Silk’n Infinity 400,000 review: fast & safe for ALL skin tones

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Silk'n Infinity


The Silk’n Infinity is the latest device from Silk’n. It uses two energies; first galvanic current to open the skin’s pores so the second energy, Intense Pulsed light, can easily penetrate deep to the hair follicle. This also means it’s safe for dark and black skin when used on the lower intensity settings. There’s an advanced skin tone sensor that protects darker tones too. The compact, mains-powered, no-frills unit does the job. Plus it's fast. An all for an attractive price, usually under £200.

Excellent value, fast and it's safe for ALL skin tones

“Silk’n Infinity is excellent for fast full body treatments on ALL skin tones. Attractive low price too.”

Lamp lifetime
It’s superb value providing over 200 full body treatments to last 15+ years of use. Choose the model with the hygienic cleansing box-stand so you can safely share it with family and friends.

Ease of use
No-frills, compact hand-held design. But clever tech inside. Higher intensities best for lighter skin tones. And it’s safe for dark and black skin too because the advanced skin tone sensor detects your darker tone and activates only the lower, safe intensities. It’s clever!
Speed of application
It’s fast. A terrific value choice for treating legs, larger areas or your full body in one session.  A full leg takes around 10+ minutes.
Good pre-sales information and excellent customer service and support from 60-day money back guarantee available in the USA.
Feedback & results
High-scoring online reviews sharing a lot of satisfaction and love.
Budget range: ££ Finally a low-cost device that’s safe for ALL skin tones, PLUS fast full body treatments and will last for years! Unbeaten value.

PLEASE NOTE: This review is for the UK and European Silk’n Infinity models. The US and Canada guidance is different BUT the models work the same way. Read the full review for more information.

What is it?

The Silk’n Infinity uses 2 energies that Silk’n call eHPL™.

The device passes galvanic energy to the skin which opens your pores. At the same time, it emits a flash of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Because the pores are open, the IPL hits more of the hair and follicle than without the galvanic current. So it’s very efficient at heating up and stunting the follicle. The IPL then slows and reduces hair regrowth after each treatment. Eventually hair stops growing and periodic use will keep you fuzz and stubble free.

You can use the Silk’n Infinity on your body and face (below the cheekbones).

Skin tone chart showing it's safe for all skin tones from light to black. Hair colour chart showing it works on dark blonde to black hair colours, but's it's unclear if it works on blonde, red or grey /white hair

UK & European model: It’s safe for all skin tones.
Silk’n say it’s suitable for nearly all hair colours too, but lighter hair colours only work in combination with lighter skin tones and you’ll need more treatments. However, there’s some conflicting information in the user manual. Keep reading to learn more.


IMPORTANT:  Silk’n in the US and Canada promote the Infinity for safe use on light to dark skin tones (FitzPatrick types I to V), so not for the darkest and black tones. This is because it’s FDA cleared for these skin tones only. However, confirm all models will work on the darkest skin tones at intensity levels 1 or 2


Silk’n UK and Europe advise you may also use the lowest intensity level (1) on tanned or recently sun exposed skin. You may also use level 1 on darker body areas such as nipples, genitals or lips. (N.B. Silk’n US and Canada don’t say this).  You can’t use other IPL devices in these areas because the IPL is too intense and can cause injuries.

First available in early 2016, the Silk’n Infinity is manufactured by Silk’n HomeSkinovations Ltd and marketed by Silk’n. It has CE certification and is available in the UK, Europe and Australia. It’s FDA cleared too and is available in the USA and Canada, but with different skin tone and hair colour guidance.

Several photos of different views and close ups of the Silk'n Infinity device and packaging.

The Silk’n Infinity uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and galvanic energy to better target the hair follicle. This combination means intensity levels 1 and 2 are safe for the darkest skin tones. Level 1 is also safe on tanned skin. Learn more in the full review.


You start with 4 treatments at 2-week intervals (taking 6 weeks), then continue monthly until you get your desired results. Stay hair-free with monthly top-up treatments. You may need them less frequently over time.

The Silk’n Infinity has kept a surprisingly low profile, especially considering it’s one of the few home IPL devices that’s safe for all skin tones. And at a lower price too.

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Keep reading to see if the impressive performance specification lives up to the promise.

In this full Silk’n Infinity review:

Is it good value?

Yes. It’s super!

You get 400,000 flashes and a 2.7 cm2 flash window so you can cover a massive total body area of 1,080,000 cm2. That’s enough for more than 200 full body treatments (full legs, bikini line, underarms and face). It’ll last 15+ years of monthly use after completing the start-up phase.

Bar chart showing the lamplifetime value of the Silk'n Infinity 400,000 compared to other devices. It's ace!

This chart shows how long the Silk’n Infinity lasts compared to other devices. The value is fantastic. The 400,000 flashes mean you can cover a total body area of 1,080,000 cm². That’s enough for over 200 full body treatments lasting over 15 years of monthly maintenance top-ups. It’s one of the best.


It’s so good you could share it with a significant other and still experience smooth, hair-free skin for years. And to ensure it’s hygienic to share, Silk’n also sell the Infinity with a cleansing box. It’s a base box the unit sits in to disinfect the flash window between uses. That’s a nice touch.

N.B. I’ve used only the bulb life to calculate the years of use. General usage and wear and tear can also affect how long the machine keeps working.

What’s it like to use?

The Silk’n Infinity comes in a neat, hot pink and white box. The box is sturdy and has a slide off info sleeve.

Photo of the Silkn Infinity box front.

The attractive vibrant pink and white box weighs just over 1 kg and measures 22 x 22 x 9 cm. It prominently says ‘Permanent hair removal’ on the front but it’s important to have realistic expectations about the gradual effects.


Photo of the back of the Silkn Infinity box.

The box details is in multiple languages, and shows all the key info. The skin colour and hair colour chart is on the side and on the back a diagram explaining eHPL (galvanic and IPL energies).


Opening the box

Remove the two clear sticky tabs and the information sleeve slides off. Underneath is a strong pink and white cardboard box. Inside this is the sturdy silver storage case.

Photos of opening the packaging, down to the devices silver storage case.

It’s a pleasure opening the Silk’n Infinity to reveal the compact, sturdy silver storage case. It’s great quality with a silky fabric feel and a sliver and white stitched Silk’n logo on top. All of the packaging around it is recyclable card board. Top marks.


Photos of the shimmery silver storage case and the contents. It's a pleasure to open.

Open the zip-around lid to find the Silk’n Infinity device and power cable nestled in a secure moulded bed. The lid has a fabric sleeve where you can keep the user manual, warranty card and cleaning cloth. Everything is neat and in it’s place. It’s a great extra from Silk’n.


Top-down photo of the storage box contents on white background.

The contents inside the storage case; power adaptor with UK, European and US plug adaptors, cleaning cloth in protective plastic, compact white Silk’n Infinity device, warranty card and multi-language user instruction booklet.


What’s in the box?

  • Silk’n Infinity 400,000 device
  • Mains adaptor
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Hard zip-up storage case
  • Cleaning cloth

A cleansing box and 2 x LR03 (AAA) batteries can be purchased with some models.

First impressions

It’s light-weight and smooth, slightly bigger than I expected, but still compact.

Photo of my right hand holding the Infinity in an easy grip with my thumb on the flash button and fingers underneath

The Infinity weighs 228 g and looks like a smooth white pebble. It’s slightly curved over the top where the large flash activation button is. And wider and rounded at the base where the power cable fits snug. The under side has a slight indent on the base electrode plate which provides a comfortable grip.


It’s smooth to the touch and very easy to manoeuvre and pivot in your hand. I like the clean, curvy lines and minimalist design with only a simple ‘Silk’n Infinity’ logo and large flash button.

Photo of my right hand holding the Infinity in a comfortable grip with my fingers on the flash button.

You can hold the Infinity either with your thumb on the flash button (as above) or your fingers on it instead. Both grips are comfortable and without strain. The business end tapers to the flash window.


Several close up photos of Silk'n Infinity including the green intensity indicator lights, large flash button, power cable, silver base electrode plate and the user manual.

The Infinity has simple controls tucked away on the base of the device. But the flash activation button is large and easy to press. Air vents are dotted around the base where the power cable plugs in and also on the silver base electrode plate. It’s simple, clean, functional and feels good to hold.


Let’s start with the user manual.

Read the user manual

The Silk’n Infinity user manual is a standard read (UK and European version).

It has helpful photos and diagrams to help get you acquainted with the device and it’s presented in a logical order. It starts with important warnings and reasons the Infinity may not be safe or suitable for you. It’s important to check through these to stay safe.

Photo of the small but thick instruction booklet and Silk'n warranty card.

The Silk’n Infinity user manual is thick as it’s in multiple languages, with English at the front. It has all the info you need including important warnings and medical and health reasons that may make it unsuitable for you. Please read them
There’s also a Silk’n warranty card (UK and Europe).


It describes the possible side effects and shares the Silk’n clinical study results as a guide to expected long-term hair removal results. Then it describes step-by-step how to use it and what to expect during the treatments.

It’s easy enough to follow and all makes sense,  but it’s not an exciting read.

Silk’ website vs Infinity user manual

I did note however that there’s different information in the user manual vs the Silk’n UK and European website. The skin tone and hair colour chart on the website shows it’s suitable for all hair colours on all skin tones, except grey hair on black skin.

Chart from the Silk'n website showing the Infinity is safe for all skin tones from light to dark, and it works on all hair colours excluding white / grey on black skin.

The safe skin tone and effective hair colour chart from the Silk’n website shows the device works on all skin tones and most hair colour combinations (excluding grey / white hair on black skin). It’s different to the chart in the user manual (see below).

But the user manual chart shows it’s not effective on grey hair on medium to dark tones, and it’s not effective on dark blonde, blonde, red and grey on the darkest skin tones.

Chart from the Silk'n Infinity user manual website showing the Infinity is safe for all skin tones from light to dark, but it won't work on fair hair and dark skin combinations.

The safe skin tone and effective hair colour chart from the Silk’n user manual is different to the website. It shows the device works on all skin tones in combination with dark hair.
It shows it won’t work on black skin with lighter hair colours (blonde and red), and it won’t work on medium dark to black skin with grey / white hair.
I’d be cautious and side with the user manual so as to have realistic expectations.


I contacted Silk’n for clarification and rather unhelpfully they didn’t confirm either way. I’d be cautious here and assume the user manual offers the best guidance.

IMPORTANT:  Silk’ US and Canada promote the Infinity for safe use on light to dark skin tones (FitzPatrick types I to V), so not for the darkest and black tones. This is because it’s FDA cleared for these skin tones only. But ALL devices still work on the darkest skin tones. The skin tone sensor will activate intensity levels 1 and 2.


Important: Tanning and IPL

IPL and sun exposure don’t mix so Silk’n warn not to use the Infinity on sun exposed skin. They recommend you can start treatments if it’s been at least 4 weeks since sun exposure or sunbathing. They also warn don’t expose treated skin to the sun for at least 2 weeks after your treatment and to apply SPF 30 sun protection for the duration of your regimen. This is cautious but standard guidance.

But there is one key difference.

Silk’n UK and Europe advise you can use the Infinity after sun bathing and sun exposure, but only on intensity level 1. This means you can keep using the Infinity in summer months for maintenance treatments to keep your skin smooth. Then in the winter months, use your usual intensity level again. (PLEASE NOTE: Silk’ US and Canada don’t advertise you can can use level 1 on suntanned skin because it’s not FDA cleared as such).

Do a skin test

The skin tone chart at the start of the manual recommends which intensity levels are safe for your skin tone.

The user manual says to do skin patch tests starting at level 1 and at each higher level that’s noted safe for your skin tone, or that you find comfortable. Do this for each individual body area. Wait 1 hour and if it’s all clear you can select your preferred level and start with your full treatment.

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Shape and design

The Silk’n Infinity is a compact, rounded shape that fits comfortably in your hand. It’s a curvier, more attractive design compared to the earlier Silk’n models.

The curvy shape fits comfortably in your hand. It’s like a large smooth white pebble.


It’s mains-powered with a long power cable. There’s a large, square flash activation button on the top and it tapers-in slightly towards the flash window.

On the underside are small air vents, the power and intensity selector button and the galvanic plate. The design is clean and simple. It feels like a smooth and lightweight electric shaver or epilator.


The mains-powered Silk’n Infinity means you simply plug it in and go. The power cord is long enough at 180 cm. But a helpful tip is to use an extension cable, so you can sit anywhere, for example at a full-length mirror or on your bed.

close up photo of the power cable and top down view of the cable with the adaptors

You get 3 changeable plug adaptors with the Infinity; a UK, European and US adaptor so you can take it on holiday. The cable is 180 cm long, feels good quality and is thick enough.


close up photo of the Infinity's mains adaptor plug 'open' button which lets you easily switch the plug adaptors

It’s easy to change the plug adaptors. slide the ‘open’ button and the adaptor pops out. Take another plug and slide the lip at the top in first and then push in at the bottom. Simples.


Just one multi-use flash window

The Infinity has just one 2.7 cm2 flash window. This is a decent size for larger areas and small enough to treat more awkward areas like your upper lip with a bit of practise.

Hand holding the Infinity flash window toward the camera in close up.

The flash window is 2.7 cm2. This is the optimum size for covering both large areas like legs, and small awkward areas like your upper lip.
The silver border around the flash window if the galvanic ‘touch electrode’ and the smaller oblong opening is the skin tone sensor window.


Eye safety

The Infinity has an in-built safety feature to protect your eyes.

It only flashes when you press the flash button if your skin has contact with the silver galvanic electrode around the flash window. Also, your hand must be touching the silver base electrode on the side of the Infinity.  Touching both electrodes completes the galvanic circuit and enables IPL flashes. This way, the flash window must be entirely covered by your skin before it’ll flash. So, you can’t accidentally flash it in open air and potentially harm into your eyes.

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But what is this galvanic stuff anyway?

Five IPL levels & galvanic circulation

The Silk’n Infinity has 5 intensity levels with a low of  3 J/cmand a high of 4 J/cm2. But it’s different to other home IPL devices because it also uses galvanic energy.

5 close up photos of a finger pressing the power button to select each intensity level in turn.

Press the power button and all the intensity indicator lights illuminate for a second, then only level 1 indicator shows green.
Press the power button again to cycle up the levels 2,3,4, and 5 and back to 1 again.


Galvanic energy is a very low electrical current passed through the skin. It’s widely used in cosmetic treatments for a few decades now. You can’t feel the current, but it has temporary effects on your skin, such as pore dilation (or in plain-speak, opening your pores).

Wider open pores uncovers more of the hair so increased IPL is absorbed. This travels through the hair and to the follicle, which in turn damages it. This slows and then stops the hair growth. So, it can use a gentler and less intense IPL energy, but combined with the galvanic circulation it’s still effective. This makes it safe for dark and black skin, as well as light and medium skin tones too.

So, what does this look like on the Infinity?

Galvanic electrodes

The Infinity has a silver border around the flash window. It’s the ‘touch electrode’. This touches your skin. On the bottom of the device there’s also the large silver ‘base electrode’. When your hand has contact with the base electrode and you flash the infinity against your skin, it completes a galvanic circuit and the energy circulates through your skin.

Press the flash button as the ‘touch electrode around the flash window is in contact with your skin, and your hand is on the base electrode plate on the bottom of the device. This emits both IPL and galvanic current into your skin. The galvanic energy opens your pores and this allows the IPL to better target your hair follicle. It’s more efficient so gentler IPL can be used which is safe for dark and black skin.


You won’t see the current (the’re certainly no sparks!) And you won’t feel it. It’s kind to your skin. In fact, the Silk’n website suggests use body lotion afterwards. Since your pores open with the galvanic current, the lotion penetrates deeply for softer, well moisturised skin.

Skin tone sensor

The skin tone sensor protects your skin. It does this by checking the intensity level you’ve chosen is safe for your complexion.

The sensor window is the smaller opening that sits just below the 2.7 cm2 flash window. It tests your skin at the start of the treatment, when you change intensity level and periodically throughout treatment.


If it detects the intensity level is safe for your skin tone, the Infinity will flash your skin.

If you’ve selected a level that’s too intense for the skin tone it detects, the blue skin tone warning light will flash rapidly. That’s the light in between intensity indicator lights 1 and 5. The Infinity then enables only those intensity levels safe for your skin tone. You’d then select one of these lower levels and start your treatment.

Intensity levels 1 and 2 are safe for the darkest skin tones Fitzpatrick types V and VI. I checked with and they confirm all models bought from is the US and Canada are the same as the UK and European models, it’s just the marketing that’s different. So all will work on level 1 or 2 on the darkest skin tones.

I think the user manual and website could do a better job of explaining the skin tone sensor. Although it doesn’t choose the best intensity level for you, I do think it’s a neat little safety feature that keeps darker skin tones safe.

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Want proof that the silk’n Infinity works?

Clinically proven

On the website, Silk’ say the Infinity is clinically proven. But unhelpfully, the results of the study aren’t readily available.

The Silk’n Infinity has FDA clearance too, but only for FitzPatirck skin types I to V – so not the darkest tones.  So, what about type VI? Just what proof is there it’s safe and effective on the darkest skin tones?

I was a bit confused and admittedly suspicious, so I asked for the study. And Silk’n shared it. 👍

What does it say? Find out next.

Silk’n Infinity study for home-use hair removal of dark skin

The study tested the safety and how effective combined IPL and galvanic energies are on dark skin.

Fifteen women with skin types V and VI tested dark hair growing on their underarms. They each treated the same underarm area 6 times at 2-week intervals. And the results show significant hair reduction.

After 1 month the average hair count reduction was 57.3%, and 3 months after the last treatment it was 44.5%. Reassuringly, there were no unexpected side effects or skin damage.

The study concluded:

“Low energy pulsed light combined with galvanic energy may be applied safely and effectively for at-home hair removal for people with dark skin types V and VI.”

Graphic skin tone colour wheel chart

A small study concludes the Silk’n Infinity is safe and effective to use on all skin tones, including FitzPatrick types V and VI. For these tones the Infinity advanced skin tone sensor activates only the lower intensity levels.
However, you need more treatments to get the same results as on lighter skin with the higher intensity levels.


IMPORTANT:  Silk’n in the US and Canada promote the Infinity for safe use on light to dark skin tones (FitzPatrick types I to V), so not for the darkest and black tones. This is because it’s FDA cleared for these skin tones only. However, if you’re in the USA or Canada, Infinity devices bought from will still work on the darkest skin tones.


It’s noteworthy too that combining energies to increase the IPL absorption is the same basic approach used by the safe for dark skin Iluminage devices (albeit with different partner energies to the IPL). So, on discovering this comparison and this small study, I’m reassured the Infinity is safe and effective on dark skin.

TIP: The study also shares that at the lower intensity levels (1 to 3) you’ll likely need more treatments to see the same results as experienced at the higher levels. They suggest up to 12 treatments on darker skin to see great results.

Gold, M.H. and Goren, H. (2015) The Effect of Novel Low Energy Pulsed Light Combined with Gal-vanic Energy for Home-Use Hair Removal of Dark Skin. Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications, 5, 283-290

Unfortunately, no such study exists for proving the Silk’n Infinity effective on fair hair.

Treatment App

There’s also the Silk’n App to help manage your treatments. There’s a helpful calendar and you can schedule reminders for different body areas. You can also access your device’s user manual too.

You can also connect your App to your Infinity device. Then you can see how many flashes you’ve used per treatment, overall and how many are left. You can also use the bluetooth connection to lock the device, preventing use by anyone else.

Pulse and Glide Modes

The Infinity has the 2 standard modes of single flash (called Pulse) and continuous flashes (called Glide).

Silk’n say use Pulse mode on higher energy intensity levels because it takes longer to recharge between flashes (up to 2 seconds). It’s also best for your face and areas needing more precision. Position on your skin and when the ‘Ready’ light blinks, press and release the flash button to emit the galvanic current and IPL flash. Move it 1 cm (the height of the flash window) to the next position, and repeat.

Close up of my fingers on the large flash activation button.

Glide mode: Keep the flash button pressed and your fingers on the base electrode for the flashes to come continuously. Move it about 1 cm (the height of the flash window) to the next patch of skin in between the flashes.


Silk’n say use Glide mode on lower energy intensity levels because there’s a faster flash repetition rate between 1 to 1.5 seconds. Position on your skin and when ‘Ready’ light blinks press and hold the flash button to emit the galvanic current and IPL flash. After each flash slide it 1 cm (the height of the flash window) to the next position, wait for the flash and repeat.

You can use either Pulse or Glide mode with any intensity level. Glide mode puts less strain on your grip. On the higher intensity levels, you’ll pick up a rhythm with a little practise.

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And just how fast is it?

How fast is it?

It’s fast!

It flashes every 1 to 2 seconds, fastest on the lower intensity levels. And combined with the 2.7 cm2 flash window you can cover a pair of underarms (roughly 120 cm2) in 44 seconds to 1:29 mins. That’s fast.

Silk’n say you can cover a full leg in 8 minutes, but realistically if you’re paying close attention to get good coverage it’s more like 10+ minutes. Silk’n also say you can cover your full body in 20 mins. That also is a little optimistic, but it’s not too far off.

The Silk’n Infinity gives great, fast treatment times. Very similar to more expensive, premium devices.

What’s the customer support like?

The UK website is good, although I sometimes find the language exaggerated in places.

It does an adequate job of explaining the galvanic energy concept in combination with IPL. There’s also access to the user manual and an FAQ section. A link to the safety and efficacy study on dark skin would be very helpful too.

But there’s room for improvement. Silk’ should correct the contradictory information about effective skin tone and hair colour combinations. Also, they don’t promote the clever skin tone sensor clearly enough.

The customer service team answer questions quickly, but the depth and clarity of the responses varies. I found the pre and after sales support offered by more helpful.

Unfortunately, Silk’ don’t offer a money back guarantee in the UK or Europe. But in the US you get 60 days.

What the online reviews say?

As of November 2018 there are 32 online Silk’n Infinity reviews from, Silk’ and Amazon.

The average score from the collated online Silk’n Infinity reviews is a strong 4.3 stars.

User score 4.3

The Silk'n Infinity has an average user rating of 4.3 out 5 stars

The bulk of the online reviewers leave positive feedback of varying detail. But let’s start with the low ratings – what do these reviewers share?

The negative reviews

Just a couple of reviewers left negative 1 or 2-star ratings. All of these come from

Reassuringly, there are no reports of any faults.

One reviewer unfortunately hasn’t seen any hair reduction results, but they don’t say how long they’ve used the Infinity. And another thought themselves unsuitable to use it after reading the user manual in full. Learn more on this in a few sections.

The neutral reviews

There are just a few neutral 3-star ratings for the Infinity.

One reviewer compared the Infinity to the Philips Lumea and thought the Lumea better. Another lady used the Infinity for around 1 month then stopped during summer time, so they could safely go out in the sun. They saw some hair reduction results, but the hair grew back. I’d expect this because they didn’t complete the start-up phase.

Another reviewer left neutral feedback because they couldn’t use intensity level 5 on their darker skin. It activated levels 1 and 2 only. But this is a good thing because the skin tone sensor did its job to protect their dark skin!

The positive Silk’n Infinity reviews

A high 84% of the Silk’n Infinity reviews are 4 and 5-star rated.

Here’s what they like about the Silk’n Infinity.

Compact, well-made, attractive

Several like that it’s compact and smaller than other devices. The packaging is attractive, and the device feels well-made and robust. Most mention it’s extremely simple to use and they love the hard storage case that it comes with to protect and store it along with the manual and cleaning cloth.

The online reviews love the shimmery silver hard protective storage case that stores the Infinity, power cable, user manual and cleaning cloth conveniently together.


They also like that it comes with both a 2 pin European, 2 pin USA and 3 pin UK power plug. So it’s perfect for travelling on holiday.

A few like that it comes with both a 2 pin European and 3 pin UK plug so you can use it on holiday too. Several like it comes with a lot of pulses, so you won’t ever run out.

And many like the attractive price when compared to other devices.

It’s balanced feedback too as some of the positive reviewers also share a few niggles.

A few little niggles

A couple of reviewers have problems logging into the App. One failed to receive their App treatment reminders. Another says the email support from the Silk’n customer service team is slow and scripted. However, they found the help they needed from support team.

A handful of reviewers found information in the user manual deterred them from using the Infinity. Keep reading to learn about it.

Good to know

The booklet shares “Hair removal by lasers or intense pulsed light sources can cause increased hair growth in some individuals. Based upon currently available data, the highest risk groups for this response are females of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and South Asian heritage treated on the face and neck.”

This is a reference to a rare but known side effect from laser and IPL hair removal known as paradoxical hair growth or hypertrichosis. This stimulation of hair growth after professional laser or IPL seems to effect only darker skin types with black hair. It mostly increases growth of the softer, fine ‘vellus’ hairs on the face.

Based on reported side effects from several clinical trials, the risk of this occurring is very small. However, it’s not quantified through enough focused clinical studies.

It’s important to note, this warning applies to all laser and IPL not just the Silk’n Infinity. And none of the clinical studies for Silk’n or other home-use brands report this side effect. But you may feel it’s too risky if you have darker skin. So, you need to weigh it up and decide.

You can find the user manual on the website and in the Silk’n App.

So, what results do the reviewers share?


Silk’n say you need 6 treatments every 2 weeks to see noteworthy results, then treatments as you need them to maintain your results.

Just over a handful of reviews come from people early in this start-up phase who haven’t yet seen results. And almost half the positive reviews leave helpful feedback, but they don’t mention their results at all.

Those that do mention results say that less hair grows back slower, finer and less over time. A few say they saw the effects after just a few uses. One comments the results appear in a ‘slow and gentle way’ and another recommends you to be patient.

Dark skin results

A few share their results after a few months of use and their results are good. One reviewer has dark skin and left an updated review after 3 months of use. Here’s what they say:

“I have to say that hair is not completely removed. But the quantity of hair that grows back is now considerably less. The product is easy to use and in addition you don’t have to leave home for the treatment. You can do everything within a short time in a familiar environment. I would definitely recommend this product.” Infinity review

In summary, there’s a sense of assured satisfaction with the Silk’n Infinity. I can see why. It’s a straightforward design at a very attractive price that gets the job done quickly. And it’s safe for darker skin tones too.

Prices & Buy Now

To help you decide, check the pros and cons roundup from this Silkn Infinity review.


  • Excellent value for under £200
  • Safe for ALL skin tones
  • Flashes give 15+ years of monthly full body treatments
  • Fast treatments, great for treating your full body in one session
  • Compact, curvy design is comfortable to hold
  • Smart skin tone senor enables only safe intensity levels for your skin tone
  • Simple to operate
  • Mains-powered, simply plug-in-and-go
  • All the safety and treatment features you expect
  • Sturdy, hard zip-up case is a thoughtful extra to safely store it
  • FDA cleared (skin tones I to V) and CE mark (EU declaration of conformity to meet safety requirements)
  • 2-year European warranty
  • 60-day money back guarantee when bought from


  • Not FDA-cleared for use on the darkest & black skin
  • Unclear if the Infinity is FDA cleared and clinically proven effective on fair hair
  • Takes a bit of practise on upper lip and uneven areas
  • No money back guarantee in the UK & Europe

Should I buy it?

Yes. It’s a great choice for full body treatments, large areas and small areas too because it’s fast. You can do a full leg in around 10+ minutes. It’s well-made, compact, comfortable to hold, and easy to manoeuvre. And whilst not the easiest to flash on more awkward areas, it just takes a bit of practise to get right.

I recommend the Silk’n Infinity because it’s excellent value. It rivals the premium devices because treatment times are FAST and it’s safe for dark and black skin tones too. The perfect choice for fast full body treatments on ALL skin tones. With an attractive low price too.


The biggest advantage is it’s safe for ALL skin tones too. So if your skin is dark or black you can choose it confidently to use on level 1 or 2. But you’ll need more treatments (around 12) to see great results.

There’s positive feedback and ratings for the Infinity, but I’m surprised there’s not a lot more. All of the above makes it a very smart choice. And when you realise it’s on sale for below £200…finally a choice for darker skin that doesn’t break the bank! That’s the icing on the cake.

You can check prices or buy the Silk’n Infinity using the links below.

Where to buy the Silk'n Infinity

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Silk'n Infinity, IPL & Galvanic energies: for body and face on ALL skin tones
Buy the Silk'n Free UK delivery, 2 year warranty and Global shipping
Silk'n Infinity 400,000
Silk'n Infinity 400,000 with cleansing box
Silkn infinity 400,000 with free ladyshave
Silk'n Infinity Premium 500,000
Silk'n Infinity 400,000 US orders, Free shipping, 60-day money back guarantee
Silk'n infinity (for light to dark skin tones, FitzPatrick types I to V): US orders, Free shipping, 60 day money back guarantee

Check for any applicable taxes or customs duties for outside UK delivery.

Still not sure?

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