Best at-home laser resurfacing & rejuvenation devices

These are my favourite at-home laser resurfacing & rejuvenation devices for firm, smooth, supple and radiant skin, with faded redness and scars too. Learn all the pros & cons to help you find your perfect match.
The best at-home laser surfacing & rejuvenation devices & reviews by

by | February 10, 2023

Pros & cons round-up review of the best at-home laser rejuvenation devices from Tria & NIRA by

Happy zappings...

This round-up is all about laser resurfacing and rejuvenation - what it can do for your skin, how it works, and which are the best at-home options.

Before jumping to the pros and cons of each laser device, check out the following quick overview of the science of laser resurfacing and rejuvenation. It helps clarify what it can do for your skin. 

Here are the best laser devices I recommend from my thorough testing:

  1. NIRA Precision laser
  2. Tria Age Defying Laser
Learn a concise overview of at-home Laser resuracing & rejuvenation before you choose your perfect at-home device.

A quick overiew…

About at-home laser resurfacing & rejuvenation

“Easy hand-held devices which create heat in your skin with each zap. This heat causes damage & triggers your skin’s healing response. Use them daily to gradually rejuvenate for smooth, firm & bright skin, with softened fine lines & wrinkles.”

Top brands: NIRA, Tria

Controlled heat damage triggers skin healing

Eyes & mouth, full face, neck, chest & hands
All skin tones & types

💰💰💰 to 💰💰💰💰

Based on in-clinic medical & cosmetic treatments


Specific wavelengths of intense fractional or non-fractional laser energy applied to your skin.


Ageing skin slows down and builds weaker collagen and elastin overtime. This means skin that’s thinner, drier, dull, with less bounce, more wrinkles and pigmented spots than when your skin is fresh and young.

Lasers zap intense, focused light energy into your skin. Where it encounters water, it heats it up causing controlled, very small injuries. Your skin’s natural wound healing response, called neocollagenisis, then kicks in. This is where your cells start building more and stronger collagen and elastin fibres to repair the damage.


When the laser heats your skin cells, they release inflammatory mediators, such as histamine and prostaglandins. These chemical messengers control cell growth and collagen remodelling. So, they jumpstart your fibroblast cells and they then build bucket loads of skin-supporting proteins and hydrating sugar molecules throughout your dermis.

The result is more and stronger collagen and elastin fibres, and hydrated skin. These fibres tighten and rearrange leading to faded wrinkles, fresh, firm, smooth, moisturised and supple, younger-looking skin!

At-home devices create a very small amount of damage during each session. Therefore, it takes months of daily sessions to gradually freshen up all of your skin.


Laser resurfacing and rejuvenation origins are from non-invasive medical and cosmetic treatments offered in clinics.

Whilst a few independent clinical studies do exist, overall, there’s a lack of clinical evidence confirming the effectiveness of laser resurfacing and rejuvenation. Despite this sparse clinical evidence, several laser resurfacing manufacturers have gained FDA clearance for their professional machines. So, this is some good reassurance that approved machinery is safe and effective.

The FDA indicates cleared at-home devices for the treatment of periorbital wrinkles.

Learn even more detail about laser resurfacing and rejuvenation in this in-depth article.


Ease of use

Small, handheld battery-powered devices

Cover your skin in laser pulses

Bearable warmth to a hot stinging sensation

Leaves skin pink to red

Red, dry, flaky skin reactions are possible


2 mins for eyes

4 to 10 mins full face

4 mins each for chest, neck & hands

Ongoing daily sessions or daily for 8 weeks (depending on the device)


Typically see results at 8+ weeks

Best results at 12 weeks

Take before & after photos! 📷

Results vary. You may see:

✔ Fades fine lines & wrinkles

✔ Firms & smooths

✔ Brighter skin that glows

✔ Fades redness, dark spots & pigmentation

✔ Supple, bouncy skin

✔ Softens acne marks & other scars

1. NIRA Skincare Laser

"Smooth, firm & supple eye area, & faded upper lip lines"

For eyes and upperlip, this small and precise NIRA Skincare laser safely fits the areas other devices can’t reach.

4.7 / 5

Wrinkle buster

Non-fractional Laser

Eyes, upper lip, & other small wrinkled areas


60-day money back guarantee

NIRA Precision Laser deals

I earn a small commission when you shop via my links. Thank you for your support!


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NIRA Precision Laser Review Summary

This is a top choice for a smoother, firmer, younger looking eye area. The precise laser safely fits right up to the lash line. Use it on other small areas with wrinkles, pigmentation or texture issues. Sessions are quick and painless so despite using it daily, they're easy to fit in and it quickly becomes a habit.

Here's a quick summary round-up of my test scores, and pros and cons to help you decide...

The Nira skincare laser tried & tested and reviewed by
Ease of use


Very easy to use little cordless device with excellent battery life. No gels needed. Super-simple routine over crow’s feet and under eye area, or other small wrinkled surfaces. Quick, hot sensation that’s totally bearable with no skin reactions or irritation.



Low effort routine for ongoing daily use. Takes just a few minutes both morning and night. Quickly becomes a habit that’s easy to remember and fit in.



Smooths and firms gradually so you see wrinkles and lines fading around 60 days in, and best results after 90 days. Tightens and refreshes for healthy, supple skin.


  • You can get right-up close to the lower eyelid to zap every single wrinkle
  • No faffy gels or other expensive consumables
  • Lightweight & compact so good if you travel
  • Conventient USB charger
  • Test it out with a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Clinically proven, CE certified & FDA-cleared


  • Teeny, precise pulses are too time-consuming for full face and neck treatment
  • It’s expensive at full RRP, but offers are common

So, will you try the NIRA Skincare laser for younger looking eyes? It’s rather good for shaving a few years off. Check out the full NIRA Precision laser review here. But if you're ready to buy, please shop via my links when you’re ready. I earn a small commission, but your price stays the same. I really appreciate your support 🙏!

2. Tria Age Defying Laser

"Firm, smooth, bright, radiant skin, fades redness & scars"

Tria Age Defying Laser device reviewed by

3.8 / 5

Full face rejuvenation

Fractional laser

Full face & neck


60-day money back guarantee

Tria Age Defying Laser deals

I earn a small commission when you shop via my links. Thank you for your support!

🇺🇸 United States

🇨🇦 Canada

Tria Age Defying Laser Review Summary

This is the least pleasant at-home device I’ve tested 🤣. It stings and leaves your skin pink, dry and flaky. So, it’s sometimes tempting to skip a day. But stick at it because it’s worth it for the full rejuvenating results. I love my radiant, firm, bouncy skin, defined lip line and faded scar. And you can repeat the regime for even better results (if you can psyche yourself for ‘the sting’!)

Here's a quick summary round-up of my test scores, and pros and cons to help you decide...

Close up side view photo of the Tria Age-defying laser and the laser opening aperture
Ease of use


Very easy to use, no faffy gels. Work in zones and slide over your skin. Stings at first but this fades. Some skin redness, dryness & tenderness after each session.



It’s a medium-effort schedule. 10 mins daily for 8-weeks, then an important 4-weeks rest. Repeat the cycle as you like.



Boosts skin healing, gradually fades redness, scars & discolouration, firms, smooths skin & softens wrinkles over the course. Best radiant, results between 9 to 12 weeks. Some dry & flaking skin possible.


  • Quick sessions: 10 minutes max
  • Easy, consistent evening routine
  • No expensive, messy gels!
  • Clinically proven & FDA cleared
  • 60-day money back guarantee from Tria Beauty


  • Not pleasant or pampering as other rivals
  • Stings on the high levels
  • Red, dry & flaky skin reactions. Fades with use.
  • Not suited to morning sessions because of the skin reactions
  • Requires daily commitment
  • Takes months to see results
  • Expensive at full RRP
  • Only 1-year warranty from Tria Beauty

Find more information on the Tria Age Defying Laser here. If you think it's the device for you, please shop via my links. I earn a small commission, but your price stays the same. I really appreciate your support for my future reviews 🙏!

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I'm a bit obsessed with at-home beauty devices. It's a habit I've had for around 9 years now. I love the science, testing and reviewing them, and sharing my experience and feedback on my site I'm also a crazy dog lady, and I don't care.

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