Silk’n Lipo review: fat reduction belt before & after

If there was an easy way to get rid of those vexing rolls and wobbles you'd try it right? Especially if it was affordable, with no pain, easily fits into your day and you can do it at home? Well, I tested the Silk'n Lipo which promises just that. Come see what happened...
By Laura Gladman
July 03, 2018

“Jelly-belly, saddle-bags, love handles, muffin tops. I have wobbly bits and we’re inseparable.”

Most people do. You know those pockets of stubborn fat that just won’t budge no matter what diet or exercise plan you follow. They’re annoying.

So if there was an easy way to get rid of those vexing rolls and wobbles you’d try it right? Especially if it was affordable, with no pain, easily fits into your day and you can do it at home?

Yes please.

Well the clever people at Silk’n think they’ve got it with their new home-use Silk’n Lipo. And they’ve gifted it to me to test and review.

N.B. I’ve received the Silkn Lipo free of charge but this doesn’t influence my honest review. The  impressions, thoughts and feelings I share are entirely my own. They may change as the trial progresses and so I’ll update them as I go.

The contents of the Silk'n Lipo fat reduction belts: EMS electrode pads, 3 different sized Velcro body belts and laser pad connectors, 2 diode laser pads in their charging cradle, warranty and user guide booklet, support membership card.
The full contents of Silk’n Lipo fat reduction system. Silk’n proudly announce it as “The first proven targeted fat-reduction device for home use.” Oh my. Is it really so? Keep reading to find out.

This review is in 3 parts:

  1. The Silk’n Lipo: too good to be true?
    In this section learn about what the Silk’n Lipo does, from the clinically proven LLLT technology behind it to how it compares to professional grade machines. This is for all the sceptics out there.
  2. What it’s like to use?
    In this section you can see detailed photos of the Lipo and my round-up of how easy it is to use.
  3. My Silk’n Lipo trial: before and after
    Here you can learn about me and my lifestyle to see if I’m a good candidate for the Silk’n Lipo. See which jiggly bits I’d like to reduce and learn about how I’m setting up my trial and measuring my results. This is where you’ll also see my photo updates and body measurements as the weeks progress. Please follow my progress over the next 12 weeks.

So first off, I need to get this off my chest…

1. Silkn Lipo: too good to be true?

The Silk’n Lipo uses a technology called Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). The LLLT targets stubborn fat in common problem areas such as waist, tummy, hips, thighs and upper arms. You use it 3 times a week for at least 8 weeks. It promises to both reduce stubborn fat and strengthen underlying muscles so they slim down and tone up. And with no diet or exercise either.

On their Indigogo fundraising page from 2017, Silk’n bill the Silk’n Lipo as the:

“first proven targeted fat-reduction device for home use.”

Graphic from Silk'n stating "Silk'n Lipo is the world's first proven targeted fat-reduction device for home use.Just 15 min. a day to reduce stubborn fat. Nodiet, No exercise!"
From the Silk’n Lipo Indiegogo fundraising page. It grabs my attention and sounds awesome, but is it too good to be true? Keep reading my Silkn Lipo review to learn all.

Er, hang on.

That sounds too good to be true, right?

But then again, I know Silk’n as a reputable home beauty technology brand. For 10 years they’ve lead the way in home IPL hair reduction. I trust them. So now I’m both sceptical and curious! Is this for real!?

Silk'n Beautiful Technology logo
Silk’n are a reputable and established brand especially in home IPL hair removal. Their popular Silk’n Glide and Silk’n Flash&Go devices establish them as trusted brand.
They’re a member of Home Use Device (HUD) Working Group’ too. It ‘focuses on Safety, Efficacy, Measuring and Standards’ of ‘home use, light- and energy-based aesthetic devices’. So they’ve got the credentials and clout to promote the Silk’n Lipo. But is it for real?

First, before we get into the specifics of the Silk’n Lipo, it’s time for further investigation into these claims, methinks.

Let’s start with the science behind LLLT and the proof that it works.

What’s LLLT and does it work?

Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT is a non-invasive body-contouring alternative to expensive and painful surgical liposuction. Also known as ‘cold’ laser energy, LLLT uses lasers but they don’t cut or burn tissue. Instead they stimulate and enhance cell functions.

Photo of a slim lady with a hand annotating in black pen areas of her stomach where fat could be removed. Except she's slim and doesn't need it. For illustrative purposes only.
LLLT body contouring removes fat from problem areas of your body to give a slimmer and sleeker profile. Not that this svelte lady needs it.
It’s best suited to people who are not significantly over-weight, but have stubborn areas of fat that won’t shift through diet or exercise.

LLLT lasers are near infrared with specific wavelengths between 532 and 635 nanometres. They reach down to your subdermal fat cells. The fat cells react by opening small pores and the fatty content spills out. With a bit of exercise afterwards it’s then ‘flushed-out’ by your lymphatic system and comes out in your wee.

LLLT is clinically proven

Several clinical studies from the past decade show us LLLT works well to reduce targeted body fat. Fat reduction differs by patient from a few to several inches over a course of 8 sessions. It’s comparable to surgical liposuction and significant enough to be dubbed an ‘inch loss’ solution in aesthetic clinics.

A quick search of the NCBI database shows the extensive research. This is one good example and another.

A few of the studies call for further investigation into the reaction within the fat cell. However, the robust clinical data and FDA clearance for professional LLLT manufacturers proves they’re safe and effective methods of body contouring.

Photo of a lady's midriff wrapped with a pink tape measure showing shes very slim indeed.
Professional LLLT body contouring from iLipo and Strawberry Laser Lipo are termed ‘inch loss’ solutions. These manufacturers have clinical data and FDA clearance proving they’re safe and effective. Because each person is different fat reduction results range from a few to several inches of fat loss giving a slimmer silhouette.

Well-known professional brands are Zerona, iLipo and Strawberry Laser Lipo. You can check out some before and after photos here too. You’ll find these LLLT body contouring services in aesthetic clinics around the UK and USA.

Professional treatments are quick enough to fit into your lunch break. There’s no recovery time needed either. The lasers are safe for all skin tones too.

So, I’m convinced by the science and the results from professional LLLT body contouring. But just how similar is the Silkn Lipo? And does it promise the same results?

The Silk’n Lipo is proven too, right?

Well, kind of.

You remember that statement “the first proven targeted fat-reduction device for home use.” Well, the ‘proven’ bit refers to LLLT as a clinically proven technology. The Lipo itself is not clinically proven and it’s not yet FDA-cleared.

So what proof is there the Lipo actually works?

Silk’n were happy to share here. They tested the Lipo on 5 subjects. Each treated their waist area for 3 sessions per week over 4 weeks. They lost between 1 to 4 cm off their waist circumference.

I’m underwhelmed. I’d have more confidence if there were ten times more subjects tested against the recommended 8-week schedule, and all with consistent results.

On their website, Silk’n make a big deal of just how similar the Lipo is to professional LLLT. They want us to have confidence in the technology. But I want to dig deeper and understand just how similar the Silk’n Lipo is to the clinically proven LLLT body contouring treatments.

I’ve researched further and here’s what I learned.

How does the Silkn Lipo compare to professional LLLT?

iLipo and Strawberry Laser Lipo are clinically proven and FDA-cleared LLLT machines. Of all the popular professional machines they’re most like the Silk’n Lipo device in terms of design and application. Silk’n compare the Lipo to them also.

In this section we’ll compare what the treatments are like for each, how many treatments you need, what they cost and what results each gives. There’s a summary table at the end of the section too.

Top image of the Strawberry Laser Lipo machine, middle image of the iLipo machine, bottom image of the Silk'n Lipo attached to the larger body belt.
Professional machines Strawberry Laser Lipo (top), then iLipo (middle) each have several LLLT laser pads attached to body belts. The Silk’n Lipo (bottom) is scaled down for safe and portable home use with 2 laser pads and 3 belts to fit different body areas.

Who’s it for?

Both iLipo and Strawberry are termed inch loss solutions. They’re designed to target wobbly bits in specific problem areas. They’re not intended for large-scale fat or weight loss, or to treat obesity. So, if you’re considerably over-weight they’re not for you.

The Silkn Lipo is roughly the same. And Silk’n offer this additional guidance for treating specific areas of the waist, tummy, hips, thighs and upper arms:

“A good rule of thumb is if you can pinch the area you want to target with your fingers, it’s suited to Lipo. If the area you want to reduce can be grabbed with a full hand, it is outside the scope of our device’s intended use.” Silk’n

Photo of a lady pinching fat in her waist and hip areas.
The ‘fat-grabber’ test: If you can grab a handful of fat in your target area it’s not suitable for the Silk’n Lipo. If you can pinch the target area with your fingers then you’re good to go! Use it on wobbly areas of the waist, tummy, hips, thighs and upper arms for a slimmer and more toned shape.

Because everyone’s different it’s hard to provide specific measurements as a guide, so the old ‘fat grabber’ test does the trick.

My interpretation here is if you’re close to your healthy weight range and you’ve specific problem areas you’d like to shape up, then the Silk’n Lipo should give you noticeable, slimmer results. I think I’m a good candidate. More on that later.

What are the treatments like?

Let’s compare what treatments are like for iLipo and Strawberry Laser Lipo vs the Silk’n Lipo.

Laser pads and belts

The iLipo and Strawberry are mains-powered and consist of large body belts with several diode laser pads attached. You lie down, the belts snuggly strap around your front or back, along with 2 small probes on your crotch lymph nodes. These probes encourage your lymphatic drainage system.

The lasers pulse red light at 635 nanometres for around 10 minutes. They’re then repositioned as necessary to treat all your trouble spots. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for your tummy and waist.

There’s no pain, discomfort or common side effects.

Scaled down Silk’n Lipo

The Lipo is a scaled down version that’s portable and safe for home use. You get 2 rechargeable laser pads and several Velcro belts of varying sizes to fit different body areas.

photo of the 2 silkn laser pads and the 3 belts small, medium and large. A second photo of the the 2 laser pads attached to the medium sized belt.
The laser pads are white, smooth and glossy with a Silk’n logo and operation indicator lights on the front. On the back are 8 Class 1 diode lasers that emit red light at 658 nm. The treatment area of the pads is about 180 cm² , the belts measure 50cm, 80cm and 120cm.

The treatment area is much smaller than the professional machines which can wrap the entire front of your waist or tummy. Each Lipo laser pad is 12 cm high and approximately 7.5 cm wide. With the 2 pads you can cover an area about 180 cm² each time.

Each pad has eight Class 1 LLLT diode lasers emitting red light at 658 nm. They run on a 15-minute timer. Once time’s up, you shift it around and reposition so there’s no overlap. I need 3 sessions to treat around my side waist and tummy area. So, it takes 45 minutes in total.

Just like the iLipo and Strawberry treatments there’s no pain, discomfort or common side effects.

Flush-out the fat

For the best results with iLipo and Strawberry you must stay well-hydrated and do cardio exercise afterwards. This helps your lymphatic system flush out the fat and toxins which otherwise will return to the fat cells. You may treat more than one body area but this increases the amount of post-treatment exercise you must do. This means jogging on a treadmill for 30 mins or squatting on a vibrating platform for 10 minutes! That’ll do the job!

Photo of a lady in all the sports gear, but with no idea. She's sitting on the treadmill. Dumb ass.
Staying hydrated with water, check. Exercising for 30 mins, er, you’re doing it wrong, lady! Sitting on the treadmill doesn’t count. You need a minimum of 30 mins cardio exercise after each professional LLLT session to help your lymphatic system flush out the fat.
Silkn Lipo: no exercise needed!

With the Lipo you must also stay hydrated. But there’s no need to exercise afterwards. I like this. A lot.

That’s because each pad also emits Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) along with the LLLT. The EMS is like a localised excercise for your muscles making them flex and workout. This activity flushes the fat out of your body during the session.

That’s a very smart idea. I love that I don’t even break a sweat. Effortless.

Close up of the EMS electrodes being fitted to the diode laser pad.
Wet the Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) electrodes slightly before then slot into place with the laser pads. EMS is a localised workout for your target area that flushes away the fat. It also tightens your muscles. So no need to even break a sweat. Smart thinking!

How many sessions?

You’ll need 8 to 10 sessions with iLipo and Strawberry, around 2 per week over the course of a month.

With the Silk’n Lipo you need 3 sessions per treatment area per week over the course of 8 weeks. That’s a commitment of 24 sessions over 2 months. So, the Lipo needs double the timeframe and more than double the treatments.

What do they cost?

Cost varies by clinic for iLipo and strawberry, but you can usually get a single treatment for around £100 / $125, or batch of 3 for around £300 / $350. It’s pricey.

The Silkn Lipo is very attractive because it’s a one-off cost of £449.

This combined with the fact I can use it at home, week-after-week, month after month whenever I want, well that seems worth it to me. If it works to reduce my wobbly bits.

So, what are the expected results and how do they compare?

What are the results?

The key difference is this. With professional LLLT, you’ll see a visible circumference reduction after each session. iLipo from Energist Ltd says it’s between 2 to 4 centimetres loss in abdomen circumference each time. That’s impressive.

The Silk’n Lipo is different. Its effects are gradual and takes a minimum of 8 weeks to see noticeable results.

photo of a lady tummy with stubborn fat, and then presumably the same lady with a sculpted, slim tummy. It looks airbrushed to me, but it is stock photo so what can you expect.
For illustrative purposes only: professional LLLT promises you’ll lose from a few to several inches over a course of 8 treatments. It’s designed for those stubborn fatty areas like this here tummy on theleft.  The Silk’n Lipo doesn’t make any such promises except to say it gives a ‘slimmer and more toned body’. Let’s see what my trial reveals.

It’s also notable Silk’n don’t share any guideline measurements of what fat reduction to expect from the Lipo. It’s not mentioned in the user manual, website or packaging. This could be because they simply don’t have enough data to substantiate a reliable guide. Or each user’s lifestyle may affect the efficacy so it’s just not possible to say. All Silk’n do say is the Lipo gives a ‘slimmer and more toned body’.

Based on the small study Silk’n conducted over 4 weeks you could expect at least between 1 and 4 centimetres reduction in your waist circumference. I’ll have to wait and see.

Are the results permanent?

No. They’re temporary. It’s the same for the iLipo, Strawberry Laser Lipo and the Silkn Lipo.

That’s because LLLT shrinks your fat cells but they are still intact. So, they’ll eventually fill up again. You can maintain your results with a balanced diet and regular exercise. But they’ll fill up fast if you don’t follow a healthier lifestyle.

Because of this, many clinics recommend it to kickstart a healthy lifestyle change. A slimmer figure provides extra motivation to stick to your new healthy regimen.

Or alternatively, some use it to look their best for a big event, like their wedding day.

Summary table: Silk’n Lipo vs Professional LLLT body contouring

[table id=56 /]

In summary

The Silk’n Lipo uses LLLT technology, but I conclude it’s not as powerful or effective as professional LLLT body contouring. That’s because unlike professional treatments, you don’t see immediate results. And to get noticeable results, you must use it more frequently and over double the time as compared to a professional course of LLLT body contouring.

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Scaling it down for home use is good. It’s smaller and safer for a regular person to use. It’s light-weight, portable. I like that it’s cordless and battery powered too. You’re free to move around and get on with something else whilst you wear it. So, it’s easier to stick with it. And the EMS means you don’t have to spend more time working out afterwards too. These are all very thoughtful design features.

My remaining concern is there’s no real expectation of what results I’ll see. Or if it’s worth my time. But I’m reassured there’s strong proof LLLT works. Plus, I’m always on the lookout for new problem-solving devices to see if they live up to their promise. If this works I think it’ll be popular. So, I’m happily trialling the device over the next 12 weeks. Let’s see what happens.

Next up, what’s it like to use?

2. What’s it like to use?

Attractive packaging

The Silk’n Lipo comes in a large box that measures 30 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm.

Angled view of the front and back of the attractive, bright red, pink and white Silk'n Lipo fat reduction machine box

The box is attractive, feminine and attention-grabbing with the white, red and vibrant pink colours. It’s sturdy and there’s a slide off information sleeve. The packaging notes that both the box and plastic packaging materials are recyclable.

Clear and concise information

The information design on the box is well-laid out and easy to read. Photos and illustrations enhance the information. It does a decent job of explaining what the Lipo does, especially for anyone who’s never heard of it before.

Brief copy explains the Lipo targets and reduces stubborn fat to “Achieve a slimmer and more toned body without diet or exercise”. And with noticeable results in just 8 weeks.

Close up of 2 information passages on the Lipo box: "Lipo Targetd Fat Reduction, Acheive a slimmer andmore toned body without diet or exercise", and "Lipo: Fighting unwanted body fat that you can't get rid of through diet and exercise? Use Silk'n Lipo! This device for home use utilises two innovative technologies: LLLT and EMS. It reduces stubborn fat and strengthens muscles at the same time. The belly, waist, flank area thigh area, buttocks and upper arms can all be treated safely and non-invasively. Give your body a slimmer and more toned appearance."
Silk’n do a decent job of explaining what the Lipo does without any waffle. The key benefits are clear: It uses LLLT and EMS technologies, it’s quick and rechargeable, no need to change your diet or exercise and you’ll see a slimmer and more toned body in 8 weeks.

Helpful diagrams

On the back are diagrams to explain how LLLT and EMS work in combination. However, there’s no mention the technology is clinically proven. This is in direct contrast to their website where this is prominent.

How LLLT works:

Diagrame showing the LLLT laser penetrating the subdermal fat layer and the fat draining from the fat cells.
“LLLT: Low Level Laser Therapy penetrates right into the fat layer beneath the skin and creates temporary pores in the fat cells. The fatty content inside these cells drains out through these pores.” In contrast to the heavy emphasis on the website, the box makes no mention that LLLT is a clinically proven technology.

What EMS does:

Diagram showing the EMS waves moving through the treatment area fat cells
“EMS: Electric Muscle Stimulation stimulates the body’s lymphatic system which helps to get rid of the extracted fatty content. At the same time EMS tones and strengthens muscles.”

The results (with an important note from me):

Diagram showing the shrunken fat cells and the layer of subdermal fat is thus thinner and reduced.
“Treatment Results: The fat cells shrink and the extracted fatty content is permanently removed from your body. The result is a slimmer and more toned appearance.”
Note the words “fatty content is permanently removed from your body” – this doesn’t mean fat can’t build up again!

N.B. The word ‘permanent’ is open to misinterpretation here. It’s important to understand although the extracted fat is gone, your body can create more in the same fat cells because the fat cells are still alive and intact.

Inside the box

The sleeve easily slides off, and underneath the box feels smooth and robust. There are 2 small concealed magnetic plates keeping the box fastened. Once opened, the box opens out to reveal 2 smaller sealed boxes with the Lipo kit inside.

Photo of the Silk'n Lipo box without the information sleeve and a smaller photo of the box when it's opened out.
The sturdy box folds out to reveal 2 inner boxes. One has an oval cut out window, so you can see the Lipo laser pads within it. You can use the box for storage, however the inner boxes aren’t as sturdy as the outside and the plastic trays inside are fiddly!
3 photos of the box contents in the white plastic trays and as each item is removed to reveal the contents underneath.
Inside both boxes, white plastic trays secure the contents. The laser pads and power adaptor in one tray, and the charging cradle, belts and connectors, electrodes and user guide booklet and support card in the other.

What’s in the box?

  • 2x Treatment units
  • 2x Electrode pads
  • 2x Connectors
  • 3x Belts
  • Stand/charging cradle
  • Mains Adaptor
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
Top down photo of the Silk'n Lipo fat reduction kit. First impressins are good!
The contents of the Silk’n Lipo box (from top left): The EMS electrodes, 2 plastic connectors, x3 different sized body belts, The laser pads charging in the cradle, silk’n Lipo user guide booklet, Silk’n Warranty card, Support invite.

First impressions

With the kit in front of me, it all looks obvious enough to put together. The quality is fine – it looks good and feels solid and durable.

Photo of the Laser pads with EMS electrodes and the 3 different body belts ranging from small up to large.
The belts attach to the laser pads. The belts are in 3 sizes; small, medium and large and it’s obvious you choose the one that best fits your target fat reduction area.

The laser treatment pads are rectangular with a curvy, glossy white front. There’s a simple control panel on the top of each and a Silk’n logo. In the bottom of each are 3 female ports to connect to the charging cradle. Each Lipo laser pad is 12 cm high and approximately 7.5 cm wide. They light-weight at 340g each.

Photos of various shots of the 2 laser pads showing the glossy white curvy front and the dark grey back where the 8 small LLLT lasers work.
The front of each laser pad is curvy, glossy white and smooth with a Silk’n logo. The bottom of each has 3 small female ports where the pads connect securely with the charging cradle.

Each side has a fixed dark grey male or female connector. These connect the pads and the belts to the pads.

Close up of the sturdy dark grey plastic male / female connectors on each side of the laser pad. The loose connectors fit these and the belts loop through.
The connectors are dark grey plastic and sturdy. They slide together easily and fit snuggly.
Top down photo of the back of the laser pads with the 2 EMS electrodes below them.
The back is matt dark grey. It has 8 small laser holes and a raised middle area around which the 2 EMS electrodes fit snugly.

The belts

The 3 belts are different shapes and sizes. They’re dark and light grey, soft, slightly stretchy, and with very grippy Velcro grips at each end. I love the soft stitching with no itchy bits. They’re nicely finished all down to the silicone raised Silk’n logo on one end.

The belts loop through the strong grey plastic connectors that connect to the laser pads.

2 photos of the waist belt connected to the laser pads. There's plenty of length to securely wrap around your mid-riff.
The waist belt is 116 cm long and shaped like a weight lifters belt where it’s wider in the middle. It’s soft and feels secure when fastened.
3 photos of the Silk'n Lipo laser pads attached to the thigh belt. It's grippy and feels secure!
The thigh belt is 67 cm long and a uniform 6 cm wide (without the wider middle section).
3 photos at various angles of the arm belt attached to a single laser pad.
The arm belt is 43 cm long and a uniform 6 cm wide. It’s long enough to attach one laser pad.

First up, let’s check out the user guide booklet. Set up the charging cradle to charge the Lipo laser pads whilst you read it.

Read the user manual

The user manual starts with important warnings and reasons not to use the Lipo. Read them.

❌ Don’t use it if you have heart disease, are on immuno-suppressant drugs, have any type of cancer, a metabolic condition like lymphatic disorder, thyroid disorder, diabetes or liver disorder. Don’t use it if you have a pacemaker or any other electrical implant in the body.

❌ Don’t use it if you’ve applied topical solutions containing metal ions in the treatment area, if you have epilepsy, or serious arterial circulatory problems in the lower limbs, have abdominal or inguinal hernia. Also don’t use if you’re pregnant or nursing.

And body areas not to use it on too:

❌ Near the heart, the front or back ribcage, head or neck, on the genitals, on or around your eyes

❌ Areas that have metabolic arthritis or chronic pain, or a history of cancer

❌ Swollen or infected areas, or on body areas that have metallic staples, implants or pins

The rest of the user manual gives a brief explanation of how it works to reduce the circumference of waist, arms, thighs and buttocks, and improve muscle tone in these areas. It explains how to connect the device, how to use it and control it.

It’s short and sweet and does the job well.

Getting started

  1. Charge the units. The first charge for 6 hours. Subsequent charges take 3 hours. Recharge after each full area session so it’s ready to go next time.
  2. Drink water so you’re well hydrated before you start. Drink water during the sessions and afterwards too. This helps your body flush out the fat.
close up of the charging cradle mains in, the white charging cable and the laser pads charging in the cradle.
Charge the Lip laser pads whilst you read the user manual. The first charge takes 6 hours so you’ve got plenty of time to absorb the information. Whilst charging the indicators illuminate orange on both the treatment pad and the charging cradle. When fully charged the lights turn green.
  • Remove jewellery from treatment area, get a mug or glass of water, Choose your belt for your target body area.
  • Place the laser on a flat surface and connect the pads by joining the male / female connectors.
  • Photo of the laser pads and the connectors disconnected and then connected up.
    Connect the laser pads using the grey plastic connectors.
  • With the laser pads white side up, take one end of the belt with the Silk’n logo and Velcro pads facing down. Slide it through one of the loops and back on itself so the Velcro fastens.
  • Photo of the thigh belt looped through one of the laser pad connectors.
    Slide the belt through the loop and back on itself so the Velcro secures to the belt.
  • Turn the laser pads over to fix the EMS electrodes.
    N.B. If sizing the belt to your shape first time, just leave the EMS electrodes to one side for now and skip to 7.
    Dip your finger in the water and run down the electrode strips. Push it on the laser pad by sliding your fingers round the lip of the central rectangle until it’s secure. Repeat with the second one.

  • 3 photos showing how you wet the EMS electrode strips and fix to the back of each Silk'n Lipo laser pad.
    Wet each electrode strip with your finger or a wet cloth. Then place on the grey side of the laser pad and secure around the central rectangle. Do this by running your fingers around the central lip until the electrode slips into place.
  • Next, carefully pick it up by holding the laser pads. Take care the connectors don’t come loose. With one hand hold the laser pads against your body and wrap the belt around and through the other connector. Secure the Velcro until it’s snug but not overly tight.
  • 4 photos showing how to put on the waist belt with the laser pads connected.
    From top left: hold the laser pads against your body with one hand and wind the belt around your waist with the other. Thread the end of the belt through the plastic loop, pull gently until it’s snug, then gently pull the belt back on itself and secure the Velcro. Don’t over-tighten the belt as the connector can pop apart!

    TIP: You may like to adjust the first side so you have a manageable amount of belt to thread through the second connector.

    Start at one side of your waist and position the laser pads, tighten the belt until it’s snug but not too tight. The laser pads should have good contact with your skin. I find the belt comfortable and very secure with no itchy bits!
  • When you’re happy you’ve got a good fit, you can start your treatment. Don’t forget to fix the EMS electrodes!
  • To turn on, long press the power button on each pad. The indicator lights show green and few seconds after you see the red LLLT light.
  • Close up of the controls on the top of the laser pad. A small central power button and 2 larger and equal sized "+" and "-" buttons.
    Long press the central power button to turn on the laser pads. They vibrate once when activated. A second or so later you see the red LLLT light
  • Use the + to increase the EMS level and – to lower it. Long press the – button to set it back to zero. I started on 10 and progressed further each treatment.
  • Close up photos of the controls being pressed.
    Increase the EMS level by pressing the +button several times. Keep going until you find a comfortable level. The green indicator blinks faster the higher the EMS level. I find it most intense on my side / oblique muscles.
  • The LLLT and EMS will do their thing for 15 mins. They periodically vibrate during the 15 mins to let you know they’re still working.
    You can stop it by long pressing the power button.
  • After 15 mins the pads vibrate 3 times and then automatically shut down.
  • Loosen the belt and remove the Lipo from your skin. Remove to EMS electrodes and wet again (step 3). Then repeat until you’ve covered the full treatment area. I use the skin indentations on my tummy to reposition the pads. It takes me 3 treatments to cover my waist circumference.
  • Close up of the Lipo laser positioned around my waist. It takes 3 sessions to cover the sides and front, totalling 45 mins.
    I need to position it 3 times to cover my waist area. The laser pads and EMS are on a 15 minute timer. During each 15 minutes you’ll feel periodic vibrations to let you know it’s still working. If the laser pads loose skin contact the EMS stops and the laser pad turns off after a few mins. So, periodically check the red LLLT is still going and the EMS is working.

    What I like

    Although there are a few steps, I find the Lipo easy to put together and operate. I easily get the hang of putting on the waist belt after my first go.

    Cordless, comfortable and simple

    I like that it’s cordless, not very heavy and comfortable to wear. I find sitting whilst wearing it uncomfortable so I wear them whilst standing at my desk or cooking. Or even ironing on the rare occasion.

    The controls are simple and straight forward. I like to start both laser pads off at the same time so the periodic vibrations are consistent and they both finish at the same time.


    There’s no pain or discomfort and no sensation at all from the LLLT. The EMS feels a bit weird, but is entirely bearable. It’s like a deep tickling vibration that comes in 3 second bursts. I find it most sensitive on my sides and I noticeably twitch as it contracts my muscles. It’s easy to adjust the EMS to find a comfortable level.

    My skin looks slightly red and feels a bit moist when I remove the pads. But that disappears quickly. Slight indentations in my skin are visible which help to position the pads for the adjacent spot.

    Convenient & Easy

    It’s quite easy to fit into your day, you just need to remember to use them with a regular chores so it becomes habit i.e. cooking. I do the 3 x 15-minute sessions to cover my waist all in one go, so it takes 45 mins in all. Marking on your calendar helps you keep track. I’m able to do 2 or 3 a week without much bother.

    All in all, I’m impressed by how easy the Silk’n Lipo is to use. Let’s hope the results are just as good.

    3. My Silk’n Lipo trial

    First, here’s a bit about me and what I hope to achieve with the Lipo.

    I’m female aged 40 years old, 5’4 inches tall and I weigh about 54 Kg. I’m average weight, fit and healthy, but by no means a health fanatic. Here’s the good and bad stuff about my lifestyle.

    The good stuff

    I eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and veg, fish and white meats. I drink water. I like to cook so I’m usually in control of what I put in my body. Sleep is important and one of my favourite things. I average about 6 hours sleep on a work night and 8 hours on weekends.

    Photo depicting a healhty lifestyle with running shows, berries, yoghurt, avocado, broccoli, oranges and bananas. Not enough ale in this picture.
    I’m fit and healthy and average weight. I eat well and I exercise, as this stock photo implies. My running shoes are green.

    I enjoy exercise. It helps stress relief and makes me feel good. I walk at least 10,000 steps a day (easy as I have an energetic dog). I also run a few miles once or twice a week and try to do as much yoga as possible but usually manage 1 to 2 hours per week.

    The bad stuff

    I enjoy delicious American style burgers, mac ‘n’ cheese, cheese and wine and spicy coconuty-cream Thai curries. I’m partial to sausage rolls, and periodically indulge in chocolate bars of all sorts.

    I’m strong-willed with all of these. But my weakness and what I really love are delicious, hoppy, strong and calorific ales.

    Photo of Jammin' Double-Berry Sour from fyne Ales Scortland. Tasty stuff. Drink Responsibly.
    I love ales and craft beers. I like them hoppy. I like them pale. I like them dark. I like them sour like this little beaut. They make me hoppy. I mean happy.

    I drink between 6 to 10 pints of these lovely ales a week. The ale is the main reason that my weight fluctuates between 51 to 54 Kg.

    My wobbly bits

    I’m happy with my body. But I’ve noticed it’s not as firm and slim as it was 10 years ago. I have good pinchable fatty areas I’d like to treat with the Lipo to see what it can do.

    5 photos of my thighs and waist at different angles. I'm average weight and quite slim, but not very thin.
    I don’t have any major hang-ups or areas of my body that I hide away. I have small areas I’d like to treat and would like to feel a bit more toned there too.

    I tend to gain fat in the boobs and waist first followed by the bum and thighs. Although I’d like to treat my tummy, waist, bum and thighs, I’ve decided to treat my waist and tummy only. That’s mainly because I think I can commit to three 45 minutes sessions per week for this area.

    3 photos of me pinching the fat on my tummy and side waist. This is the fat I want the Silk'n Lipo to target!
    My tummy and waist are the first to show any weight gain. I’ve also got these small areas of fat that won’t shift no matter what my weight or how much I exercise. They’re small but the Lipo should shift them.


    I’m very curious to see how well this works so I’ll take accurate measurements throughout.

    To ensure I measure the same waist circumference each time, I mark a specific height from the floor on my right and left waist each time. You’ll see the crosses in black eyeliner in my update photos.

    Photos of me displaying and poking the black crosses on my waist. These are one of the spots I'll use to consistently measure my waist.
    With my feet 11 cm a part I measure 99 cm from the floor up my right-side waist and 98 cm up on the left. This tape measure passes straight over my tummy button and around the fullest part of my waist. I guess my right leg is slightly longer than my left then!

    I’ve decided to also measure my thighs although I’ll not be treating them with the Lipo. This way they act as a kind of control to show if I gain or lose body fat across my body. I’m not certain how scientific this is, but I find it interesting nonetheless.

    You can see the before photos in the My results section. I’ll update this with measurements and photos as I progress through my 12-week trial.

    My starting measurements are:

    • Waist circumference:  76 cm
    • Right Thigh: 55 cm
    • Left thigh: 54 cm

    Now the bit you’ve all been waiting for…

    My results with before and after photos

    I take my photos and measurements on either a Saturday or Sunday morning, an hour or so after getting up and before eating breakfast. I read somewhere that as the day goes on you get more bloated, so morning measurements makes sense to me.

    2 weeks in

    I didn’t expect any change after just 5 full waist session and 2 weeks of use. But I took photos and measurements anyway. I took the photos before measuring so you won’t see the black crosses to mark the measurement spot. You’ll probably notice my false tan has faded.

    • Waist circumference: 76 cm
    • Right thigh: 55 cm
    • Left thigh: 54 cm
    3 close up photos of my waist and tummy after 2 weeks and 5 full waist treatments with the Silkn Lipo
    Photos of my waist front and sides after 5 treatments. I wasn’t expecting any change and my waist still measures 76cm.

    4 weeks

    After 4 weeks and 9 full waist treatments… still no change. I’m easily managing to fit 2 full sessions in a week during my evenings, but I’d like to manage 3 (as this is the maximum recommended and I assume it’ll give faster results). It’s easier said than done though, because it’s warm, sunny and I want to go to the pub of an evening. Tough life.

    • Waist circumference: 76 cm
    • Right thigh: 55 cm
    • Left thigh: 54 cm
    Close up of my tummy and waist area after 4 weeks of treatment with the Silkn Lipo.
    My tummy and waist circumference still measure 76cm after 4 weeks and 9 full treatments.

    7 weeks

    Slightly delayed on this check-in.

    Last week was my period and I didn’t want to measure and take photos. Bloating is a problem. No one needs to see that. Also, I suffer from nasty period pains and didn’t fancy using the Lipo on my tummy area either. Specifically the EMS twitching. So, I didn’t quite manage to squeeze in the 3 treatments a week I’d hoped to. I did 18 out of a maximum recommended 21.

    And there’s some change! My waist circumference has reduced by 1 cm whilst my thighs are still the same. My tummy muscles are more defined too and feel pretty solid. Perhaps this thing is working!

    I couldn’t find the black bra I wore in the earlier photos. This vexes me because I wanted a direct comparison between all the photos without any distracting differences! No idea where it’s hiding.

    • Waist circumference: 75 cm
    • Right thigh: 55 cm
    • Left thigh: 54 cm
    Close up of my tummy and waist after 7 weeks of Silk'n Lipo treatments.
    After 7 weeks and 18 treatments on my tummy and waist I’ve lost 1 cm in circumference! My (very white) tummy feels tighter and the muscles stronger and harder. It feels like it’s doing something!
    Close up of my tummy and waist and 0 and compared to 7 weeks.
    Silk’n Lipo before and after 7 weeks: Compare the starting photo on the left to after 7 weeks / 18 treatments on the right. Can you tell there’s a 1 cm reduction and more toned muscles? Apart from my very white tummy it all looks pretty similar to me. But there is a 1 cm reduction.

    9 weeks

    Nine weeks in, and 23 full waist treatments done. I’ve now passed the recommended 8-week regimen.

    I’ve not managed the full 3 sessions each week unfortunately. Out of a maximum possible 27 treatments I’ve managed 23. That’s 4 short and I wonder how much of a difference it makes?

    My waist circumference is unchanged from last time. Still, my tummy definitely feels strong and firm so I guess the EMS is having an affect there.

    • Waist circumference: 75 cm
    • Right thigh: 55 cm
    • Left thigh: 54 cm
    Close up of my tummy and waist after 9 weeks of Silk'n Lipo treatments.
    After 9 weeks and 23 treatments on my tummy and waist I’ve still lost the same 1 cm in circumference. After my last measurement I was hoping to lose another centimetre. But my tummy defintiely feels tighter and the muscles stronger and harder.
    Close up comparison photos of my tummy and waist at the start before treatments and 9 weeks after a total of 23 treatments.
    Silk’n Lipo before and after 9 weeks: From the left a photo of my waist and tummy at the start of the trial before any treatments with the Lipo, and on the right my tummy and waist after 9 weeks and 23 treatments with the silkn Lipo. Honestly, I don’t see a noticeable difference between them, but my tummy feels tighter and there’s a 1 cm circumference reduction. My thigh measurements are unchanged.

    How do I feel about the results so far? I’m underwhelmed.

    True, it’s easy enough to do, and it’s no great chore. And I do feel the fatty bit around my tummy button has reduced. But the side bits – where’s there’s a bit more to grab – feels just the same to me. My muscles do feel harder and more toned. But I expected more after 9 weeks.

    Silk’n requested that I follow the trial for 12 weeks, so I’ve got another 3 to go. I’ll see you then for my final update!

    12 weeks

    I made it through 12 weeks and 32 full waist treatments. Here are my measurements:

    • Waist circumference: 76 cm
    • Right thigh: 55 cm
    • Left thigh: 54 cm
    After 12 weeks and 32 treatments I’m back where I started, although my muscles are more toned and harder.
    Silk’n Lipo before & after 12 weeks/32 treatments. I don’t see a difference.

    So, I’ve ended up where I started measurement-wise. My tummy does feel very strong and firm, so I can say the EMS does a good job. But overall, I’m disappointed.

    And I have a few other thoughts to share also.

    • I’m very mindful (because of this trial) that my weight fluctuates and shape changes. My shape seems to change throughout the month, so even if the Lipo maintained a 1 cm loss around my waist some days it wouldn’t feel that way!  Also, what I eat and drink has a significant impact. It can easily obscure any results with the Lipo especially around the tummy and with the small 1 cm change I initially saw.
    • I see that Silk’n now have more clinical evidence on their website with before and after photos too (for 18 sessions / 9 weeks). They’re quite impressive. Looking at these ‘before’ photos I wonder if I’m really the right candidate to trial this and get the best results. I do have wobbly bits, but they’re small and localised so perhaps the Lipo did as much as it could on them?
    • I wonder if the effect varies by body part too. I’m curious to try it on my arse and outer thighs. However, I’m now training for a half marathon so another trial won’t be fair. And honestly, I’m not sure I have the motivation to try again!

    And finally, it’s important to note you really must keep using the Lipo. So, once you’ve finished the 8 weeks or whatever, you just keep going. I think if you saw significant results this would be easier to maintain. But with just small results it feels more of a chore, and is unrealistic if you travel a lot.  

    It’s also a shame there’s not the reassurrance of a money back guarantee period from Silk’n. It’s quite a financial outlay as well as an effort and time-commitment.  

    I’ve decided the Lipo is not for me. If you decide to give it a go I’d really love to hear how it works for you!

    Laura Gladman
    I'm a bit obsessed with at-home beauty devices. It's a habit I've had for around 9 years now. I love the science, testing and reviewing them, and sharing my experience and feedback on my site I'm also a crazy dog lady, and I don't care.

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