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by | April 25, 2020

A mighty device to heal, revitalise, brighten and tighten your skin in one teeny package. The ZIIP Nano (GX & OX) are safe for all skin tones & types. Choose and follow-along to nine routines in the App. Each sends microcurrent and/or nanocurrent energies into your tissues, ultimately healing, detoxing & building strong collagen & elastin for revitalised, healthy, bright & clear skin. With targeted routines for delicate eye and lip area too. Super if you enjoy daily pampering self-care.
"Tight, bright, healthy, dewy & flawless skin."

4.3 / 5

Face & Neck (including lips & eyes)


Ziip Nano Micro & Nanocurrent home beauty device review from WeAreBodyBeautiful.com

What is it?

The ZIIP Nano microcurrent and nanocurrent device is FDA-cleared and safe for all skin tones and types, for use on the face and neck with an electroconductive gel. It’s suitable for both men and women, but men must be clean-shaven for it to work. It works with an App to select, sync and follow-along to several treatments focusing on different skin goals.

The ZIIP sends teeny amp current into your sin which triggers a cascade of healing and rejuvenating antics for a fresher, younger looking mug.
Ziip your face with one of their rather lovely nourishing, stay-wet conducting gels.

Microcurrent and nanocurrent mimics the bioelectricity in your body. This energises tissues on neck and face to heal and rejuvenate for clear and supple skin with a healthier, younger appearance. You can learn more about how microcurrent works here.

First impressions

The packaging is a compact, cream cardboard box inside a protective clear plastic sheath. The box is clean and understated, simply embossed with ‘ZIIP’ on the lid and sides. Inside, the Nano device and Gold gel are secured in a moulded plastic bed. It’s well presented and professional, but less plastic would be better! Keep the box to store everything in one place.

Front of the compact and neat, cream ZIIP box
Simple & understated ZIIP box.
Inside the neat ZIIP Nano box you first see the ZIIP device and gel
Gold gel & Nano device inside the box.
Take out the plastic tray and at the bottomof the ZIIP Nano box - more goodies!
More goodies below the plastic tray
The contents of the ZIIP box: 
ZIIP Beauty Nano Device,
80ml Gel Pump Bottle,
Charger (USB Cable & US Wall Charger),
Padded Bubblewrap,
Travel Bag,
Cleaning Cloth,
User Guide,
Preloaded routine illustrated Instructions
The contents of the ZIIP box
Contents inside the smaller cream box inside the ZIIP Nano kit: USB charging cable, mains plug (US) and protective bubblewrap pouch for the Nano
USB charging cable, mains plug (US) and protective bubblewrap pouch for the Nano

What’s in the box?

  • ZIIP Beauty Nano Device
  • Golden Gel Pump Bottle
  • Charger (USB Cable & US Wall Charger)
  • Padded Bubblewrap Travel Bag
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • User Guide
  • Energise routine illustrated Instructions

First impressions are very good. The packaging is elegant with a premium look and feel. The Nano device is the smallest home device I’ve tested with classy white and gold styling. And I can’t wait to see what it can do.

Before you start

Before your first treatment you must read the user guide and charge the Nano (if it needs it). There are also instructions in the user guide for a gel and device skin sensitivity test.

The ZIIP user guide explainis the device features, buttons and lights.
Read the user guide before your first session

The user guide is a quick and easy read, with plenty of helpful diagrams. It explains the device’s features, buttons and lights, how to charge it, store it, clean it and travel with it. The guide also details the Energize routine step-by-step.

It’s very important you read the warnings, precautions and contraindications too. Reasons you shouldn’t use the Nano include if you’re pregnant, suffer seizures or have an electronic implanted device like a defibrillator, neurostimulator, pacemaker, or ECG monitor. If you’ve had recent Botox or fillers you should consult your doctor too. You can learn more about microcurrent contraindications here.

The ZIIP user guide open at the important contraindications and warnings page. Read this before you use the device!
Read the user guide warnings, precautions & contraindications carefully before use.

Ease of use

Tthe small ZIIP Nano device held comfortably in the palm and fingers
Compact & simple

This dinky device looks unlike anything else out there. The curvy shape fits perfectly in your palm and fingers with two silver electrodes on the underside. It’s teeny but solid and robust. The battery life is decent with around 3 to 4 hours of use.

the flexible and durable flat charging cable, and the small charging port where the cable fits snug and doesn't fall out
Robust flexible USB charging cable fits snug in the device (with US plug) and fits any USB mains plug.

You use the App to select your routine, then turn on the Nano to sync to the device.

Use the App to select and then sync your routine, then follow along with the in-App video routine.
Select, Sync & start your routine with the App.

There are 10 treatments each with varied, specific waveforms and intensities to target different concerns. They last between 1 to 12 minutes each so you layer several in one session for best results. You glide and bob the electrode spheres around your face and neck in time with gentle vibrations.  

I love the variation, and that there’s no pressure to learn all ten routines because you can follow along with the videos in the App.

The two shiny silver microcurrent electrodes on the underside of the ZIIP Nano device
The angled electrodes help carve out cheekbones and jawline

I also enjoy the pampering downtime, but feel it requires a lot of focus. I like to layer routines, and spend around 35 minutes each session. My favourites are Energize, Vital Eyes, Jowls and Quick Fix.

The most soothing routines massage your lymphatic pathways. There’s little sensation from the currents, but some routines cause slight twitching and wobbly vision. It also zings on spots and blemishes, and sometimes around your teeth too. But it doesn’t hurt and there are no uncomfortable skin reactions.

Close upof the ZIIP Gold Gel bottle pump
Easy to pump quality packaging. 8 or 9 pumps gives good full face & neck coverage

The ZIIP gels are unlike other microcurrent gels. They both have a thin, gloopy consistency which slips easily over your skin. Wipe your hands on a towel after applying it. They don’t drip or sting your eyes, and have a slight sweet taste if a bit gets in your mouth.

But the best bit is they take ages to dry. This means you can apply it all over your face at the start and it stays wet throughout. Yay! Much less faff than other microcurrent gels. another bonus, skin feels silky smooth and fresh after you rinse them off.

The ZIIP conductivity gels are thinner than traditional gels and very nourishing. They don't dry out throughout several routines.
The cheaper Silver gel is for hydration and sensitive skin, and the Gold gel has anti-aging actives.

Overall, it’s a top-notch pampering, relaxing experience, perfect if you love a bit of calming self-care.

Schedule, effort & results

The ZIIP Nano is a medium effort device demanding consistent effort. Therefore, if you don’t have much spare time or can’t commit to almost daily use, it’s probably not for you.

You get best results if you layer treatments. ZIIP advise start with Primer, then do a core routine such as Energise, followed by one or more targeted routines for eyes, jowls, pigmentation, pores, or acne. So, your session duration depends on which areas you target but it’s likely you’ll spend between 20 to 30 minutes per dedicated session. You need between 3 to 6 sessions per week, for ongoing use.

What it fixes: Tighten, lift & contour, shrink pores, smooth & firm skin, depuffs, fades fine lines & wrinkles, brightens, reduces pigmentation & acne.

ZIIP say the Nano can smooth, firm and tighten skin, shrink pores, lift & contour, depuff face and eyes, fade fine lines & wrinkles after 4 weeks of use. And it can reduce dark spots & heal acne in around 3 weeks. You may see all your desired results or just a few. Some see immediate lifting and tightening results whereas other need several weeks of sessions.


The ZIIP devices are indentical aside from different styling. Both give you access to all the ZIIP routines, via the App. The differences are the preloaded routine on your ZIIP device and the conductivity gel that comes in each kit. The different conductivity gels accounts for the slightly different prices of each kit (ZIIP GX with the Gold gel is slightly more expensive).

Here’s a handy comparison table for you:

Launched 2015 2020
Styling Gold Silver
Gel in kit Gold
Gold gel ingredients
Crystal gel ingredients
App controlled ✔️
Access to all routines
Access to all routines
Pre-loaded routine Energize
Full face 12 mins
Sculpt & Lift
Full face 7 mins
Price 🇬🇧 £425
🇺🇸 $495
🇬🇧 £410
🇺🇸 $480

The Negatives

The ZIIP is a super multi-tasking device but it does have a few negatives.

As mentioned above it demands effort, concentration and commitment. So, it’s not for you if you want something quick and easy. Instead, try the Current Body Skin LED mask or the Mira-skin ultrasound skincare booster, both done in just 10 minutes. But if you love a bit of dedicated pamper time the Nano will suit you fine.

Next, it takes a little time to get familiar with all the routines. And it’s easy to get out of sync with the follow-along videos too. So, you must count your reps and concentrate. It gets easier with practise, but there’s more of a learning curve than with rival at-home devices.

Use the back/forward 15 seconds control to stay in sync with the ZIIP Nano follow-along App videos
Skip back & forward in the videos to stay in time with the routines

Also, the videos become repetitive and a bit annoying. To counter it, I lower the volume and makes good use of the 15 second skip forward/back feature in the App. After 2 weeks or so I felt confident with my favourite routines so didn’t need the videos anyway.

Close up of the Gold gel container - the gel inside is pricey!
Very expensive conductivity gel!

Now onto the gels – they’re excruciatingly expensive (Silver gel £45, Crystal £68 , Gold gel £110). However, each 80ml pump dispenser package lasts around 2 months if doing around 4 sessions per week. And in fairness, I love they keep your face wet so there’s no faffy reapplications part way through. And they do feel rather lovely too. So I don’t mind investing in the Silver gel – I think it’s rather good value.


TIP: ZIIP also suggest the gels double as extra nourishing treatment masks. Leave them on after your session for a skin indulgent treat. However, if you’ve followed the anti-acne routine you should wash it off because the session draws impurities from your skin which will sit in the gel.

The ZIIP Nano is expensive for sucha small device - but itdoes rather alot of good.
Expensive or smart investment?

And finally, there’s no avoiding it. The Nano itself is breath-takingly expensive at £425. And there’s no money back guarantee period either.

But consider this. The varied microcurrent and nanocurrent routines work at different tissue depths and on all areas of your face including around your eyes and lips. So, there’s no additional cost for extra attachments, or add-on devices to target fine lines. It does it all.  

And if on top of that you have pigmentation or acne worries, you can treat them too. So, I think the Nano is a smart investment because it’s less expensive than buying several attachments or new devices to treat each of these individual concerns.

ZIIP Nano GX & OX Review Summary

The ZIIP Nano devices are very effective microcurrent multi-tasking devices. I love the stay-wet, nourishing ZIIP gels. And the varied microcurrent and nanocurrent routines work at different tissue depths and on all areas of your face including around your eyes and lips. So, you don’t need additional pricey attachments to target fine lines. It does it all. 

The ZIIP Nano is a mighty device to focus on rejuvenation for all areas of your face and neck, including eyes and lips without any additional pricey attachments.

Here’s a summary of my test scores, and pros and cons for the ZIIP Nano GX & OX, to help you decide:

Ease of use


Simple operation, easy and quick to get the hang of. Requires focus with nine varied length and target routines, choose & follow-along with the videos in the App. Nourishing gel doesn’t dry out, pleasant massaging sensation with no pain, irritation or side effects.



A medium effort device you must commit to. Layer routines in a session, 3 to 6 times per week. For ongoing, regular use. Super if you enjoy regular self-care & pamper time.



Some see an immediate lift, & subtle effects build over time and differ by person. See noticeable anti-aging results around 4 weeks, reduced pigmentation & acne at around 3 weeks. Best results after several months of regular use. Tightens, tones & clarifies for fresh, healthy & younger looking skin.


  • Target several skin concerns in one compact device
  • Pampering & energising facial massage
  • No pain or skin irritation
  • Simple, robust & easy to use
  • Nourishing gels don’t dry out & last months
  • No additional costly attachments


  • Gels are expensive (but last ages)
  • Gradual results which may take longer than advertised
  • No money back guarantee

ZIIP deals

Found this ZIIP Nano review helpful? Please support my future reviews and shop via these links. I earn a small commission, but your price stays the same. And I really appreciate your support 🙏!

👉 NOTE: The ZIIP OX and GX are now discontinued, but the new ZIIP HALO is available. You can find links for the ZIIP HALO below and my treid and tested review is coming soon!


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