LYMA Skincare review; is this epigenetic serum & cream worth it?

A quick summary…

by | September 17, 2023

This serum & cream combo is jam-packed with a precise mix of active cosmetic ingredients to nourish, hydrate & protect. But some ingredients also have scientific links to controlling our genes & restoring DNA. This epigenetic formula could boost cellular energy, support healthier mitochondria & proteins, and give faster cell renewal. Just like in young skin. LYMA says you’ll see transformative results after just 30 days. But is it really extraordinary or simply marketing hype? Keep reading to learn more.
"Hydrate, smooth, firm, plump, brighten & fade redness."

4.2 / 5

Face, neck & other areas


LYMA Skin epigenetic serum & cream tried & tested by

What is it?

LYMA Skincare is a self proclaimed new category of super-expensive skincare with a first-time cost of £495 / $595 / €565 for 50ml each of serum and cream. This includes the fancy LYMA beaten copper canisters. Each subsequent monthly refill supply of 50ml serum and cream then costs £445 / $545 / €545.

LYMA Skin is a 30-day combo-kit of serum and cream. Your first purchase is at £495 / $595 / €565 (which includes the beaten copper canisters). Each refill then costs £445 / $545 / €545. You can subscribe for a minimum of 3 months and save 20% off this cost.
LYMA Skincare 30-day supply


Now, I don’t like marketing guff. So, here’s my summary of the LYMA Skincare offering, with all that fluffy-stuff removed…

My no-fluff summary

You buy both the serum and cream in a 30-day combo-kit. They work together, so they replace your existing potions. If you like them, you can subscribe for monthly delivery and save 20%. 

Onto what’s special about LYMA Skincare…

First up, the serum and cream are jam-packed with active ingredients. It’s an impressive array of industry-approved superstars and goodies. LYMA selects several patented peptides and active ingredient-combos with swanky sounding names. But you can also see the official and much nerdier INCI names listed on the packaging. And you can check them out here too; serum INCI ingredients and the cream INIC ingredients too.

LYMA Skin has oodles of active ingredients inside (LYMA says 4x more than conventional skincare). There's a broad selection of active ingredients to stimulate, calm, nourish & protect all at proven doses and safe concentrations. so you can be sure they're a match for all skin types.
Loads of skincare goodies safe for all skin types

Second, you’re definitely getting enough of each ingredient to have a noticeable effect. LYMA says 80% of their total ingredients are active and 20% is water. You can reverse that in conventional skincare products, where most of it (80%) is good old water, with just 20% active ingredients. Also, LYMA’s ingredients are at proven effective doses, whilst still at safe concentrations for sensitive skin. They work harder together and match all skin types and tolerances. 

Next, LYMA’s anti-ageing approach is different. Most conventional skin care focuses on fixing the signs of ageing, such as smoothing wrinkles, fine lines, fading dark spots, boosting radiance, firmness, elasticity, hydration, and plumping. These products moisturise your skin and feel good, but you lose the benefits once you wash it off. 

Not so with LYMA Skincare.

LYMA says their ingredients reach every layer of skin, not just the protective outer layer. This is thanks to their “patented sub-cuticle delivery system”. There’s not much information about this. But it supposedly goes beyond the dead surface layer of skin and targets the living cells in the dermis. These are inaccessible to conventional formulas.

The ingreedients in LYMA Skin reach all skin layers, and works on your living cells to give you better circulation, elasticity, energy, epigenetic control, hydration, immunity, microbiology (which is helpful bacteria in our skin), and reduces cellular Senescence (which are ‘zombie’ like cells which harm our healthy cells).
Epigenetic effects of LYMA Skincare

And because the active ingredients reach every layer, LYMA Skincare can focus on the underlying causes, and not just the visual effects, of ageing. The eight causes of skin ageing according to LYMA are a decline in circulation, elasticity, energy, epigenetic control, hydration, immunity, microbiology, and an increase in cellular senescence. They then match and explain their carefully selected ingredients against the eight causes of ageing. 

I rather like this angle. It’s an interesting, scientific and informative approach to explain what your skin needs to stay healthy and young. 

LYMA says they can do this because they’ve developed an ‘epigenetic breakthrough’ with their skincare. This refers to our DNA and genes.

Inside the nucleus of every cell in our body, you’ll find our DNA. It’s made of thousands of smaller connecting chains called genes, all coiled up into chromosomes. Of the estimated 100,000 human genes, we’ve identified about 6,000 genes of known function and positioned them on the human chromosome map.
Our DNA is made of genes. It’s organised into chromosomes and is in every cell inside our body


Epigenetics are external modifications to DNA that turn genes on or off in all our cells. The DNA stays the same, but these modifications affect how cells read genes. Two major examples of epigenetic mechanisms are DNA methylation and histone modification. Key things which affect these mechanisms are:

  • Development (in the womb, childhood, puberty etc)

  • Environmental chemicals

  • Drugs/Pharmaceuticals

  • Ageing

  • Diet

Methyl groups attach to DNA turning genes on or off (DNA Methylation). Ageing cells have fewer available methyl groups. Histone is a protein which DNA wraps around to stay compact. Compact organisation regulates access to the genes, whereas loose histone means less control because the genes are exposed.
DNA Methylation & histone modification are key epigenetic controls inside our cells. These change as we age.

LYMA explains…

“Epigenetic skincare is the development of face creams and serum formulations able to tweak gene expression to our benefit – skincare ingredients that can counteract undesirable increases or decreases in cell activity by turning certain genes up or down like a handy control dial or dimmer switch.”

Epigenetic Skincare Can Talk to Our DNA –

So, the idea is the active ingredients in their formulations can work in our cells at a genetic level. Specifically on our DNA, to modulate our gene expression, which changes how our cells behave. These tweaks deliver supercharged cellular energy, healthier mitochondria, and faster cell renewal. Just like in young skin. And this reverses and prevents ageing, for skin that’s super healthy and strong.

This isn’t a new concept. Big brands such as Estee Lauder and Caudalie previously developed and patented clever epigenetic ingredients. Their labs studied ageing skin and identified enzymes and processes that affect our gene expression. Then they found and added natural molecules, with comparable epigenetic effects, to their skincare line.

But LYMA takes a different approach. 

They selected cosmetic ingredients already showing promise in alternative scientific areas. And yup, you’ve guessed it. They have links to boosting cellular health, protection, regeneration, and growth by directly or indirectly influencing gene expression (aka epigenetics). 

But because these are cosmetic ingredients, legislation dictates LYMA must be careful not to make drug-like claims. So, they dub their science ‘Genolytic™ technology’ and avoid spelling out the epigenetic detail. Instead, they link their special ingredients with the results evidenced in the related supporting studies. But you must read each individual study to understand the underlying epigenetic process and effect. 

LYMA’s Genolytic™ technology in summary

LYMA Skin has several approved cosmetic ingredients that are studied by scientists elsewhere & demonstrate epigenetic effects.
LYMA’s Genolytic™ technology

There’s a heap of information to digest and tie-up to the related studies. So, here’s a helpful summary of LYMA’s eight causes of ageing. Following that, you’ll find the related star ingredients, their official cosmetic INCI names and categories, and LYMA’s Genolytic™ results (with links to the supporting studies).


DNA methylation plays a crucial role in controlling gene expression. It influences which genes the transcriptional machinery can access, or read.

It’s when molecules called methyl groups attach to our DNA genes. High levels of DNA methylation at a particular gene lead to gene silencing or reduced gene expression. Decreased methylation levels lead to increased gene activation and expression. Ageing means we have fewer available methyl groups, which therefore reduces our genetic control. It’s thought that increasing our ‘methyl-juice’ improves cell health by restoring epigenetic control.

Genencare® Natural Betaine

INCI: Betaine (Moisturiser)

Genolytic results: Stops & reverses the skin ageing process, keeps youthful genes active, has a profound restorative effect.

📖 Read the study

Betaine is LYMA’s only openly direct epigenetic ingredient. This study shows the effects on the brains of mice treated to mimic the neurological conditions of Multiple Sclerosis. They gave the mice betaine supplement in water to aid DNA Methylation and restore epigenetic control in brain cells. It’s promising stuff, but is far removed from applying betaine directly to human skin in a lotion.

Other studies explore the effects of betaine on DNA methylation too. These focus on its role in cellular metabolism and how it affects disease, rather than on the skin’s epigenetic regulation. I can’t find any direct scientific evidence to suggest that topical application of betaine directly aids DNA methylation in the skin. So, it may or not work as claimed.


Senescent cells are redundant cells which should die off but don’t. They’re harmful because they release inflammatory chemicals. These break down proteins like collagen and elastin, and impair and slow down other cells. Senescence increases with age.

Senolytic actives reduce cellular senescence and kill existing senescent cells. They reduce inflammation and protect collagen & elastin in your ECM for better elasticity & fewer wrinkles.


INCI: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Undaria Pinnatifida Extract (Antioxidant, soothing)

Genolytic results: A macroalgae extract that protects skin from mitochondrial free radicals. This reduces oxidative stress and prevents the premature ageing of skin cells.

📖 No reference study given (so here’s the manufacturer link)


INCI: Lecithin, Quercetin (Antioxidant, soothing)

Genolytic results: Polyphenols (from plant foods) such as Quercetin reduce cell senescence.

📖 Read the study

The studies referenced in this report range from human drug trials and tests affecting age-related diabetic kidney disease, supplements in mice for spinal disc degeneration, and tests in tubes or petri dishes on human dermal fibroblasts and epidermal cells.


INCI: Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Extract (Skin conditioning & protecting)

Genolytic results: Reduces senescence-associated β-galactosidase in dermal fibroblasts to reduce senescence.

📖 Read the study

This test tube or petri dish study observed molecular changes in aged human dermal fibroblasts treated with samples of Streptococcus bacteria culture (which secrete spermidine).

Wheat germ extract is a rich source of spermidine and is studied in health foods and oral supplements. However, there are no studies showing whether skin cells can use this source of spermidine in the way this study describes.

Procyanadin C1

INCI: Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle) seed oil (Emollient)

Genolytic results: Polyphenols (from plant foods) such as Milk Thistle are senolytic agents which eliminate senescent cells.

📖 Read the study

This test tube or petri dish study observed molecular changes when an extract of the flower of S. marianum was applied to young and senescent human dermal fibroblasts.


Ageing skin has reduced immune competence, and fewer anti-inflammatory cells. So, there’s less protection against pro-inflammatory cells that degrade structural proteins.

These ingredients give healthy, firmer more elastic skin and wrinkle prevention.

Wellmune® Hydrolysed Beta Glucans

INCI: Yeast Beta glucans (Viscosity controlling)

Genolytic results: An Immunomodulator with an anti-inflammatory effect to protect & rebuild collagen & elastin.

📖 Read the study

This review first addresses the molecular mechanism of immunomodulatory action by β‐glucans, and then it reviews human studies with high quality dietary supplementation of β‐glucans (including Wellmune). No studies exist of topical application to skin.


INCI: Palmitamide Mea (Viscosity controlling)

Genolytic results: Helps reverse the skin’s immunological dysfunction.

📖 No reference study given

LYMA doesn’t give a study reference, but Palmitamide Mea or palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is studied as a dietary supplement and topical creams, both with anti-inflammatory and protective properties.


Cellular respiration is a process in our cell power generators (called mitochondria) to create energy. Ageing skin has slower cell mitochondria because of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) buildup during cellular respiration. ROS damages the mitochondria, reducing their energy producing capacity.


INCI: Ergothioneine (Antioxidant)

Genolytic results: Protects mitochondria DNA from oxidative damage from ROS.

📖 Read the study

This test tube or petri dish lab study observes the effect of l-ergothioneine on skin cells with UV-induced damage.

Genencare® Natural Betaine

INCI: Betaine (Moisturiser)

Genolytic results: Supports mitochondrial health & viability.

📖 Read the study

This is the same study discussed earlier of the effects on the brains of mice treated to mimic the neurological conditions of Multiple Sclerosis. The mice were given betaine supplement in water to aid DNA Methylation, restore epigenetic control and support mitochondria in brain cells. No study shows if topical betaine works in the same way in skin cells.


INCI: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Undaria Pinnatifida Extract (Antioxidant, soothing)

Genolytic results: Reduces mitochondrial free radicals & preserves mitochondrial DNA.

📖 No reference study given (so here’s the manufacturer link).


Skin’s micro-capillary circulation deteriorates as we age. Therefore, we have reduced blood flow, so less cellular oxygen, nutrients and detoxification. Skin is less healthy and looks drier, dull and less elastic.

These ingredients work to give us healthier, firmer, more elastic skin through improved circulation.


INCI: Lecithin, Quercetin (Antioxidant, soothing)

Genolytic results: Improves your skin’s microcapillary system for better blood flow, and so oxygen & nutrient supply to your cells, and cell detoxification.

📖 Read the study

This review discusses endothelial dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases and the various protective properties of dietary Quercetin.


As we age, the Extracellular Matrix (ECM) in our skin dermis becomes thinner and drier. That’s because we produce fewer structural proteins such as collagen and elastin, and those we have become weaker.

These ingredients give firmer, thicker, hydrated, smooth, stronger skin with reduced redness.

Telangyn™ Peptides

INCI: Water (Aqua), Acetyl Tetrapeptide-40, Caprylyl Glycol (Skin conditioning)

Genolytic results: Decreases facial redness & telangiectasia induced by an excessive inflammatory response.

📖 No reference study given (so here’s the manufacturer link)

Retinyl Palmitate

INCI: Retinyl Palmitate (Cell-communicating ingredient)

Genolytic results: Retinoids boost the strength & quantity of ECM proteins.

📖 Read the study

Wellmune® Hydrolysed Beta Glucans

INCI: Yeast Beta glucans (Moisturiser)

Genolytic results: Promotes the formation of structural proteins within the ECM.

📖 Read the study


INCI: Palmitamide Mea (Viscosity controlling)

Genolytic results: Anti-inflammatory effects protect ECM from oxidative stress, also reduces redness.

📖 No reference study given (so here’s the manufacturer link)


INCI: Lecithin, Quercetin (Antioxidant, soothing)

Genolytic results: Protects cells from oxidative stress & UV radiation.

📖 No reference study given

Zizania latifolia Stem Extract


Genolytic results: Polyphenols (from plant foods), such as Zizania latifolia Stem Extract have antioxidant properties & reduce the breakdown of ECM proteins.

📖 Read the study

Olive leaf extract

INCI: Olea Europaea Leaf Extract (Skin conditioning)

Genolytic results: Polyphenols (from plant foods), such as Olive leaf extract have antioxidant properties & reduce the breakdown of ECM proteins.

📖 Read the study


INCI: Aqua, Acetyl Octapeptide-3, Caprylyl Glycol (Cell-communicating ingredient, moisturiser)

Genolytic results: An amino peptide that temporarily relaxes muscle contractions to reduce wrinkle depth.

📖 No reference study given (so here’s the manufacturer link)


Ageing skin becomes thinner and holds onto less water. The reason for this is that our skin has a smaller amount of sugar molecules that keep water and natural moisturising factors (NMFs) that protect it. This means crepey and wrinkled skin.

These are strong water binding & regulating ingredients. They fight against age related hydration decline for elastic, smooth, moisturised skin, and plump wrinkles too.

PrimalHyal™ 50 Hyaluronic Acid

INCI: Hyaluronic Acid (Moisturiser)

Genolytic results: A patented hydrolyzed form of the humectant, hyaluronic acid. With a low molecular weight it penetrates far deeper into your skin, boosting hydration and moisture retention.

📖 No reference study given (so here’s the manufacturer link)


INCI: Xylitylglucoside, Anhydroxylitol, Xylitol (Moisturisers)

Genolytic results: A super hydrating complex that promotes the flow of water throughout all layers of the skin, not just the epidermis.

📖 No reference study given (so here’s the manufacturer link)


INCI: Propanediol (Preservative, moisturiser)

Genolytic results: A powerful humectant that attracts and retains moisture from the environment and the dermis, helping to hydrate and moisturise your skin.

📖 No reference study given (so here’s the manufacturer link)


Our skin has helpful living bacteria called the microbiome. Younger skin has an abundance of bacteria, whereas it declines in older skin. Restoring a younger microbiome increases the production of structural proteins. The skin’s barrier function, hydration, and elasticity then improves.

These ingredients repair the skin barrier to keep moisture. They recreate the microbiome of young adults for healthier, more elastic, firmer, stronger, hydrated skin.


INCI: Jojoba Oil/​Macadamia Seed Oil Esters, Squalene, Phytosteryl Macadamiate, Olea Europaea Leaf Extract, Phytosterols (Antioxidant, skin-identical ingredients, emollient)

Genolytic results: A patented complex that replicates the lipid profile of younger skin, to repair the barrier function, hydrate and protect.

📖 No reference study given (so here’s the manufacturer link)


INCI: Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Extract (Skin conditioning & protecting)

Genolytic results: Spermidine replaces diminished secretions from skin streptococcus  bacteria, and also boosts these bacteria colonies in your microbiome. This in turn upregulates collagen & elastin production, and improves hydration and skin barrier function.

📖 Read the study

This is the same petri dish study discussed earlier observing molecular changes in aged human dermal fibroblasts treated with samples of Streptococcus bacteria culture (which secrete spermidine).


INCI: Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Lactobacillus Ferment, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate (Soothing, antioxidant & skin-protecting)

Genolytic results: Improves skin health & boosts cell turnover.

📖 No reference study given (so here’s the manufacturer link)

A note about the supporting studies

I’m nerdy. I love absorbing the odd scientific or clinical study. The studies LYMA references are all interesting. But it’s important to note, they’re not direct evidence confirming the Genolytic™ effects of LYMA Skincare on your skin. 

Some studies have closer links to effects on skin. They’re on human dermal fibroblasts, but tested ‘in vitro’ in a petri dish, not on people ‘in vivo’. In others, they observe the dietary effects of these molecules. For example, in mice for diseases like diabetic kidney disease and spinal disc degeneration. Or they review studies of dietary intake in humans on a range of age-related diseases.

It’s promising stuff, but it’s far removed from applying the ingredients to human skin in a lotion. I can’t find any direct scientific evidence supporting this. So, they may work as claimed, but they may not.

LYMA have done their own independent tests to show the results of their skincare. They are confident in their formulations. So much so they say you’ll see “Transformative results in just 30 days”. I guess that’s one way to test it then. 

So I did.

Next, let’s get onto what they’re like and the results they give.

First impressions

The serum and cream arrive in a sturdy protective outer flat, black rectangular cardboard box. Inside that is a black LYMA branded envelope and a smaller black cardboard box containing the goodies. They’re secured in a moulded black cardboard bed.

The LYMA Skin kit arrives in a sturdy black cardboard box.
Opening the outer box…
The outer box and moulded bed are all made from recyclable cardboard.
Neat & tidy inside recyclable cardboard packaging
Inside my testing sample kit for LYMA Skin; 50ml serum and 50ml cream in black pump-action bottles, plus 2x bonus Oxygen Mist spray bottles!
My trial kit goodies – no fancy beaten copper canisters 😢

I received a free trial kit from LYMA to test. The serum and cream you see here are in black plastic pump action bottles. They’re the same as with the LYMA Glide gel you use with the LYMA laser. They came with three info leaflets about the ingredients and clinical results.

The LYMA SKin trial kit with serum and cream with 3x info leaflets
The serum and cream with 3x info leaflets

However, when you buy the real kit, you get rather fancy beaten copper canisters that hold removable plastic refills containing the product. The refills mean less plastic waste. But they’re also fitting of this expensive and premium skincare product because they look splendid. You’ll want to have them on show.

In your fist purchase of LYMA Skin you get the fancy beaten copper canisters with pump, and 50ml plastic refills for the serum and cream. The refill system means less plastic waste - yay!

In the LYMA Skincare kit:

  • LYMA Serum 50ml refill
  • LYMA Serum canister
  • LYMA Cream 50ml refill
  • LYMA Cream canister

Before you start

The serum and cream don’t contain any allergens. But if you have a known sensitivity to any cosmetic ingredients, check the ingredients list closely before buying. If you have super sensitive skin, a skin sensitivity patch test is probably a good idea before slathering this all over your face!

Other than that, you can crack on with the routine…

The routine

Apply the serum and cream in the morning and again before bed. You’ll need about 15 minutes in total because it takes a little while to absorb. You can’t rush it.

Step 1: Cleanse

Start by double-cleansing your skin. First, use an oil-based cleanser or balm to remove your make-up and SPF creams. Then, follow with a water-based cream or gel cleanser to get your skin squeaky clean. If you don’t have an oil-based cleanser, fret not. You can just use the same cleanser twice.


TIP: If you haven’t worn make-up or SPF when it’s time to cleanse (e.g. in the morning) you probably don’t need to double cleanse.

Step 2: Apply the serum. 

Take 3 pumps, lightly spread over your fingertips, then with tiny taps, apply over your forehead, cheeks and neck. Gently massage in the product. Don’t forget your eyes, nose and lips!

Wait one minute for the serum to absorb.

To apply the LYMA serum, use 3x pumps. Gently massage  it into your face & neck until absobed. Wait 1 minute...
Nourishing & hydrating

Step 3: Apply the cream. 

Take 3 pumps in your fingertips and lightly dapple it over your forehead, cheeks and neck. Gently spread it over your skin surface (don’t massage too much!). It forms a white film on your skin.

Wait one minute to activate!

To apply the LYMA cream, use 3x pumps. Spread the cream over your skin. A white film forms. Wait 1 minute...
Creamy, thick, hydrating, protection.

Step 4: Massage.

Then, gently massage the remaining cream into your skin. It takes a while, roughly 3 to 4 minutes for me. I start at my forehead and work my way down to my collarbone in small circular motions. Then I repeat from the top-down again.

Now, massage in the goodness! Do small & slow massaging circles, from your forehead down to your collarbone. Repeat for a few minutes until it's absorbed.
Massage feels goood…

I like to wait another minute or two, then lightly check my skin with my fingertips to find any slick patches, which I can then massage in. 


TIP: wait a minute or two after massaging in the cream before putting on pjs or your clothes. This stops yellow transfer onto your clothes!

What’s the consistency like?

On your first use, it takes several pumps before the product comes out. 

Both the serum and the cream are a yellow-brown colour, and both have the same scent. It’s not an overpowering artificial fragrance, but a subtle earthy, herby smell of natural preservative thyme leaf oil. This fades once you’ve applied the cream and washed your hands.

The serum has a slightly thinner consistency than the cream. The pumps melt into each other on my fingertips and it’s easy to apply to your face and neck. Three pumps are plenty to cover my skin without excess and it absorbs well. 

The cream is thicker and the squirts from the pump don’t spread and pool but stay in shape. I dapple it over my skin for even coverage, then spread it over my skin with my fingers. It took a few days before I saw the white film on my skin. It’s thick and slightly waxy and I see it most on my cheeks and neck. 

If you leave it too long to apply the cream after the serum, it takes a little more effort and time to massage in.

And massaging the cream feels extra luxurious and rich. It takes several passes of slow massaging circles from my forehead, then cheeks, chin and jaw, down my neck to my collarbone. You can’t rush it, so take your time and enjoy it. The cream doesn’t pill or clump so you can’t overwork it on your skin. 


TIP: don’t apply the cream directly onto your nose or around your eyes. Instead, spread and massage it here from the surrounding areas. That way, it won’t feel too heavy and slick. 

The cream continues to soak in once you’re done massaging. You may feel a few slick patches which you can spread and massage a little more. 

Don’t forget to wash your hands! Your fingers can look slightly yellow, and some product can get trapped around your nails.

How does your skin feel & look?

I have fair skin, and I see a subtle bronzed sheen to my skin after I apply the serum. It doesn’t look unnatural and I don’t mind it too much.

LYMA Skin feels like a slow invigorating massage which can’t be rushed. the serum and cream won’t pill or clump on your skin. They leave skin feeling dewy, soft, velvety, and just slightly tacky, but not shiny or slick at all. It leaves a very subtle bronze sheen on my skin and stays put all day.
Luxurious & nourishing

Once I’m done with the cream, my skin feels warm and invigorated from the massage. Lush.

I have oily skin, so I typically prefer moisturisers that sink in, leaving no residue. But this cream is different. It feels like an oil and wax combo, or a protective balm, on the surface. My skin is velvety smooth and super hydrated. It’s slightly tacky to touch, but not greasy. It feels just like an even dose of my natural nourishing skin oils from within, locking in moisture. 

And my skin looks hydrated too. It smooths out the lines under my eyes and leaves my lips feeling super soft. Thankfully, my skin looks dewy and not shiny, considering how moisturised it feels on the surface.

How does it wear?

I was concerned about how it’d wear during the day. Would I end up in an oily mess? Would it melt into and sting my sensitive eyes? 

Well, I’m pleasantly surprised.

I see no yellow residue on my pillow when I wake up in the morning. And during the day, my skin doesn’t get noticeably shiny. I wear little make-up anyway, but when I do, it glides on and my concealer, blush, brow powder and mascara stay put all day.

I wear a SPF 50 sunscreen most days too. I was concerned this would overload my skin, but it feels fine over the top and works just fine.


TIP: Avoid SPF lotions that contain Zinc. It’s not harmful, but it can react with some ingredients and look a little yellow or clump on your skin. If this happens, just wash it off.

However, I see yellow transfer onto my clothing. That’s despite waiting several minutes after applying the cream and then getting dressed. It’s most noticeable on white crew neck t-shirts and the inside collar of a white shirt. But fret not, it comes off without a trace in the wash.

Cleansing also turns the water murky-yellow. And when I dry my face, I sometimes see a little yellow transfer onto white towels from residue product around my hairline.

I also went for a run early one evening whilst wearing the serum and cream. I thought little of it. However, my sweat dripped down my face and made yellow rings on my white running vest! So, bear this in mind if you want to hit the gym, a class, or do any sweaty exercise or activity. Get this out of the way before applying LYMA Skincare in the morning, or wash it off before your evening workout.

Schedule, effort & results

this is the LYMA Skin treatment schedule; Apply the combo twice per day am & pm. It akes 15 minutes (including washing your face). You can’t rush it! It's for ongoing daily use. See results after 30+ days. You can double-up the pumps for faster results.
How often to apply the LYMA Skincare duo

Apply the serum and cream twice daily, in the morning and before bed. It takes longer to apply than my regular serums and creams. That’s because:

  1. You must allow 1-minute ‘sinking-in’ time for each product 
  2. Spend a good few minutes massaging in the cream
  3. And wait a few minutes before getting dressed to avoid transfer onto your clothes. 

I need around 15 minutes, which includes washing my face.

It’s easy and very pleasant. Several minutes of massaging the cream leaves your skin invigorated, dewy and smooth.

Advertised results

Using LYMA Skincare gives you more elastic, firm and super-hydrated skin. It reduces redness, dark circles, fades wrinkles, brightens and fades pigmentation for a more even skin tone too. 

The LYMA Skin results are elastic, firm, bright & super-hydrated skin. It also fades redness, pigmentation, & dark circles. It smooths skin and shrinks pores, and softens wrinkles. & fine lines. Results vary by individual.
What results could you see?

LYMA says the serum and cream combo “transforms skin in just 30 days”.

The first things you’ll feel, after just a few applications, are smoother skin that’s beautifully moist and dewy. Then, over the next few weeks, pores shrink and your complexion brightens. After around 1 month, it protects each skin layer, so it works faster. Your collagen and elastin are stronger, so your skin is firmer and plumper. And, this working together with the intense hydration also means less noticeable wrinkles and fine lines. Redness also softens. Your skin feels smooth and bouncy, and with a healthy, radiant glow from within.

You may see all these improvements within 1 month of use, but it may take a little longer for some. LYMA says it works in “synergy with the skin’s 12-week cycle” so you’ll likely see and feel further improvement during the first 3 months of use.

My user trial results and photos are coming soon!

LYMA Skincare negatives

There are a few negatives with LYMA Skincare serum and cream.

First, it takes a good 15 minutes to apply the skincare combo. This may be just like your current routine, in which case it’s no big deal. But if this sounds like too much faff, you may be better off sticking to your own skincare and trying a fast and low-effort beauty tech device instead.

Second, applying it in a too-warm room is hard work! During my trial, we had a hot spell here in the UK. And without climate control, my house is hot. The serum is still easy to apply. But the cream just seems to sit on my skin surface. And after several minutes of massaging, the sweat came. Not pleasant. So, try to apply it at a comfy room temperature.

Next, I see yellow transfer from my neck and collarbone onto some of my clothes. This is despite lots of massage, and waiting several minutes after this to don my togs. I notice it most on white tops, not so much on dark or bright colours. And it’s a little more pronounced if I’m out and about in warmer weather. 

Also, if you have on LYMA Skincare and end up sweating profusely, your sweat will be yellow! So, avoid wearing it for sweaty activities or travel. Or if you sweat a lot during the night, you’ll likely see small yellow tide marks on your bedding or pjs too. 

However, any marks you spot disappear easily enough in the wash.

And next, this skincare is very expensive indeed. Just a month’s supply, with the 20% discount, costs more than most at home beauty tech devices you could use for years. I think it’s appealing to die-hard beauty aficionados with a very healthy bank balance. And if that’s you, this is one of the most persuasive and genuinely preventative skincare products I’ve ever seen. It really changes how your skin feels and looks, even after you wash it off. 

And finally, there’s no money-back guarantee. True, this isn’t typical for skincare products, anyway. But at this price, I’d simply find it reassuring. Regardless, you can give it a go for a month and if your skin loves it, then subscribe and save 20% on your next LYMA Skincare deliveries.

LYMA Skincare Review Summary: serum & cream

This high-tech serum & cream duo works on both the causes and effects of ageing. With a persuasive scientific approach aiming to help our genes behave younger, it outperforms any skincare I’ve used before. It’s lush to apply. The hydration is intense, and you can feel the vitality returning to dry and sluggish skin. But hell’s fire! To afford these beauties every month you must be properly minted.

LYMA Skin has a persuasive scientific approach aiming to help our genes behave younger, and it outperforms any skincare I’ve used before.

Here’s a summary of my test scores, and pros and cons for LYMA Skincare to help you decide:

Ease of use


A simple 4-step routine, with lots of stimulating massage on your face & neck. Both serum and cream are yellow brown and with a herby scent. Start by cleansing. Then with 3x pumps of serum, massage and wait for 1 minute. It soaks right in. Then spread 3x pumps of the rich cream, wait for 1 minute. Slow-massage in to finish. Leaves skin invigorated, beautifully dewy & soft, but not greasy or shiny.



Use the serum & cream combo daily, both morning & night before bed. For ongoing use. The routine takes around 15 minutes, which includes washing your face. Take your time, you can’t rush it! It’s calming & pampering. 



Each application leaves skin beautifully dewy, velvety soft & super hydrated. It subtly plumps & fills fine lines too. Skin quickly feels smooth & pores refined. Redness and dark circles fade & your complexion clears & brightens. Over the course of the next 30+ days it gets firmer, bouncy & more elastic. Keep going for further changes and to maintain your younger looking & behaving skin.


  • Nourishing & protective duo
  • Formulations sink in & feel lush
  • Non-greasy or shiny
  • Simple & pampering routine
  • Massage leaves your skin invigorated
  • Stays put throughout the day
  • Safe actives-packed formulations
  • Science-based approach to stop ageing
  • Dermatologically tested
  • You don’t need additional products
  • Safe for all skin tones & types
  • Beautiful, fancy beaten copy canisters
  • Less plastic with refill bottles
  • Convenient monthly subscription service
  • 20% discount with min. 3-month subscription
  • Clinically proven & persuasive LYMA comparison photos


  • Super expensive. Crikey. 

  • No money-back guarantee
  • Must dedicate 15 minutes to apply
  • Cream is slow to absorb in hot temperatures
  • Can leave yellow transfer on your clothes
  • Drips yellow when you sweat (a lot)

LYMA Skincare deals 🏷

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