FOREO UFO 2 review: before vs after

A quick summary…

by | March 21, 2021

If you love/invest in premium skincare, this is a colourful & cute companion whose special purpose is to make YOU feel good. Each session is a quick 90 or 120 second alternative to 20-min full-face nourishing sheet mask, and the vibrating, warming and cooling UFO 2 applicator ensures ALL the product gets in yer face, and not on your hands. The "hyper-infusion technology" is debateable, but the calming pampering pleasure is not.
"Pampering, hydrating, mood-boosting"

3.9 / 5

Face, neck & hands


FOREO UFO 2 tried & testedreview by WeAreBodyBeautiful

What is it?

The UFO 2 is a rechargeable, vibrating applicator device for applying Korean-inspired sheet masks to your neck and face. It’s controlled via Bluetooth connection to the Foreo App. Simply secure a fresh circular mask to the treatment plate and glide over your skin for a quick 2-minute pampering facial.

Foreo says it boosts absorption of the mask goodies using their T-SonicTM pulsations and gentle heat (up to 45oC) from the treatment plate. Then, the plate cools your skin (down to 5oC) to seal in the lushness. It also shines LED light energy from 8 different wavelengths/colours, depending on the mask treatment chosen in the App (or, your choice controlled via the App).


There’s little scientific evidence supporting most of these technologies. And, each 90- to 120-second facial is just too short to deliver significant therapeutic benefits. There’s more on this in the full review below 👇.

Regardless, the UFO2 is very pleasant and pampering indeed. I’ve tested it too, so you can learn about my experience and results.

My turquioise UFO 2 device from Foreo sure does look pretty with the attractive gold mystic rose pattern on the front.
Cute, pampering companion to hydrate your skin and boost your mood

What does it do?

Foreo say the UFO 2 combines T-SonicTM pulsations, thermotherapy, and cryotherapy to get the nourishing mask serum as deep as possible into your skin. It also uses LED lights to target imperfections and refine your complexion. And because I research all the home beauty tech I test, I set out to check exactly how it works.

Long story short, I can’t find any scientific evidence for sonic vibrations, or heat and cooling significantly increasing skin’s absorbency. And while there is plenty of supporting data for red and blue LED light therapy, the way the UFO 2 applies it raises several questions too.

Let’s look at the LED light therapy in more detail first…

LED light therapy

First, there’s no supporting clinical evidence that the LED colours green, orange, purple and cyan used in the UFO 2 routines have any cosmetic effect or benefit. White and yellow LEDs don’t feature in any current mask routines, but still, there’s no data for these either. You will find internet articles and other LED devices/masks citing the benefits of these colours, but there’s ZERO clinical data supporting the claims.

Green, amber, purple and cyan ring lights on the Foreo UFO 2
Colours used in routines but no clinical evidence they do anything

But there is plenty of clinical evidence for red and blue LED light therapy.

Most supports red and near infrared LED light in tissue healing and dermatology. And several rival home devices are clinically proven to improve your skin and reduce wrinkles. There are also several studies showing blue light works to clear your complexion by killing acne causing bacteria. Now, the UFO 2 uses both red and blue LEDs, so you will see the benefits from this, right?


Well, for LED light therapy to work it must meet three key treatment parameters. And I’m not confident they are in the UFO 2.

Here’s why:

#1 First and most important, the light wavelength must be specific, otherwise it won’t do anything at all.

Based on the published data and other home devices, for red LED it’s typically 633nm (or between 630-660nm), and for blue it’s 415nm. states the LED light range in the UFO 2 is 463nm (blue) to 627nm (red) which falls short of the ideal therapeutic wavelengths.

#2 The second important consideration is the intensity, or irradiance, of the LEDs.

The light must be strong enough to reach down to your cells so the target chromophore can absorb it. Other home LED devices publish this data and demonstrate their devices work with their clinical test results. But unfortunately, there is no clinical test data for the UFO 2.

Red and blue LED lights on the FOREO UFO 2 merged into one ring
Blue & red LED light therapy are proven to work, but maybe not in the UFO 2….

#3 The third parameter is how long you expose your skin to the light energy.

The irradiance (the amount of light energy or photons) of the LEDs determines this. With other proven home devices, this ranges from 3 minutes per small facial section e.g., a cheek, to 15 minutes under a full-face LED mask. Therefore, a single 90 to 120 seconds UFO routine is just too short to have any significant effect on your cells.

For successful LED light therapy the treatment parameters must be right: these include Wavelength, intensity/irradiation, and duration. Otherwise nowt will happen.
No data or clinical tests showing the UFO 2’s LED light therapy works…

Of course, for a longer dose of LED energy, you can repeat the routine. Or create your own custom red or blue light routine in the App (up to 3 minutes long) and repeat it a few times. However, if you really want the proven benefits of red or blue light therapy, there are alternative specialist home devices and medical devices you can choose, with supporting clinical tests and treatment schedules.

So, what about the skin absorbency boosting tech?

Thermo-therapy, cryo-therapy & T-Sonic pulsations

Foreo do a rather splendid job promoting the UFO 2 as a superior way to mask. They call the combination of therapies:

[an] “advanced Hyper-Infusion Technology” [which] “drives mask essence deeper into your face”.


And it really does sound like you’re doing something gloriously scientific to your skin.

So, what does this tech do exactly?

Diagram of the UFO 2 treatment plate with warmth to 45 degrees c, cooling to 5 degrees c and vibrations up to 10,000 per minute
Warmth, cooling & very fast vibrations

Thermo-therapy and cryotherapy are genuine therapies using heat and cold respectively. But that’s where the similarity with the UFO 2 ends.

Physiotherapists use heat and cold to manage pain and aid in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries. In the case of the UFO 2, Foreo suggest the heat softens your skin and boosts your skin’s product absorption, specifically opening pores at 45oC. They then say cooling shrinks the pores. This sounds familiar because we’ve all heard heat opens pores and cold closes them, right?

Well unfortunately, this is a myth. Our pores don’t have muscles and so they can’t open or close with heat and cooling. There’s simply no clinical evidence for these claims. That aside, the gentle heat does stimulate blood flow (more on this below), and the cooling can temporarily help depuff and soothe your skin. And there’s no doubt all this feels rather good.

So, what about the T-Sonic pulsations?

T-Sonic (or Transdermal-Sonic) pulsations are fast vibrations, up to 10,000 per minute in the UFO 2. Foreo says these gently exfoliate your skin and increase the absorption of creams and serums. However, there’s no clinical evidence showing these vibrations get significantly more skincare goodies deeper into your skin vs regular exfoliation. And Foreo don’t have clinical test data for the UFO 2 to demonstrate the benefits and results from these combined technologies.


An alternative..

There is another scientifically proven therapy which does significantly increase your skin’s absorbency. It’s called phonophoresis, and it uses ultrasound waves at specific therapeutic frequencies of 1 to 3 MHz (1 to 3 million oscillations per minute!) There’s a home version called the Mira-skin. But Foreo’s T-Sonic pulsations are vibrations far, far below this range.

However, the T-Sonic vibrations do have a massaging effect on your skin. As well as feeling pleasant and releasing tension, this also stimulates blood flow. This increase in blood delivers more oxygen and nutrients, and removes more toxins from your cells. So, it does as Foreo says “stimulate your skin at a cellular level” during each short routine.

Riiiight. Is it any good then?

I don’t see proof for a ‘hyper-fusion technology’. But I do rather like the calming, soothing combination of warmth, cooling and massaging vibrations. It adds a few minutes of sensory pleasure as the mask’s lushness sinks in.

What I like about the UFO 2: ✔ Massaging vibrations ✔ Soothing warmth ✔ Invigorating cool ✔ Lush nourishing masks ✔ ALL serum direct to your face  ✔ Dopamine releasing self-care ritual ✔ Feel good, look good
What I like about the UFO 2 👆

But the primary skin benefit from UFO 2 is each mask doses your skin with a hefty amount of nourishing serum in just a few minutes. Plus, you apply it evenly and thoroughly using the UFO 2 device so ALL the goodness absorbs into your face and neck, and none in your hands. This alone can give immediate changes to how skin feels and looks.

This is what’s good about the UFO 2 and the masks:

✔️ Actives-packed hydrating masks
✔️ Loads of nourishing serum direct into your skin
✔️ None absorbed by your fingers
✔️ Flat surface gives an even and thorough spread of the serum
✔️ De-stressing, tension-releasing heat, cooling, & massage
✔️ 90 to 120 seconds of pampering self-care
✔️ It feels goooood

I think the UFO 2 is a very pleasant and pampering way to treat your skin every couple of days. It’s a soothing self-care ritual that lifts your mood and boosts your confidence.

Alrighty! Let’s learn more about what this little cutie is like…

First Impressions

The UFO 2 comes in three fun colours; Pearl Pink, Fuchsia and Mint. I have the UFO 2 in mint, mainly because the turquoise tone matches my bathroom.

The packaging is transparent, so the device is on show whilst cleverly blending into the design. It’s compact, cute, fun, and attractive. But I dislike all the throw-away plastic. It’s also not an easily reusable design so you can’t store the UFO 2 in for travel. It’s likely you’ll simply bin-it and it’ll end up in landfill 😞. I’d prefer all recyclable cardboard packaging as an eco-friendlier option.

My UFO 2 in aprotective soft fabric bag
It comes in a soft protective bag…
My Mint UFO 2 clad in the wasteful plastic packaging!
To protect the shiny plastic packaging from scratches
Multi-lingual info printed on the back of the UFO 2 box: A whole new way to mask in only 90 seconds! Get superior results in less time with this LED thermo-activated power mask treatment
With brief multi-language ‘Power mask’ description on the back
The side reads: Power mask treatment: for superior results in 90 seconds
Hyper infusion technology: Hot and cold therapy + T-SonicTM Pulsations 
Full spectrum LED light: revitalises skin for a naturally refined complexion
UFOTM Power Activated masks: All exclusively formulated for use with UFOTM
A brief description of the UFO 2 tech on the side
The plasticlid reoved fro the UFO 2 packaging. It's not reusable
Unpick the stickers to remove the plastic lid and get to the good stuff
The contents removed from the plastic of the UFO 2 box
A small cardboard box and the beautiful UFO 2 device inside
Inside the UFO 2 box: UFO 2 device, display stand, sample serum, x1 Make My Day Mask, Quick start guide, warranty booklet, charging cable.
The box contents: UFO 2 device, display stand, sample serum, x1 Make My Day Mask, Quick start guide, warranty booklet, charging cable.

UFO 2 design

The small disc shape UFO 2 is one of the most fun and attractive home beauty devices I’ve tested. The body is a grippy, durable body-safe silicone with a flat treatment plate on one side and an attractive rose gold pattern on the opposite side.

The compact, cordless UFO 2 device is 70mm in diameter, 27mm deep and weighs just 146g.
The compact, cordless UFO 2 device is 70mm in diameter, 27mm deep and weighs just 146g.
The beautiful mystic rose flower pattern made of tiny textured dots in rose gold on the top of the UFO 2
It feels quality and with a beautiful mystic rose flower pattern made of tiny textured dots in rose gold
The business side of the UFO 2 showing the Aluminum treatment plate, LED light ring around it, and transparent mask attachent ring over the top
The business side of the UFO 2

The round Aluminium alloy treatment plate cools and heats the skin from 5 to 45OC. The transparent ring around it removes and replaces to secure the small circular microfibre masks. Take care not to misplace this when you take it off, or accidentally snap it with too much force!

Below the ring, the LED lights shine from inside the gap.

Simple & waterproof design with power button on the side and opposite the charging port
Simple & waterproof design!

There’s just one simple, indented button on the top to power on/off, pair with the App and select your mask routines in offline mode. And a small, waterproof charging port on the opposite side.

The UFO 2 charges with the cable provided in any USB charging port
Small USB charging cable so no bulky plugs or stands to carry!

But take care and don’t force the cable in the port, because it doesn’t insert all the way in the device. A full charge takes 2.5 hours and lasts for up to 40 routines.

The UFO 2 looks pretty drying and on display on the small stand
The simple stand helps it dry off and shows how cute the UFO 2 is in your bathroom

The UFO 2 masks

You can buy 13 different UFO 2 compatible dermatologist-tested Foreo masks. Some are made in Korea, and others in China (it says which on the packet). Each mask has it’s own routine in the App.

‘Make My day’ and ‘Call it a Night’ masks are slightly cheaper, with fewer ingredients. You get seven masks per pack, which suggests you should use them daily, morning and night. However, that’s probably beyond most monthly skincare budgets at £9.99 per pack. Assuming 4 packs of each per month, that’s a whopping £79.92. Yikes.

a box of the cheapest UFO masks; Make My Day & Call it A Night next to the UFO 2 in my bathroom
The cheapest (but still lovely) UFO masks; Make My Day & Call it A Night

Then, there are five more advanced masks with lots of goodies in them, and six biodegradable masks with delicious natural ingredients in their ‘Farm to Face’ collection. They’re more expensive at £18.99 for a pack of six.

Advanced collection and Farm to Face Foreo masks cost £18.99/$19.99 per pack of 6
Just some of the more expensive goodie-packed Advanced and Farm to Face collection masks

So, it’s best to buy a few different packs and experiment to find a regimen that works for your skin.

I’m testing Make My Day, Call it a Night, H2Overdose, Glow Addict, and Acai Berry. I plan on using one of the cheaper masks daily, then swapping in an alternative, more expensive mask 2 or 3 times per week, as a little treat.

There’s A LOT of serum with each mask. Each sachet weighs 6g. And there’s plenty goodness left inside the sachet – enough for 2 or 3 applications. The Advanced and Farm to Face collections are much wetter, thicker and gloopier than the basic ‘Make My day’ and ‘Call it a Night’ masks.

Foreo say you’ll notice the benefits if you do a mask treatment 2 or 3 times per week. Here’s a comparison table of the UFO 2 masks and routines:

Mask Type
Skin types Routine
Make My Day
Anti-pollution & Hydrating

Ingredients & explanations

Korean (daily)
All skin types
especially sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin
Prep 30s
Heat & red

Moisturise 30s
Warm, Red & T-sonic

Protect 30s
Green & T-sonic
Call it a Night
Nourishing & Revitalising

Ingredients & explanations

Korean (daily)
All skin types
especially dry or dehydrated skin
Prep & Nourish 30s
Warm, red & T-sonic

Revitalise 60s
Warm, red & low frequency T-sonic
Ultra Hydrating

Ingredients & explanations

All skin types
especially dry or dehydrated skin, oily/combination skin, sensitive skin
Prep 30s
Heat & red

Hydrate 60s
Warm, Red & T-sonic

Sooths 30s
Green & low frequency T-sonic
Glow Addict
Enhanced Brightening

Ingredients & explanations

All skin types
especially dull, lacklustre skin
Prep 30s
Heat & green

Brighten 30s
Warm, green & T-sonic

Glow 30s
Green & T-sonic
Youth Junkie
Plumping & anti-ageing

Ingredients & explanations

All skin types
especially dry or dehydrated skin, dull & lacklustre skin
Prep 30s
Heat & red

Renew 60s
Warm, red & T-sonic

Nourish 30s
Red & T-sonic
Matte Maniac
For Oily skin

Ingredients & explanations

All skin types
especially oily or combination skin
Prep 30s
Heat & blue

Purify 30s
Cool, blue & T-sonic

Calm 30s
Cool, purple & T-sonic
Shimmer Freak
Illuminating eye mask

Ingredients & explanations

All skin types
especially tired eyes with dark circles, dull & lacklustre skin
Prep 30s
Cool, red & T-sonic

Illuminate 30s
Cool, red & T-sonic

Refresh 30s
Cool, blue & T-sonic
Bulgarian Rose Mask
Hydrate, replenish & glow

Ingredients & explanations

Farm to Face
All skin types
especially dry skin
Prep 30s
Heat & red

Hydrate 60s
Cool, green & T-sonic

Soothe 30s
Cool, green & T-sonic
Cannabis Seed Oil
Calm & Soothe
Farm to Face
All skin types Prep 30s
Green & T-sonic

Calm 60s
Cool, cyan & T-sonic

Soothe 30s
Cool, blue & T-sonic
Green Tea
Farm to Face
Oily/combination skin
reduce breakouts
Prep 30s
Warm & green

Purify 60s
Cool, blue & T-sonic

Calm 30s
Cool, green & T-sonic
Coconut Oil
Dehydrated skin

Ingredients & explanation

Farm to Face
All skin types
especially dry or dehydrated skin
Prep 30s
Warm & red

Nourish 60s
Warm, red & T-sonic

Perfect 30s
Green & T-sonic
Manuka Honey
Revitalized skin

Ingredients & explanation

Farm to Face
All skin types
especially dry or dehydrated skin, sensitive skin
Prep 30s
Warm & red

Revitalise 60s
Warm, orange & T-sonic

Refine 30s
Red & T-sonic
Acai Berry
Anti-aging & skin smoothing
Farm to Face
All skin types
especially dry or dehydrated skin, dull & lacklustre skin
Prep 30s
Warm & red

Smooth 60s
Purple & T-sonic

Firm 30s
Red & T-sonic

You can also use your own preferred sheet masks. Simply apply the mask and glide over the UFO 2 with your preferred routine. But be aware that heat can damage certain ingredients, like peptides. So, check the ingredients and create a custom routine if necessary.

Before you start

The UFO 2 comes with a quick start visual guide. There is a more comprehensive user manual which you can download from

The Foreo multi-language picture quick start guide
Super-simple visual quick start guide!

I advise you read the user manual before using any home beauty device. That’s because most have a list of warnings and reasons you can’t use the device (contraindications). But not the UFO 2. The user manual simply states “If you have a skin condition or any medical concerns, please consult a dermatologist before use.”

Otherwise, you should simply check the specific mask ingredients if you have any known allergies.

How to use it

It’s very easy to use the UFO 2.

You can sync with your App at the start, or as I prefer, after I secure the mask on the device.

And depending on your phone’s operating system you may have a slightly different/older version of the App. In the older version you choose your mask from a wheel of options, and you must scan the barcode of each mask you use. I have the latest App version which you can see in the photos below.

First cleanse and dry your face. Then get the mask ready.

How to use the UFO 2: step 1, Remove the transparent plastic ring and place on a flat surface with the treatment plate facing up...
Remove the mask attachment ring, then lay the UFO 2 on flat surface with the treatment plate facing up.
How to use the UFO 2: step 2, carefully remove the mask from the sachet. Don't bin the sachet yet!
Carefully open the mask sachet and remove the mask
How to use the UFO 2: step 3, place the mask evenly over the treatment plate...
Lay the mask evenly on the treatment plate, with the small mask flap in the gap around the treatment plate
How to use the UFO 2: step 4, then gently replace the attachment ring to secure the mask. Wipe any serum from your fingers onto your face!
Then, gently replace the ring with the Foreo logo facing up (I get this the wrong way up every time! 🤦‍♀️)
How to use the UFO 2: step 5, Open the App and click 'treatments'...
Open the UFO 2 controls on the Foreo App and select ‘treatments’ to automatically sync your UFO 2.
How to use the UFO 2: step 6, as the UFO 2 syncs it illuminates white. Then select your treatment from the list in the App and select START...
The UFO 2 lights up when synced. Choose your treatment from the list and tap START
How to use the UFO 2: step 7, the first step in the App is to afix your mask, but if you've done this already simply select START...
The first step in each routine is to attach your mask. Tap START if you’ve already done it and off you go!
How to use the UFO 2: step 8, move the mask around your skin in small circles distributing the mask...
Move in small circles around your skin, starting at your chin and working around your face.  

Throughout the routine, glide the UFO 2 in small circles around your skin to massage in the serum from the mask. Start circling on your chin, then to your right cheek, forehead and then left cheek. Each routine is in three sections and starts with a 30 second prep stage. During each section, there’s a combination of LED light, cooling or warmth, and T-sonic vibrations to match your mask routine. Keep moving around your facial contours as the routine progresses.

The App explains, in both writing and voice, what the UFO 2 is doing as you progress. There’s relaxing plinky-plonky background music too – you can turn off sound in the App if you prefer. There’s a helpful countdown timer too.

Labelled photo of the UFO 2 routine interface showing the routine name, sound on/off, countdown timer, routine treatment combo, description text (which is also spoken as the routine progresses) and the STOP button.
The App guides you through 3 sections per mask routine
Each routine is divided into up to 3 sections, each with a different combination of LED light, heat, colling and T-sonic pulsations. This photo shows the 3 stages of the App routine screen for Make My day mask.
Prep, Moisturise & Protect sections of the Make My Day routine
Here I am with the UFO 2 shining green LED on my face while the T-Sonic vibrations get going...
The last stage ‘Protect’ with green light from my UFO 2, it’s vibrating too!

Finally, the LED stops, the vibrations intensify and gradually fade out marking the end of the routine. The LEDs shine white.

There’s plenty of serum left in the sachet. So, I squeeze some more out onto the mask and repeat the routine, but this time on my neck and decolletage.

Excess mask juice squeezed from the sachet onto the mask on the treatment plate of the UFO 2. You can get up to 3 routines from 1 sachet!
Squeeze out more serum and repeat!
Using the UFO 2 on my neck and decolletage with the abundant  serum
I can get 3 routines from one mask, so I use on my neck & decolletage too!

When you’re done, remove the mask and put it in the bin. Then wash the device and ring with soapy water and pat dry. Place on the stand to help dry it out properly.

Follow with your favourite moisturiser and enjoy your pampered skin!

But what if you don’t want to use the App?

How to use it without the App

UFO 2 device is pre-loaded with ‘Make My Day’ and ‘Call it a Night’ routines. You can also add your own custom routine, and add more mask routines to your device to use without the App in offline mode. However, to add more routines to your UFO 2 you must download them with the App (but just one time!)

Then, without syncing to the App, you can select your routines using the power button.

Offline mode without the App: Close -up of me pressing the power button on the UFO 2 device so the first position LED lights up purple
Purple LEDs light up around the treatment plate as you press the power button.
Offline mode without the App: Close -up of the UFO 2 with the LED wheel positions illuminated purple, corresponding to the up to 8 routines assigned on the device.
The number of presses corresponds to 8 mask routines.

‘Make My Day’ and ‘Call It A Night’ are preloaded and fixed in positions 1 and 2. Position 3 is reserved for your own custom routine which you can build in the App.

There are 8 spaces in total. Add/download your preferred mask routines in positions 4 to 8 using the App. (Any new routines you select after that replace the routine in position 8). Then, to use later without the App, press the power button to cycle to the correct position, and stop. The treatment starts a few sections later.

I use a total of 5 masks so I can usually remember which position is which routine.

Schedule, effort & results

You don’t have to use the UFO 2 daily, but Foreo recommends a mask routine two or three times per week to see the benefits. However, they don’t say what results you’ll see or how long it takes. And it’s for ongoing use. Therefore, I’m very interested to see what it does to my skin after around one month of use.

As covered earlier, it’s unlikely you’ll see any benefit from the LED therapy. So, any improvements come from the actives in your choice of mask, and how the pampering, massaging routine boosts your mood and your confidence.

So, off I go to test the UFO 2 and a selection of masks.

My UFO 2 before vs after

Here’s my feedback from using the UFO 2 almost daily for 5 weeks.

The trial duration

5 week trial

1x mask daily

How many face masks?

32 UFO masks

Face, neck & décolletage

Time per session

4 to 6 mins per mask

3 applications per mask

I use either ‘Make My Day’ or ‘Call it a Night’ daily. And I swap in a richer, more actives-packed mask 2 or 3 times per week. I have Acai Berry, H2Overdose and Glow Addict.

First, I get 3 applications from one mask. ‘Make My Day’ and ‘Call it a Night’ take 90 seconds per facial, so that’s a total 4.5 mins for three facials. The other more expensive masks take 2 minutes a pop. So, that’s 6 minutes total for three facial routines. Therefore, each facial takes longer than advertised, but it’s still easy to fit in your morning or evening routine.


TIP: Some reviewers share they save the leftover serum to use another time. You can bin the microfibre mask and apply the serum direct to the plate, but remember the plate gets rather warm. Protect your skin and use a custom program with gentler heat if you reuse the serum this way!

Second, with three applications in one go you’re applying A LOAD of quenching serum to your skin. I treat my face with the first routine, then my neck and decolletage, then finally back to my face again. All the product sinks in without pilling, but I do need to spread it from my eyebrows where it tends to hide!

I then follow with a simple (and cheap) moisturiser from good old Aldi. Any more product overloads my skin.

UFO 2 next to a sachet of the Acia Berry mask which leaves you skin beautifully hydrated, smooth and soft
The Acai Berry mask is one of my faves!

Third, I love the ‘Acai Berry’ masks – they leave my skin extra soft. But I don’t notice much difference in hydration and smoothing with ‘H2Overdose’ verses ‘Make My Day’ and ‘Call it a Night’. And I see a subtle glow from ‘Glow Addict’. However, they all feel gorgeous. And I find it a very uplifting way to start my day after showering in the morning.

‘Make My Day’ and ‘Call it a Night’ masks are super value for all day moisturisation and protection, and nightime healing and recovery.
My skin rather likes ‘Make My Day’ and ‘Call it a Night’ masks.

So, is there any difference in my skin after 5 weeks of use?

Well, after each facial my skin feels super-hydrated, slightly plumper, soft and smooth for sure. I couldn’t see much change by looking in the mirror, but I do see changes in my before and after photos.

Before vs 5 weeks of using the Foreo UFO 2 mask booster tool. In this full front face comparison you can see my skin is plumper, brighter and more dewy.
Before vs 5 weeks of using the UFO 2 mask tool daily.
Before vs 5 weeks of using the Foreo UFO 2 mask booster tool. In this side view comparison of my face you can see my fuller and radiant cheeks, and brighter under eye area. My skin colour looks more unifed and radiant.
My face from the side, before vs after 5 weeks of the UFO 2 masks
Before vs 5 weeks of using the Foreo UFO 2 mask booster tool. In this close up of my forehead you can see there's little difference in my pore size or forehead expression lines.
Forehead close-up before vs 5 weeks of the UFO 2
Before vs 5 weeks of using the Foreo UFO 2 mask booster tool. In this close up of my eye area you can see the fine lines are still visible, but the under eye area is plumped and brighter.
Eye eye. It’s a close up.

The masks have given me plumper and more glowsome skin that’s touchably soft and smooth. And I like it very much. I enjoy spending a calming, pampering 5 or so minutes with it each day. Compared to my usual skincare routine, the UFO masks give me noticeably more hydrated, soft, and dewy skin.

However, this lasts only a short time, until I next cleanse. So, you must top up the hydration each day for best results. Otherwise, I see no lasting improvement in my skin. For me, the UFO 2 doesn’t give me significantly healthier skin as with red light devices or microcurrent. But it does feel rather special.

The Negatives

There are a few negatives with the UFO 2.

First, as mentioned earlier, the UFO 2 is packaged in A LOT of wasteful plastic which ends up in landfill. In addition to this, the mask sachets and microfibre masks end up there too. I don’t want a pampering facial at the expense of the world around me, so I’d love to see biodegradable upgrades for the masks (as with the Farm to Face collection) and for the sachets very soon ♻🌍❤.

Second is a minor point. I’d love the addition of a small silky storage bag (that you get with other Foreo devices). I’d find it itshelpful when travelling and popping the UFO 2 in your toiletries bag. It’d protect the fancy rose-gold pattern on the top of the device from teeny scratches that otherwise appear.

Third, if you use it without the App, there’s no way to know when the battery will run out. This means it could die before you’ve finished all three routines from your mask. This is slightly annoying, but you can apply the rest of the serum without power.

Next, it’s all rather pricey. The UFO 2 retails at £249, and then there’s the ongoing cost of the masks.

The Korean Make My Day and Call it a Night masks work out at around £1.42 per facial. The more expensive Advanced and Farm To Face collection masks double that at around £3 per facial.
Good value cost per facial for the Foreo masks

If you don’t have the money to regularly invest it’s probably not the best choice for you. But if you’re partial to a daily pampering sheet mask facial, I think these rich and nourishing masks are pretty good value, and you’ll probably love this device.

🤫 I’m trying to ignore my inner eager-beaver who wants to try the Manuka Honey and Youth Junkie masks….



Foreo often run promotions on the masks so keep an eye out and stock up when you can! Or you can sign up to their emails at to hear about their offers.

But for me, the biggest negative here is there’s no clinical evidence showing this beauty tech yields any specific results 😞. So, if you want something to make noticeable and lasting changes to your skin, this probably isn’t the best investment. But, if you want a cute, pampering device with delicious, hydrating skincare, go ahead and spoil yourself.

Foreo UFO 2 review summary

This is a top quality device if you want pampering and hydration benefits primarily from the skincare ingredients. It’s a fun, calming, easy-to-fit-in self-care ritual you’ll quickly come to love.

But if you want proven beauty tech to tackle skin concerns or the signs of aging, check out these rivals.

The Foreo UFO2 is for you if you love pampering sheet masks and delicious skincare

Here’s a summary of my test scores, and pros and cons for the Foreo UFO 2 mask booster device to help you decide:

Ease of use


Colourful, cute, comfy cordless device. Excellent battery life. Quick & simple to use. Different vibration, warmth, cooling, & light settings match each mask routine, controlled via the App. 13x Foreo super-drenched serum masks.  It looks pretty in your bathroom too.



There’s no treatment schedule – use it as often as you like. Foreo suggests 2 or 3 times per week. Routines last just 90 or 120 seconds, but there’s ample serum for one or two more! It’s easy to fit in & a pampering treat to look forward to!



Each centring self-care ritual boosts your mood whilst drenching your skin in nourishing serum. Product washes away when you cleanse, but  effects may gradually appear (depending on the masks) with continued and regular use.


  • Mood-boosting, pampering self-care
  • Quick, easy, anytime routines
  • 13 Foreo mutli-tasking masks to choose from
  • Beautiful & varied mask formulations to target lots of skin concerns
  • Relaxing vibrating massage with soothing warming & cooling too
  • Quality build, long-lasting battery & easy to use
  • Use with other masks & skincare product too


  • It’s expensive!
  • No scientific evidence this tech significantly boosts skin absorption
  • Not clinically proven
  • Ongoing cost of Foreo masks
  • Waste from empty mask sachets
  • Very wasteful plasticy packaging

FOREO UFO 2 deals

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