Tried & tested user trial of the Nuface Trinity microcurrent device with before & after photos by

Nuface before & after 8 months Trinity & ELE microcurrent trial

T his is a real-life user diary recorded over 8 months of trialling the Nuface Trinity device and ELE attachment. I hope it helps you decide if the Trinity is right for you. Be sure to give the diary a read after you’ve skipped straight to the photos 😉

Contents: Why I chose it | Results at 2 months, 4 months & 8 months | Is it worth it?

First, here’s a quick summary of what it does.

Nuface Trinity summary

Hand holding the Nuface Trinity Microcurrent device with the big shiny microcurrent balls towards the camera!
Big shiny microcurrent balls on the trainer attachment of the Nuface Trinity.

The Nuface Trinity is an FDA-cleared microcurrent device which stimulates your facial tissues. It sends a tiny electrical current very similar to your body’s own bio-electricity into your skin. This helps your cells to create more of a molecule called ATP. ATP is very important as it fuels pretty much all cell activities. In turn, your energised skin cells build more and stronger collagen and elastin to refresh your skin.

The effects build overtime. And for some, microcurrent also gives immediate, visible results such as tightened skin, diminished pores and depuffed eyes. You can learn even more about the science behind microcurrent anti-aging facials here.

Advertised results: Nuface say the Trinity tightens, lifts & contours, shrinks pores, firms & smooths skin, depuffs eye bags, lifts eyebrows & hooded eyes and fades fine lines & wrinkles for a healthier, younger appearance.

You use the Nuface Trinity 5 days a week for at least 60 days to see good results. Keep going to improve your results. Once happy, reduce to 2 or 3 times a week to maintain your results. For ongoing use.

Why I chose Nuface Trinity

I chose the Nuface Trinity because it has many rave reviews. It’s also one of the most popular choices and marketed very professionally. My Tria Age Defying laser trial gave me a unified, bright complexion and now I want to tighten and lift areas of my face. The Nuface is one of only a handful of devices to do this.

I like it’s the home-version of professional salon-grade microcurrent facials, although I understand it takes several more sessions to get similar results. There’s also a reassuring 90-day money back guarantee from, where I bought it.

I’ve tested it for 8 months so far. Here are my before photos.

Before photos: Forward facing shot of my face and profile view looking to my left.
Photos taken before I started my Nuface Trinity and ELE home microcurrent trial

My skin concerns

My #1 concern is lost elasticity around my jaw and under my chin. I have pre-jowls and flappy neck. They’re not hideously bad, but I see them and they bug me. Nuface say the Trinity helps with mild to moderate sagging. I think this is me and I’m keen to lift and contour my jaw line, jowls and under chin.

I’d also like to reduce my pore size and smooth out my skin. I have large pores around my nose, patches on my cheeks and on my forehead. I’ve had skin like this since a teenager, so I’m not expecting a miracle. But in recent years it’s got worse. And my oily skin accentuates it further. I’d like to tighten it, smooth it out and generally look a lot healthier.

I have horizontal forehead expression lines too. My eyebrows have an active life of their own, and are very difficult to control. So, I may be fighting a losing battle with these. But if I can plump out the forehead lines a bit, I’ll be happy.

And finally, my eyes. They look puffy, and the skin underneath is thin and delicate with a few fine lines. This creases more as the day goes on and makes me look tired. I’d like to de-puff, plump and smooth this crêpey eye bag area. I think the ELE attachment will help here.

In all, if I can reduce or skip the daily application of foundation, I’ll be a very happy bunny.

And this is what happened.

The first 2 months

The Nuface Trinity is easy to get the hang of and enjoyable to use. The advanced routine is easy to remember after a few goes but each session takes around 20 minutes, so you must make time for it.

The device & gel

The Trinity device is solid, easy to operate and move around your face. I use it on level 5 and it feels pleasant with the gel, particularly the soothing glides across my neck and cheeks. I put him on to charge after every use (but cover him because the charging lights are very bright during the night!). We’ve also travelled for a few nights and he’s had plenty of charge.

Squeeze the tube and the Gold gel comes out the middle of the brush! No mess genius.

The Gold 24K Firm gel is lush. The brush applicator means no sticky mess and clean hands throughout. I paint it on in sections and treat each zone in turn; left neck first, then cheek, then forehead. Then repeat on the other side. You can massage in the remaining gel afterwards which is a neat idea. And my skin loves it! It feels hydrated, smooth and plump afterwards and I need no additional product. However, at £32 for 59ml it’s pricey. I’m not ready to reorder it just yet and will try a cheaper alternative.

Note: The 59ml Gold 24K Firm gel lasted just under 1 month using it 5 sessions per week on neck and face.

My experience

I’m not a morning person so I find it easier to fit in on an evening. After cleansing, I sit in front of a mirror and do the advanced routine. I can’t yet do it watching TV because I lose track of how many glides I’ve done!

Soothing glides and holds make up the advanced routine

It’s relaxing, pampering and pleasant, but I find it time-consuming at 20 minutes a session. I feel I must do the advanced routine for best results. So, after a month of 5 sessions per week, it’s starting to feel like a chore. It also leaves a metallic taste in my mouth. But I keep going.

The cheaper leave-on Nuface formula and a massive much cheaper wipe-off alternative from Amazon. You can use Aloe Vera gel too.

A few weeks in I bought a much cheaper alternative gel to try. It’s water-based and with Hyaluronic Acid, so it’s moisturising. However, my skin doesn’t feel as hydrated and firm afterwards. Plus, you must wipe off the excess.

I also tried the cheaper Nuface leave-on hydrating gel primer (pictured middle). It’s much more moisturising than the cheapy one (and travel friendly size too). So, I much prefer the Nuface gels, especially the Nuface Gold Firm gel, but I really dislike the price! Here’s how they compare:

I feel the expensive gels are a way for Nuface to keep making money from me. Still, my cheapo 500ml bottle is going to last many, many months. No need to choose between them just yet.

Changes in my skin

During the first few weeks, I don’t see any immediate lifting or tightening effect as others report. However, my skin feels very hydrated and smooth. I’m not sure if that’s the Gold 24K Firm gel or the microcurrent! It also depuffs my eyes (but I don’t get the full benefit of this because I use it at night). And maybe the pores around my nose and cheeks shrink during use. I have a very large pore in-between my eyebrows and sometimes after the sessions it’s teeny.

After 3 weeks, congested skin on the sides of my chin starts to release. A few blemishes appear and blackheads literally scratch out of my skin. Very satisfying!

For the next month I feel the condition of my skin gradually improves and smooths, with much tighter pores. I look healthy but I don’t see any ‘lift’ and I still have my chin wobble.

I also got the ELE attachment and use this around my lips and eyes. It adds another 5 to 10 minutes on to the routine. So, I admit I’m not doing it enough. I think it’ll be easier to start this proper once I’ve done 2 months with the Trinity and can switch-down the session frequency.

Tiny balls on long prongs – hello ELE attachment.

It’s at 2 months Nuface say you should see noticeable change. So, let’s take a look at the 2-month comparison photos.

The results at 2 months

Forward facing before photo next to 2 month photo.
Before vs after 2 months of the Nuface Trinity, healthy, dewy, smooth skin. I’m in HD baby!
Side profile photo comparison of my face before and 2 month photo
2 months in and I see small change in my jaw definition but no change in sagging skin under my chin

Here’s what I see and feel:

Note: I started using the Nuface Trinity in Spring, so my face is sun kissed in the 2-month photos.

  • My skin is soft, firm and super-smooth
  • It’s plump and juicy, well hydrated and looks dewy. Dewy skin was a thing a few years back, and no matter how hard I tried and the products I used I was always an oily mess. I’ve NEVER had dewy skin like this
  • My lips are juicy and full. I have a zero-effort pout. This is the ELE at work
  • My cheeks are fuller
  • The small, under-skin bumps and blackheads have gone from my chin
  • Very subtle increased definition around my jaw
Close-up forward facing before photo next to 2 month photo.
2 months in close-up. Pores are smaller and skin smoother but the camera can’t do it justice. Fine, under eye lines are the same

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What you can’t see in the photos:

  • My pore size has shrunk around my nose/cheeks and on my forehead but weirdly the camera seems to show them in more detail (despite identical lighting and camera). It’s as though my face is in HD now.
  • My eye area is generally much less puffy but the shadows and undertones make it hard to see

What’s still the same:

  • The small sag under my chin is the same. I’m disappointed with this as I was hoping for more tightening and lift
  • No change in my forehead expression lines
  • Fine under-eye lines remain unchanged

I’m part encouraged and part peeved. I love how healthy my skin looks and that pout! But I still have under-chin sag. Anyhoo, it’s time to reduce my weekly sessions until the next photo.

TIP: after further advice from Nuface, they say to keep going with 5 sessions per week if at this stage you want even better results on sagging skin. More is definitely more with the Nuface! You can’t do any damage to your skin. So, if you have time and the motivation, keep going and super-charge your skin!

The next 2 months

I’m now concentrating 5 days per week on the 5 to 10-minute ELE routine around my mouth and eyes. It’s easy to do but demands concentration because the prongs are slippery with the gel!

I hope over the next 2 months the ELE helps with fine lines and bags under my eyes, and continues to give me that unexpected firm lip pout.

Both the ELE and the big-balls trainer routines are time consuming in combination.

I’ve switched down to x3 20-minute sessions with the Trinity per week. It’s still time intensive and requires motivation. Occasionally, I just can’t be arsed with it. But I force myself to just do the basic 5-minute glides. It’s good to have the option of a shorter routine.

I stopped, on purpose, scrutinizing my face for the next 2 months. So, let’s see the changes in the 4-month photos.

The results at 4 month

Forward facing before photo next to 4 month photo.
After 4 months: 3 sessions per week has maintained my healthy, dewy, smooth skin. And I’m still pouting au natural!
Side profile photo comparison of my face before and 4 month photo
After 4 months I see some small tightened contouring around the jawline
Close-up forward facing before photo next to 4 month photo.
After 4 months the fine lines under my eyes have softened a little (thank you ELE) and my pores are noticeably smaller

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At the 4-month stage, I think there’s more improvement. Here’s what I see and feel:

  • Smooth, soft, plump, juicy, dewy skin with no bumps or imperfections
  • Significantly reduced pore size especially in between my eyebrows and around my scar
  • Full, soft, naturally pouting lips
  • Plumper, firmer cheeks
  • Contoured jawline – bye bye pre-jowls!
  • Slightly softened under-eye fine lines

I’m very happy with all of this. However, my chin sag is still there. I’m fixated on that now. Sad times because it’s not lifted as much as I’d hoped 😒.

But I’ll keep going and may do more regular big-balls trainer sessions to target my upper neck and jowls area.

Months 5 to 8

I really want to see better lifting results on my under-chin sag. So, I’ve used the trainer big balls every other day, so about 4 times per week. I also continued with the ELE attachment around lips and eyes with hope to soften the crepey eye bags.

And I got VERY bored of it. However, I’ve now mastered doing the advanced routine whilst watching TV with the aid of a handheld mirror. It doesn’t feel like a chore this way and the total 30-minute routine is done before I know it. I can fit it in but it’s no longer something I look forward to.

So, let’s check out the 8-month photos.

The results at 8 months

My forward facing headshot before photo compared to that afterusing the Trinity for 8 months
After 8 months: 4 or so sessions a week has maintained my smooth,healthy & dewy skin.
My side profile facing headshot before photo compared to that afterusing the Trinity for 8 months
After 8 months there’s some change in contouring around my jaw and chin. But nothing close to what I hoped for
My close-up forward facing headshot before photo compared to that afterusing the Trinity for 8 months
After 8 months I still have small pores and a juicy pout, with slightly softened under eye lines.

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So, at this stage it’s worth comparing my results to my initial hopes for the Trinity:

My hopes My results
Lift and contour my jaw line, jowls & under chin. Slight lift around jawline and with less obvious pre-jowls.
Under chin sag has changed shape but no major improvement here.
Reduce my pore size and smooth out my skin. A massive improvement here. I still have some larger pores but my skin looks fresh, and feels super-smooth & bouncy.
To look a lot healthier. Definitely. My skin looks and feels bright and dewy. My cheeks are firmer. I’ve many fewer blackheads and spots around my chin.
Plump out the forehead lines a bit. Not so much. My overactive eyebrows win.
De-puff, plump and smooth crêpey eye bag areas. My eyes are less puffy
but the crêpey eye bags remain.
BONUS! A full but natural lip pout.

Is the Nuface Trinity worth it?

Yes, if you like to spend time and effort on your beauty

Take before and after photos so you can see your progress because changes are subtle and gradual.

The change in my skin is noticeable. It looks fresh, tight, dewy and incredibly healthy. And I’m happy to leave the house without slathering on foundation or CC cream. That’s a big win for me. Recently, I’ve also had a few unprompted compliments. I wish I saw a lift on my under chin wobble as others do, but regardless I’m happy with my results.

However, you may benefit by continuing 5 sessions per week. It takes longer for some to see their results. So, consider this and decide if you’re up for the commitment. (If you’re not, try the Mira-skin skincare booster and CurrentBody LED mask for low effort sessions).

To summarise:

  • It boosts skin health 💪🌼
  • There’s no pain, and save the metallic taste (which I no longer get BTW) it’s pleasant to use
  • You can do it whilst watching TV
  • You don’t need to shell-out on expensive gels either – use a much cheaper alternative
  • Or treat yourself to the Gold 24K gels for intense pampering – they’re rather good after all
  • It’s a lot of effort. Even reduced to 3 times a week it still demands motivation from me. Plus ELE and the wrinkle reducer attachment = Phew. It’s too much if you want less faff in your life
  • It takes longer for some to see results. You may need to keep going with 5 sessions per week
  • You may not see results in all your desired areas

I recommend the Nuface Trinity for the healthiest, freshest version of your face. But only if you can commit and make the time for this self-care ritual.         

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