantee with the Trinity from This is plenty time to try it and see what results you get. It’s excellent peace-of-mind that shows their confidence and faith in the product. If you don’t like it, you must organise and send the return for a refund within 90 days (from date of purchase).

Learn more: read the detailed Nuface Trinity review

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90-day guarantee from – All Nuface

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Nuface Trinity Facial Trainer Kit

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Nuface ELE & LED attachments & gels

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Nuface Mini Facial Toner

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Please note: the ELE and LED wrinkle reducer attachments work only with the full size Trinity device.

Miraskin ultrasound & Hyaluronic Acid boost

Quench, plump & glow

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The lightweight and robust Mira-skin Ultrasound wand is comfortable to hold and a doddle to move around your face.
The Mira-skin ultrasound skincare boosting wand.

Visible effects: Glow, hydrate, plump & smooth skin, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, fade age spots and pigmentation.

👍 For all skin types & colours, but especially good for more mature skin
PLUS boosts the skincare you’ve already invested in

Easy 😎 Takes max. 10 mins just 1 or 2 times a week. Feel the difference within days, but best results after 1 to 2 months. For regular, ongoing use.

Ease of use
Very easy to use, requires gel. Quick, pleasant, pamper time. Relaxing. No pain or side effects.

Dry, lacklustre skin is plumped & super quenched. Feels beautiful and get’s even better over time as skincare actives & collagen build.


  • Least effort, easiest relaxing weekly pamper time
  • Compact, simple, intuitive & robust
  • Gets more from your nourishing skincare
  • Excellent results with Hyaluron serum


  • No money back guarantee
  • Ongoing cost of faffy gels

The Mira-skin kit is safe for all skin tones and types. It’s a home version of popular ultrasound phonophoresis facials available in beauty spas. Use it with an actives-packed serum and a water-based conductive gel on your face, neck and décolletage.

The ultrasound wand plugged into the charging cable next to the small 15ml bottle of intense Hyaluronic serum and 50ml bottle of conductive gel.
The Mira-skin ultrasound wand, Hyaluronic Acid serum and gel.

The device partners with an intensive Hyaluronic Acid serum. In combination, they:

  • deeply replenish lost Hyaluronic Acid in aging skin
  • invigorate your skin cells renewing collagen and elastin
  • diffuse anti-aging active ingredients deeper into your skin fuelling repair and rejuvenation

Together, these hydrate, plump & smooth, brighten, and reduce pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles for a younger looking you.

How does it work?

Your skin’s outer layer is awesome at keeping stuff out. This means skincare ingredients have a hard time absorbing in. At best they moisturise the outer skin layers but get washed away when you cleanse.

This is where the Mira-skin makes a huge difference by getting more product deeper into your skin.

A close up photo of the round surgical steel ultrasound treatment head, the 50ml glass bottle of clear gel, 15ml bottle of honey-coloured serum and the user manual with facial motion diagram.
The ultrasonic vibrations lave the treatment head, and travel through the gel into your skin opening tiny passages for the serum to sink into your deep skin layers.

The gentle ultrasonic vibrations open microscopic pathways through your skin’s outer protective layer. The scientific name for this is phonophoresis. Skincare molecules now have easier passage into your skin. So, the Hyaluronic Acid and other active molecules in the Mira-skin serum go deep and spread throughout your skin.

The ultrasound also creates gentle heat in your lower skin levels which increases blood flow. This brings more oxygen to your cells and rapidly removes toxins. Therefore, the cells get faster and build more and stronger collagen and elastin.

So, with regular use you replenish the plumping Hyaluronic Acid molecules lost due to aging. This is why this device is particularly effective for more mature skin. Other skincare active ingredients also work deeply to nourish and regenerate your skin. And healthier collagen and elastin builds, refreshing and revitalising your skin.

Simple treatment plan

The Mira-skin is clinically proven safe and effective. It has impressive and clear clinical results. And it’s low effort too, perfect for busy lifestyles.

The routine is simple and consistent from the start. There’s no big upfront effort like with other devices.

A photo of the small bottle of the Mira-skin Hyaluron serum, and a close-up photo of the ingredients list. Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic acid is high on the list).
Use the Mira-skin Hyaluron serum daily.

Use the Hyaluronic serum at least once a day, and with the ultrasound wand 1 or 2 times a week. Each session lasts between 5 to 10 minutes. Your skin is extra absorbent for up to 30 minutes after the ultrasound. So, apply your own skincare products afterwards too.

Photo of a hand holding the Hyaluronic Acid serum, another with the Hyper-hydration sheet facial mask, and another with the ultrasound wand.
Use the ultrasound wand plus serum and / or mask at least once a week, and no more than 3 times.

There’s also a hyper-hydrating Mira-skin sheet mask you use with the ultrasound wand for a mega-quenching facial treat. It’s delicious.

IMPORTANT: Don’t use the ultrasound wand more than 10 minutes per treatment and no more than 3 times a week as it can tire your facial muscles for the opposite effect.

What’s it like?

The ultrasound wand is small, lightweight, robust and comfortable to hold. It feels quality. The surgical-grade stainless steel treatment head is angled from the handle so it’s intuitive to glide over your skin with excellent visibility.

3 photos of a hand holding the ultrasound boost wand from the front, side and back. The head is angled away from the handle for a comfortable grip and excellent visibility.

I love that it arrives fully charged so you can get going immediately. A charge lasts several weeks too. There’s just a power button to operate it. No levels, safety switches or sensors mean it’s straight forward to use.

First apply 2 or 3 pumps of serum to your face and neck, then 1 to 2mm of gel. Then slowly swipe the head over all your skin in soothing, smooth glides. Start on the left and work in sections so the gel doesn’t dry out. Glide over each area of your neck, jawline and chin, cheeks and forehead 3 times. Then repeat on the other side. Wipe away any excess gel. The routine is simple and easy to remember.

Finally, apply your regular skincare because your skin is extra absorbent for up to 30 minutes after the ultrasound.

The ultrasound wand laying next to the serum and our testers own elemis skincare products.
Apply your own skincare within 30 minutes and it’ll work deeper in your skin too.

TIP: Be gentle when placing the wand on a glass surface. And it rolls if not resting on the treatment head tip. Try placing on a towel for extra safety.

What does it feel like?

The Hyaluronic Serum has a pleasant rose scent and slips easily over your skin before sinking in. It’s packed with Hyaluronic Acid and other goodies. It feels premium and fast became our testers preferred serum.

The conductive gel is thick, doesn’t drip or sting eyes and won’t dry out too quickly if applied in sections. However, it’s messy. Apply with a cosmetic brush to keep your hands clean and dry, or have a wipey-towel handy. It’s pricey too.

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There’s no sensation from the ultrasound and no skin reactions. Combined with the gel, gliding over your skin is soothing and calms the mind. And it’s quick, so you won’t get bored. For our tester, it fast became a favourite evening routine she looked forward to.

Easy pamper time

The Mira-skin is the easiest to fit in. It demands much less time and effort than other devices and the ongoing low-effort routine doesn’t change, so it quickly becomes habit.

Top down photo of the Mira-skin system contents: the serum, sheet mask, ultrasound wand and conductive gel.
Just daily serum application and 10 to 30 minutes of ultrasound pampering each week. Lush.

Each session takes a maximum of 10 pampering minutes. So, each week it’ll take from only 10 minutes for 1 session to 30 minutes if you use it the maximum 3 times.

N.B. The hyper-hydration mask and ultrasound boost takes 15 minutes total.

Pick a quiet, unrushed evening each week to spoil yourself.  It helps your skin’s natural overnight rejuvenation too.


The Mira-skin ultrasound and serum showcase impressive results.

IMPORTANT: Results vary by individual and your skin health / damage, age, lifestyle, and genetics all play a part. And remember, at-home anti-aging devices can’t fundamentally change your face. But they do give healthier, younger-looking skin.

Mira-skin say the serum and ultrasound boost gives you glow, hydrates, plumps & smooths skin, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, and fades age spots and pigmentation. You may see all benefits, just a few and some more than others.

Most feel quick hydration and relief from dryness with the daily serum application and just a few ultrasound boosts. Then, gradually over the next month or two the Hyaluronic Acid builds, replacing what you’ve lost. Your skin gets plumper, softer and smoother. Fine lines and wrinkles reduce.

The plumping, hydrating effect of the hyper-hydration mask is immediately noticeable which makes it a firm favourite before a big event.

Before and after 6 months photo comparison using the Mira-skin system
Fuller, plump and lifted skin that looks super-hydrated.

You’ll also see changes from your skin’s increased collagen and elastin. And from the other serum actives too. As your complexion gradually refreshes, age and dark spots start to fade, and your tone brightens. Your own skincare may give specific results depending on the actives in it. Read the Mira-skin before & after user diary here.

Taking a before and after photo really helps to compare how your skin visibly changes over the weeks.  Users are very happy with their low-effort plumped, healthy skin.

Calling all skincare junkies!

The Mira-skin is impressive. It ticks a lot of boxes because it’s professional grade and so darn easy. But I think it’s particularly suited to 2 specific groups.

#1 First, for more mature skin, because it plumps by replacing your lost Hyaluronic Acid. No other home device does this with such little effort.

#2 Secondly, it’s a fab investment for skincare junkies. Why? Because it makes those little jars of goodies work so much harder in your skin! If you love to experiment with product, the Mira-skin ultrasound is your perfect partner.

Learn more: read the detailed Mira-skin starter kit review

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Buy the Miraskin Ultrasound & Hyaluron starter kit

Mira-skin starter kit

ActiveBoost ultrasound wand, 15ml serum and 50ml conductive gel

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Buy Mira-skin Hyaluronic Serum & masks

Mira-skin Hyaluronic Serum & Hyper hydration masks

Serum available in 15ml & 50ml

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Trophy Skin Microdermabrasion MiniMD

Smooth, clear & fresh skin

View deals £80 to £99: | TrophySkin (US)

The compact Trophy Skin MiniMD may be small, but he is mighty!

Visible effects: Softens fine lines and wrinkles, fades dark spots, shrinks pores, reduces scarring, brighter & smoother skin, a youthful glow.

👍 For all skin types and colours, the missing & essential step in your skincare

Takes 5 to 15 mins just 2 or 3 times per week. For ongoing use.

Ease of use
Simple, easy to follow. Use a clean filter each session, diamond tips last 6 months to 1 year. Quick and very more-ish satisfaction seeing dead skin gunk in the filter!

Immediate smooth skin. Boosts cell turnover, collagen & elastin build gradually refreshing and brightening. Healthier skin, faded wrinkles and pigmentation over a month or so.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use & low weekly effort
  • Durable & intuitive
  • Options for different budgets
  • Immediate smoothing results
  • Gives skincare products easier absorption


  • Over-zealous use means after-session products can sting!
  • Ongoing cost of tips & filters
  • MiniMD has a short power cable

View Trophy Skin microdermabrasion deals

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Trophy skin MiniMD & MicrodermMD Microdermabrasion

Trophy Skin MiniMD

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Trophyskin MicrodermMD device

Trophy Skin MicrodermMD

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CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

Smooth, glowing & healthy skin

View deals £349:

The activated controller connected to the CurrentBody LED mask laying flat and face up on a white surface. The red LEDs glow around the eye, nose and mouth holes.

The CurrentBody Skin mask is a virtually effortless, flexible and wearable face-mask with several light emitting diodes (LEDS) of both red and near infra-red light. It’s safe for all skin tones and types. With regular use it’s clinically proven to reduce facial lines and improve texture and pigmentation for younger looking skin. Use with an optional Hydrogel Face Mask for enhanced skin hydration too.

Visible effects: Softens fine lines & wrinkles, smooths texture, firms, tones & rehydrates skin, fades pigmentation for glowing & healthy skin.

3 to 5 easy 10-minute hands-free sessions per week for at least 4 weeks. Continue, or reduce frequency according to your skin’s needs. For ongoing use.

Ease of use
Easy to put on and simple to operate with a close-but-comfortable fit. Light is bright but not irritating, it’s pain-free. And as it’s hands-free too you can easily watch TV, surfda interwebs or read during the quick sessions.

Collagen and elastin build over 4 to 6 weeks to brighten, tighten and smooth skin. Wrinkles and fine lines then gradually soften. Gives a healthier, glowing complexion.


  • Virtually effortless hands-free operation
  • Durable, comfortable and pain-free
  • Zero-faff treatments
  • Light-weight & portable (so good for travel)
  • No ongoing cost of gels or replacement attachments
  • Clinically proven & medical grade technology


  • Light is bright and may be irritating for some
  • It’s expensive
  • No money back guarantee

View Skin LED mask deals

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View CurrentBody Skin LED mask deals Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

View deals £349:

Tria Age-Defying laser

Bright, smooth radiant skin

View deals £149 to £450: | Tria Beauty UK

Visible effects: Smooths fine lines & wrinkles, reduces redness & pigmentation, plumps & smooths skin, creates a youthful glow.

👍 For all skin types & colours, but especially textured & discoloured skin

10 mins daily for 8-weeks, then 4-weeks rest. Best results between 8 to 12 weeks. Repeat the cycle as you like.

Ease of use
Very easy to use, no faffy gels. Stings at first but this fades. Skin redness & tenderness after treatments.

Boosts skin healing, gradually fades discolouration & smooths skin and wrinkles over the course. Some dry & flaking skin possible.


  • No messy gels
  • Easy to use
  • Money back gaurantees (90 days from & 60 days from Tria)


  • Patiently build up to the higher levels because they can sting!
  • Possible pink skin, dryness & flakiness


The Tria Age Defying laser is safe for all skin tones and types. It’s a safe-for-home version of professional non-ablative fractional Diode lasers. It kickstarts production of collagen and elastin in your skin to refresh your complexion, smooth imperfections, reduce wrinkles and increase elasticity.

How does it work?

Water in your skin absorbs the laser energy and converts it to heat. This creates microscopic injuries deep into your skin layers. The surrounding healthy skin responds by boosting production of collagen and elastin, because they’re the proteins that heal your skin.

A hand holding the Tria age-Defying laser and a graphic showing the micro injuries it creates in the skin.

Your skin repairs these micro-injuries in around 24 hours. And with repeated daily use, the collagen and elastin in your skin grows in number and strength. It surges throughout your skin rebuilding and repairing for fresher, younger looking skin.

The regimen

Tria have clinical proof it’s safe and it works, plus reassuring FDA-clearance. But it demands a commitment of 10 minutes per day for 8 weeks, then 4 weeks rest. Most people see their best results between weeks 8 and 12. You can repeat the cycle for even better results.

TIP: Don’t be tempted to do more than 8 weeks / 56 daily sessions! The 4-week rest is as important as the previous eight. Collagen and elastin levels continue to build and then regulate during this time.

What’s it like?

It’s a small, lightweight, cordless device. It’s solid and well-made and comes in beautiful packaging.

There’s a safety lock so only you can operate it, a skin sensor and a displacement sensor so it zaps only as it moves over skin.

The shape is easy to manoeuvre around most facial contours, but cuts-out if you lose skin contact. Also, it’s tricky under your eye area because of the shape. Treat your face in 4 separate zones; right cheek, left cheek, forehead, chin and jaw. The device beeps so you know to move to the next zone.

It’s very easy to operate with just a single power & intensity level select button.

What does it feel like?

It has 3 intensity levels. Level one is a low intensity, it’s fine and lasts 30 seconds per zone. Level two smarts! It lasts 1 minute per zone. And level three smarts just as much but takes 2.5 minutes per zone which makes it more intense. Start low and build-up to level 3 because the sensation takes a bit of getting used to.

It feels like tiny pin pricks and a sunburn sensation over your skin. Skin is hot, pink or red, tender and even swollen after use. Therefore, it’s easier as part of your evening beauty routine. And you may need cooling sprays or gels to follow.

Skin can be pink, dry and flaky afterwards too. However, as your skin gets used to it, all these reactions usually fade within a few weeks.

Evening routine

On level 3 it takes 10 minutes to zap all your face. So, over the 8-week course of 56 sessions you’ll spend up to 9.5 hours lasering your face. You need gritted-teeth motivation for the first few weeks.  But for the remainder, although not pampering, it’s easy to fit in and make part of your evening routine.


Your skin health, age, lifestyle, damage and genetics all play a part. And note, the Tria Age Defying Laser can’t fundamentally change your face!

See the before & after photos in the user trial diary.

Results are gradual over the 12-week cycle. And most reviewers see subtle, yet noticeable results at the end. So, if you scrutinise your face every day, you’re probably going to miss them! Take before, during and after photos so you can track your progress.

The user reviews confirm results vary by individual. And in our trial, the cycle improved some areas more than others. Read about the laser experience and results here, with before and after photos..

Money back guarantee

Tria offer a 60-day money back guarantee. However, give 90 days. This means you can try it and see some results during the first 11 or 12 weeks. If you don’t like it you must organise and send the return within the guarantee time-frame (from date of purchase). These guarantees are excellent peace of mind, especially if you’re concerned about the initial sensation and skin reactions.

If you see results and love it, repeat the 12-week cycle to maintain and improve your results even more.

Learn more: read the in-depth Tria Age Defying laser review and user trial diary with before & after photos

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