Before & after Tria Age Defying laser

Tried & tested user trial of the Tria Age Defying laser with before & after photos
This is my real-life user diary recorded over 3 months whilst trialling the Tria Age Defying laser. If you’re thinking of trying it, I hope my report helps you decide. Be sure to read my feedback after you’ve skipped to the photos 😜

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To start, here’s a quick overview of what it is and does.

Tria Age Defying Laser summary

It’s an FDA-cleared fractional non-ablative Diode laser for safe use at home. The Tria zaps tiny columns of your skin causing microscopic injuries (but doesn’t destroy the skin). Your skin cells react by boosting collagen and elastin to repair it. Over the course of 3 months, levels surge and you get a rejuvenating fresh-face make-over.

Advertised results: The Tria Age Defying laser promises to smooth fine lines & wrinkles, reduces redness & pigmentation, plump & smooth skin giving you a youthful glow.

You use it daily for 60 days / 8 weeks, then rest for 4 weeks. You’ll see your best results between weeks 8 and 12. Repeat the cycle again for even better results.

If you want even more detail on what the Tria Age Defying laser is, what it does and how it works, what to expect and even more photos, read this:

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Why I chose the Tria Age Defying Laser

So, why the Tria Age Defying Laser?

I’m 41 years old. I don’t have any major hang ups or look older than my years. But a few tell-tale signs do betray my age and I think the Tria can help.

My before photos just prior to starting the 8-week Tria Age Defying Laser treatment regimen. (Rocking the fluffy hair).

First, I have fine lines around my eyes. Honestly, I don’t mind the outer eye ‘crow’s feet’ lines. However, my skin is also a bit crêpey below my eyes. Combined with slightly darker bluish-purple shadows there, I can look over-tired. Or just plain ill. I’d like to improve that.

Second, I’m fair-skinned with an uneven skin tone. It’s a mix of translucent, rosy and yellowy-golden patches. And it changes from day to day. I also have small, red broken veins and larger diffuse red patches. I’d love to fix this so I can skip the daily application of CC cream or foundation.

I have large pores in some areas too such as around my nose, patches on cheeks and between my eyebrows. And because my skin is oily, they really stand out. My skin doesn’t look smooth, or even healthy.

So, acknowledging all these depressing yet inevitable signs, my primary want is:

  • To even out my skin tone and make it brighter
  • Fix those under eye bags
  • Reducing my pore size and plumping out my skin would be a touch too

Along with the Tria Age Defying Laser, I also considered the Nuface Trinity home microcurrent device. That’s because it’s advertised to lift and tighten skin. And my skin is starting to sag along my jaw and under my chin. I can see a tiny wobble under my chin and the small bumps of cursed-jowls. Ugh.

However, I can live with that. At least for a few months whilst I see what wizardry the Tria has up its sleeve.

I’m also liking the Tria Laser because it comes with a money back guarantee. And it’s based on proven professional-quality rejuvenating treatments. But a waaaaay less powerful home version. Therefore, much like home laser hair removal, I know it takes time to see results. But, Jees. I’m convinced it’s the bees-knees. And I want me some. Fingers-crossed 🤞

I bought the Tria Age Defying laser from Tria Beauty UK.

Next, my Tria Age Defying Laser diary over the 3-month regimen and trial.

My 3-month diary

REad the Tria age Defying laser manual before you start
I began by reading the user manual & watching videos on Youtube.

Before starting, I read all the instructions and watched the how-to videos, plus a few more on Youtube. As suggested by Tria, I washed my face and did my session just before bed. I got myself set up in front of a mirror and was raring to go!

Week 1

And it began with a false start! I’m so super-keen (and a numpty) I started my first session with level 2. It hurts, so after a few seconds I switched down to level 1!

Level 1 feels like tiny pin pricks, but is over very quickly. Just 30 seconds per area. The laser is lightweight and very easy to use. I lost skin contact only once or twice. I followed with my usual night-time moisturiser. No redness or stinging.

After 2 nights, I felt brave enough to try level 2 again.

And owwie! This thing stings! Each zone lasts just 1 minute, but the sensation makes me apprehensive to place on a new area. And cautious around sensitive areas like my lips and on my upper lip. I lost skin contact a few more times this session, I think because I’m a bit scared!!

TIP: The small upper lip area is tricky to zap. It’s easier to rotate 90 degrees and move up and down in very small movements.

Photo of applying Tria laser into nose creases
Although not in the instructions, I zap my nose too. I have a lot of redness where it joins my cheeks.

I also slide the laser up to the sides of my nose nose too. That way it also gets a zapping. And I get right into the nose creases around my nostrils (because I have lots of redness there).

Afterwards my skin burns and is hot-red. It’s uncomfortable but bearable. I apply moisturiser and serum immediately to help soothe it. The prickling sensation continues on my cheeks but starts fading after 5 minutes or so.

The next day, my skin feels tender, a bit pink, dry and even slightly flaky too. It’s ok to skip that night’s session to rest your skin. I skipped a night during the first week.

Week 2

I’m still on level 2, but it’s a piece of cake now! My skin also feels very, very smooth and soft compared to the previous week. Especially on my cheeks.

By session 10, I’m ready for level 3.

It still smarts, but during the session it doesn’t hurt any more than level 2. I think maybe it’s the same intensity but just goes for 1.5 minutes longer per zone than level 2.

My skin turns red after 2.5 minutes per zone as you can see on my cheek!

However, my skin is much redder after. And the sun-burned, stinging sensation intensifies 5 to 10 minutes after I’ve finished. Especially around the upper lip and nose. Then it gradually fades. And for the next few days, my skin is pink, tender and dry everywhere except the forehead.

It’s not pleasant. I don’t like it. I apply a sprtiz of cooling toner, moisturizer and serum. If you have a silk pillow case, this really helps to cool your skin too.

Cool, soothe and moisturise afterwards (and apply a sun screen SPF30+ the next day)

At the end of the week, it’s very bearable. The stinging intensity reduces and it doesn’t last as long either. I’m able to concentrate more on coverage than the sensation. The next day tenderness is gone, but my cheeks are still dry and red.

Week 2 photos

My skin is still very soft too but there’s no other visible change. Tria say some see effects after 2 weeks. I hope to see some change soon, especially now I’m on level 3.

Photo comparison just 2 weeks into the 8-week regimen. I is PINK.

Week 3

A quarter of the way there and level 3 is easy! It doesn’t sting at all. And afterwards, although my skin is still soft and occasionally dry, it’s now not so much red as rosy.

Down with the routine now, I do it every night after cleansing and just before bed.

I’m trying to get the best coverage I can around my eyes. The shape of the device (and my face) means it’s easy to glide around the outside corner of your eye and onto your cheekbone (“crow’s feet” territory).

It’s easy the slide evenly around your ‘crow’s feet’ eye area

However, under your eye is a pain. You must only treat where you can feel bone around the orbital area. But getting good contact so it zaps is a challenge indeed. I rotate the laser 90 degrees but it’s just too big to fit this area. Doesn’t stop me trying though!

IMPORTANT: the flat laser treatment end should never pass over your eye.

I guess the Tria eye wrinkle laser is the better (and safer) option for the under eye area. My eye bags win (this time).

It’s very awkward and requires funny faces to treat the under eye area. The small Tria eye wrinkle corrector is better for this.

I’m getting a bit braver to cover the skin close around my lips too. I’m also zapping an old, but noticeable red cold sore scar that blends into my bottom lip. I’d be very happy to fade that away.

However, I can’t see any positive changes elsewhere in my skin. But it’s very difficult to tell when you scrutinize your face every day!

Also, 2.5 minutes per zone feels like quite a long time so, I do multiple passes per facial zone.

Week 4

Still going nightly. It’s virtually painless now and so doesn’t seem such a chore. And 10 minutes is quick to fit in. It comes with me on nights away from home and I zap almost without fail. Just one night missed this week due to pub-based antics.

Nothing much to report from the treatments over the next few days. However, after session 30 (half way there) my skin suddenly feels much better. Although it’s still rosy-pink and dry from the laser, after moisturisation it’s smooth, soft and bouncy! It looks a bit glowy too, although it’s hard to tell through the rosy sheen.

It’s really encouraging and I can’t wait to get all 60 days done.

Photo comparison after 4 weeks into the 8 week regimen. Smooth but rosy.

Week 5

Still going and half way there. Unfortunately, I missed a couple of sessions this week.

My skin is super-smooth and supple, not dry at all. It glows too (although still rosy-pink from the laser). The colour is evening out, but very slowly and subtly. I still have diffuse red patches under the skin and yellowy-gold patches. And possibly my pores also look a bit smaller.

I use both horizontal and vertical motions on my forehead and try to get between my eyebrows too.

Week 6 & 7

Still going. My skin is sometimes dry and a bit flaky around my nose because I have a cold. I also have a few spots in places they haven’t appeared for years! But they’re healing super-quick.

I also feel the slight pigment bleed from my lips is clearing so there’s a crisper, cleaner line to them. I like this. The pink cold sore scar on the left of my lower lip seems to be fading too.

Week 8

Woah. My skin turned a weird orangey-pink colour for a few days. Very Oompa Loompa. I remained calm and stopped using the laser. It disappeared after 2 rest days and some exfoliation. Then I continued to complete my final session with no other dramas!

Here’s a comparison photo taken the day after the final session.

Photo comparison after finishing the 8-week regimen. Smooth, clarified skin.

So, at the 8-week mark looking at my photos and how my skin feels I can see very subtle changes:

  • My skin is super smooth
  • Pore size has reduced a little
  • I have a few blemishes around my chin and on my forehead. They dry-out and heal exceptionally fast
  • Under-the-surface redness is fading, but has not completely gone
  • Skin tone is clearer and more unified with a subtle glow
  • My cold sore scar may have reduced a bit
  • Faded visible fine lines around eyes.

And what’s still the same:

  • Under eye crêpiness is still there
  • No change in my forehead expression wrinkles

Now for the 4-week rest period. It’s during this time Tria say you should see your best results. Bring it on!

Week 9

Now I no longer use the laser daily the after-treatment rosy-pinkness has faded. My skin is still exceptionally smooth and soft to touch. It seems more even toned, although this is very subtle. My lips and cheeks feel bouncy and full. And I feel like I’m wearing lip liner because my lips have a lovely edge to them. I’ve no more dry skin, bumps or spots.

The fine lines around the outer edges of my eyes have faded and are smooth. But my crêpey eye bags are still there. As are my forehead wrinkles.

Week 11 – end results!

This week brought the biggest change in my skin. Check out the comparison photos!

Before vs after 11 weeks from the start of the Tria Age Defying Laser trial.
A brighter, luminous and more unified skin tone after finishing the regimen and waiting a few more weeks. Total: 11 weeks after start.

Here’s the results I see and feel:

  • Super-smooth, soft and bouncy skin. Tiny bumps and imperfections on my chin, cheeks and forehead have gone
  • Smaller pores on my forehead
  • Under-the-surface redness around my nose and cheeks is almost all gone!
  • The random yellowy-gold patches are gone
  • Skin tone is clearer, more unified with an obvious glow
  • My lip line is clearer
  • My cold sore scar has faded
  • No more spots or blemishes
  • No visible fine lines around eye corners
A faded cold sore scar under my lower left lip after 11 weeks
A clear & crisp lip line after 11 weeks

And what remains unchanged:

  • Crêpey under eyes still
  • No change in my forehead expression wrinkles

Is the Tria Age Defying laser worth it?

It’s a yes. But it’s not pleasant.

For the first couple of weeks it’s not a pleasant experience. It takes some will power to keep going. But then it gets better and 10 minutes is manageable to fit into your nightly routine.

There are some possible skin reactions too such as redness and dryness. I found them easily soothed and they reduce after several weeks. You can always take a rest day from the laser if you need it.

It’s tempting to skip a session or two even when you don’t need a rest. But try to commit to the regimen. Because yes. I feel it’s worth the effort because of my results.

True, it hasn’t helped my eye bags because the device shape just doesn’t work here. And my horizontal forehead wrinkles look the same as before. But I love how clear and bright my skin tone is. And how deliciously smooth it feels. My pores are a teeny bit smaller and my skin is bouncy and full.

But the bonus for me is my new clear, defined lip line. And a faded and almost invisible old cold sore scar. It’s worth it just for that.

Having said that, the changes throughout the regimen are very gradual. I don’t think I’d have appreciated them without the photos. But with the photos, I see subtle changes that make a noticeable difference to me. My confidence is boosted and I’m happy.

I’ll need to psyche myself up for ‘the sting’ again, but I love I can do another cycle when I want. I can stay smooth, reduce my redness and clear my skin tone even more. It’s a winner.

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