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Helpful articles and resources on products to make life easier and to help you feel gooood. From period pants to plastic free personal care bits and bobs, here you’ll find more tried and tested reviews and recommendations.

The best eyelash growth serums compared
The best eyelash growth serums compared

This guide covers what lash growth serums are, where they come from, what’s in them, what prostaglandins and EPM biological enzyme is, what results you can expect, safety, and the best eyelash enhancing serums you can buy.

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Modibodi period pants review
Modibodi period pants review

I earn a small commission when you shop via my links. Thank you for your support!Modibodi UKModibodi AUTrinityMiniAll NufaceTrinityMiniAll NufaceModibodi US & CAModibodi EUTrinityMiniAll NufaceTrinityMiniAll NufaceTrinityMiniAll Nuface I love that period pants are...

How many period panties do you need?
How many period panties do you need?

Period pants are pretty freakin awesome. They’re comfy, easy and much better for the environment than tampons and pads. But deciding what absobency and how many pairs you’ll need for a happy period isn’t so clear. So, read this article to help you work it all out…

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