Trophy Skin Home Microdermabrasion MiniMD & MicrodermMD kit

Trophy Skin MiniMD microdermabrasion Laura G
Trophy Skin MiniMD microdermabrasion


This is probably the missing steo in your skincare routine. The Trophy Skin tools are safe for all skin tones, ages and types (including sensitive skin). Refreshes skin on your face, neck and chest for smooth, bright, healthy, hydrated skin & reduced wrinkles. A simple, low-effort, affordable home device with serious results.

Smooth, clear & fresh skin

👍 For all skin colours and types (even sensitive), the missing & essential step in your skincare

Visible effects: Softens fine lines and wrinkles, fades dark spots, shrinks pores, reduces scarring, brighter & smoother skin, a youthful glow.

Takes 5 ish mins just 2 or 3 times per week. For ongoing use.

Ease of use
Simple, easy to follow. Use a clean filter each session, diamond tips last 6 months to 1 year. Quick and very more-ish satisfaction seeing dead skin gunk in the filter!

Immediate smooth skin. Boosts cell turnover, collagen & elastin build gradually refreshing and brightening. Healthier skin, faded wrinkles and pigmentation over a month or so.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use & low weekly effort
  • Durable & intuitive
  • Options for different budgets
  • Immediate smooth, glowing results
  • Clincally proven


  • Over-zealous use means after-session products can sting!
  • Ongoing cost of tips & filters
  • MiniMD has a short power cable
  • You’ll need a US to UK plug adaptor

MiniMD price from £80 to £99

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There are 3 FDA-registered microdermabrasion models to choose from Trophy Skin ranging from £99 to £219 / $99 to $299. Use them on your face, neck and chest to reduce visible photo-damage and aging effects.

Various shots of features explained and critiqued in this Trophy Skin MiniMD microdermabrasion review
Clinically proven home microdermabrasion from Trophy skin. This is the most affordable choice called MiniMD.

What is it?

The MiniMD is a compact, home version of diamond peel exfoliation (microdermabrasion facials) available in day spas and medical aesthetic centres to use on face, neck and chest.

Slide the end across your skin. The diamond tip exfoliates rough, dead skin and the vacuum sucks away the debris. Use in an upward or outward direction all around your face, increasing or decreasing the suction levels depending on area. A treatment takes around 5 minutes.

The MiniMD:

  • Smooths rough & bumpy skin, leathery skin, congested skin
  • Removes top skin layers so your skincare products more easily absorb
  • Make-up applies easily and stays put for longer
  • Gradually reduces pigmentation with ongoing use

The suction also stimulates your skin’s blood flow, boosting energy so it rebuilds strong collagen and elastin. And removing the top skin layers not only reveals fresh skin, but it also promotes the growth of healthy new cells to replace it. Both actions give healthier, smooth skin and a beautiful afterglow. Skin is rejuvenated and looks younger.

Trophy Skin Microderm devices are safe for all skin types, including most sensitive. However, if you have sensitive skin, use a lower setting and / or use it less often.

Clinical study

The Trophyskin Microderm products are clinically proven safe and effective for home use. They don’t need FDA-clearance because of the type of device they are.

Trophy Skin share details of the clinical study on their website. The study tested and recorded results for reducing facial wrinkles and redness of 22 female patients aged 35 to 55. They used the device at home 2 to 3 times per week for 6 weeks.

To measure effects, the study took and compared high definition photos of subjects faces at the start, 3 & 6 weeks. The subjects also completed a questionnaire to capture subjective feedback.

An independent surgeon assessed the photos. To avoid any bias, it was a blind study too. This means the surgeon didn’t know details of the treatment. They merely measured and assessed what they saw. They used 3 clinical scales:

  1. Oral Commissure Severity Scale (lip fullness, mouth lines & wrinkles)
  2. Modified Glogau Scale (MGS) (categorises wrinkle severity)
  3. 6-Point Erythema Scale (for skin redness)

The results

The study shares a significant 75% of subjects saw a reduction in fine lines, wrinkle depth and tone/breadth around the mouth (using the oral commissure severity scale).

Using the high definition photos, they assessed other wrinkles against the Modified Glogau Scale. All subjects saw at least a 1-point improvement. The biggest wrinkle reduction in all areas was for those with moderate wrinkles to start with.

Other significant improvements were solar lentigines (sun damaged skin), hyperpigmentation (darker skin), forehead/peri-oral/nasolabial wrinkles, redness on neck, chest & face (erythema), and diffuse telangiectasia (spider veins).

Trophy Skin share the percentage % of subjects with at least a 2-point improvement after 6 weeks of use:

Bar chart showing percentage of subjects that saw at least a 2 point improvement: 90% sun spots (solar lentigines)
85% dark patches (hyperpigmentation)
100% diffuse redness on face, neck, chest (erythema)
100% spider veins (telangiectasia)
85% cheek / nose lines (nasolabial wrinkles)
85% cross feet and eye wrinkles (periorbital wrinkles)
75% forehead wrinkles
80% neck, chest, wrinkles
  • 90% sun spots (solar lentigines)
  • 85% dark patches (hyperpigmentation)
  • 100% diffuse redness on face, neck, chest (erythema)
  • 100% spider veins (telangiectasia)
  • 85% cheek / nose lines (nasolabial wrinkles)
  • 85% crow’s feet and eye wrinkles (periorbital wrinkles)
  • 75% forehead wrinkles
  • 80% neck, chest, wrinkles

Thoughts on the study

The percentages above sound impressive. They are based on subjects who saw a 2-point improvement on the various scales. However, the data I’m missing here is the scale itself. What does a point improvement look like, let alone 2! I guess it depends where you start on the scale too. The study implies you’ll see noticeable results but it’s hard to visualise.

However, what is reassuring is those with visible ‘moderate’ wrinkles see more significant results.

I like the Before vs After photos on the Trophy Skin website. I suppose they are some of the best results from the study, but they do give a visual idea of what is possible. I’m not sure how many points improvement they show but it’s impressive nonetheless.

All in all, the microderm devices seem a simple way to get clearer, smoother skin that behaves and looks younger.

First impressions

Neat & attractive rose-gold box of the MiniMD from Trophy Skin.
The packaging is neat, feminine and attractive, in a rose and rose gold box with all the key info
Sliding the shiny rose-gold insert box out from the cover
There’s a shiny rose gold insert box inside that slides out
Inside the device, power cable, filters and manual are secured in a plastic moulded bed

Being picky, the plastic insert is thin and makes scratchy sounds, and the surrounding cardboard is maybe a tad flimsy to withstand regular storage needs. It’s not as robust a box as you get with other brands – but hey, sturdy packaging is really a nice to have and not a deal breaker here.

Small MiniMD device, 30-pack of wool filters, power cable (with US plug), user guide (and welcome note from Trophy Skin not pictured).
The contents of the box: MiniMD device, pack of wool filters, power cable (with US plug), user guide and welcome note from Trophy Skin.

What’s in the box:

  • Trophy Skin MiniMD device
  • Medium diamond tip
  • 30-pack of filters
  • Power adapter
  • User manual

It’s all very nicely done and well presented. A super first impression.

Hello dinky little MiniMD

The MiniMD is dinky! It’s just 17cm tall and just under 4 cm wide at the broadest middle point. A classy, smooth-white, long and round applicator with shimmery dusk gold and shiny rose gold controls and accents. The diamond exfoliator tip stands to attention at the gently pointed top.

I just can’t wait to see what crap this thing sucks off my face!

Before you start

First read the user guide

Start by reading the user manual. It’s a good introduction and shows you how to operate the MiniMD. It also lists a few reasons you shouldn’t use the MiniMD or microdermabrasion in general.

Don’t use the microdermabrasion devices if you have:

  • Lesions, warts, or recent herpes outbreak
  • Sunburn or sun sores
  • Active rosacea
  • Auto-immune disorders
  • Skin cancer
  • Vascular lesions
  • Any open wounds, sores, or cuts
  • Are taking oral blood thinners (anti-coagulants)

It also tells you to do a skin sensitivity test on the inside of your forearm. The skin there is more delicate and a good indicator to show if you’ll be sensitive to the exfoliation on your face.

I found this test difficult because you must pull the skin taut as you glide the exfoliator tip over your arm. To do this, I need an extra hand. As I don’t have one, I just tried without and found the whole sensation rather squeaky and tickly! I didn’t get very far, but my skin seemed fine with what I did manage.

Next, find a comfortable place to sit, next to a plug and in front of a mirror. A hand held mirror requires one of your hands and you’ll need both for this baby, so find an alternative. Wash and dry your face. Then, crack on!  

What’s it like?

The MiniMD is very simple to operate and easy to handle. Pull off the tip and pop in a new wool filter before every treatment. It takes a bit of practise to get the correct angle and motion as you work across your face. But it’s so incredibly satisfying and effective.

Mains-power operation

The MiniMD is mains-powered so you must be connected to the mains. The power cable is ok. It’s 145 cm long and quite thin to match the lightweight device. You must be quite close to a power socket and a mirror. I sit next to a socket on the floor with a small pedestal mirror to work with. You may need an extension cable if you’re working with a fixed mirror that’s too far from a socket.

The MiniMD works worldwide on multi-voltage. However, if you live outside the US, you’ll need to buy a plug adaptor to match your mains power socket.

Design, operation & routine

The MiniMD is small and light weight (138g). There’s a single button to operate it. Press to power on at suction level 1. Press it again to level 2, and again to power off.

It’s very easy to handle and manoeuvre. A little low pitch whirring starts up inside and sounds a bit more earnest on suction level 2. Do each side of your face in turn.

Start on the right forehead. With your free hand pull your skin taut and place the tip squarely against your skin until the suction takes. Slide the tip in small, smooth motions to the outside of your forehead. It’s easy to get the hang of.

Continue across your nose and cheeks, down your outer cheeks and around your mouth. Then across your upper lip and chin. Take care around your eyes and lips and make use of the lower suction level where skin feels thinner, more delicate or loose.

Repeat on the other side. Don’t do the same bit of skin more than 3 times in a session.

You may also treat your neck and chest area too. I do occasionally, and also my hands.

How does it feel?

I like the sensation. There’s no pain. The diamond tip is scratchy across your skin but in a very fine way. The suction is gentle but creates a firm seal with your skin. Sometimes it’s tricky to position on the centre of my forehead for the suction to take. And it makes small squeaky noises on my neck 😊. However, it’s important not to press the tip too hard against your skin.

It’s also a bit fiddly around my hairline where my small wispy baby hairs interfere with the suction. I persevere here though because I have some small but visible sun spots I’d like to see less of.

The suction makes your skin turn pinky-red, but this doesn’t last very long. If it does however, rest your skin until it fades. Also reduce how often you use it and / or the suction level. And don’t do too many passes over your skin.

Touch your skin afterwards and it feels fresh and moist, beautifully soft and smooth. It gets softer after each session and feels like silk.

Oh. Lushness.

But what I really love…

…is both admiring and feeling horrified at the filter once you’re done! There’s an impressive amount of face gunk. Who knew I was so scaly? It’s so incredibly satisfying and more-ish. I love you can plainly see what’s exfoliated away.

What results to expect?

Results are far superior to using any exfoliation or microdermabrasion scrub. Plus, there’s no environmental impact to our oceans with those nasty micro-beads.

You can feel and see it actually works.

You can feel the difference from the first session. But it’s gentle. Apprehensive at first, I thought maybe it’d be too much for my skin to do more than 1 per week. I was wrong and I now do 2 sessions per week (as that’s easy to fit in).

And you can see the work it does after each session. If you start on the lower suction level it’s not so obvious. But on the higher suction level – oh boy. I see more gunk the more frequently I use it. I guess my skin’s had a kick-up the bum and is churning out more skin cells now!

After 3 months, my complexion is baby-smooth, clear and even. I’ve no bumps or blemishes like I had before. Post-session, my skin drinks in my Vitamin C cream and serums (which can sting if you over do the microderming!) Make-up glides on, but I don’t need as much anymore because I look fresh-faced.

Maybe my forehead lines have reduced a bit, but it’s difficult to tell because they weren’t too bad to start with. I’m looking forward to using this over the Winter months when I really suffer from very dry, rough skin.

You get a 60-day money back guarantee from This is long enough to try it and fall in love with it.

Tips & filters

There is the ongoing cost of the filters and diamond tips to consider too.

A 100-pack of replacement wool filters costs £12. Replacement diamond tips cost £25 each. And there are a few to choose from.

The MiniMD comes with the standard diamond tip. There’s also a fine, body and precision diamond tip for around eyes, lips and nose. As well as a pore extraction and infusion tip.

They should last between 6 months to 1 year which I think is good. And you’ll get best results if you clean it regularly. The MicrodermMD comes with a cleaning brush, the MiniMD doesn’t. Trophy Skin explain on the website you’ll get best results if you clean the tips in an ultrasonic bath cleaner. This uses water and ultrasound waves to gently vibrate-off dirt and debris. You can also use it to clean jewellery. Buy one from amazon here.

For one year of use, microderming twice a week, you’ll need 1x 100-pack of filters. And let’s assume you need 2 tips. So:

  • 1 x wool tip @ £12
  • 2 x tips @ £25
  • 1-year total cost is £62

That’s not bad at all, especially compared to other skincare devices with expensive gels. It’s a manageable and worthy investment for smooth, glowsome results.

Should I buy it?

Love the gunk.

If you’re a teenager or in your early twenties, you’ve no need for this. Your skin needs little help to be healthy.

But from around 30 onwards or at the first sign of fine lines, I think it’s a simple, quick and affordable, skin health boosting option. It makes a difference immediately and effects gradually build too. So, absolutely. It’s a super and affordable investment.

This has been the missing step in my skincare routine for around a decade I reckon. If you’re choosing your first home skincare technology I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Plus, it’s highly addictive, in a very good way.

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