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by | June 12, 2020

All hail this easy-peasey eye-bag buster! The NIRA rejuvenation laser is for use at home to target wrinkles, crêpey skin, fine lines and to brighten. It’s safe for all skin tones and types, for men and women. The little laser pulses suit small areas like under eyes, crow’s feet and lip-pucker lines. With no pain, it creates heat in your lower skin layers which boosts collagen and elastin synthesis for gradually brighter, firm, smooth and supple skin.
"Smooth, firm & supple eye area, & faded upper lip lines"

4.7 / 5

Small facial areas, like eyes & upper lip


NIRA Skincare anti-aging home laser review tried & tested by

What is it?

The NIRA Precision rejuvenation laser is a non-ablative non-fractional laser that’s FDA-cleared safe and effective for use at home. It works best on small facial areas, and especially well on crow’s feet and under eye wrinkles and bags. NIRA also offer an optional hydrating serum, but the laser needs no gels or other consumables to work.

Water in your dermis absorbs the infrared laser beams and creates heat. The laser precisely controls the heat so it won’t damage your skin or cause pain. But it’s hot enough to trigger your skin’s healing response. This means your fibroblasts build stronger collagen and elastin, which supports and regenerates your skin so it gradually perks up. The result is firmer, supple skin, and smoothed-away fine lines and wrinkles. Learn more about how laser rejuvenation works

I tested the NIRA Skincare home laser
Low-effort device for a smooth, firm & supple eye area & upper lip lines

First impressions

The NIRA Precision laser isn’t fancy like other rival brands. But that’s not a bad thing. It is a laser after all, and lasers aren’t sexy. They mean business. So, the packaging is clean, simple, straightforward and professional. Quite.

The fronnt of the small NIRA Skincare laser white and breen box
A small, neat box with a green & white slide-off info sleeve
The onformation on the back of the NIRA Skincare laser box
Important details on the back for your reading pleasure
NIRA skincare laser review1
Small, sturdy white box under the sleeve with NIRA logos
NIRA skincare laser review21
The laser and charging cable sit securely on a white plastic bed.
NIRA skincare laser review20
The contents of the NIRA Precision laser box

What’s in the box?

  • NIRA laser
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual with quick start guide

The laser itself is small and lightweight, and not scary looking at all. In fact, he’s kinda cute! Keep the box to protect and store him in. It easily fits in a drawer or sits on a shelf.

Before you start

Your laser may arrive fully charged but check before your start. If not, plug it in and charge it (it connects to any USB plug, socket or laptop USB port). Then read the user manual.

It’s a quick and easy read to learn how to use it safely, when to use it and what to expect, charging instructions, connecting to the App, troubleshooting, maintenance, precautions, safety and warnings, and a bunch of technical information. Check the safety warnings closely for reasons you can’t use the laser.  These include if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, have a history of skin cancer, and you mustn’t use it on tanned skin.

Strange fact: you must be 12 or over to use the NIRA laser. That’s right 12. I know kids look older these days, but what the…?

There’s no direction for a skin test. Simply try it out starting on the lowest level and check how it feels. Then treat on the highest level which feels warm but that doesn’t sting or hurt.

Quickie routine

The NIRA laser is the ‘quickie’ of anti-ageing devices. It’s straight in with some hot pulses, covers the essentials and then back in your draws before you can say Neocollagenisis. And it’s so simple a 12-year-old could use it, apparently. You’ll need to be close enough to a mirror that you can lick it.

  1. Wash & dry your face
  2. Turn on the laser & select your intensity
  3. Position & zap! It goes “Bu-beep” then move to the next spot with a little overlap
  4. Continue until you’ve zapped all your undereye and crow’s feet areas
  5. Repeat on the other side

To keep your eyes safe, the laser aperture must be flush against your skin to pulse. If not, it makes a ‘duh!’ noise. It also makes this noise if you move it before the ‘bu-beep!’ finishes. This means it started the pulse but couldn’t finish it (I find it a bit too hot and owie to repeat the fudged pulse).

NIRA skincare laser review67
You need an up-close mirror for precise zappage under your eye.

Next, let’s look at what it’s like to use and how it feels.

Design & quality

The laser is small and lightweight and made of smooth white plastic. The materials and build are decent – it’s not flimsy – but it’s not as robust or as fancy as say the Tria laser or Mira-skin ultrasound. NIRA explain it’s what’s inside that counts so they use a solid-state diode laser. Besides sounding fancy, this means there are no moving parts, so there’s less that can fail or break making it more reliable.

The laser is balanced so it stands on the base. This is also a grippy silicone material to ensure it doesn’t topple, however, keep it protected in the box when not in use.

nira skincare laser review 1
17cm tall, 4cm wide and 3.5 cm deep weighing just 144g.

It has a long triangular-shaped handle and elongated nose which tapers to the 6mm round laser aperture. The handle fits comfortably and securely in your palm and fingers, and it’s easy and precise to see where you’re zapping.

It’s straightforward to operate too. Long-press the power button to turn it on, then press again to cycle through the five intensity levels. The pulse button, on the thinner part of the neck, is easy to reach with your thumb or forefinger.

NIRA skincare laser review37 1
Your chosen intensity level is shown by five green indicator lights
NIRA skincare laser review32
Easy-press laser pulse button

The laser charges via a small, robust USB cable. The laser charges on worldwide voltage and there is no mains plug provided. To charge it, simply connect it to any USB socket, mains plug or even your laptop. I like there’s no bulky charging cradle to carry around, or unnecessary plastic plugs to add to ‘that’ draw we all have but rarely open.  

NIRA skincare laser review29
Good quality USB charging cable in the charging port
NIRA skincare laser review24
Two orange bars mean I’m fully charged!

It shows orange bars as it charges and takes up to 3 hours for a full charge. This gives 4 hours of power which is very good, lasting around 4 weeks of daily use. Although this will reduce as it ages, the battery has no charging cycle limits or a finite number of pulses. It’ll last a long time with periodic charging.

What does it feel like?

It’s true as NIRA claims. There’s no pain with the laser.

Our tester started on level four and after just a few sessions, tried the highest level five without any discomfort. Each pulse feels like a quick, hot sensation between the ‘bu-beeps’.

NIRA skincare laser review66
Careful concentration and precision around your eye!

However, if you accidentally go over the same spot it does sting. So, concentrate to get just the right amount of overlap. For this, you’ll need to be up close to a mirror. NIRA suggest you need 40 pulses to cover one eye area. Therefore, once you’ve done 40 the device sounds an ascending ‘doodely-doodely!”. This is helpful; however, our tester uses more pulses to cover all the eye bag area onto her cheeks. She’s very thorough.

You can also use the laser on other small wrinkled areas or areas of pigmentation and rough texture. Our tester also zaps a few bumpy areas on her forehead and an old scar which suffers from large pores.

She also says her skin is slightly pink after use. But this fade within a few minutes of use. And aside from this, there are no other skin reactions or irritation.

Pink skin under my eye after using the NIRA skincare Laser.
Ever-so-slightly pink skin (under my eye on the right) after use. Fades within a few minutes.

It’s easy and quick to get the hang of. Just take care to keep the laser flush against your skin and take your time. Try not to move it before the ‘bu-beep’ is done or else it doesn’t finish the pulse. Our tester does it in both her morning routine and evening routines and it quickly becomes a habit if you keep it where you get ready.

Schedule, effort & results

This little laser is easy to commit to. It has the quickest sessions so, despite needing daily use, it’s one of the lowest-effort devices overall. Plus, the ongoing routine doesn’t change so it quickly becomes a habit too.

Use it once a day, morning or night. NIRA suggest it takes about 2 minutes for both eyes (that’s 40 pulses per eye). That’s about right, although it sometimes takes a little longer depending on how thorough you are. So, you’ll likely spend between 2 and 4 minutes every day zapping.


TIP: NIRA also say you can use the laser twice a day for faster results. However, if you have thin and crêpey skin under your eyes this could be too much and actually dry out your skin. So, stick with just once a day to be safe.

What it fixes: Firms & smooths away wrinkles and fine lines, increases elasticity for a supple under-eye area, tightens crêpey skin and fades eye bags for brighter and younger-looking eyes and complexion.

Over the first 60 days, your collagen and elastin slowly build, so it takes this long to see noticeable results. Take photos to compare your progress so you can see the changes. It’s after 3 months you’ll see your best results with smoothed eye bags and faded wrinkles, and firmer and brighter skin. Keep going with the daily sessions to maintain these results.

NIRA also have a Hyaluronic Serum because it’s very important to hydrate the skin you zap after your sessions. You can try the NIRA serum or an alternative moisturising serum with Hyaluronic Acid.

Your age, lifestyle and overall skin condition affect your results. So, as with all home beauty devices, you may see significant changes or they could be subtle. Results vary by individual.


Thankfully, the NIRA laser doesn’t sting or cause burning red skin. So, you don’t need a will of steel to keep going (ahem, Tria). But don’t expect to use it for your entire face and neck rejuvenation. The laser aperture is teeny and takes too long and oodles of concentration to cover such large areas. Instead, try a home Radio Frequency device which also creates dermal heat, for similar collagen-building, and skin smoothing and firming effects.

NIRA skincare laser review23
Tiny things come in expensive packages (so it seems).

The main negative with the NIRA laser is it’s expensive at RRP £299/$399. And this does seem a little steep. Especially compared to rival devices using alternative technology which quickly treat your full face and neck. However, most of these can’t rival the NIRA laser as an effective, specialist tool for eye wrinkles. That’s because it zaps right up to the lower lid so no wrinkles escape. And it gives longer-lasting results than other popular home technologies such as microcurrent. But if you’re still unsure, you can test it to see if it’s worth it with a reassuring 60-day money-back guarantee.

NIRA Skincare Laser Summary

If you want a smoother and firmer, younger looking eye area this is a top choice. I love the quick and painless sessions. And the ongoing daily use is easy to fit in, so it quickly becomes a habit. Use it on other smaller wrinkled areas, pigmentation or texture issues. However, there are much better choices for full face and neck rejuvenation. But for your peepers, this small and precise laser safely fits the areas other devices can’t reach.

For eyes and upperlip, this small and precise NIRA Skincare laser safely fits the areas other devices can’t reach.

Here’s a summary of my test scores, and pros and cons for the NIRA Skincare Laser, to help you decide:

Ease of use


Very easy to use little cordless device with excellent battery life. No gels needed. Super-simple routine over crow’s feet and under eye area, or other small wrinkled surfaces. Quick, hot sensation that’s totally bearable with no skin reactions or irritation.



Low effort routine for ongoing daily use. Takes just a few minutes both morning and night. Quickly becomes a habit that’s easy to remember and fit in.



Smooths and firms gradually so you see wrinkles and lines fading around 60 days in, and best results after 90 days. Tightens and refreshes for healthy, supple skin.


  • You can get right-up close to the lower eyelid to zap every single wrinkle
  • No faffy gels or other expensive consumables
  • Lightweight & compact so good if you travel
  • Conventient USB charger
  • Test it out with a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Clinically proven, CE certified & FDA-cleared


  • Teeny, precise pulses are too time-consuming for full face and neck treatment
  • It’s expensive at full RRP, but offers are common

NIRA Precision Laser deals

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