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by | March 26, 2020

The affordable Silk'n FaceTite, mains-power device combines 2-in-1 techs - Radio Frequency and red light. I like the affordable price tag and the promise of healthy, tight skin. It's safe for all skin tones and types, to tighten, firm, and brighten for a fresh, younger-looking face. With a very pleasant warming sensation, and rather messy conductive gel it demands oodles of spare time to get results. Learn more below...
"Smooth, bright, tight & firm skin"

4.0 / 5

Face & neck


Tried & tested Silk'n FaceTite RF & LED light home use device - read the review!

What is it?

The Silk’n FaceTite is a home-use face and neck rejuvenation tool. It’s safe for all skin types and tones, for both men and women. It’s called the Silk’n Titan in the US and Canada.

It combines bi-polar Radio Frequency, with red and near-infrared LED light therapy to rebuild collagen and elastin. With regular use, it’s clinically proven to tighten and firm skin for faded lines and a healthy, younger appearance. Use the device with a protective slider gel. Most editions also come with a Silk’n Intense Hydration Hyaluronic Serum.

The latest models in the UK are called the FaceTite Essential, Revive, and Prestige. And in the US and Canada, it’s the Silk’n Titan Allways. The RF device with these models works both cordless and on mains power. The older models (Titan, FaceTite and FaceTite Ritual) work corded on mains power only.

This review features photos of the older Silk’n FaceTite / Titan, with differences to the latest models noted throughout.

First impressions

The attractive white and hot-pink box clearly shows all the key information. The packaging is all recyclable cardboard, which is a top job. 👍

Photo of the Silk'n Facetite attractive box - what;s in it?
Cute design. Buuuut…That girl is only 15 years old and doesn’t need this.
Front on photo of the Silk'n FaceTite  showing the bottle of Hyaluronic Serum
This edition comes with a jar of Hyaluronic Acid serum.

On the back of the box are various translations and an illustrative diagram of the collagen remodelling process you get with the FaceTite.

Various bits and bobs inside the outer box are all secured together with a few cardboard inserts. Once you unpack it all, you’re left with the silver storage case, slider gel box, hyaluronic acid serum and UK plug adaptor.

The contents of the Silk'n FaceTite taken out of the box
The contents of the box are secured in cardboard inserts.
The silver sturdy storage case, slider gel, Hyaluronic serum and UK plug adaptor in the silk'n FaceTite box
The contents free of cardboard.
Looking inside the storage case once it's zipped open, showing the FaceTite device and power cable
Unzip the storage case and look inside…
the full contents of the Silk'n FaceTite box: Silk’n FaceTite device, Mains cable & Euro plug, UK adaptor, Silver storage case, Slider gel, Hyaluronic serum, User guide, Warranty leaflet
A look at everything inside the box.

What’s in the box:

  • Silk’n FaceTite device
  • Mains cable & Euro plug
  • UK adaptor
  • Silver storage case
  • Slider gel
  • Hyaluronic serum
  • User guide
  • Warranty leaflet

Everything is professional, robust, neat and secure, and I love the silver storage case that protects the device. It’s a super first impression. The FaceTite device itself is small and very lightweight. It looks very simple and not scary at all. But I’m intrigued to see what this teeny thing can do!

Before you start

REad the FaceTite user manual so you understand all the risks and warnings - it's important!
Read the user manual for important risks, warnings & contraindications!

Before you start, it’s very important to read the user manual. It’s clear and comprehensive, but not a very exciting read. It explains how it works, the treatment areas and plan, what to expect and how to use it.

Pay close attention to the warnings, risks and contraindications. Common reasons you can’t use the FaceTite are pregnancy, diabetes, a pacemaker, metal implants and light sensitivity. And there are other reasons you should check with your doctor too. Learn more about RF contraindications and red light therapy contradictions. But remember, it’s your responsibility to check the user manual thoroughly before you start.

Silk’n doesn’t advise a skin sensitivity test because adverse reactions are so rare. However, if you’re prone to skin sensitivity you should test patch the gel and serum before you start. Wait an hour or so and if your skin is good, off you go.

Other preparation tips

  • Take a before selfie so you can track your progress
  • Pick a time when you’re not rushed or interrupted
  • Drink plenty of water before and after your sessions
  • Find a comfortable spot with a handheld or freestanding mirror (I prefer sitting rather than standing at the bathroom mirror)
  • You can do this whilst watching TV
  • Open the user guide on the zones page
  • Put on some music or TV if you like
  • Have a stopwatch or timer handy on your phone
  • Remove all jewellery
  • Wash and dry your face and neck
  • Tie your hair back so the gel doesn’t get in your hair
  • Have a towel handy to wipe your hands

The routine

Once you’ve done the preparation steps above, you can start. Work in zones around your face (see below).

  1. Apply a thin layer of slider gel and serum (optional) to one treatment zone
  2. Power on the FaceTite and select your power level
  3. Place the treatment head against your skin and firmly swipe or circle around your skin, upward and outward in lifting motions
  4. Continue for 15 minutes, adding more slider gel when it dries out
  5. Once 15 minutes is up, move to the next section and repeat
  6. When complete, wipe off the slider gel, rinse your skin and apply your skincare, wipe down the device and store safely
Face & neck zone diagram from the Silk'n Factite user guide
The suggested six treatment zones for the face & neck

Here are the suggested six treatment zones:

  1. Forehead, excluding the eyebrows
  2. Left cheek, including the area next to and below the eye
  3. Right cheek, including the area next to and below the eye
  4. Upper lip, including the nasolabial fold
  5. Chin, including the jawline
  6. Neck

Give your skin a rest in between treatments so don’t do the same zone two days in a row.

The first 5 minutes on each zone get your skin up to temperature at 43°C. Any higher and it can cause discomfort or burn. Your inner skin layers safely heat up to around 50°C. The remaining 10 minutes keep your skin at these optimum temperatures and doses your skin in red and near-infrared light. The device has safety mechanisms to keep your skin safe too. More on that later.

Shape & design

The FaceTite device is comfortable to hold and lightweight so easy to manoeuvre
Comfortable and snug in your hand

The FaceTite device is small and lightweight and runs on mains power. The unfussy wand is white with a silver trim (it’s gold on the cordless models), and simple controls. It feels well-made and not flimsy. The shape fits snugly in your hand, nestled in your palm. It’s pleasant to hold.

Close-up of the Silk’n FaceTite wand and silver trim
Simple styling, clean design
Silk'n FaceTite angled treatment head applies RF current and red and NIR light to fix your face!
Angled treatment head means a comfortable grip and control as it glides over your skin
Close-up of the Silk'n FaceTite treatment head with 3 RF bars and 3 LED lights between each
Three stainless steel RF electrode bars, with red and NIR LEDs in between
Photo of the FaceTite gliding across an arm nd glowing red
The red light is visible but not too bright
The power button and intensity wheel with 5 indicators on the Silk'n FaceTite home RF and LED light device
Simple, easy access power button combined with RF heat level selector wheel

The controls are tucked out of the way on the underside of the device. But you can still easily reach them with your fingers to change to heat levels. The controls are simple and intuitive, consistent with other Silk’n devices. Press the power button to cycle through the five RF heat levels.


TIP: The latest cordless model has RF intensity levels vs 5 with the original FaceTite / Titan.

The power cable is quite thin to match the lightweight device. It untangles easily and wraps up tight again to fit in the storage case.

Hand holding the Silk'n FaceTite's power cable with European plug.
Lightweight mains cable and plug
The power cable fits securely into the base of the Silk'n FaceTite device
Cable fits snugly into the base of the wand.
Photo of the white European plug with wrapped cable, and a black UK plug adaptor.
My device has a European plug and a separate UK mains adaptor

The cable is long enough to sit in a chair next to a mains outlet and has enough length to move it around your face. It doesn’t tangle. You use also use an extension cable for more flexibility.


Latest models FaceTite & Titan Allways….

The latest FaceTite and Titan Allways models work cordless. Charge the device with the 1.5-metre mains cable. AND you can use it corded on mains power too. Which is just as well because the battery lasts just 20 mins!

Use it corded or cordless!

Each charge: 🔌 4 hours (6 hrs for the first)

🔋 Battery power lasts just 20 mins!
(the user manual says 40 mins but customer service confirm it’s 20 mins)

Slider gel & Hyaluronic Acid serum

A hand holding a 130ml tube of the Silk'n FaceTite slider gel
Good value Silk’n slider gel with Hyaluronic Acid

A protective gel is essential with the FaceTite. It lets the RF current pass into your skin without the danger of overheating or burns. You get a 130ml tube of slider gel with the device. The consistency is thin so take care to get the right amount out of the tube.

Based on our trial, a tube lasts 6 weeks when treating 4 out of the 6 zones (around 20 zone treatments in total). So, you get through it quickly. But it is very good value compared to other brand consumables. It costs just around £10 for 130ml. Plus, it’s got hydrating Hyaluronic Acid in it. Check out the ingredients here.

There’s more about the gel in the following sections.

30 ml jar of the Silk'n Hyaluronic Acid serum which is nice and hydrating
Decent value Hyaluronic serum, but cheaper alternatives available!

With my Silk’n FaceTite, I also got a 30ml bottle of Hyaluronic Serum. It’s decent. A few pumps cover your face and neck and it’s hydrating. Apply it after a session or add it to your regular skincare routine. It’s ok value compared to alternative premium serums (it costs £49.95).

Silk’n says you can also apply the serum with the FaceTite device for an immediate plumping effect. Apply in sections, massaging with the FaceTite until it all absorbs. You’ll get through the serum rather quickly if you do it this way.



The Silk’n serum doesn’t have any other anti-aging goodies in it (ingredients list here). so you could use a much cheaper HA serum from The Ordinary or 👍.

Skin safety

Close up of the CE mark on the Silk'n FaceTite device
CE conformity markings on the Silk’n FaceTite

The FaceTite is proven safe and effective for home use in clinical tests. It meets all European safety and manufacturing standards plus some more voluntary worldwide standards. It’s also FDA-cleared.

Safety mechanisms for the red and near-infrared light aren’t necessary because they’re safe for your eyes and skin. But there are two for the RF current to prevent skin overheating. First, it monitors your skin temperature and controls the RF so your skin never goes above 43°C. And second, it turns off the RF if you stop moving the device.

What does it feel like?

Squeezing the Silk'n slider gel out the tub and applying it to my chin area -messy.
This is a bit faffy directly onto your skin, so try squeezing a blob onto the treatment head instead.

Treatments are very simple and quick to master. So, there are no follow-along video tutorials. And you can easily use it whilst watching TV because it requires little concentration. Use the six zones in the manual as a guide, but adapt them slightly if you want. A mirror is helpful, especially when working around the eyes. And a towel to wipe your hands and excess gel.

The gel is a bit faffy. It’s thin too so you only need to apply a small amount per zone. But you’ll need several applications during the full 15 minutes. It feels pleasant without any scent and it doesn’t sting your eyes. However, it has a very strange, sweet taste so avoid getting it in your mouth!

For your first session, start on level one and move up the levels. You get better results on the higher levels. And it’s a pleasant, soothing warmth. I have no problem with level 5 on most areas except the sensitive under-eye area. Level 3 or 4 is better there. The red light lets you know you’ve got good skin contact and it’s not too bright, even around the eyes.

Gliding the Silk'n FaceTite around my eye - easy and precise!
Easy and precise to manoeuvre around your contours

It’s comfortable and easy to slide the head precisely around all contours. I like you can get right under your eyes and onto your nose too. It feels good to move in firm, slow, lifting, massaging swoops and circles, particularly around your cheeks, cheekbones, mouth and jaw. But be a little gentler under your eyes, on your forehead and on your neck where there’s less padding.

It’s a soothing and pampering session that feels extra-relaxing before bed.

The heat and massaging action of the Silk'n FaceTite turns your skin pinky-red and plumps it out
Plumped, pinky-red skin during and after each session

Skin reactions

My skin is warm, smooth, soft, pink and plumped after use. It’s like it’s had an invigorating workout. This is from both the heat and the firm lifting massage action. The colour and warmth fade within a few hours, followed by the plumping. But it stays smooth and soft until the next session. It feels rather good.

Overall, it’s pleasant and easy, but it does require quite a time commitment.

Schedule, effort vs results

You treat each zone for 15 minutes and twice a week, for 10 weeks. So, this start-up schedule requires time and commitment.

How long you spend per session depends on how many areas you’ll treat. You can treat just a few or all the suggested zones. If you treat all six zones it takes 1.5 hours per session. Yikes.

Photo of the treatment zones diagram in the user manual
Treating all 6 zones is time-intensive

The Silk’n FaceTite is a high-effort home device. It’s the highest effort for full face & neck sessions during the start-up stage. You need spare time to dedicate to your sessions. However, unlike other devices’ routines, it doesn’t demand too much concentration. It feels good and is easy to do whilst you watch TV, so the sessions don’t seem like a chore.

You don’t have to do all zones in one sitting either. You can cycle through each treatment zone twice, splitting them across days. Do two zones per day (30 mins total) 6 days a week. It breaks up the effort so it’s more manageable and forms a daily habit to keep you motivated.

During maintenance, it’s much easier. Just treat each zone once every 2 weeks.

What results will I get?

What it fixes: Reduces wrinkles & fine lines, smooths, tightens sagging skin, lifts facial contours, reduces pigmentation for bright, firm and supple skin.

Action montage using the Silk'n FaceTite home RF and LED light device
Results build gradually over 10 weeks/ 20 full face & neck sessions

Each session causes your collagen matrix to subtly contract. The heat also boosts your cells’ metabolism so they can work harder to remodel your collagen and elastin. So in between sessions, your energised skin cells build fresh new collagen and elastin. Therefore, results come in small increments over the 10-week course. And no doubt you’ll scrutinise your face throughout for signs of change. But because they’re small and gradual you may not notice any. So, take a before and after photo to compare your results.

You may feel softer and plumper skin after each session. This is very encouraging but is usually temporary and fades the next day. However, as the weeks progress, visible and longer-lasting results build and your skin starts to hold onto these effects. After a few weeks, most feel their skin is much softer, smoother and healthier. But it’s after 5 weeks you should see noticeable results; however, it may take you longer.

Snapshot of the collagen and elastin remodelling diagram on the back of the silk'n FaceTite box
Illustrative diagram of remodelled collagen and elastin after the 10-week regimen

Therefore, it’s at the end of the 10-week regimen you’ll see your best results. This is when many see tighter pores and fading lines and wrinkles. Sagging areas lift, cheeks plump, skin feels fresher, firmer, hydrated and bouncy. And it gets brighter too, with a healthy glow. Some report it reduces acne scarring too.

You may see all these results or just a few, and to varying degrees too. Your lifestyle, overall skin condition and laxity determine the breadth and depth of your end results. Then, switch to maintenance sessions, one every 2 weeks.


There are a few negatives to consider with the Silk’n FaceTite.

The most important, as discussed above, is how time-consuming it is. You don’t need to treat every zone, but this does give your best results. And all zones need a dedicated 3 hours every week for 10 weeks. Phew. However, you can do multiple shorter sessions. And it doesn’t take much concentration so you can easily do it whilst relaxing in front of the TV.

But frankly, if you don’t have much spare time, it’s not for you. Instead, try the Tripollar STOP VX RF device or Mira-skin for low-effort skin plumping. Or check out my other top anti-ageing recommendation here.

Facial reactions to the tacky and not very tasty slider gel
Tacky, little gel balls, and Yuk slider gel

Second, with the latest FaceTite and Titan Allways models you do get the option of cordless operation. However, customer service team note the battery lasts only 20 minutes of use. This is long enough for only one treatment zone. So, although the cordless operation sounds helpful, you will end up using it corded if you treat more than one area in a row.

Next, onto the slider gel. It’s a bit faffy and messy, and you need several applications per zone. I need 5 on my cheeks and 4 on most other zones. But the main problem is towards the end of the 15 minutes, the gel clumps and feels tacky. Spraying it with a small amount of water helps the gel last a bit longer so you can use less. And use a damp towel to wipe it off both your face and the device at the end.

And just a few minor niggles to share. The device could benefit from a built-in 15-minute timer. As it is, you must set a separate timer on your phone for example. It’s not such a big deal – just don’t forget to set it! Also, your arms can ache a little especially whilst massaging your forehead. Just alternate hands to give them a rest.

Slidey-slide the Silk'n FaceTite around my forehead
Alternate hands if your arms start to ache!

And finally, if you live in the UK and Europe there’s no money-back guarantee. Boo. But lucky you if you live in the US and Canada because you get a reassuring 60-day money-back guarantee! Whoop!

Silk’n FaceTite Review Summary

The Silk’n FaceTite (or Titan/Titan Allways in the US and Canada) is a pleasant and affordable home device that builds healthier, firmer, brighter and fresh skin over the course. It’s the perfect partner for nights in front of the TV. But it’s the highest-effort home device I’ve trialled. So, if you’re short on time, it’s not for you.

The Silk'n FaceTite is the perfect partner for nights in front of the TV. But it’s the highest effort home device I’ve tested!

Here’s a summary of my test scores, and pros and cons for the Silk’n FaceTite, to help you decide:

Ease of use


Lightweight & very easy to use, the latest models are cordless for 20 mins run time. Works on mains power too. A simple and intuitive routine, but requires a gel which pills and clumps quite a bit. There’s no pain or irritation, Just a pleasant warming sensation. You can use it as you watch TV.



High up-front effort over 10 weeks. A full face & neck session (six zones) takes 1.5 hours! Do two sessions per treatment zone each week. You can split zones over alternate days so it’s easier to fit in. Maintenance is much easier at just one session every 2 weeks.



Skin feels smoother and firmer after just a few sessions. The effects become visible at around 5 weeks, or 10x sessions. Collagen & elastin slowly refreshes to smooth, firm & brighten your skin. Wrinkles & fine lines soften, and lax skin tightens & lifts. Complete the full 10 weeks startup  then maintain your results with top-up sessions.


  • More affordable than most
  • Durable & light-weight
  • Latest models are battery & mains-powered
  • Very easy to use & simple routine
  • Painless, soothing & pampering
  • Easy to do as you watch TV
  • Slider Gel is excellent value
  • Compact, sturdy storage case
  • Low effort maintenance schedule
  • Clinically proven, CE certified & FDA-cleared
  • 60-day money back guarantee from &


  • Time intensive for full face & neck done in one session
  • High effort during start-up
  • No timer built into the device
  • Battery power is rubbish: a full charge takes 4 hours and lasts only 20 mins of use (but it works on mains power too)
  • Faffy & clumpy gel needs several applications
  • No UK & Europe money-back guarantee

Silk’n FaceTite deals

I hope you’ve found this Silk’n FaceTite review helpful. Please support future reviews and shop via these links. I earn a small commission, but your price stays the same. And I really appreciate your support 🙏!


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