Mira-Skin Ultrasound review: before & after

A quick summary…

by | November 27, 2022

Sssh. This must be the best-kept secret in the beauty universe. The Mira-Skin ultrasound tool is safe for all skin tones and types and you use it with a conductivity gel and nourishing serums. It gets more product much deeper into your skin. Use it with the Mira-skin Hyaluron Serum to mega-plump & fill your skin, boost skincare results, build collagen & elastin, and brighten & fade discolouration. Use it with your own serums if you prefer. An easy and low effort choice for fast confidence-boosting results. Just ace.
"Quench, plump, firm, smooth & brighten"

4.9 / 5

Face, neck, hands & body


Mira-skin Ultrasound Hyaluronic Acid Booster kit review by Wearebodybeautiful.com

What is it?

The Mira-skin device is a small hand-held ultrasound wand which partners with a potent Hyaluronic Acid serum and your own skincare. Used weekly it boosts the effects of your skincare. Using scientifically-proven phonophoresis, it passes ultrasonic waves into your skin and opens tiny pathways so more skincare molecules sink deeper into your skin. The ultrasonic waves also create gentle heat which energises your skin cells so they build more and stronger collagen and elastin.

Apply the Mira-skin serum before, and your favourite skincare products after the quick ultrasound session.

With regular weekly use, your Hyaluronic Acid builds. The water it binds with intensely hydrates, plumps and soothes skin, smoothing and reducing fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Other actives in the serum brighten your complexion, and your own skincare goodies do their thing too. Finally, your increased collagen and elastin brighten and refresh your skin. The result is super-quenched, plump and soft skin, with filled-in lines and wrinkles, and faded pigmentation. Learn more about how ultrasonic boosting with Hyaluronic Acid works.

Learn all the pros and cons of Mira-skin ultrasound and Hyaluronic Serum starter kit in this review by Wearebodybeautiful.com
The Mira-Skin Starter Kit is clinically proven. Use it with the Mira-Skin serum and masks, or your own skincare.

I tested the Mira-Skin over a few weeks, then handed over to my 71-year young Mam to test it for a few months and see what results she gets. The feedback, pros and cons, and tips in the review are a mix from us both. The before and after photos are the results of 6 months testing by my Mam ❤️.

First impressions

The Mira-skin starter kit comes in a small neat white box covered by a green, grey and white slide off information sleeve. It’s clear, straight-forward, and with a professional and clinical feel. It looks very professional. Keep the box to store the device in, it fits in a small draw.

Front and back views of the Mira-skin box with  the infromation sleeve.
The box is small and sturdy and the information concise, clear helpful.
The compact and sturdy white box of the Mira-skin kit without the information sleeve. Keep it to store the device in, especially if you travel with it.
The naked box.
Inside the open Mira-skin starter kt box
Everything is secured inside with a magetic clasp on the box with some important info stickers inside too
The contents of the Mira-skin ultrasound and Hyaluron kit are ✔️ Mira-Skin Ultrasound ActiveBoost wand, ✔️ 
Mira-Skin Ultrasound Conductive Gel (50ml), ✔️ Mira-Skin Hyaluronic Serum (15ml), ✔️ USB-Charging Cable, ✔️ User Guide
The contents in the Mira-skin starter kit

What’s in the box?

  • Mira-Skin Ultrasound ActiveBoost wand
  • Mira-Skin Ultrasound Conductive Gel (50ml)
  • Mira-Skin Hyaluronic Serum (15ml)
  • USB-Charging Cable
  • User Guide

Quality & design

The Mira-Skin ultrasound wand is a cordless, simple, small but sturdy, solid & robust wand. It’s styled in silver and white, and made from quality materials with a surgical stainless steel treatment head. The rounded shape is easy to grip, fits comfy in hand and it feels good to hold.

My hand holding the small white and silver Mira-skin ultrasound wand
The Mira-Skin wand feels balanced and quality, durable and well-made.
The Mira-skin wand is 16cm long and 3.5cm in diameter, and weighs just 155 grams, with a comfy & clear-view angled head
Small. lightweight and perfectly formed

The 3.5cm diameter circular treatment head is curved away from the straight wand, handle and angled back at about 45 degrees. This means you don’t hold the wand at a right angle to your skin, so it’s comfier and easy to see what you’re doing as you glide it across your skin. (Note: the older design device pre-2018 was straight and held at a right angle to your skin).

The 3.5cm diameter treatment head, is ✔️ Surgical steel, ✔️skin-safe, ✔️Hygienic, ✔️Durable ✔️Wipe clean
The treatment head is top quality and perfectly angled

There are no moving parts on the device, no vibrations or heat. It’s super-simple to operate with just one on/off button. It has indicator lights above the power button which glow green to let you know the device is on.



If you want to check your ultrasound wand is doing its thing, turn it on and place a few drops of water on the flat treatment head. You’ll see the water droplets vibrate slightly! It’s pretty cool.

The small Mira-skin ultrasound wand is simple. It has treatment a flat head, a power button, indicator lights that show green when it's on and yellow as it charges, a Micro USB charging port to USB. I like the simple one button control on the Mira-Skin wand.
The Mira-Skin ultrasound wand is very simple to operate and intuitive to use

There’s a short but good quality USB charging cable. I like this because there’s no bulky mains plug  or charging cradle, and you can charge it from any USB port. The indicator lights flash yellow when it needs charging and slowly pulse yellow as it charges. When it’s fully charged, they flash green and you can disconnect the wand from the mains. Each full charge takes up to 8 hours. And the battery life is excellent. You can go several weeks before it needs charging again.



Because the cable is very short, you must find somewhere safe to charge the wand. Also, the wand rolls around rather easily, so balance it on the edge of the treatment head, or on something soft like a towel to prevent damage.

Ultrasound Gel & Hyaluronic Serum

You must use the ultrasound wand with a conductive/coupling medium.

The Mira-skin kit comes with a recyclable 50ml glass bottle of coupling gel. It's easy glide, means no air pockets, so it sends the ultrasound iwaves nto your skin to open pathways. The gel has more Hyaluronic Acid to moisturise your skin layers.
You get 50ml of Mira-Skin ultrasound gel in the starter kit

The kit comes with 50ml of Mira-Skin’s ultrasound gel which has added moisturising Hyaluronic Acid. Here’s a list of the gel ingredients on incidecoder.com. The gel not only makes it easier to glide the treatment head, but it also reduces and removes any air pockets between the device head and your skin. This is good because air blocks the ultrasound waves from entering your skin, so without the gel treatment isn’t as effective.

Two pumps from the 50ml bottle covers one treatment area e.g. half your forehead, a cheek and jaw, and half your neck). You don’t need to wash it off. And most of it is dry by the time you finish. But I still wipe around my face with a damp flannel to remove any wet bits.

The 50ml gel in the starter kit lasts 35 sessions or just over 2 months using it for 3 treatments per week. A new 50ml bottle costs €29/$29. You can then buy a better value 200ml Mira-skin gel for €79/$79 (or a cheaper basic ultrasound gel).

And of course, it’s vital you also apply a good serum before each ultrasound session, with active ingredients targeted to your specific skin concerns. And if you want fuller, juicy skin then Hyaluronic Acid is crucial.

You get a small 15ml recyclable glass bottle of serum in the Mira-skin starter kit. It has a high concentration of short chain HA (which means it’s easier to sink into your skin), and it has more brightening & nourishing actives too.
You get a small 15ml bottle of Mira-Skin HA serum which lasts around 2 weeks

The Mira-Skin ultrasound wand is clinically tested (and with great results) with the Mira-Skin Hyaluronic Serum. You get a 15ml bottle in the kit to try out.

I like the simple, recyclable glass bottle and that it’s free from chemical preservatives, colouring, parabens, silicones and mineral oils. It’s vegan and it’s not tested on animals too. It’s a good all-rounder serum, with a selection of protecting antioxidants, skin brightening, smoothing and firming actives. Plus, the super-plumping short-chain Hyaluronic Acid. You can see the full list of ingredients here.

Apply it before each ultrasound session too, and daily every morning and/or evening after cleansing and before moisturising.  It lasts around 2 weeks of daily use. If you like it you can then buy a much better value 50ml bottle Or, just continue with your own serum if you prefer.

Before you start

The Mira-Skin device arrives charged, so all you must do before starting is read the user manual. It’s an informative, easy and quick read with helpful diagrams and pictures.

The Mira-skin user manual is a very easy read with helpful diagrams.
Always read the user manual before you start!

It starts by explaining ultrasound and notes you must use the conductive gel with the ultrasound wand. Then, how it works and when to expect results. It explains how to operate it, and areas to avoid with the ultrasound wand. More on that below. Reassuringly, there are no skin reactions to the ultrasound.

It’s quick to get started because there’s no faff of a skin sensitivity test patch before using it. However, if you have sensitive skin you may wish to test patch the serum and gel 24 hours before you start. Also, towards the back, the user guide lists important reasons you shouldn’t use it. They are:

Key checks ✔️

Before you buy a home use device, check:

  • You’re not pregnant.
  • You’re over 18 years of age
  • You DON’T have a pacemaker, heart disease, cardiac arrhythmias or other serious medical condition
Avoid skincare products with certain ingredients when using with ultrasound phonophoresis
Skincare ingredients to avoid ❌
  • Nanoparticles
  • Essential oils
  • Fruit acids
  • Enzymes
Ares to avoid with ultrasound phonophoresis treatments
Body areas to avoid ❌

Don’t use the ultrasound wand device:

  • Internally and avoid the eyes, eyelids, ear and throat (Adam’s apple area)
  • More than 10 minutes per treatment. Overuse of ultrasound cleansing tires out the muscles and tissues, and produces undesirable results
  • On open sores, wounds or infected areas. Consult a doctor prior to use

Mira-Skin routine

The Mira-Skin routine is very easy. There’s no Mira-Skin App because it’s all very straight-forward. 

First, find a comfy spot. I like to get set-up on my bed so I can TV at the same time. 

You can do the routine at any time of the day. I prefer an evening wind down session. However, I’ll also use the Mira-Skin ultrasound with a Mira-Skin mask earlier in the day if I’m off out in the evening. 

You’ll need a mirror – I use a small illuminated pedestal mirror. A small towel is handy too, and a foundation brush to apply the ultrasound gel. You’ll also need the user guide for your first couple of sessions.

Wash and dry your face.

Apply 2 or 3 pumps of the Mira-Skin serum to your face and neck (or your own serum if you prefer).

STEP 1: Apply 2x pumps of the Mira-skin Hyaluron serum, or your own preferred serums. The beauty is, you can test differnt ones to see which is best!
I like to try different products to see which works best…

Work in sections. Divide your face and neck into 6 zones.

Work on one half of your face and divide it into 3 sections starting with your forehead, then cheeks and jaw, and then your neck. Then do the other side so a total of 6 treatment zones. Avoid the centre line of your neck!
Divide your face into 6 zones and start on one side then do the other.

Apply a thin layer of the conductive gel to the first section. I use 2x pumps on a foundation brush because it’s less faff and mess. But you could use the treatment head to apply it too.

STEP 2: apply a thin layer of the ultrasound gel to each zone in turn. Use a brush, or gently squirt some onto the ultrasound treatment head and spread it over your skin. Simples.
Apply the gel with your fingers, a brush or the cool treatment head!

Turn on the Mira-Skin wand. The indicators light up green and there’s a high, long beep.

PRess the power button and the lights show green on the Mira-skin wand.
Simply press the power button…

Start with your forehead, and with gentle pressure, apply the treatment head flat against your skin between your eyebrows. Swipe slowly and smoothly across your forehead in one direction towards your temple. Avoid your eyes. Then make another slow swipe above, working in strips to cover all your skin until your reach your hairline. Repeat for a total of 3 times in this zone.

STEP 3: Do slow swipes with the Mira-skin wand to cover the zone, then repeat 3 times. Then move to the next zone...
Cover all the skin in this zone with slow swipes

Then, move on to the next section and repeat. You can wipe off the residue gel before moving to the next section. Or just let it all sink in. I turn off the wand power as I apply the gel to the next area, then switch it back on again once I’m gelled up.


TIP: The Mira-Skin ultrasound wand automatically shuts off after 5 minutes.

On your cheeks and jaw, slowly glide the wand from your nose along your left cheekbone toward your temple, with multiple swipes to cover all the skin, but avoid your eyes. Glide down your left lower jaw to your chin. Repeat 3 times.

Glide down your neck from your left ear, working along your jawline in downward strips covering all the skin. Avoid your throat/Adam’s apple. Repeat 3 times.

Apply the ultrasound gel to one zone at a time and then cover each facial zone with slow swipes, gliding the wand in one consistent direction (NOT back and forth). For your forehead, start in the middle of your forehead and swipe to your hairline. Repeat 3 times. For your cheeks, start from the under your eye (where you feel bone) and swipe the outside of your cheek. Move down your face working in swipes. After your upper lip, swipe along your jaw from your ear to the centre line of your chin. Repeat 3 times. On your neck, start below your ear and swipe down to the base of your neck. Work along your neck but don't cover the centre line of your neck. Repeat 3 times. Then do the same on the other side of your face. Don't exceed a total of 10 minutes treatment time.
How to move the ultrasound wand to cover all the treatment zones.



  • Don’t treat your eye area, ears or your throat as.
  • Glide the wand, don’t stop in one place. And glide it in one direction only, not back and forward.
  • Don’t use the ultrasound wand for more than ten minutes per treatment, or more than 3 times a week. This can tire out your muscles and tissues and make your face look worse.

Once you’ve finished both sides of your face and neck, long-press the power button to turn off the wand and give it a wipe with a damp cloth. 

And don’t forget to apply your other favourite lotions and potions immediately after the session. The skin pathways stay open for around 30 minutes more, so these skincare goodies can get in much deeper too!

STEP 4: massage in the remaining wet gel and then apply your favourite skincare products. The pathways in your skin stay open for around 30 minutes after the Mira-skin ultrasound treatments.
Don’t forget to apply your own skincare afterwards!

You can follow the same steps to treat your hands. My hands get very dry and I love how the skin is smooth and plumped afterwards.

To treat your hands: First, apply your preferred serum and let is soak in. Then apply the ultrasound gel. Second, turn on the ultrasound wand and glide it in slow swipes to cover your skin, swiping in one consistent direction. Repeat 3 times.
Don’t forget to share the skin-plumping love with your hands too!
Third, massage in any wet gel still on the surface and then apply your favourite moisturiser for plumped and amooth hands!
The final step for nourished and healthy hands.

What does it feel like?

First, I thought the gel would be faffy. However, it’s fine. It has a nice consistency, doesn’t drip, sting my eyes or smell. It’s pleasantly cool at first but soon warms on your skin. The gel dries slowly enough too if applied in sections. It can sometimes feel a bit itchy as it dries, in which case you can wipe it off when you finish a section. But I like to massage it in afterwards because it’s got even more Hyaluronic Acid in it and there’s no sticky residue.

Photo of the large 200ml and small 50ml bottle of gel
The starter kit has a small 50ml gel (right). The 200ml gel bottle is better value and lasts aaaages.

👉 I like that Mira-Skin doesn’t force their skincare on you, and says you can use your own serums if you prefer.

However, I do rather like the Mira-Skin Hyaluronic Serum.

It certainly feels premium and lush. I love how easily two pumps slip across your skin and then sink in so it’s invisible. It quickly became my Mam’s preferred serum too. However, it’s a shame the all bottle in the starter kit is teeny. So, because I needed more serum for my Mam to test, I also bought my own larger 50ml bottle to try without the ultrasound for a while. My skin felt noticeably softer and smoother in about one week. Impressive stuff.

What does the Mira-skin serum & ultrasound feel like? The hyaluronic acid packed serum has lovely slip, and the ultrasound gel dries slowly and is moisturing. The wand is small, lightweight and cordless, and it's comfy, intuitive and easy to use. It all feels calming and pampering with no nasty skin reactions!
Yup, it’s all rather lovely.

The ultrasound wand design is comfy and easy. Not too big, not too small, and nice and light to move around my face. You can see clearly where you’re sliding it. There’s no sensation from the ultrasound at all. You can’t feel any vibrations. The temperature of the treatment head gradually warms to the same as your skin. It has a safety control too so it never gets too hot.

Although there are a few steps with gels and what-not, the sessions are very easy, calming and intuitive. It doesn’t take much concentration, save to remember how many glides you’ve done per area. And the gliding motion is slow and soothing. I find my mind empties as I follow the methodical routine. It’s a pleasant bit of pampering downtime to look forward to. 

I prefer my sessions on an unrushed quiet evening, and I like the idea of the skincare goodies helping my skin’s overnight regeneration. Pick one or two evenings a week for a date with your Mira-skin.

Afterwards, my skin feels smooth and firm. There’s no skin redness or nasty reactions. And I feel relaaaaaxed. It’s a shame you can’t do it every evening.

Here’s how my Mam liked it…

“It’s a very calming and pampering experience! It’s part of my 9pm nightly wind-down routine. Very relaxing before sleep. I use it 3 times a week but don’t have set nights; I just space them over the week. It takes me around 10 minutes because I start/stop to apply the gel in sections.

Afterwards, I put on my Elemis Oxygenating night cream or calming lavender skin bliss capsule. I love this expensive skincare brand so I’m very happy more of it gets into my skin. Once done my skin feels soft and hydrated. And I’m calm and relaxed, ready for bed!”

My Mam

Schedule, effort & results

The Mira-Skin device is a low-effort at-home device which easily fits into your routine.

For clinically proven plumped skin and softened lines and wrinkles, apply the Mira-skin serum daily, both morning and night. Also apply it before each ultrasound session.
Your serum is a vital step…

Use the serum daily, morning and night. And at least once a week (but no more than three times), apply the serum with the ultrasound boost for a super-duper hydrating facial.

The Mira-skin treatment schedule: 1 to 3 sessions per week, for ongoing use. Feel results after just a few sessions and see your best results after 4 weeks.
When to do the Mira-skin ultrasound facial.

You can do the ultrasound routine at any time of the day. I prefer an evening wind-down session.  And because it takes no more than 10 minutes, it slots effortlessly into my regular evening skincare routine. 


TIP: If I’m off out of an evening or before a special event, I’ll also treat myself to the a Mira-Skin sheet mask with ultrasound. I do this earlier in the day so my skin looks and feels super-plumped and radiant.

The schedule is for ongoing use and it quickly becomes a regular short but pleasant, pampering habit.

Advertised results

What it fixes:

With the Mira-Skin Ultrasound & Hyaluronic Serum:

✔️ Glow ✔️ hydrate ✔️ plump & smooth skin ✔️ soften fine lines & wrinkles ✔️ Fades age spots ✔️ reduce redness & pigmentation.

AND… Use it with cellulite creams, scar treatments and pain relief gels for faster and better results too!

With daily application of the Mira-skin serum and 1 or 2 weekly ultrasound sessions, you’ll likely feel some quick effects from the mega-hydrating Hyaluronic Acid. Such as relief from dryness, and softer and smoother skin.


IMPORTANT: If you don’t use the Mira-skin Serum then your results will vary depending on the specific active ingredients in your preferred serum.

Then, over the next month or two, the Hyaluronic Acid builds and deep-fills in your skin, replacing what you’ve lost. Your skin gets plumper and fine lines and wrinkles reduce.

You’ll also see changes from your skin’s increased collagen and elastin. And from the other serum actives too. As your complexion gradually refreshes, age and dark spots start to fade, and your tone evens and brightens.

Thus, hydrated, plump, bright, supple and smooth skin with softened wrinkles.

Take photos…

Although the end results are noticeable, the changes during the journey are subtle. Therefore they’re difficult to spot when you scrutinize your skin every day! I strongly suggest you take before and after photos, and keep a simple diary of the changes in your skin. Test over 1 or 2 months. Repeat with different products (as you like) then you can compare them and choose what’s best for your skin.

Next, let’s take a look at the results my Mam got using the Mira-Skin for several months.

Mira-Skin before and after

My Mam is the lucky tester of the Mira-Skin ultrasound tool and Hyaluronic serum. She’s 71 years old and I bought the system as her Christmas present. I chose it because it sounds like the best fit for more mature skin that’s lost its Hyaluronic Acid.

Mira-Skin Hyaluronic Serum + conductive gel + ultrasound wand + Hyper hydration sheet masks. And my Mam. Magic ✨.

My Mam also invests in pricey skincare from Elemis. I love the idea they’ll work together so she’ll get more for her money. Plus, it’s a pretty low-effort system without any unpleasant sensations or side effects. 

These are my Mam’s before photos.

Forward facing and side-angle close-up photos of my Mam's face and neck. she's wearing no make up
My Mam, before starting her Mira-Skin user trial

Here’s what she says about her hopes for using the Mira-Skin ultrasound and Hyaluronic Serum.

My skin is very dry over my nose, cheeks and tops of lips. So, I love the idea of deep-hydration to soothe it.  I also have some sun damage and a large age spot on my right cheek. If they fade, I’m happy.

I’ve had my wrinkles for some time now. They don’t bother me too much but I wouldn’t say no to filling them a bit. I don’t have deep horizontal forehead lines or crow’s feet. I do have slight 11s lines, under eye wrinkles, smile and pucker lines around my mouth.

To be honest, I’m not expecting any drastic changes. But, if there are, that’s ok with me! Having said that, I do like a bit of premium product and pamper time so I’m looking forward to this.”

My Mam

She’s tested it for 6 months. Here’s how it went.

Results after 2 months

During the first 2 months, my Mam and I spoke a few times by video call. I thought her complexion looked brighter, but it was difficult to tell without a comparison. She shared her thoughts on her results so far:

“My skin is soft and moist to the touch. Those dry patches on my upper lip, nose and cheeks disappeared a month or so ago and haven’t come back. I enjoy using the Mira-Skin. I think the serum maybe helps reduce my wrinkles, but honestly, I can’t really see any change.”

And that made me a little sad. I’d hoped for more for her ☹️.

But hang on.

As it happens, her distinct lack of enthusiasm is because she can’t see her face clearly when looking in a mirror. Her cursed presbyopia. Or not, because as far as she’s concerned, she has no wrinkles at all! Huzzah. If you can’t see them, they don’t exist. That’s nice for her but rather unhelpful for me. So, I had to wait until my next visit to see for myself.

Let’s compare the 2-month photos to the originals.

Mira-skin ultrasound review before vs after 2 months comparison photos of my Mam's face using the Mira-skin Ultrasound tool and Hyaluronic Acid Serum.
2 months later: bright & juicy

Here’s what we see:

  • Skin is plumper and firmer (especially the cheeks), with more elasticity on the neck
  • Lower jaw skin has filled out, subtly lifting the jowls
  • Skin redness has reduced A LOT! There’s a slight fading of a few red broken spider veins on the cheeks too
  • The large age spot on her right cheek is about the same. But the rest of her complexion is clear and bright
  • Skin tone has evened out and it glows
  • Wrinkles are still there but have softened. It’s particularly noticeable on the upper cheeks and upper lip
  • Skin texture is smoothed

Now I’m happy.

The next 3 months

The trial continues over the next 3 months. My Mam reports:

“I still use the wand 3 times a week, and now I apply the serum twice a day daily, both morning and evening. I also use a Mira-Skin sheet mask monthly as a special pampering treat.

About a month ago, I started to feel a big difference in my skin. Maybe because I’m using the serum more now? It’s very hydrated and full.”

My Mam

Let’s take a look at her results 6 months in.

The results after 6 months

Mira-skin ultrasound review before vs after 6 months comparison photos of using the mira-skin system
Reduced redness and a clear, bright, glowing tone. Overall healthy, hydrated younger-looking skin
Mira-skin ultrasound review before vs after 6 months comparison using the Mira-skin system
Fuller, plump and lifted skin that looks super-hydrated.
Mira-skin ultrasound review before vs after 6 months comparison close up of the left cheek and mouth area using the Mira-skin system
Lip pucker lines are softened and smile lines are less deep. Fuller cheeks with plumped-out wrinkles

The results have improved since last time. Here’s what I see:

  • Skin feels even better. No dryness, very moist & super-soft  
  • Looks bright, smooth, hydrated, dewy and full. Plump and healthy
  • Some of the wrinkles have softened further around the mouth, upper cheeks and eyes
  • Skin texture has smoothed (chin), and jowls and neck are more elastic and lifted
  • Redness has all gone, skin tone is unified, bright and it glows

After the Mira-Skin Hyper-Hydration sheet masks

To celebrate, we gave the Mira-Skin sheet mask a try with the ultrasound wand.

And. Oh. My.

The results are impressive. This is the treatment you’ll get at creator Anni Valentin’s clinic.

Mira-skin ultrasound review before vs after the Mira-skin hyperhydration mask with ultrasound boost. The results are impressive!
The sheet mask & ultrasound before / after. Noticeably bright and juicy!
Mira-skin ultrasound review before vs after angled comparison photos of the Mira-skin hyperhydration mask with ultrasound boost. Results are impressive!
The sheet mask & ultrasound wand visibly reduces wrinkles and unifies skin tone.

I see skin that’s brighter, juicy-soft and plump (yes, like a baby’s bum). Pinky-purple patches have faded and overall the skin looks fresh and healthy. Wrinkles have softened especially on the cheeks/under the eyes area. And her skin looks smooooth and glowy.

Beautiful lady.

Mira-Skin hyper-hydration sheet masks cost €15.90 each/$59.99 for 4.

Mira-skin hyper hydration sheet mask treatment steps; the most affordable and effective professional at-home facial.
Mira-Skin Hyper Hydration mask facial is quite possibly the most affordable and effective professional at-home facial

My Mam’s final thoughts

I can really see the changes when comparing the photos! And I feel good about it. I love the regular pamper time, especially with the masks. And I’d do more ultrasound if allowed. It’s quick and just a few times a week so easy to fit in.

My Mam

I asked her what she thought about the serum too, and if she’d continue to buy it.

I think the serum is excellent. Plus, it’s not bad value for how long it lasts (around 3 months if using 2 squirts from 50ml bottle twice daily. My favourite brand serum is the same price for 20ml less. So, with the money I save I bought an even more expensive night cream (don’t tell my husband 🤫). It’s beautiful, and I love the Mira-Skin makes it even more effective.

I definitely recommend the Mira-Skin system to anyone with more mature or dry skin like I had. Or to anyone who wants plump, healthy, smooth and soft skin. Which I think is just about everyone.”

My Mam

The negatives

There are just a few minor niggles with the Mira-Skin system.

Photo of the cordless Mira-skin ultrasound wand, 15ml Hyaluron serum and 50ml conductivity gel
The Mira-Skin wand rolls if not placed down as pictured!

First, the wand. This can roll if not placed down carefully. Rest it facing down, balanced on the edge of the treatment head (as above) or place it on a towel so it stays put.

Next, the serum. In the standard starter kit, you get only 15ml of the Mira-Skin serum. It lasts for around 2 weeks of daily use but I’d prefer to get at least double for a good test. So, I asked Mira-Skin and they’ve set up a bonus bundle deal with just that. Shop through the links at the end of the review to get one EXTRA 15ml of HA serum and 2x Mira-Skin sheet masks for FREE! Woohoo!

Still on the serum, it’s expensive! The 50ml bottle is better value than the 15ml, but it still has a premium price tag. Much cheaper alternatives are available. If it’s too pricey for you, simply continue with your own favourite products. Check the ingredients to see what effects the ultrasound will boost for you. If it’s missing Hyaluronic Acid you may lose the plumping effect so consider a separate Hyaluronic Acid serum too.

My Mam also found the silver pump on the serum small, fiddly and slippery. It ‘clicks’ down abruptly so some product can shoot out and miss the target. It’s the same with the 50ml conductivity gel too.

Mira-Skin Ultrasound & Hyaluronic Acid Summary

The Mira-Skin starter kit gets a big smiley-grin thumbs-up and scores almost top marks. It’s a fantastic choice if you love and use premium anti-ageing skincare products. That’s because it boosts their effects so you get more from the money you invest. I love it for all skin types but especially more mature skin because of the serious skin-plumping effect. It’s an easy, low-effort calming ritual and a bit of pampering me-time. Try it with a 30-day money-back guarantee from Mira-skin.com.

The Mira-Skin and serum is a skin-plumoing weekly pampering treat with noticeable results, especially for more mature skin.

Here’s a summary of my test scores, and pros and cons for the Mira-Skin Starter Kit to help you decide:

Ease of use


Very easy to use, requires gel. Quick, pleasant, pamper time. Relaxing. No pain or side effects. Love the sheet masks!



Low effort. Takes max. 10 mins just one or two times a week. Feel the difference within days, but best results after one or two months. For regular, ongoing use.



Dry, sagging, lacklustre skin is plumped & super quenched. Feels beautiful and gets even better over time as skincare actives & collagen build. Noticeable results after each Mira-skin mask treatment.


  • Very low effort & commitment
  • Quick, easy, relaxing weekly pamper-time
  • Uses scientifically proven phonophoresis
  • Gets better results from your skincare
  • Immediate visible results with the Mira-skin Hyper-hydration masks
  • Especially good for more mature skin
  • Use any anti-aging serum you prefer
  • Compact, simple, safe, intuitive, robust & excellent battery life
  • Clinically proven & CE certified
  • Buy from Mira-skin for 30-day money back guarantee


  • Serum & masks are expensive (but lush!)
  • Scars & pigmentation not clinically tested

Mira-skin Ultrasound Hyaluronic Acid Booster deals

I hope you’ve found this Mira-Skin Ultrasound and Hyaluronic Acid Serum review helpful. If you decide to buy, please support my future reviews and shop via my links. I earn a small commission but your price stays the same. And I really appreciate your support 🙏!


👉 1 extra 15ml serum + 2 sheet masks
(worth €100/$100)
Plus 30-days money-back guarantee
and free shipping.

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