Nuface Trinity review: before vs after

A quick summary…

by | August 10, 2020

The popular Nuface Trinity at-home microcurrent device is safe for all skin tones and types. Spend 10+ mins per session to energise everything in your skin, making it look and behave healthy and young. It firms & hydrates for smooth and dewy skin, and can lift sagging skin & hooded eyes. Sessions are pleasant & pampering, but demand consistent and ongoing commitment. Check out my before & after photos below...
"Tight, bright, healthy, dewy & clear skin."

4.2 / 5

Face & neck

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Tried & tested user trial of the Nuface Trinity microcurrent device with before & after photos by

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What is it?

The Nuface Trinity is a small, hand-held FDA-cleared home microcurrent device which stimulates your facial tissues. It passes a teeny 335 micro amps (μA) current through your skin with the help of a conductive water-based gel. This tiny current is very similar to your body’s own bioelectricity and so your cells use it to create an energy molecule called ATP.

ATP is very important as it fuels pretty much all cell activities. In turn, your energised skin cells build more and stronger collagen and elastin, healing and refreshing the skin and muscle on your face and neck.

For some, microcurrent gives immediate, visible results such as tightened skin, diminished pores and depuffed eyes. Other effects build gradually over time. You can learn even more about the science behind microcurrent anti-aging facials here.

A photo of the Trinity device on the charging cradle, the box with Gold primer inside , charging cable and plugs and prep and glow cleansing cloths.
Clinically proven and FDA-cleared mmicrocurrent for lifted, healthy & skin

First impressions

I bought the Nuface Gold Trinity limited edition. Different editions are available now, but all contain the same specification Trinity device with big-balls trainer attachment. There’s now an updated device called the Trinity+ with a fresh new look and enhanced microcurrent treatments.

I like the neat, attractive, professional and feminine packaging. The information clear and the Trinity device looks inviting and cute.

Photos of the box front and back of the Nuface Trinity Gold edition.
Love this fun, attractive small box. Let me open it!
Close up photos of the packaging showing the clear design, print and information on various side.
Clear and concise, but some very small print.
Angled top down photo of the contents in the big box: smaller box with bits in it, microcurrent device and charger in protective moulded plastic, the leatherette flat pouch and user manual.
The contents inside the outer box.
The content of the smaller box: 24K gold Firm priming gel in a box, compact plug and cable with interchangeable prongs, and Prep n Glow cleansing cloths.
The contents of the smaller cardboard box.

What’s in the box?

In all Nuface limited editions:

  • Nuface Trinity device with facial trainer attachment
  • Charging cradle
  • Mains lead with UK, US and European plugs
  • Primer gel (59ml / 2oZ)
  • User manual

In my Gold edition Nuface I got a 24K Gold Firming primer gel. The standard trainer kit comes with the Nuface Hydrating primer gel. These gels are since replaced with the updated Hydrating Aqua Gel and Anti-ageing Silk Creme. You can learn more about the gels and alternatives here.

My Gold edition also has a pink and gold purse thing (which isn’t big enough to store anything. Looks pretty though).

Other editions now replace this Gold edition, so check the deals at the end of the review.

Photo of the Trinity device upright and forward facing in my hand.
Find out more about the Trinity device later in the review!

Before you start

Before your first session, charge the device, read the user manual, do a skin sensitivity test, and watch the instructional ‘how to’ videos.

Read the user manual to get acquainted with the Trinity and learn about important warnings and reasons you may not be suitable to use it.
Charge the Trinity in the cradle for 12 hours (16 hours for the mini) and read the user manual

The user manual is a quick and easy read. There’s not much about how it works but there are helpful diagrams of the routines. And it’s very important you read the warnings and contraindications for reasons you may not be suitable to use the Trinity.

Close up photo of the contraindications listed in the user manual
Check the contraindications, precautions & warnings in the user manual.

You can learn more about microcurrent contraindications here. The key reasons you’re not suitable is if you’re pregnant, suffer seizures or have an electronic implanted device like a defibrillator, neurostimulator, pacemaker, or ECG monitor. If you’ve had recent Botox or fillers you should consult your doctor too. Check the user manual thoroughly before you start.

The user manual also explains the primer gel sensitivity testBlob a dime or 20p size amount onto your forearm and rub it in. Leave for 15 to 30 mins before washing it off. If there’s no reaction it’s safe to use.

And it’s also a good idea to have a cuppa and watch the follow along videos in the App. These help you understand the movements in the routines and what to expect during your treatment.

Quality & design

The Trinity comes with the big-balls trainer attachment, and you can buy the ELE and LED wrinkle reducer attachments separately.

I like the design a lot. It’s small, curvy and characterful.

It weighs about 180g and feels solid and robust. The weight is at the spheres-end but feels perfectly balanced when held upright. It curves towards your face so you can see where the spheres are going.

4 photos of the cute Trinity held upright in different grips and positions.
He’s cute and very comfortable to hold
Photo of the back of the device and the grey grip on the bottom
Glossy white finish with a textured, slightly shimmery grey grippy bit at the bottom.
 photo of the big golden microcurrent spheres, aka Big golden balls!
Big golden balls.

The standard Trainer attachment has chrome-plated spheres. But this special edition Trinity has 18K rose-gold dipped spheres. I prefer to call them golden balls. I don’t think the gold adds anything to the microcurrent effect, but they do look pretty.

The spheres fit around your cheekbones and jaw, and feel very pleasant gliding around your neck and cheeks. They’re kinda cool to look in too (and impossible to avoid reflections in photos!).

The controls are very simple to operate and out of the way so you won’t accidentally press them.

Close up photo of the controls on the Trinity; on / off power button in the centre, _ and + intensity controls and the 5 blue intensity indicator lights.
Power button, +/- microcurrent intensity button & 5 blue intensity lights
A thumb pushing the power button to turn the Trinity on, the device with 1 intensity indicator illuminated, a thumb pressing the + button and increasing the power intensity
Easy to operate

Some people can feel skin tingles or have a metallic taste. In which case, just lower the intensity until it’s more comfortable.

You get UK, US and EU prongs, handy for traveling with your Nuface overseas. They slide easily into the mains adaptor. The power cable (115 cm) is long enough to set the cradle on a table or ledge directly above the socket.

Photo of the charging ports on the bottom of the Trinity, th base of the charging cradle with the matching ports to align, and a side on view of the Trinity sat in the seat-like cradle
Connect everything up and align the ports on the device and cradle to charge.
Photo showing the Trinity sat in the charging cradle from the back angled to the right. He looks a little sad and lonely.
Poor little lonely Trinity. Cute!

Charge the Nuface Trinity for a full 12 hours (and 16 hours for the mini). The blue lights cycle and you’ll hear an ascending beep as it starts to charge. When it’s fully charged the blue lights stay lit.

The battery life is excellent. It lasts for two weeks if using it five times a week 20 minutes per session. Recently, Nuface have advised not to leave the Trinity on the charger. Instead, charge it fully every few weeks.

Close up photo of the controls on the Trinity showing all 5 intensity indicators illuminated blue.
I’m charged. Let’s go!

The Trinity could be a bit smaller and still be as comfortable. But that’s what you get with the Nuface Mini device. However, the downside there is the ELE and LED wrinkle reducer attachments don’t fit. They only fit the full-size Trinity. More on those attachments next.

ELE & LED attachments

You get the facial trainer big-balls as standard and can buy the ELE and LED wrinkle reducer attachments separately for around £125 to £142.

Photo of the 3 attachments without the device on a white background
The Trinity’s 3 attachments: Big-balls, ELE prongs & LED – Three attachments make up the Trinity (clues in the name!)
Photo showing the attachment release button on the Trinity and what it looks like with no attachment in place.
Press the attachment button on the back of the device to remove and reinsert the attachment.

The ELE has small balls on the end of long prongs. It’s to boost ATP in hard-to-reach eyebrow furrows, crow’s feet, under eyes, nasolabial, lip and smile lines.

The Effective Eye & Lip (ELE) attachment has smaller contact probes to send microcurrent into  uneven and delicate skin surfaces.
Precise microcurrent for the areas big-balls can’t go.

The LED wrinkle reducer attachment has 36 small LEDs of red and near-infrared light. It’s extra help for wrinkles and fine lines. You place it against your skin in trouble spots for 3 minutes each.

Trinity device with LED attachment
Red & near infrared light attachment for wrinkles

The Nuface Activator Gels

You must use a water-based conductivity gel with the Trinity Trainer and ELE attachments. It passes the microcurrent into your skin, learn how they work here.

Nuface call their latest leave-on microcurrent conductive gels ‘Activators’. They’re a blend of water, conductive ions, and skincare goodie ingredients.

You can choose from the cheaper Hydrating Aqua Gel (ingredients list) or premium anti-ageing Firming & Brightening Silk Creme (ingredients list), or both, in different size rigid tubey-pots.

The latest Nuface gels (now called Activators!). There's the Hydrating Aqua gel and the firming and brightening anti-ageing Silk Creme. But are they any good?
The latest 50ml Nuface condutivity gels with added skincare goodies, and you can get a Nuface brush too!

Nuface suggest you try the Silk Creme if you’re over 35, because of the anti-ageing firming and brightening ingredients. And if you have oily skin, try the Aqua Gel. They also suggest you could buy both and see which you prefer 🤑.

Here’s a table of the available sizes and costs in £ and in U$D:

Hydrating Aqua Gel Firming & Brightening
Silk Creme
Image < Nuface Aqua Gel in a white pot Nuface silk Creme in a blue pot
50ml/1.69oz 🇬🇧 £28.50
🇺🇸 $29
🇬🇧 £48.50
🇺🇸 $49
97.6ml/3.3oz 🇬🇧 £38.50
🇺🇸 $39
🇬🇧 £68
🇺🇸 $69
177.5ml/6oz - 🇬🇧 £88
🇺🇸 $89
296ml/10oz 🇬🇧 £58
🇺🇸 $59

The older Nuface Primer Gels

The new Nuface leave-on Microcurrent Activator gels replace the older Nuface leave-on Hydrating Primer gel, and 24K Gold Primer gels in Firm or Brightening options. These older gels also contain ions and skincare goodies, the 24K Gold gels being more actives-packed and expensive. You may find them in some e-stores, but many sizes and variants are now sold out.

Getting started

The routines are simple and easy to master. There’s a basic (glides) and an advanced (glides & holds) routine to choose from. More on those later. You’ll need a mirror and for the first few sessions you can follow along to the routines in the App. I bought my Trinity before the improved App was available, so I prefer to refer to the user guide diagrams to remind you of the routines.

User guide has handy diagrams for the glides & holds

Work on the left side of your face, then repeat on the right. The gel dries out quite quickly so divide each side into sections. I start with the left side of my neck, cheek and then forehead. The Trinity beeps every 5 seconds as a cue to move to the next position. Both spheres must touch the skin for the microcurrent to work.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Wash & dry your face (with a non-oil based cleanser)
  2. Apply a non-oil based serum if you like
  3. Apply a thin mask-like layer (1 to 2 mm) of the primer gel to the first section
  4. Power on the Trinity & select your intensity from 1 to 5
  5. Treat with your preferred series of glides and holds
  6. Move to the next section, apply the gel, and treat. Repeat on all sections
  7. When complete massage in or wipe off any remaining Nuface gel primer

The Trinity automatically shuts off after 20 mins or 21 minutes with the LED attachment. You must allow 24 hours between each treatment.

The routines

Download the My NuFACE App – it’s available on Android and Apple. Under ‘Device’ select Trinity. You’re then good to select a routine. It’s a good idea to watch them through before you start your first treatment so you know what to expect. But also because each video segment can take a little while to download on first watch.


TIP: In the App, NuFACE calls the routines Pro Toning Facial and Skin Tightening Facial app Exclusive treatments. However, they’re really Trinity+ and Mini+ exclusive too, because you must have a Trinity+/Mini+ device connected via Bluetooth to play them. 

The basic 5-Minute Facial-Lift routine with trainer attachment is three gliding moves repeated three times on neck, cheek and forehead. It’s the minimum you must do each day and it’s the original used in the clinical test. It’s supposed to take 5 minutes, but what with applying the gel and working in sections it takes me closer to 10 minutes.

The Advanced 15-Minute Facial-Lift routine has the basic gliding moves with a further seven ‘lift & hold’ positions on each side of your face. It takes closer to 20 minutes for me.

The ELE routine has glides and lifts focusing on eyes, mouth and 11’s lines. It takes between 5 to 10 minutes.

Use the wrinkle reducer on clean skin, no gel needed. Place it flat against your skin for 3 minutes in each wrinkled and fine-lined trouble spot for a collagen smoothing boost. Use the LED attachment BEFORE the microcurrent attachments.

👉 You can learn more about the App video routines in my new Trinity+ review.

What’s it like & feel like?

The gel is a little faffy because you must start/stop your treatment to apply it. However, with the brush to paint it on, it’s not so bad.

Plus, my skin loves the Nuface Aqua Gel, and the Silk Creme is super hydrating. However, it clumps and pills on my skin. Therefore, I use that only on an evening as a super-hydrating dose before bed. Both activators are cool, without strong scent and easy to apply. They don’t drip, sting your eyes, or taste sickly sweet. Apply 1 pump per treatment area and it stays wet so you can do all the glides and advanced holds. I don’t need any further product aft these activators.

The Silk Creme activator has Hyaluronic Acid, 8 plant extracts and gives 48 hours of hydration. Nuface say try this if your skin is 35+. The Aqua Gel also has Hyaluronic Acid and gives 24 hours hydration.
My favourite of the Nuface Acrivators is the Aqua Gel (I like the gel consistency and it doesn’t clump or pill)

The Trinity device with trainer big-balls is easy to move around your face and feels soothing. The ELE routine is easy too but demands more concentration around your eyes because the prongs are slippery with the gel! But I gave up on the LED attachment – learn about this in the negatives section.

Soothing glides and holds make up the advanced routine

I use it on level 5 and it feels pleasant, particularly the soothing glides across my neck and cheeks. There’s very little sensation from the microcurrent. However, it can zing a bit over spots and blemishes. And sometimes if the spheres touch a bit where there’s no gel. Occasionally, I get a twitching, pulling sensation around my hairline too. It can also make your vision ‘wobble’ or pulse if you get too close to your eyes! But it doesn’t last or hurt at all.

There’s sometimes a lingering metallic taste in my mouth during and after a session. It’s a minor annoyance without any pattern to it. Lowering the intensity helps. But after a few months this stopped altogether anyway.  

After each session, my skin feels very smooth and refreshed with no skin redness or reactions. I have no side effects during my trial, but some users do report headaches. Drink plenty of water before to avoid this and help the microcurrent work.

You can do your sessions at any time during the day. I’m not a morning person so I find it easier to fit in on an evening. And during the first few weeks I looked forward to the pampering downtime of the 15-minute advanced routine (it takes closer to 20 minutes for me). But after a month of five sessions per week and an extra 10 minutes with the ELE routine, it starts to feel like a chore.

However, once you’ve mastered the routines it’s easy to do with a handheld mirror whilst watching TV. So, you don’t need so much motivation, just regular self-care time.

Schedule, effort & results

To start, use the Trinity 5 times a week for 60 days. You’ll need around 10 minutes for the basic routine up to 15 for the Advanced routine.

The 5-minute routine is easy to fit in most days. It’s relaxing and pampering. If you have the few extra minutes spare, it’s worth doing more glides or addng in the holds until your activator dries in each section. However, this can feel like a chore some days when your energy is low.

If you opt for the ELE attachment for lips and eyes you can add another 5 to 10 minutes per session. And with the LED attachment it’s 5 to 25 minutes additional time depending on which areas you treat. So, it gets much more time consuming if you want the improved results from these.

Combing the ELE and the big-balls trainer routines is time consuming.

TIP: To make it more manageable, begin the 60-day start-up for each attachment once you’re in the maintenance phase of the other. It’s still time consuming, but easier to fit in.  

Maintenance at two or three sessions per week is much more manageable, but if you use all the attachments it’s still rather a big commitment you must make time for.

Also, if after the start-up you don’t see the results you want, Nuface suggest you keep going with five sessions per week. It won’t do any damage to your skin. And the more you use it the better and long-lasting your results. So be prepared to keep up the effort!

Find the most convenient time and make it a habit. I like to use my Trinity of an evening whilst watching TV, it’s easy to remember and is always at hand in my bedside draw. But if you struggle, use the App and set a consistent daily reminder. And sit your Trinity at your eyeline in the room you’re most likely to use it.

Advertised results

What it fixes: Tighten, lift & contour, shrink pores, firm & smooth skin, depuff eye bags, lift eyebrows & hooded eyes, fade fine lines & wrinkles.

You may see an immediate depuffing, firming or lifting effect from your sessions. At the beginning of the start-up stage this lasts just a few hours, but it increases with each week of use.

Most results come in small increments as your ATP levels build over the first 60 days so. After 60 days they last between sessions too. Changes include subtly tighter, fuller and fresh-looking skin, wide-awake lifted eyes and brows, fuller lips, smaller pores and softened wrinkles. Mild to moderate sagging of your neck, jawline and jowls can smooth and lift too. Some reviewers even say it’s replaced their use of Botox!

You may notice some improvement after just a week or two or it may take the full start-up duration. And some changes take several months more to see. You may see all these improvements, or just a few. And they vary in impact by individual too.

Take before and after photos so you can see your progress because changes are subtle and gradual.

After the 60-day start-up you can reduce your sessions to maintain your results. Nuface suggest two or three per week, but you may need them more frequently for your best results. The effect of one session lasts between 1 to 3 days.

Next, my 8-month user trial diary results with photos.

My before & after results

First, here’s a bit about my skin concerns and goals.

“I got a unified, bright complexion from my Tria Age Defying laser trial, and now I want to tighten and lift areas of my 40-something year old face. The Nuface is one of only a handful of devices claiming to do this. Here are my before photos and key areas of concern labelled, for the world to see:

My Before Nuface Trinity microcurrent photos: Forward facing shot of my face with my 'issues' highlighted. Ugh.
My mug before I started my Nuface Trinity and ELE home microcurrent trial
My Before Nuface Trinity microcurrent photos: Side facing shot of my face with saggy shin!
Here’s a better view of my saggy chin and jaw area.
You’re welcome.

My #1 concern are lost elasticity causing pre-jowls and flappy neck. They’re not hideously bad, but I see them and they bug me. Nuface say the Trinity helps with mild to moderate sagging. I think this is me and I’m keen to lift and contour my jaw line, jowls and under chin.

I also have large pores around my nose, patches on my cheeks and on my forehead. I’ve had skin like this since a teenager, so I’m not expecting a miracle. But in recent years it’s got worse. And my oily skin accentuates it. I’d like to perfect this and generally look a lot healthier.

I also have horizontal forehead expression lines I’d like to soften. My eyebrows have an active life of their own, and are very difficult to control. So, I may be fighting a losing battle with these.

And finally, I’d like to de-puff, plump and smooth the delicate crêpey skin under my eyes.

I like the Nuface Trinity because it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee from So, that’s where I bought it. This trial starts with the trainer (big balls attachment) and adds the ELE attachment later.

The first 60 days

I don’t see any immediate lifting or tightening effect as some do.

However, my skin quickly feels very hydrated and smooth. That could be the Gold 24K Firm gel or the microcurrent! After the sessions it noticeably depuffs my eyes and shrinks a large pore between my eyebrows so it’s teeny. And maybe the pores around my nose and cheeks shrink during use too.

After 3 weeks, congested skin on the sides of my chin starts to release. A few blemishes appear and blackheads literally scratch out of my skin. Very satisfying!

For the next month I feel the condition of my skin gradually improve. And after 60 days/2 months I do see noticeable improvement as Nuface suggest. This is the best my skin has ever looked. I’ve also started the ELE routine for a couple of weeks now too.

My face is slightly sun kissed in the 2-month comparison photos below.

My Nuface Trinity trial forward facing before photo next to 2 month photo, with improvements labelled.
Photo comparison after finishing the 60-day start-up, super-healthy, dewy, smooth skin.

My skin is clear of imperfections and the small, under-skin bumps and blackheads have gone from my chin. It feels firm and smooth, fuller and with much tighter pores. However, despite identical equipment and lighting, the camera weirdly shows my pores in more detail! It’s as though I’m in HD, baby! 😁

And my skin is beautifully hydrated and dewy. Dewy skin was a thing a few years back, and no matter the products I used, I was always an oily mess. I’ve NEVER had dewy skin like this before. And after just a few weeks using the ELE attachment, my lips are juicy and full with a no-effort pout. 👄

My skin looks its best immediately after a session, but the effects do last a day or two until the next session too.

My forehead expression lines and under eye fine lines are the same. I see slight jawline contouring but my sagging under-chin is still the same.

My Nuface Trinity trial side facing before photo next to 2 month photo, with improvements and the unchanged labelled.
A small change in my jaw definition but no change in sagging skin under my chin
Extreme close-up of my before &  2-month update photos to show how my skin texture & hydration has improved after using the Nuface Trinity for 2 months.
EXTREME CLOSE-UP: you can see how my skin texture & hydration has improved. My skin looks perky!

I’m part encouraged and part peeved. I love how healthy my skin looks and that pout! But I still have the under-chin sag. So, I contacted Nuface who advise me to keep going with five sessions per week for better results on sagging skin. Phew. This is quite a commitment.

Months 3 to 4

Now I’ve stopped scrutinizing my face daily. I’ve continued with the ELE routine five days per week and I manage the advanced trainer routine about three or four evenings per week. Sometimes, if I’m tired, I just do the basic 5-minute gliding routine. It’s good to have the option.

And I’m very happy with what I see at 4 months.

My skin is still healthy and dewy with no bumps or imperfections. It feels like silk every time I cleanse in the shower. That pout’s still there (yes!) and my cheeks feel firmer and plumper still. My pores are even smaller especially between my eyebrows and around my scar. I see slightly softened under-eye fine lines from the ELE but nothing too drastic. And I like my lifted mouth area and tighter jawline so I don’t notice the pre-jowls anymore. But that loose skin still bugs me under my chin.

Let’s see the changes in the 4-month photos.

My Nuface Trinity trial forward facing before photo next to 4 month photo, with improvements labelled.
Photo comparison at 4 months: Still healthy, dewy, smooth skin. Lifted mouth area, and I’m still pouting au natural!
My Nuface Trinity trial side facing before photo next to 4 month photo, with improvements and the unchanged labelled.
After 4 months firmer cheeks and slightly improved jawline contouring. Saggy chin remains.
EXTREME CLOSE-UP: Still perky!

Months 5 to 8

It’s time to concentrate on that under-chin sag. I use the trainer big-balls every other day (four times a week) with a few extra glides and holds on the neck, under the chin and jawline. I also do the ELE routine afterwards, around lips and eyes hoping to smooth the under-eye area a bit more.

And during month 8 I also tried the CurrentBody Skin LED mask. Wearing this mask for 10 minutes before each microcurrent session puts the results on steriods, adding a unified, radiant glow.

So, let’s check out the 8-month photos.

My Nuface Trinity trial forward facing before photo next to 8 month photo, with improvements labelled.
Photo comparison after 8 months still smooth, healthy & dewy skin.

The healthy glow in the 8 month photos is from the CurrentBody red LED mask. It adds a depth to your skin tone which I’d definitely lost. My skin in the before photo looks slightly yellow in comparison!

My Nuface Trinity trial side facing before photo next to 8 month photo, with improvements and the unchanged labelled.
Tighter jawline contouring & lifted jowls, but under chin skin not as I hoped.
EXTREME CLOSE-UP: Smaller pores, softened scar, smooth & firm skin, fuller cheeks, lifted mouth & a juicy pout.

So, after 8 months of using the Nuface trainer and ELE attachments here’s my results compared to my initial hopes for the Trinity:

My hopes My results
Lift and contour my jaw line, jowls & under chin. Lifted mouth area & pre-jowls, & slight lift around the jawline
Under chin sag has changed shape but no major improvement here.
Reduce my pore size and smooth out my skin. A massive improvement here. I still have some larger pores but my skin looks fresh, and feels super-smooth & bouncy.
To look a lot healthier. Definitely. My skin looks and feels hydrated, dewy & sooth. My cheeks are firmer. I’ve many fewer blackheads and spots around my chin.
Plump out the forehead lines a bit. Not so much. My overactive eyebrows win.
TIP: Nuface PLUS red light did soften these lines!
De-puff, plump and smooth crêpey eye bag areas. My eyes are less puffy
but the fine lines & crêpey eye bags remain.
BONUS! A full but natural lip pout.

The Negatives

Here’s a quick review of the negatives I found whilst testing and trialling the Trinity.

First, a few minor niggles. The follow along App tutorials don’t include the neck or match the basic and advanced routines, and sometimes it leaves a metallic taste in your mouth. Lowering the intensity usually helps and I found this disappeared after a few months anyway.

Next, if you’re not big on self-care or have little spare time, you’ll find the Trinity a challenge. That’s because it requires almost daily use and the advanced routine takes a while, plus the other attachments, and phew! Even during maintenance, it still takes more time and effort than rival devices I’ve trialled.

And you may need to continue five daily sessions per week in a bid to get your desired ‘lifted’ results. Because unfortunately, there’s no way to know the speed, breadth and impact of your results. A much lower effort alternative is the Mira-skin system.

I’ve sinced quit microcurrent. If you want to know why and see how my skin’s changed, come check out this article about quitting microcurrent👈.

The clip on ELE electrodes attachment with two long tapered prongs with small rounded ends
Hello, I’m ELE and I’ll cost you another £142!
The clip on LED attachment is a rounded flat surface with LEDs embedded in it.
Oh hai! I’m LED, I fight wrinkles but I’ll cost you another £142 too!

Next, deals are good value at around £250. But you must add another £125 to £142 each for the ELE and LED attachments. So, if you need extra help with wrinkles, brows, hooded eyes and lip lines you’re £500 all in. It’s pricey.

Also, the LED attachment is ok for treating a few small trouble spots, but very time intensive to treat your whole face. It’s also hard to cover the entire flat treatment head with your skin, and the lights flash. I find this very irritating even with closed eyes. I much prefer the CurrentBody Skin LED mask that doesn’t flash, is hands-free and does your entire face in just 10 minutes.

I've tested several alternatives to the Nuface gels and activators. Find out what I think in this review!
You can use cheaper alternatives to the expensive – but lush – Nuface activator gels.

And finally, I like the leave-on Nuface gels, especially the Aqua Gel. They happily replace my usual evening skincare products, but they’re so very expensive! Boo. However, you can use cheaper alternatives and still get your best results. I tested a few substitutes – see my thoughts and test results here.

Nuface Trinity Summary

I love how fresh, tight, smooth, dewy and incredibly healthy the Trinity has made my skin. I’m now happy to leave the house without slathering on foundation. It gives the healthiest, freshest version of your face. But only if you can commit and make the time for this almost daily pampering self-care ritual. But before you choose this, check out my review of the updated Trinity+.

Choose the Nuface Trinity for the healthiest, freshest version of your face.

Here’s a summary of my test scores, and pros and cons for the Nuface Trinity at-home microcurrent device, to help you decide:

Ease of use


Very easy to use, requires gel. Soothing pamper time. Use morning or night. No pain or side effects.



It’s a commitment! 10 to 20-ish mins per day, 5 days a week for 60 days. Plus more for ELE & LED. Continue if needed (more is best) or switch to 2 or 3 times a week to maintain your results.



Some people see a lifting effect immediately. And subtle effects build over time and differ by person. Results get better and last longer with long term use, or fade if you stop. Refreshes, smooths, hydrates and tightens for a healthy, younger appearance.


  • Soothing, pleasant pamper time
  • You can do it whilst watching TV
  • No pain or skin irritation!
  • Comfortable, robust & very easy to use
  • Nuface leave-on gels double as nourishing skincare
  • Aloe Vera gel works as a cheaper  alternative
  • Excellent battery life
  • Clinically proven & FDA-cleared
  • 90-day money back guarantee (from


  • High-effort start-up phase & maintenance schedule
  • Even more effort for ELE & LED attachments
  • Lifting results may take longer than advertised
  • Nuface gels are expensive (you can use cheaper alternatives)
  • It can leave a metallic taste in your mouth

Nuface microcurrent Trinity deals

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Please note: the ELE and LED wrinkle reducer attachments work only with the full size Trinity device and don’t fit the Mini.


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