Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 models comparison

You have a fair few Braun Pro 5 IPL models to choose from, so here's a quick overview of the similarities & differences between them all...
Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 PL5137 vs PL5124 vs PL5014; what's the difference?

by | January 29, 2020

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What’s the difference?

The Braun Pro 5 IPL is a top at-home IPL device for long lasting hair removal all around your body. But how do you know which model is right for you? Start here with this article which gives you a quick summary of the Braun Pro 5 IPL features and performance, and then explains the differences between all the past and present Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 models.
The Braun Pro 5 IPL is one of the fastest to flash a full leg - just average of 9 mins in my tests!
In my tests, a full leg took under 9 mins and a whole body session just under 30 minutes. Woah.

The Braun Pro 5 IPL is a top quality at-home device, one of the most powerful and comes out top in most of my tests. It’s one of the best. Here’s a quick summary of my full Pro 5 IPL review, then we’ll move on the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 models comparison:

Braun Pro 5 IPL Review Summary

The Braun Pro 5 IPL is a super choice for silky-smooth skin on your face and small or large body areas. The clever tech matches the powerful IPL to your skin tone so it’s super simple and safe, with a gentle mode too. It’s top quality, easy, fast and gives excellent results too. You can try it with a UK 100-day money back guarantee. 

The Braun Pro 5 IPL is a super choice for silky-smooth skin on your face and small or large body areas.

Here’s a quick recap of my test results and pros and cons of the Braun Pro 5 IPL:

Lamp lifetime


One of the best with IPL flashes lasting 15+ years of monthly use. More than you’ll ever need.

Ease of use


Mains-powered, fast, light-weight & nimble. Perfectly balanced safety & power in every flash. Easy flashes with small window for face & tricky areas, and wide window for faster coverage on legs.

Effort & Results


Silky skin after 4 to 12 weekly sessions, then top-ups every month or so to stay smooth. One of the lowest effort home IPLs.


  • Foolproof, super-safe plug-and-go operation
  • Compact, lightweight, robust & elegant
  • Fast sessions – one of the best
  • Powerful IPL adjusts to your skin tone before every flash
  • Gentle & extra gentle mode for stingy bits!
  • Very easy to flash all round your body
  • Precision attachment for tricky upper lip
  • Easy flashes on knees, shins & ankles
  • Clinically proven, CE certification & FDA-cleared
  • UK 100-day money back guarantee


  • Extra flash windows don’t warrant a higher price
  • Flash speed varies when gliding on legs
  • Expensive at full RRP, but offers are common

But what’s the difference between the models PL5347, PL5257, PL5223, PL5149, PL5137, PL5124, PL5014 yadda yadda?

Let’s begin…

Differences between the Braun Pro 5 models

All the Pro 5 IPL models have exactly the same shape and weight, IPL power range, gentle modes, lamp lifetime, speed of sessions, treatment schedules and clever tech which matches every IPL flash to your skin tone. The differences between them are the price, flash windows, storage pouches and type of Venus shaving razor you get with each. There’s also one model which comes with a Braun Face Mini hair remover.

The improved mode select on the newer Braun Pro 5 IPL models
Standard (3 lights) is the default mode.

The latest models have improved controls on top for choosing standard, gentle or extra gentle mode. They have a clear ‘+/-‘ button to cycle through the modes along a scale from ‘feather’ icon on the left to ‘bright sun’ on the right. The three modes are indicated by three white lights; extra gentle (1), gentle (2) to standard (3).

The older (left) versus latest (right) controls on the Braun Pro 5 IPL devices. the newer version has clearer, more intuitive buttons and markings to choose from the 3 modes ranging from extra gentle, gentle to standard power modes.
SkinPro 2.0 on the newer modesl is still the same 3 modes and power range, but with updated and more intuitive controls.

Braun have given it a new, fresher name – SkinPro 2.0. But it’s still the same SensoAdapt™ tech as in the older models, which selects the best match IPL intensity for your skin tone, before every flash. Gentle mode lowers the range selected a couple of notches, and extra gentle lowers it to the lowest IPL intensity (level 1).

The older previous models are the PL5014, PL5124, PL5137, PL5223 and PL5117.

The new models are the PL5347, PL5387, PL5257, PL5223, PL5149, PL5140. And just for a dash of confusion Braun also have updated PL5124 and PL5137 models on their website. So, double check you get the right one if you want the latest design (look for the updated controls and new style storage pouches. More on these below).


TIP: The older, previous Pro 5 IPL models are available considerably cheaper than the new ones, for under £300 (versus £400+). So, if you aren’t bothered you could score yourself bargain.

So next, here’s a table with the key spec and perfomance data applicable for ALL the Braun silk Expert Pro 5 models:

All Pro 5 IPL models

Body areas:

Face, small bits, legs & large areas

Price range:

Varies by model.


Clinically proven

CE certified



2-year warranty


UK 100-day money back guarantee



Flash windows:

Standard, precision & wide.
Different by model



Lamp lifetime:

400,000 flashes

15+ years of monthly full-body sessions

IPL intensity range:

3 to 6 J/cm2
10 energy increments


Skin tone sensor

Matches every flash to your skin tone


Feels warm to hot.



Extra gentle


9 mins per full leg

27 mins for full body


4 to 12 weekly sessions, then top-ups 4 to 8 weeks.

Do all 12 sessions for your longest lasting results and less frequent top-ups.


Excellent quality

Light-weight & comfy

Easy flashes

Foolproof, selects intensity for you

Perfect for varied skin tones around your body

Fastest sessions


Latest models are very expensive

Extra flash windows don’t warrant a higher price

Flash speed varies when gliding on legs

And now a bit more detail about the differences.

Different flash windows

There are 3 different flash windows with the Pro 5 IPL models. They are different sizes and shapes to better flash different body areas.

First, there’s the gold-coloured medium-sized standard flash window. This is 1 by 3 cm so a total of 3 cm2. This flash window is a super allrounder size and shape for zapping legs, arms, underarms, torso, bikini line, neck and jawline. It takes a little practise to get a flash on your upper lip area.

Next, there’s the small, white precision window. This is 1.1 by 1.65 cm so a total size of 1.65 cm2. This flash window is a helpful addition and makes it easier to flash your upper lip, fingers, toes and gives extra precision around the delicate bkini area. Some models come with two of these attachments. One has a ‘+’ marked on it so you can tell them apart, and keep one for face and one for bikini line.

Finally, there’s also a white, wide flash window. This measures around 4 cm2 and covers a bigger surface area with each flash so it’s good on torso and upper legs.

All the Braun Pro 5 IPL models come with the standard flash window. Most (exluding the PL5014) come with one precision window too.

Some models come with the wide flash window, and some with the wide flash window plus one extra small precision window.

Here’s a quick list to confirm which model has which windows:


Flash windows

PL5347, PL5387, 

Medium standard

Small precision (face)

Small precision + (bikini)

Large wide

PL5257, PL5223

Medium standard

Small precision (face)

Large wide

PL5124, PL5149, PL5140, PL5137, PL5117

Medium standard

Small precision (face)


Medium standard

Do you need all the flash windows?


You get everything you need with the standard window for all body areas and the small window for face and uneven areas, or where precision is important (e.g. bikini area).

The medium-size 3cm2 (1 by 3 cm) and small 1.65cm2 (1.1 by 1.65 cm) flash windows with the Braun Pro 5 IPLare the important ones, and all you really need to zap your full body.
Everything you need for a fast and thorough Braun Pro 5 IPL zapping session…

The latest and more expensive Pro 5 IPL models come with also either the wide, or the wide and an extra precision flash window. But you don’t need these to get the job done. So. if you wish to save some pennies, check prices before you choose which model to buy.

Storage pouches, razors & extras

The latest Pro 5 IPL models also have varied colour vegan leather storage pouches which come in different colours (grey, black and red). There’s even a fancy vanity case with one model. And they come with either the Venus Extra Smooth or Venus Extra Smooth Swirl razor.

The older models PL5124 and PL5117 come with a different design and suedette grey storage bag. The older type PL5137 has a white and gold woven fabric storage bag.

The old versus updated storage bags with the Braun Pro 5 IPL at-home devices
Old versus new storage bags. The new soft grey pouch also comes in red and black.

All the storage bags do a good job of protecting the Pro 5 IPL device and keeping the flash windows and power cable together. For extra protection from knocks, keep it in a draw. And both razors are rather splendid at getting a close shave.

One model (PL5149) also comes with a Braun Face Mini hair remover, which is a nice touch to avoid shaving your face before your sessions. Or you could try an inexpensive dermaplaning tool.

Here’s a summary of the storage cases, razors and extras by model.


Case, razor & extras


Premium vanity case

Venus Swirl razor

PL5257, PL5124

Soft pouch (grey)

Venus Extra Smooth razor


Soft pouch (black)

Venus Extra Smooth razor


Soft pouch (black)

No razor


Soft pouch (black)

Venus Extra Smooth Swirl razor

Braun Face Mini hair remover


Soft pouch (grey)

Venus Extra Smooth Swirl razor


Soft pouch (red)

Venus Extra Smooth Swirl razor

Older PL5014, PL5124

Older style soft pouch (grey)

Venus Extra Smooth razor

Old model PL5117

Older style soft pouch (grey)

Venus Extra Smooth razor

Old model PL5137

Soft pouch (white & gold)

Venus Extra Smooth swirl razor

The spec and performance of Braun Silk expert Pro 5 IPL device is the same with all the models (PL5137, PL5124 & PL5014). However, the PL5014 does not come with the face attachment.
Older Pro 5 IPL model is the same spec & performance IPL device as the newer models

All the Pro 5 IPL models come with the UK 100-day money-back guarantee from Braun. And they’re all brilliant, easy and effective at-home devices for the face, small bits, legs and large areas. You’ll pay more for the newer models with all the extra flash windows. But if you want a bargain, pick up the earlier Pro 5 IPL models (PL5124, PL5137, PL5117) which are still available. They’re just as powerful, fast, easy, and the results are just as good.

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4x heads: 
Standard, 2x precision & wide

3x heads: 
Standard, precision & wide

2x heads:
Standard & precision

1x head:
Standard head only

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