NuFACE Trinity+ review

A quick summary…

by | December 8, 2023

This is a cordless, cute, quality & easy microcurrent device, and the latest flagship model from NuFACE. It has 2 additional frequencies on top of the default original. This means 3 core treatments focusing on your outer epidermis, dermis, and deep muscles. There’s also a +25% microamps boost for faster sessions or extra love on trouble spots. You must use it with a NuFACE or alternative gel, and My NuFACE app. Try it with a long 90-day money-back guarantee.
"Tight, bright, healthy, dewy & clear skin, a toned & contoured complexion."

4.3 / 5

Face & neck (extra attachment for lips & eyes)


NuFACE Trinity+ review at-home microcurrent device, tried & tested by

What is it?

The NuFACE Trinity+ is a small, hand-held FDA-cleared home microcurrent device which stimulates your facial tissues. It’s the updated model released in 2022/23 by NuFACE. Just like the previous Trinity model, it passes a teeny, painless electrical current in the microamps (μA) range, through your skin with the help of a conductive water-based gel. This tiny current is very similar to your body’s own bioelectricity and so your cells use it to create an energy molecule called ATP.

ATP is very important as it fuels pretty much all cell activities. In particular, your energised skin cells build more and stronger collagen and elastin, healing and refreshing the skin and muscle on your face and neck.

For some, microcurrent gives immediate (but temporary) results such as tightened skin, contoured cheeks and jawline, diminished pores, de-puffed eyes, and lifted brows and hooded eyes. For others, their results are much more subtle and develop after several more regular sessions. Other skin rejuvenation effects build gradually over a few months and are long-lasting with regular top-ups. You can learn even more about the science behind microcurrent anti-aging facials here.

The NuFACE Trinity+ emits microcurrent at frequencies of 0.5 to 30Hz. These different frequencies target different skin and tissue depth. Each routine uses a single frequency (which is known as pulsed monophasic microcurrent). There are 3x microcurrent intensities up to around the 400µA range and a boost button, which temporarily delivers 25% more microamps. The maximum current output is 425µA. Use the app via Bluetooth connection to choose routines with a different frequency and set this on your device. You must use an electro conductive gel, either the expensive NuFACE Activators or a cheaper alternative.
Therapeutic microcurrent with NuFACE Trinity+


Compared to the previous Trinity model, the Trinity+ has a fresh modern look, contactless charging, a higher maximum microamp current output with a microcurrent boost mode, more subtle user feedback haptics, and Bluetooth capability. Connect to My NuFACE app to unlock two new wave frequencies to set on your Trinity+. Now with three wave frequencies, the Trinity+ targets tissues at various depths, from the skin surface right down to the muscles. There’s more about this in the rest of the review.

First impressions

The Trinity+ kit comes in a sturdy, slightly chunky, white, rectangular cardboard box. It’s smooth, clean and modern, with a small transparent window on the front to showcase the Trinity+ device inside. Most of it is recyclable cardboard, minus the plastic window, tray, and a few small transparent plastic bags.

The Trinity+ packaging is sturdy, clean and professional. It’s mostly recyclable cardboard with a little plastic inside. I like how you can see the little Trinity+ device sleeping inside through the small transparent window!
Attractive & professional packing

The outside of the box has loads of helpful information printed in both English and French.

It explains the activators and ingredients, microcurrent benefits, the kit contents, the app, device attachments, and the new-fangled boost function. The contraindications, risks and warnings are on the back too, but you may need a magnifier to read this teeny text!

The box has lots of tidy and helpful info printed in English and French. The warnings and contraindications are on there too, but in teeny print, so it’s hard to read!
Lots of helpful info

Cut through the clear security tabs top and bottom of the box and slide off the outer information sleeve. Inside, the Trinity+ and charging cradle sit securely in a white plastic moulded tray. Use the thumb grab above and between the devices’s electrodes to remove this tray. Then, open the cardboard lid below. Underneath are the accessories, neatly packed into cardboard sections. It’s professional and precise, and I like the subtle messaging on the sides of the box saying ‘Have an uplifting day’.

Cut the security tabs top and bottom and slide off the sleeve to get to the kit inside. First, you see the Trinity+ device and charging cradle secure in a white plastic moulded tray. Note the thumb grab recess between the Trinity+ silver electrodes.
Slide off the info sleeve and say hello to your Trinity+!
Cut the security tabs top and bottom and slide off the sleeve to get to the kit inside. First, you see the Trinity+ device and charging cradle secure in a white plastic moulded tray. Note the thumb grab recess between the Trinity+ silver electrodes.
Slide off the info sleeve and say hello to your Trinity+!
In the Trinity+ microcurrent kit: Trinity+ device, Charging cradle, User manual, Power adaptor (with US plug), UK plug, EU plug, Aqua Gel (50ml), Silk Creme (15ml), Gel applicator brush.
The contents of your NuFACE Trinity+ kit…

What’s in the box:

  • Trinity+ device
  • Charging cradle
  • User manual
  • Power cable
  • Power adaptor (with US plug)
  • UK plug attachment
  • EU plug attachment 
  • Aqua Gel (50ml)
  • Silk Creme (15ml)
  • Gel applicator brush
  • Quick start guide

The box is a little chunky, and I think it’s too big to travel with. But it’s worth keeping to store the kit if you aren’t using it.

You can stand the device in the cradle between uses to remind you to use it. However, I much prefer clutter free surfaces. So, I like to keep it handy but hidden in my bedside drawer. Therefore, I’d love it if the kit included a fabric pouch to protect the electrodes from knocks, scratches and dust. But it’s easy to find something suitable for yourself, such as a padded cosmetic case large enough to keep all the kit together.

Quality & design

The NuFACE Trinity+ device is small, cute and curvy. It comes with the big-balls facial trainer electrode attachment.

The NuFACE Trinity+ device is simple, small and curvy, with big shiny electrode balls.
Small, cute and curvy little guy

The device gently curves inwards and has rounded sides. It’s widest at the base of the handle, which then tapers into the neck, and back out again to the electrodes.

The Trinity+ device shape gently curves inwards towards the electrodes and the corners are rounded. It’s 13cm tall with the electrodes attached, and 9cm without. The handle and electrodes are both 6cm at their widest, with the neck tapering into 5cm. And it’s heavier than I expect, weighing 201g (with the facial trainer attached) and feels balanced and very good to hold indeed.
He’s small, precisely curved and weighty!

The body is a slightly textured matt-white plastic with a simple silver trim and branding. There are neat controls on the front; two round buttons and three small indicator lights. It’s well made, with close joins, feels solid, robust, and is pleasant to hold. I think it’s got a bit of character too because the chrome-plated electrode balls at the top look like large reflective frog-eyes! Ribbit.

The Trinity+ device is simple white plastic with a silver trim. It’s made of quality materials and is solid and robust, with neat controls on the front. It comes with the Facial Trainer attachment with two large silver shiny electrode balls. They look like cute frog eyes on top of its head.
Simple & neat design
The large shiny silver electrode balls on the Trinity+ Facial Trainer attachment are chrome-plated. They send the microcurrent into your skin when both are touching your skin. You also need an electro-conductive gel.
Big shiny silver balls
It’s easy to change the attachments on the Trinity+. They’re held in place with magnets, so you simply pull them off. Place the attachment onto the handle and it snaps easily into place thanks to the magnets in the handle and in the attachment. There are three attachments. 1) Facial Trainer pictured here 2) ELE (Effective Lip & Eye) attachment and 3) Wrinkle Reducer attachment with amber, red and infrared LED light therapy.
Changing the attachments is easy!

It’s very simple to operate. Press the power button and the device turns on with a quick and quiet series of three ascending beeps. The device gently vibrates or hums to let you know it’s on. Press the power button again to cycle through the three intensity levels, shown by the three small white indicator lights above. 



You can’t turn off the beeps, but you can turn off the vibrating hum in the settings of My NuFACE app: 

1) Add your device

2) Access “Settings”

3) Select your Trinity+

4) Toggle the “Hum Enabled” setting on/off

For 25% more microcurrent on problem areas, press the top white button. You’ll feel the vibration is a little more intense to show that the boost is on. Press the boost button again to return to the standard intensities with the gentle vibration. 

Long-press the power button to turn off the device. You’ll hear a quick series of three descending beeps as you feel the vibrating stop, and see the indicator lights all light up, then turn out, one by one.

The Trinity+ turns itself off after 20 minutes of continuous use. 

Press the bottom power button to turn on the Trinity+. You’ll hear 3 ascending beeps and feel a gentle humming vibration. This lets you know the device is on. Press the power button again to cycle through the 3x intensities. The 3 small white indicator lights above the power button show your intensity level. Press the button above to turn on a temporary microcurrent boost (with a more intense vibrating hum). To turn off the device, long-press the power button. You hear a series of 3 descending beep as the lights turn off and the vibrating stops.
Just 2x buttons to control the Trinity+


Charging is easy. Connect the cradle to the mains cable and plug it in. Then, simply sit the Trinity+ inside the cradle. It cups it securely. Charging is contactless, so there’s nothing to line up like the older model. The cradle is quite heavy so not easily knocked over. And there’s a small nobble in the cradle’s base, which aligns to a tiny indent in the device’s base. This stops it sliding around in the cradle too.

The battery life is decent. It lasts for two weeks if using it five times a week, 5 minutes per session. So, if you do longer 15+ minute sessions, you’ll likely need to charge it every few sessions. NuFACE advises NOT to put the Trinity+ on charge in between uses. Instead, plug in the mains cable to the cradle only when it needs a charge. 

You get a heavy charging cradle, 115cm long flexible mains cable, and US, UK and EU interchangeable plugs to charge your Trinity+.
The charging bits in your Trinity+ kit.
To change to a UK or US plug attachment, slide the plug attachment over the retracted US prongs. Slide it off again to use the US plug.
It’s easy to swap to a UK or EU plug, and back again.
It takes 10 hours for a full Trinity+ charge. As it charges, the indicators light up white in sequence. All 3 lights are solid white when fully charged. You get 2 weeks of use if you do 5 minutes daily, or around 70 minutes of use in total. NuFACE recommends you charge your Trinity+ when you are down to ‘Low battery’ shown by one white light.
Decent battery life.


You can check your device battery level without the app. Do this with the Trinity+ turned off and hold down the power button. The battery level shows through the 3 white lights.

No lights = No battery power.

1 light flashing = Critical battery (there’s not enough to squeeze in a treatment). Charge your Trinity+ now.

1 solid light = Low battery. Charge your Trinity+ now.

2 lights solid = Medium battery.

3 lights solid = Full battery.

NuFACE Activators

The NuFACE kit comes with conductivity gels, so you have everything you need to get started. 

In the NuFACE Trinity+ kit you get a 50ml tube of the NuFACE Hydrating Aqua Gel (£35/$35 to buy again) and 15ml of the Firming & Brightening Silk Creme (which costs £50/$50 for a 50ml pot). Plus, you also get a soft and wide applicator brush to help keep your fingers clean during your treatments.
Try out the NuFACE activator gel & creme too.

You get a 50ml tube of the NuFACE Hydrating Aqua Gel which lasts up to 45 days and costs £35/$35. And there’s a small 15ml tester pot of the Firming & Brightening Silk Creme too. The Aqua Gel is the cheaper of the two activators. The Silk Creme contains extra and rather luxurious anti-ageing ingredients, so is a little more expensive (hence the smaller amount in the kit). It costs £50/$50 per 50ml. 

There’s enough to try both out and see which you prefer. Plus, you also get a soft and wide gel applicator brush to help keep your mitts clean.

My NuFACE app

Whichever device and model you have, My NuFACE app is an invaluable resource to learn the various routines using the video tutorials. It’s available for Android and iPhone.

Connect to the NuFACE app via Bluetooth. You can learn the routines with the easy, follow along video routines. The videos pause so you can apply your gel to the next treatment area. Choose the Pro Toning Facial or Skin Tightening Facial to use your Trinity+ with the other microcurrent frequencies. The app also shows you your battery charge remaining, and in the settings section you can turn the hum on/off. You also have the option to take before and after selfies!
The rather helpful My NuFACE app

Each video routine is easy to follow in the app. They have a clear voice over and time-boxed sections for each treatment area. The videos pause at the end of each area whilst you turn off your Trinity+ and apply gel to the next area. You then manually restart the video. It’s easy to master the actions and remember the sequence, so you quickly become less dependent on the follow-along videos.

Most routines use the default frequency of 8.3Hz. You can adjust the microcurrent amperage on your device from levels 1 to 3. And if you have the Trinity+ you can use your Boost mode too. 

However, if you have the Trinity+, the app is vital to access the full range of treatment frequencies on your device. You can select two additional routines, which, via bluetooth, change the microcurrent frequency output on your device to either 0.3Hz for the Pro Toning Facial or 30Hz for the Skin Tightening Facial. 

The glides and holds in the Pro Toning Facial are identical to the 15-Minute Lift-Facial routine, so there’s nothing new to learn here. The Skin Tightening Facial uses an easy free-form feathering motion over your skin. There’s more on these routines in the sections below.


TIP: NuFACE calls the Pro Toning Facial and Skin Tightening Facial app Exclusive treatments. However, they’re really Trinity+ and Mini+ exclusive too, because you can’t play these video tutorials without a Trinity+/Mini+ device connected via Bluetooth.

Here’s a table of the different treatments available to use with the Trinity+ on My NuFACE app.

Treatment Which device? Routine parameters Focus
Pro Toning Facial
(Glides & holds)
⌁ 0.3Hz

⏱ 11:54 mins
+ gel application

🎯 Deep muscle
Full face
Skin Tightening Facial
(Feathering action)
⌁ 30Hz

⏱ 5:00 mins
+ gel application

🎯 Skin epidermis
Forehead Cheeks
5-Minute Facial-Lift
⌁ 8.3Hz (default)

⏱ 6:18 mins
+ gel application

🎯 Muscle
Neck Full face
Advanced 15-Minute Facial-Lift
(Glides & holds)
⌁ 8.3Hz (default)

⏱ 11:54 mins
+ gel application

🎯 Muscle
Neck Full face
The Neck Lift
(Glides & holds)
⌁ 8.3Hz (default)

⏱ 4:42 mins
+ gel application

🎯 Muscle
Neck Jawline
Cheek Pop
(Glides & holds)
⌁ 8.3Hz (default)

⏱ 4:12 mins
+ gel application

🎯 Muscle
Cheeks Jawline Mouth
High Brow Trinity+ & ELE
Trinity & ELE
⌁ 8.3Hz (default)

Reduces microamp range: 53 to 192µA

⏱ 8:38 mins
+ gel application

🎯 Muscle
Forehead Brow Eyebrows Eyes
Focused Lip & Eye Treatment Trinity+ & ELE
Trinity & ELE
⌁ 8.3Hz (default)

Reduces microamp range: 53 to 192µA

⏱ 7:00 mins
+ gel application

🎯 Muscle
Lip Eyebrow Eyes
Wrinkle Reducer Facial Trinity+ & Wrinkle Reducer attachment
Trinity & Wrinkle Reducer attachment
Amber, red & Near Infrared LEDs

⏱ 21:00 mins

🎯 Down to dermis
Full face

The app has additional helpful functions too. You can set up treatment reminders, see your treatment history, and take before, half-face and after treatment selfies to compare in the app. You can also buy the NuFACE serums and activators.

Before you start

Before your first session, charge the device, read the user manual, do a skin sensitivity test, and download and connect to the app. You must set up a NuFACE account to do this. You can then watch the 5-Minute Facial Lift and Advanced 15-Minute Facial Lift routines to familiarise yourself with the glide and hold actions.

Read the NuFACE Trinity+ user manual & contraindications before use!
Check the contraindications closely!

The user manual is a quick and easy read with helpful diagrams. But the print is super small. It introduces the features and controls of the Trinity+, explains how to prepare, how to use the Trinity+, how to charge it, store it, troubleshooting, warranty and support. There’s also a helpful quick start guide on page 3, which shows a diagram of the face and neck gliding moves.

Pay close attention to the warnings, precautions, and contraindications listed on page 8 onwards.

You can learn more about microcurrent contraindications here. The key reasons you’re not suitable is if you’re pregnant, have cancer, epilepsy or suffer seizures, or have an electronic implanted device like a defibrillator, neurostimulator, pacemaker, or ECG monitor. If you’ve had recent Botox or fillers, consult your doctor too. Examine the user manual for anything else that applies to you before you start.

The user manual also explains the activator gel sensitivity test. Blob a dime or 20p size amount onto your forearm and rub it in. Leave for 15 to 30 mins before washing it off. If there’s no reaction, it’s safe to use.

The routines

To get set up, download My NuFACE app, create your account and login. Then, add your Trinity+ device following the instructions on the app. Once connected, you can access all the routines in the app.

Here’s what you need for your Trinity+ microcurrent sessions: Your Trinity+, an Activator (or any other conductive gel you like to use), the brush to keep your fingers clean, your connected app, and a mirror is helpful too when you’re just learning the routines.
Get your kit & get comfy

Most routines comprise a series of gliding and hold movements over your skin. The Skin Tightening Facial is a little different, but just as easy. 

We’ll look at the gliding and holding technique first.

Glide & hold technique

Work in sections from the bottom upwards. Do your neck, cheek and forehead on one side. Then, repeat on the other. Apply gel to one section at a time. The routine is a series of slow 5-second glides, followed by a sequence of 5 second lift and holds. Move to the next position when you hear the device beep.

Work in sections on your neck and face with the Trinity+ device. Start on one side of your face and do your neck, cheek and forehead in sequence. Then repeat the 3 sections on the other side. Avoid your eye area and the centre line of your neck (over your thyroid).
Divide your face and neck into 6 smaller sections.
Gliding is easy. Do slow glides from just off-centre, outwards to the side of your neck and cheeks, and to the top of your forehead to the hairline. The beeps come every 5 seconds and tell you when to move to the next position. There are three gliding positions per section. Do three reps of the glides in each section.
Slow 5 second gliding, 3 positions and 3x reps per section…

Follow the glides with a sequence of lifting holds in the same treatment area.

Place both the spheres against your skin and gently lift against the skin. Hold the device vertically or horizontally depending on the location. The beeps come every 5 seconds and tell you when to move to the next position. There are several hold positions in each section. Do one hold rep per section.
5 second lift & hold, several per section.

The Pro Toning Facial & Advanced 15-Minute Facial-Lift routines

Both these routines feature the same series of glides and hold movements on your neck, cheeks and forehead. But the app sets different frequencies on your Trinity+ for each. For the Advanced 15-Minute Facial-Lift, it’s the default frequency 8.3Hz to reach down through your dermis to your muscles. For the Pro Toning Facial, it’s 0.3Hz, which delivers the microcurrent even deeper throughout your muscles. 

First, cleanse your skin with an oil free cleanser and pat dry. 

In My NuFACE app, open the tutorial and click START TREATMENT.

The videos start with your left neck. Apply gel to it in a mask-like layer. Turn on your Trinity+ and treat.

First, apply your gel. Apply a mask-like layer of Activator gel a section at a time. Then do the glides & holds. Psst…You can use any conductive gel!
Apply gel in a mask-like layer…

Hold the device on its side and do horizontal glides from three off-centre starting positions along your neck. Start at your collarbone and slowly glide to the back of your neck. On the beep, move up a step to the middle of your neck and slowly glide to the back of your neck. On the next beep, move up and glide along under your jaw to the back of your neck. Repeat this another two times.

NECK GLIDES: Do slow glides from off-centre to the back of your neck. 1. Along your collarbone 2. Middle of your neck, and 3. Under your jaw. Move to the next position on the beep. Do 3 reps of glides in this treatment area.
3x reps of slow neck glides…

Then, hold and gently lift the spheres against your skin in various positions from the centre to the back of your neck. Start along your collarbone, moving on the beeps into 4 vertical hold positions. Next, repeat a step up along the middle of your neck. And then, turn the device horizontal and do 3 holds underneath and along your jawline.

NECK LIFT & HOLDS: Do the lift and hold moves. Do 4x vertical holds starting off-centre along your collarbone to the back of your neck. Then, move a step up and do 4x holds along the middle of your neck to the back. Then, turn the device horizontal and do 3x holds from under your chin and along the underside of your jaw. You can hold for 2 beeps if you like!
3 rows of holding lifts on your neck

When you’re done, turn off your Trinity+ and move onto the next section.


TIP: The gel stays wet on your skin for longer than it takes to complete all the glides and holds. So, if you have the time, you can repeat the moves until the gel dries for extra microcurrent love!

Next, do your left cheek. First, apply gel in a mask-like layer. Then turn on your Trinity+ and treat.

Hold the device on its side and do horizontal glides from three starting positions along your jaw and cheek. Start at your chin and slowly glide along your jaw to the bottom of your ear. On the beep, glide from your mouth to the middle of your ear. On the next beep, glide around the rim of your orbital bone to the top of your ear. Repeat this another two times.

CHEEK GLIDES: Do slow glides from off-centre to your ear. 1. Along your jawbone from your mouth 2. Mid cheek from the side of your mouth to the middle of your ear, and 3. Your upper cheek and around your orbital bone to the top of your ear. Move to the next position on the beep. Do 3 reps of glides in this treatment area.
3x reps of slow cheek glides…

Then, follow with several hold and lift positions around your cheek. Start from your chin and along your jaw bone, moving on the beeps into 3 vertical positions. Next, repeat along your mid cheek from the side of your mouth in 3 vertical holds. And then, turn the device horizontal and do 3 holds underneath and along your cheekbone.

CHEEK LIFT & HOLDS: Do the lift and hold moves on your cheek. Do 3x horizontal holds, starting close to your mouth and along your jaw bone. Then, turn the device vertical and do 3x holds from the side of your mouth along your mid cheek. Then, turn the device horizontal again, and do 3x holds underneath and around your cheekbone. You can hold for 2 beeps if you like!
3 rows of holding lifts on your cheek

When you’re done, turn off your Trinity+ and move onto the next section.

Next, do your left forehead. First, apply gel in a mask-like layer. Then turn on your Trinity+ and treat.

Do vertical glides from three starting positions up your forehead. Start at the thick of your brow and slowly glide up to your hairline. On the beep, glide from the arch of your brow to your hairline. On the next beep, glide from the tail of your brow up to your hairline. Repeat this another two times.

Apply gel, then slow glides up your forehead to your hairline starting off-centre. 1. From the thick of your brow 2. From the arch of your brow, and 3. The tail of your brow. Move to the next position on the beep. Do 3 reps of glides in this treatment area.
3x reps of slow forehead glides…

Then, follow with 4 horizontal hold and lift positions on your forehead. Start above the thick of your brow. On the beep, move one step up. On the next beep, lift and hold above the arch of the brow, then move to the step above.

FOREHEAD LIFT & HOLDS: Do the lift and hold moves on your forehead. There are 4x horizontal holds. 1. The first is above the thick of your brow. 2. The second a step above that. 3. Then above the arch of your brow. 4. And then a step above that. You can hold for 2 beeps if you like!
4x horizontal holding lifts on your forehead

And that’s one half of your face done. Turn off your Trinity+ and repeat on the other side of your neck and face.


TIP: The 5-Minute Facial-Lift routine has only the glide movements from this full routine. The Neck Lift and Cheek Pop routines are cutdown segments from this full routine. They focus on the glides and holds for the neck and cheek areas. All three routines deliver 8.3 Hz microcurrent from the Trinity+.

5-MINUTE FACIAL-LIFT is only the gliding moves from the full routine. Do slow glides from 3 starting positions in each section. Start from off-centre and glide outwards or upwards. Move to the next position when you hear the beep. Do 3 reps per section. 
5 (ish) minutes of slow glides

Skin Tightening Facial routine

This is a free-form routine. Apply gel to one section at a time. Use a free circular or back and forth gentle feathering motion on your skin. Treat your left and right cheek and chin for 2 minutes each, then your forehead for 1 minute. Try to cover every bit of skin with the electrode spheres. The app sets the microcurrent frequency to 30Hz to target your surface skin (epidermis).

The Skin Tightening Facial Routine is a gentle feathering over your cheeks and forehead. Do small circles or a back-and-forth motion. Start with your left cheek for 2 minutes, then your right, then your forehead for 1 minute. Cover every bit of skin in the section. NuFACE recommends you do this routine as the last step, layered over another routine.
Pleasant and pampering feathering massage.

What’s it like?

First, the Trinity+ device. The cordless shape is very comfortable to hold, and the balanced weight feels good to manoeuvre around your face. The device fits neatly in your palm and it’s intuitive to swap from horizontal to vertical grips in one hand as you work.

The NuFACE Trinity+ is comfy to hold, balanced & intuitive to manoeuvre around your face and neck. The controls are simple to use and reach, and it gives helpful but unobtrusive feedback with subtle tones and a soft, vibrating hum. The routines are easy to follow and learn. You can read, watch TV or listen to music or podcasts as you use it. It’s easy to charge and has a decent battery life.
The NuFACE Trinity+ is easy to use.
The Trinity+ microcurrent device is intuitive to hold and manoeuvre around your face in different grips while resting in your palm. You can hold it with your fingers on the sides or on the back with your thumb resting on the front.
Intuitive easy-to-swap grips as you work around your face.

The large electrodes stay in contact with your skin at all angles, and it’s easy to see where you’re placing them. The power and boost buttons are within easy reach or right below your fingers, depending on your grip. But they’re also slightly curved into the body, so you can’t accidentally press them mid treatment.

The controls on the Trinity+ device are right under your fingers and easy to find, and because they’re slightly recessed into the body, you won’t press them by accident.
Easy-reach, clever button design & placement

The 5-second tones are just loud enough for you to hear, so irritate no one else in the room. I have no complaints from my partner, anyway. That’s a welcome improvement from the previous model. 

I think the vibrating hum (which tells you the Trinity+ is on) is a good idea for users new to NuFACE. That’s because there’s no sensation from the microcurrent, so this soft feedback haptic is reassuring. But, for me and perhaps others already used to NuFACE devices, it is a little annoying. So, it’s good that you can turn it off in the app settings. However, this doesn’t stop the slightly more earnest vibrating hum when you turn on boost mode.

To turn off the vibrating hum on your Trinity+ device, go to settings in your app ⚙️, then toggle on/off the option called ‘ Hum enabled’.
Turns off the hum (but not in boost mode).

It’s also easier to charge this Trinity+ versus the previous model. That’s because the previous Trinity model has fiddly charging contacts you must line-up in the cradle. And it’s easy to knock them out of alignment with the smallest jolt. But the Trinity+ uses contactless charging in a weighted charging cradle. It securely cups the device so it won’t budge, even if knocked. It’s much safer and sturdier to store the device in between uses. Pop the mains cable in the back whenever it needs a charge, then remove it once done.

However, the battery life of the Trinity+ is shorter. You get 2 weeks’ worth of 5 minute treatments versus 2 weeks of 20 minute treatments with the previous model. The difference is down to the extra energy needed for the bluetooth connection with the app. So, you must charge it more frequently. It’s handy then that after each session, you can easily check the remaining charge either via the app or by using the controls on the device.

Next, the routines are easy. 

The app videos break down the moves into bite-sized sections. The stop-start gel application is a little faffy, but that aside it’s very easy to follow and takes just a few goes to learn the technique and sequence. A mirror is helpful to begin, but once you’ve mastered them, it’s easy to feel your way. You need just a little concentration, so you can read, watch TV, or listen to music or podcasts as you go. 


TIP: You need the app to access the different treatment frequencies. But the app doesn’t turn off the microcurrent on your Trinity+ or Mini+ device. It keeps going at the set frequency until you manually turn it off. Or, after 20 minutes of continuous use, it auto shuts off. So, if you like, you can treat each area for longer than the videos show.

However, I find the voiceover and background music with the videos very annoying and repetitive. And especially so if you want to read or watch TV at the same time.

Luckily, you can simply mute the video. Start the treatment and use the visual segments as a prompt if you need. Or just set off on auto pilot! I do the glides and holds from memory, and then repeat it all until the gel dries out. This means the video segment usually finishes before me. But the app recognises when I turn off my Trinity+ to apply gel to the next area. So it starts the next video segment when I turn my Trinity+ back on.

It’s up to you which routines you do. I like that if you’re short on time, you can opt for the 5 (ish)-Minute or Skin Tightening facials. Or if you have more time, do the Advanced 15-Minute or Pro Toning Facial routines. NuFACE suggests you can layer your treatments too, choosing to do two or more in succession. And I like the idea of alternating days with the 15-Minute and Pro Toning facials, each followed by the Skin Tightening routine. That way, you’re hitting all depths of your skin every couple of days for fast and thorough results. 

However, the NuFACE activators don’t lend themselves well to this approach. That’s because you must make a second application of gel for any subsequent layered routines. And this overloads the skin. Especially if you’ll apply make-up afterwards. So, to avoid this, I use a simple tap water spray to re-wet the skin a section at a time. The light feathering action of the Skin Tightening routine massages the moistened activator back into my skin with no pilling or clumps.

You could opt for a cheaper ultrasound or electro conductive gel you can simply wipe off and reapply as needed. Learn more about this here.

Both the NuFACE activators are leave-on formulas with nourishing, serum-like ingredients. I like the push-down pot design and the wide, soft brush. They make it very easy to apply the gel a section at a time, with no mess or sticky fingers. The Aqua Gel feels fresh and hydrating, whereas the Silk Creme has a rich, lotion-like consistency that’s feels protective, nourishing and anti-ageing.

The NuFACE Activators contain nourishing, serum-like ingredients and they are leave-on formulas. They are cool and smooth on your skin and with mess free application (thanks to the push-down pot dispenser and the large flat applicator brush). They stay wet long enough to do one treatment section at a time, but you can re-wet them with a water or cooling spritz (or a facial toner or NuFACE’s spray mist).
The activators do a good job and nourish your skin

Both activators glide on cool and smooth, and the electrodes slip easily over your skin. NuFACE says a single push of the activator pot is enough gloop for one treatment section. This is true for me on the neck and cheek, where it stays wet long enough to do all the glides and holds. But it’s far too much for my forehead, where a half push does the trick. And if my skin is still wet after I’ve finished that video segment, I continue with more glides until it all soaks in. 


TIP: If your skin drinks in the moisture and the activators don’t stay wet long enough, you needn’t apply more! As mentioned above, you can simply spritz your skin with highly conductive tap water to re-wet it and continue. Or, you can try NuFACE’s rather pricey Facial Mist spray if you fancy.

What does it feel like?

The glides feel soothing, and the treatment is pampering. I feel no sensation from the microcurrent. And I feel no difference between the Advanced 15-Minute or 5-Minute facial (at 8.3Hz) compared to the Pro Toning facial (at 0.3Hz). And no difference again, whatever the intensity, or with the boost mode on or off. 

However, there is a sharp, zingy sensation over spots and blemishes, which is a little shocking until you get used to it. It also makes my vision ‘wobble’ or pulse with the device close to my eyes! And I can sometimes feel a twitch or two with the electrodes towards the back of my neck, probably where there isn’t enough gel. But it doesn’t last or hurt at all.

The NuFACE Trinity+ feels pampering, with soothing glides. There’s sometimes a slight metallic taste around the mouth, and a twitching or pulling sensation when it’s close to your hairline, and it feels zingy over spots & blemishes! It leaves your skin slightly pink from the stimulation, smooth and fresh, but with no nasty skin reactions. And the Activators leave your skin beautifully hydrated and firm.
It feels rather splendid.

There is also a slightly metallic taste when the electrode spheres are around my mouth area. It’s more pronounced on boost mode and level 3. It’s the same on my forehead using higher microamps, where I feel a weird but not uncomfortable, hair pulling sensation. It’s all totally bearable and only lasts as long as I’m in that treatment area.

After each session, my skin feels gorgeous because the Activators leave it feeling firm and moisturised. The Aqua Gel has a cool, hydrated and fresh feeling. It feels a little tacky after it’s first absorbed, so it’s best to wait around 10 minutes more for that to fade before applying further products or makeup. 

The Silk Creme feels much richer and, well, silky. However, if I apply too much, it pills and clumps on my skin. A single pump per section sometimes overloads my skin, and is no good as a base for make-up. So, I apply a little less. It takes trial and error to find just the right amount for your skin.

The sessions leave my skin looking a little pink because of the microcurrent stimulation and massage from the electrodes. But there are no nasty skin reactions. However, some users report headaches during and after use. To avoid this, drink plenty of water beforehand. It also makes the microcurrent more efficient in your skin!

Schedule, effort & results

Do 5 sessions per week for 60 days with your Trinity+.

The Trinity+ treatment schedule; Do 5 sessions per week for 60 days. Each session takes a minimum of 10 minutes to complete the 5-Minute Facial-Lift. If you have the time, do the longer routines, or layer several routines to get your best and fastest results. Some people see an immediate and visible skin lifting and contouring effect. But it’s after 2 months of consistent use you’ll see your best results. Keep going for further improvement or switch to less regular top-ups 2 or 3 times per week to maintain your results.
When to use the NuFACE Trinity+

You must do at least the 5-Minute Facial-Lift (which really takes around 10 minutes to apply the gel too). However, the 15-Minute Advanced Facial feeds your skin more microcurrent love, so you’ll see faster and better results with that. Swap this for the Pro Toning Facial once or twice per week. Or alternate almost daily between the two. And don’t forget the Skin Tightening Facial too. If you have time, add this as the last step of your session.

So, you’ll see better results the more and longer you can dedicate to your sessions!

After this intense start-up schedule, you can reduce your session down to 2 or 3 per week. This keeps your ATP levels topped up and maintains your results. However, you can continue with 5 sessions per week if you want to see continued improvement. 

Advertised results

From each session, you may see an immediate de-puffing, and/or lifting effect around your jaw, cheeks, and brows. I’ve seen several user photos of this in forums and it’s very encouraging. But this doesn’t happen to me. 

When you first use the Trinity+, any immediate results you see last a matter of hours. But after several weeks of use, the lift and ‘pop’ lasts longer between sessions. NuFace says the effect of one session lasts between 1 to 3 days.

Aside from this immediate lifting, other rejuvenation occurs in your skin as your ATP levels increase, and your collagen and other tissues rebuild. You may feel smoother and more hydrated skin within weeks. But it takes around 60 days to see tighter, fuller and fresh-looking skin, wide-awake lifted eyes and brows, fuller lips, smaller pores and softened wrinkles. Mild to moderate sagging of your neck, jawline and jowls, can smooth and lift too.

Results from the NuFACE Trinity+ are: ✔️Plumps & hydrates ✔️De-puffs & refines pores ✔️Smooths fine lines & wrinkles ✔️Lifts & contours neck, jaw, mouth, cheeks, eyebrows & eyes ✔️Tight, firm, smooth & glowing skin. Results vary by individual and can range from subtle to significant.
Results from 60+ days of the NuFACE Trinity+ microcurrent

More is best with at-home microcurrent. So, you can stick with almost daily sessions if you have the time and motivation. 

Results vary by individual. You may see all these improvements, or just a few, and they vary in impact too. Use the selfie tracker in the NuFACE App so you can monitor changes and see your progress. 

The NuFACE Trinity+ negatives

The Trinity+ has a few cons to consider.

First, there are some minor issues with My NuFACE App. On your first view, it takes a while for each video segment to load. So, to avoid annoying breaks during your first treatment, play each video entirely one time before using your Trinity+. This way, they’ll preload and be ready for your first routine, plus you’ll know what to expect.  

Also, the background music and voiceover eventually get annoying after much repetition. So, it’s handy you can mute them on the app. However, the app doesn’t remember this preference as you move from one treatment section to the next. Therefore, you must keep muting each video segment until you’re done. This is frustrating, especially if you’re using your phone to listen to music or podcasts at the same time. But if you’re watching your TV, you can simply turn down the volume on your phone.

I’ve noticed a few other app quirks, too. For example, when I open it, I periodically get the ‘charge your Trinity’ notification in the app even though I have over 50% power remaining. And several times it tries to take me through the initial setup welcome screens, despite being logged in and connected to my Trinity+ already. It’s also very insistent I should enable notifications! But aside from that, I’ve had no problems connecting it with my Trinity+, which is always a worry with app controlled technology.

Next, the battery life is slightly worse than the previous model because it needs extra power for Bluetooth. So, if you’re upgrading from the Trinity, don’t get caught out. Always check the power remaining at the end of your sessions and charge it if needed. Also, the charging cradle is a little outdated compared to rival devices with simple USB cables. Plus, the cradle is rather bulky to carry around, especially if you travel regularly. 

Then there’re the Activators. They dry out relatively quickly, so you can’t apply it to all sections in one go and then do a non-stop treatment. It’s annoying to stop/start my routine to apply it in small sections. But you soon get used to the rhythm of it. 

I also don’t like the chunky plastic pots, and that you can’t tell what’s left inside. I’d much prefer pots made of eco-friendly glass or aluminium. They’re also very expensive, the price being close to some premium skincare products. So, if you like them, I recommend buying the better value bigger bottles

However, many NuFACE users want alternative gels. Be it because they’re expensive, they have skin reactions, want to continue with their own skincare regimen, or simply don’t like them. In these cases, a cheaper, hypoallergenic wipe-off formula is a better choice. If this is you, check out this article about effective alternatives.



NuFACE says you need their activators specifically to get the microcurrent down to your muscles. However, the purpose of a conductive gel, or lotion, is to overcome the electrical resistance at your skin’s surface. Once it passes through the dry outer skin layers, it flows freely throughout the lower moist and ion-rich skin tissues. So, ANY water-based conductive or ultrasound gel does the same job, and allows just as much microcurrent to flow down to your muscles.

Next, I think the boost function is a marketing gimmick. First, because some people prefer the lower intensity levels as they feel more comfortable. Therefore, this boost function is not much use to them, anyway. And second, if a 25% boost of microamps is more effective, why not simply add an extra intensity level instead? That way, you could use it all the time, and without the annoying hum and an extra button to press at the start of each treatment section. It makes little sense to me.

And it’s all rather expensive. The Trinity+ device itself is pricey. But it does come with a long 90-day money-back guarantee. However, if you want improved, targeted microcurrent results for eyes and lips, you’ll need to invest in the targeted ELE attachment too.

And note, if you’re upgrading to the Trinity+ the old Trinity attachments don’t work with the Trinity+ device. That’s because the Trinity+ uses magnets to secure the attachments. The new magnetic ELE attachment costs an additional £157/$160.

You can also opt for the LED attachment, which is the same cost again. This speeds up and improves your results when combined with the Trinity+ routines. But, as well as cost, it all adds up to more daily treatment time…

Finally, you must commit at least 10 or 15 minutes almost daily. More if you use the ELE and LED attachments too. So, if you lack time or motivation, or both, it may not be the device for you. But if you can commit, it’s very pleasant and quickly becomes a habit where it easily fits into your daily routine, such as when relaxing while watching TV.


TIP: To remember to use your Trinity+, sit it in the cradle in your eyeline in the room you are most likely to use it in. Perhaps next to the TV, on your bedside table, on your desk, or even on the kitchen counter! Use it at a consistent time of day so it becomes a habit. You can set a reminder with My NuFACE app.

NuFACE Trinity+ Review Summary

I love the fresh, tight, smooth, dewy & healthy skin results from at-home microcurrent. And the Trinity+ is an easy & pleasant way to get these results. You need My NuFACE app to access all the frequencies. And spending more time is better. So, you must love & commit to the almost daily pampering sessions to see results around 60 days in. It’s expensive, but you get a long 90-day money-back guarantee to test it & see if it’s the perfect match for you.

This upgraded, pampering Trinity+ at-home microcurrent device gives all your skin layers & muscles a youthful boost with daily TLC. Try it with a long 90-day money-back guarantee.

Here’s a summary of my test scores, and pros and cons for NuFACE Trinity+ to help you decide:

Ease of use


Very easy & pampering to use. Requires a conductive gel & app. Do a sequence of simple, slow glides and holds over your neck and face. Learn the moves with follow-along app video routines. App also sets different frequencies which target different skin depths. Use anytime, read or watch TV too. Zingy over spots, but no pain or nasty skin reactions.



It’s a commitment! Minimum 10 ish mins per day, 5 days a week for 60 days. Plus more for ELE & LED attachments. Longer sessions & stacked routines give better & faster results. Continue if you like (more is best) or switch to 2 or 3 sessions a week to maintain your results.



Some see an immediate lifting/contouring effect. For others, skin slowly rejuvenates as collagen rebuilds & refreshes. Feel smoother, hydrated skin after each session, see best & long-lasting results after 60 days. They get even better with long-term use, or fade if you stop. Firms, tightens, lifts, smooths, & hydrates for a healthy, younger-looking appearance.


  • Robust quality

  • Decent battery life

  • Comfy & intuitive design

  • Helpful follow-along app videos

  • Easy-to-remember routines

  • Painless, pleasant & pampering

  • 3x frequencies target different skin depths

  • Nourishing leave-on NuFACE activator gels

  • Lower cost activator/gels work just as well

  • Long 90-day money-back guarantee

  • Clinically proven, UKCA & CE certified

  • FDA-cleared


  • Expensive
  • Ongoing daily time and effort
  • Very expensive NuFACE activator gels
  • Gels dry out, so you must apply in sections
  • Not everyone sees immediate or long-term skin-lifting results
  • More cost for the ELE & LED attachements
  • You need buy ELE attachment for best results on your eye & lip area
  • LED attachment treats a tiny area so is time consuming
  • Can’t change the microcurrent frequency without the app
  • It can leave a metallic taste in your mouth
  • Boost is gimmicky (it’s just another intensity level)

NuFACE Trinity+ deals

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