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by | December 4, 2020

The Tripollar Geneo is both a daily facial cleansing brush and weekly oxygen-boosting facial device. It’s safe for all skin tones and types. The weekly facial oxygenates and detoxes your skin with an immediate smooth glow, and healthy, hydrated, cleared skin after a month or so of use. Plus, your cells perk-up and behave younger. Quick and easy, low-effort pampering device with cost of ongoing monthly consumables.
"Cleanse, soften, clear, glow, refresh"

4.2 / 5

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Tripollar Geneo personal device for oxygen boosting facial and daily cleansing, reviewed by WeAreBodyBeautiful

What is it?

The Geneo device helps your skin behave younger. It does this in two ways. First, as a vibrating facial cleanser device that massages your skin during each 3-minute session. Not only does this deep-clean your pores, but it stimulates blood flow which energises your skin cells so they perk-up.

Second, during each weekly facial, the Geneo gel and capsule create a gentle chemical reaction that releases Carbon Dioxide microbubbles into your skin. Your skin senses the increase in CO2 and reacts with a surge of oxygen-rich blood to the area. This oxygen and other essential nutrients feed your cells. This boosts energy, fights oxidation, and removes toxins. So, sluggish cells speed up, repairing and building fresh skin.

In all, the Geneo keeps cells in top condition, helping them behave younger and slowing the signs of aging. With regular use, you get healthier, smoother, more hydrated, glowing and youthful skin.

Tripollar Geneo device with cleansing brush had, 2 sachets for an oxygen boosting facial and follow-up anti-aging moisturiser.
Geneo cleansing & facial device, facial sachets and Geneo anti-aging cream

First impressions

The kit comes with two boxes; the Geneo device and a box of the oxygen facial consumables.

Front & back of the sturdy and pretty Tripollar Geneo personal device box
Box #1: Compact, sturdy professional Geneo device box. Recyclable cardboard ♻ too!
Pull to small ribbon to lift the lid and the Geneo device lies in a secure moulded bed
The Geneo box contents: User guide, quick start guide, device, cleansing head, charging cradle & fixed USB cable
Small cardboard packaging for the monthly oxygen facial consumables
Box #2: Small cardboard packaging for a months’ worth of oxygen facial consumables
Slide out box with cardboard inserts to secure the product (plus silica packets to keep it dry)
4x capsule sachets for the oxygen facial
4x gel sachets for the oxygen facials
Everything you get in the Geneo kit from the 2 boxes

The Geneo kit contents:

  • Geneo device
  • Cleansing head
  • Charging cradle & cable
  • User guide
  • Quick start guide
  • 4x capsule sachets
  • 4x gel sachets
  • 1x 50ml anti-aging cream

Quality & design

The Geneo is a simple, quality, cordless device. It’s made of a beautiful tactile material with a slight shimmer and available in three pastel shades; green, pink, and white. The charging cradle has a fixed USB charging cord, so you won’t lose it. Plus, it’s easy to travel with as there’s no bulky mains plug. It’s all well-made and robust, designed to last.

12cm long, 6cm wide, 4cm deep, curvy little Geneo device
Pleasing curves and the joins are close and precise
Fits very snug in your palm, it’s lightweight (125g) & comfy to hold
Simple, single button to operate
Press the large soft eject button and the cleansing head pops out!
The device sits securely in the matching charging cradle with a decent 96cm long USB cable.

Daily am/pm cleansing routine

The facial cleansing brush and my favourite creamy coconut cleanser

Keep it in the bathroom, obviously. It looks pretty on the sink. Each battery charge lasts 2 to 3 weeks when using it two times per day. Keep an eye out for the small orange light on the back when it needs a charge.

It’s very simple to use:

  1. Dampen your face & neck and apply your favourite cleanser
  2. Press the power button and the brush head starts to gently vibrate
  3. Move it in small circles or massaging swoops around your facial contours
  4. Stop or keep going when it buzzes after 3 minutes!
  5. Turn of the device and rinse& dry your face

Use your preferred cleanser. I alternate between a blemish control wash and a creamy coconut cleanser. I don’t wear much make-up so the cleansing brush works fine. But if I have more of a face on, I usually pre-wash to remove my tubing mascara (or it gets stuck in the silicone grooves!)

Ensure you cover all your skin, and you can concentrate on areas that feel good. I love how it feels around my eyes, cheekbones to ears, and lips too. It’s like a delicate massage which wakes up your skin.

Lush massage from the circular silicone grooved and knobbled cleansing brush head

The 3 minutes is over quick. And I love that it’s waterproof so I get an extra 3 minutes in the shower every morning! And I love how my skin feels afterwards. It’s deeply clean, soft, and invigorated. I find it very easy to make time for, even late on an evening when I’m tired. It’s easily part of my cleansing routine now.

Weekly oxygen boosting facial

I also use the Tripollar STOP radio frequency device to help with jawline tightening. And I like to do the Geneo weekly facial as an indulgent treat the day after a STOP session. First cleanse your skin, then do the facial, and finish with the anti-aging cream.

What you need for your weekly pampering oxygen facial
Cleanse your face for 3 minutes then remove the cleansing head.
Carefully open a sachet of gloopy gel and squeeze it out
Apply the gel with your finger tips all round your face and neck (if you like) then wipe your hands
Then open a capsule sachet
Pop the capsule in the Geneo device
With small circular motions, run the capsule through all the gel, all around your face.
The gel and capsule create teeny CO2 bubbles. Don’t forget your nose!
The capsule once done: The capsule dissolves and creates a gloopy CO2 goo!
Next, remove the gloop from your face (a face cloth is handy to scrape it off, then rinse and dry).

The sensation of the capsule and gel is slightly abrasive and tingly-cool as it exfoliates your skin. It’s unlike any other home device I’ve tested, and although it’s not as soothing as others, I do still rather enjoy it. And I love the idea of the teeny CO2 microbubbles sloshing about in the gloop and partying in my skin.

The timer buzzes after 3 minutes, but keep going if you need to until you’ve covered all your skin. There’s loads of the capsule left. So, I apply any remaining gel in the sachet to the backs of my hands and treat them too. When you’re done, eject the capsule and put it in the bin.


TIP: you can’t reuse the capsule because it softens and disintegrates when exposed to air.

I find it difficult to remove the gloopy gel with water alone. It’s easier to scrape it from your face with a damp face-cloth, then rinse your face. Pat your face dry and them apply the anti-aging cream.

Finally, apply the light but nourishing anti-aging cream

I love this light-but-nourishing formula that sinks in without feeling greasy. It’s got lots of moisturising, antioxidant and cell-communicating goodies for your skin (more info here). And the smell is lush too. Your energized skin cells will make good use of the anti-aging goodies that absorb in.

Afterwards, my face feels super-soft and smooth, fresh and invigorated. And it looks perky and bright too.

Schedule, effort & results

Cleansing both morning and evening takes 6 minutes of out your day. I find it low-effort and easy, and it’s now part of my am/pm routine.

Easy, low-effort daily cleansing routine (you can use in the shower too – sorry, no 📸!)

With daily use, the cleansing head not only keeps your skin clean, but the massaging cleansing action gives your skin a gentle pick me up by increasing blood flow to your cells. With continued use this encourages your skin to actively cleanse and heal cells. This is a simple, quick, effective and aging-preventative way to care for your skin.  

But the star of the show is the weekly oxygen facial🌟. It’s easy, pleasant and takes just 10 minutes max. This, supported by the daily cleansing, energises your skin cells and gives them the oxygen, nutrients, and energy they need to clear oxidants and toxins, to heal and strengthen. So, with ongoing use your skin starts to look, as well as behave, younger. I also found after a few weeks I had many fewer and smaller blackheads and blemishes, and smaller pores.

I love the centring, daily selfcare of this low-effort feel-good device. And you must continue with the boosting weekly facials to keep your skin in tip-top condition.

The negatives

There’s not much to dislike with the Geneo personal at all. As mentioned earlier, I find the gel difficult to remove. But a face-cloth solves this issue.

Also, to keep up with the weekly facial routine, you’ll need a consumables kit every month. Each kit costs around £30 and gives you 4x facials and 50ml of anti-aging cream. So, that’s £7.50 per weekly facial and the cream easily lasts longer than a month. It’s also a lovely hand moisturizer.

Around £30 for 4 oxygen facials +50ml of anti-aging cream. So, good value at £7.50 per facial, but you must commit for best results!

Now, I think that’s pretty good value compared to premium at-home sheet masks and treatments. And especially compared to professional facials! But you’ll know if this is something you want to commit to and invest in.

Tripollar Geneo Review Summary

If you’re looking for a pampering weekly treat to perk-up your skin, this is a fine choice. It’s easy, the facial feels good and it boosts your skin’s health. I love it works to keep your cells active and fit, and so prevents sluggish unhealthy cells that don’t age well. 

The Tripollar Geneo is a daily cleansing and weekly oxygen boosting facial in one device.

Here’s a summary of my test scores, and pros and cons for the Tripollar Geneo personal oxygenation device, to help you decide:

Ease of use


Compact, cordless, easy 3-minute cleansing massage deep-cleans pores (morning & evening). And the weekly 3-minute oxygen boosting facial is quick & pampering. No routines to remember. Just quick, easy, and pleasant self-care time.



Low effort, for daily cleansing (love you can use in the shower!) and a quick, refreshing weekly facial. For ongoing, regular use that’s very easy to stick with.



The daily celanse leaves skin super-clean & soft. The weekly oxygen boost gives noticeably softer, invigorated skin with a healthy glow. Skin perks-up and gets fresher & clearer (reduces blackheads, calms skin) after a few weeks of regular use. Top-choice for a preventative healthy skincare regimen.


  • Very easy to use
  • Pleasant daily cleansing ritual (3 extra minutes in the shower!)
  • Quick, pampering weekly facial
  • Robust, quality, lightweight, comfy & simple device
  • Long battery life lasts for weeks of daily use


  • Ongoing monthly cost (oxygenation consumables)
  • Gloopy oxygenation gel is hard to remove

Tripollar Geneo deals

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