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Helpful articles and resources on products to make life easier and to help you feel gooood. From period pants to plastic free personal care bits and bobs, here you’ll find more tried and tested reviews and recommendations.

Moonbird review: breathing exercise coach
Moonbird review: breathing exercise coach

Moonbird is a small handheld breathing pacer and app which trains you to breathe better. By following the deep and slow breathing exercises a few times daily, you can reduce stress and anxiety, feel calm and balanced, and get better sleep. Learn what it’s like and if it really improves your mental and physical wellbeing…

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Modibodi period pants review

I love that period pants are an eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons. With them, you can reduce or completely stop your period related waste. And depending on your flow you can wear just the pants alone, or as a leak and over-flow back-up with cup or tampons....

How many period panties do you need?

Period pants are pretty freakin awesome. They’re comfy, easy and much better for the environment than tampons and pads. But deciding what absobency and how many pairs you’ll need for a happy period isn’t so clear. So, read this article to help you work it all out…

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