Smoothskin Pure vs Smoothskin Bare+ comparison review by

Smoothskin Pure vs Bare+ comparison review

In this comparison review I’ll contrast the latest home IPL devices from Smoothskin; the top of the range premium Pure and the compact, more affordable Bare+. Both are excellent allrounder devices for zapping your face, small and large body areas. ...
The silk'n Infinity is a super budget device that's safe for all skin tones including dark and black skin. Learn more in the this full silk'n Infinity review.

Silk’n Infinity review: safe for dark & black skin

Silk'n Infinity


The compact, simple Silk'n Infinity uses a combination of gentle IPL and Galvanic energies. Together, they give effective hair removal that's safe for dark and black skin on the lowest intensity levels. And it's just as effective as the more powerful IPL rivals on the higher levels. Oh, and sessions are quick and it's affordable too. Read this detailed Silk'n Infinity review to learn all.

Fast & affordable
Safe for ALL skin tones

Tested Smoothskin Pure vs Braun Pro 5 IPL review

Smoothskin Pure vs Braun Pro 5 IPL: which is best?

A side from the striking different looks, the spec of these devices sounds almost the same. So, if you’re confused and trying to decide between these two-top-notch home IPLS, thank goodness you found this comparison review. I’ve tried and tested ...
Tried & Tested Smoothkin Pure home IPL

Smoothskin Pure review; fastest, easiest, best value premium IPL

Smoothskin Pure


Striking good looks, strength, brains and speed are hard to find in one attractive IPL package. But that’s what you get with the Smoothskin Pure. The clever sensor auto adjusts each flash to match your skin tone, so it’s super-safe for light to dark skin (and works on dark hair). And using speed mode on legs, a whole-body zappin’ takes just 19 minutes. It’s the easiest and fastest home IPL we’ve ever tested. 😍

Fastest & easiest
Best value premium IPL

Tried & tested Smoothskin Bare+ review by It's our best fast, affordable home IPL for light to medium skin tones

Smoothskin Bare+ home IPL review; fast & affordable



The Bare+ is a fast, medium-power home IPL that's elegantly straightfoward. It's safe for light to medium skin and it works on dark hair. Compact, light-weight and nimble, this beaut let's you flash your whole-body in 30 minutes. And all for under £200. We have big love for this little guy.

Best fast, affordable device for light to medium skin

Smoothskin Muse home IPL review tried & tested by

Smoothskin Muse review – Sexy, powerful & lasts forever

Smoothskin Muse


Hello Smoothskin Muse. This handsome device is the first high-power IPL device giving unlimited flashes. It's safe for light to dark skin and works on dark hair (but may work on blonde hair too). It's one of the fastest, safest and most simple to use thanks to the clever skin tone sensor. Highly recommended.

Sexy, powerful & lasts forever

Philips Lumea Essential BRI861 review


The Philips Lumea Essential BRI861, the least expensive in the Philips Lumea range, is great value. It's compact and basic spec still benefits from the same thoughtful design and refined build quality you get with the premium models. It's easy to use, comfortable to hold and provides several years of body treatments. But I suggest it's best for treating underarms, bikini line, face and forearms because it's not the fastest on large areas like legs. Online reviewers love it, keep reading this full Lumea Essential BRI861 review to see if you will too.

Smoothskin Bare IPL review; Ultra-fast & superb for dark skin



Don’t let the no-frills design and affordable price tag fool you. This plug-and-zap, unltra-fast, low intensity home IPL is safe for light to dark skin, and dark hair. The low intensity particularly suits darker skin, but means you'll need more frequent top-ups on light skin. Hailed as a game-changing home IPL. Spot on.

Ultra-fast &
Best value for dark skin

Venus Silk expert/ Braun Silk expert 5 IPL review (5001, 5009, 5008); fast, safe & simple

Braun Silk-Expert IPL


No device is more straightforward and simple to use than the Braun Silk expert 5 IPL. It's great value and I recommend it for full body treatments and for treating large areas. That's because it is fast to apply to your skin and the flashes give many years of use. This Braun IPL review sums up the pros and cons, and all the good and bad bits from the online reviews. Find out how the best alternatives measure up and decide if you should buy the Braun Gillette Venus Silk expert 5 IPL .

Besy Buy for fast and powerful, safe and simple treatments