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by | February 9, 2023

The NEWA is a small, lightweight mains-powered RF device and gel with impressive skin lifting power for your lower face and jowls. Unique patented RF electrodes send the current 3mm deep into your dermis layer. Quick and efficient warming sessions tighten and rebuild your collagen and elastin, to rejuvenate and lift your skin. It’s simple, intuitive and the comfiest at-home RF device I’ve tested. Try it with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
"Tighten, lift, smooth, firm, glow"

4.6 / 5

Cheeks, jaw, under-chin & neck


The pros & cons of the NEWA at-home RF skin tightening device by

What is it?

This small, handheld mains powered device targets lost volume and sagging skin in your cheeks and lower face. It sends an electrical current into your skin’s dermis layer. It doesn’t hurt because the 1 MHz radio frequency is so fast your nerves can’t sense it. However, resistance in your tissues creates gentle heat as the RF flows through them. 

The NEWA at-home RF device and gel will lift & tighten your skin.
A small handheld mains power RF device to lift, tighten & brighten your cheeks & lower face

This heat first tightens your collagen fibres, and then kick starts your fibroblast activity. So each session gradually repairs your skin with a matrix of stronger, healthier collagen & elastin. At the end of the start-up stage, it’s clinically proven to give you tighter, lifted, firm, plump and bright skin with softened wrinkles and lines. Use it with the protective NEWA lift gel. 

Learn more about Radio Frequency here.

First impressions

The NEWA packaging is simple, professional and neat, styled in a pale green and white with gold accents. There’s a slide-off information sleeve with concise and helpful information in a clean layout. Underneath is a sturdy cardboard box, neatly covered in green paper and branded with a gold NEWA logo on the lid. Pull the ends of the ribbon to help lift the lid.

The NEWA box is sturdy and attractive, with lots of reassuring information showing it’s clinically proven and FDA-cleared
Excellent first impressions from the professional packaging
Slide off the info sleeve and see the NEWA branded neat and green box below.
The neatly wrapped sturdy green box

Inside, the device and gel sit in a moulded plastic bed with a clear protective cover. Below that you’ll find the quick start and visual guide leaflets, then the power cable and storage bag secured in cardboard compartments.

There is some plastic inside the NEWA packaging to keep the device protected. Hopefully, NEWA will soon replace this with more eco-friendly materials!
Keep the box to store the device

The packaging is mostly cardboard ♻, but NEWA could improve it further by ditching the plastic bed and cover, which will most likely end in landfill. Keep the device in the storage bag to protect it from dust. And I suggest storing in the sturdy box too, to keep all the bits together and protect it all from knocks. It fits in a regular depth draw.

In the NEWA RF kit: NEWA RF device, Gel, Power supply (with UK plug here), Storage bag, Quick guide, Visual guide & FAQs
The contents of the NEWA Radio Frequency kit

In the NEWA kit:

  • NEWA device
  • Gel
  • Power supply (with UK plug here)
  • Storage bag
  • Quick guide, 
  • Visual guide & FAQs

Quality & design

The NEWA is styled in a neutral cream colour with a hint of shimmery pearlescent green. It has a simple gold trim on the cap and a gold NEWA logo on the front. The body feels smooth and solid, with close seams and joins.

The NEWA device is mains-powered, with good quality materials and build, a protective electrode cap snaps in place on the tip secured with magnets.
Hello NEWA.

The small and lightweight shape is familiar, just like an electric razor. The oval shape is wider at the base and tapers in towards the business end. It’s simple, but precise, with elegant curves and lines that fit snugly in your hand.

The NEWA device is small and lightweight. It’s a curved shape 11.5cm long, 7.5 cm at the widest point on the base, tapering to the 4 cm wide treatment head, and 3 cm deep at the precisely curved thumb grip. It weighs just 100g.
The dimensions of the small & lightweight NEWA RF device.
The back of the NEWA device shows the manufacturing safety marks. There’s a recessed mains input in the base where the cable fits snug and secure.
The NEWA’s behind
The controls on the NEWA RF device are simple. There’s a square RF on/off button on the front. It’s ringed by a blue to green indicator light. And there’s a small slider on the side to select the RF intensity level, from 0 to 2.
Simple, intuitive controls.
The NEWA mains cable is 180 cm long, and lightweight and flexible. Mine comes with a UK plug.
The power cable is long & flexible but you may need an extension cable as well.

The NEWA has 3 pairs of electrodes along the treatment head with a tiny skin temperature sensor in the middle. 

The 4 cm long and 1.5 cm wide treatment head of the NEWA device has 3 pairs of RF electrodes that look like a line of adjacent thick staples with a small nobble in the middle, which is the skin temperature sensor.
The business end of the NEWA

The three pairs of bipolar electrodes emit 1 MHz Radio Frequency. This is like other at- home devices. But the NEWA’s RF is also phased-controlled to drive the RF current deeply and thoroughly throughout your skin. It’s based on professional 3DEEP® technology developed by Endymed Medical Ltd. 

Phase-controlled means the electrodes manage the electrical flow to repel or attract the neighbouring electromagnetic fields. The current from the inner electrodes forces the middle electrode’s current downwards into your skin. That then forces the outer electrode’s current deeper still. NEWA Beauty says the RF current gets 3mm deep into your skin. And, because like charges repel each other, the current doesn’t flow readily between the electrodes across your skin surface. So, this keeps it safe and stops it from overheating too. 

The 1 MHz Radio Frequency current is phase-controlled. This means it repels and attracts the flow from 3 pairs of electrodes. This sends the RF to a controlled depth of 3 mm into your dermis. There’s no flow along your skin surface, so there’s no pain because the epidermal layer won’t overheat.
The NEWA RF is based on 3DEEP® RF technology by EndyMed Medical Ltd

You must use the NEWA RF device with a protective gel. NEWA’s gel is water based, which conducts the current, provides slip, and keeps your skin surface cool so it doesn’t burn or overheat. It costs £35/$39.99 for 130 ml/4.4 fl Oz which is decent compared to other brands’ consumables.

The NEWA RF gel is water-based with moisturising glycerin. It’s decent value compared to others at £35/$39.99 for 130 ml/4.4 fl Oz.
You must use a protective gel!

Before you start

You get a Visual Guide and Quick Guide leaflet with the NEWA. Start by reading the Quick Guide. It’s very easy to read and follow, with a clear layout and helpful diagrams. 

The NEWA Quick Guide is an easy read with helpful diagrams. Pay close attention to the contraindications and warnings.
Read the Quick Guide before you start your first NEWA session

The 8-page Quick Guide covers the controls and accessories with the NEWA device, your skin sensitivity test, the treatment zones, preparation, how to do your treatment, the treatment schedule, safety information, and warnings and contraindications. 

Pay close attention to the contraindications (reasons you must not use the NEWA).

Common reasons are being pregnant or breastfeeding, if you have a pacemaker or heart disorder, metal implants or piercings in the treatment area (dental implants are fine), suffering from autoimmune disorders, diabetes, blood clotting disorders, or using blood-thinning medications. Also, don’t use the NEWA in any area you have a skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea or eczema.


TIP: The Quick Guide states you can find the full user manual at / However, there are no additional user manuals to download. But you will find clinical test data on the latter link.

Hidden in the FAQs, advises UK-based users NOT to use the device on dark skin tones Fitzpatrick types V to VI. However, provides clinical evidence to US-based customers that the NEWA is safe to use on dark skin toned users types V & VI with no discolouration or hyperpigmentation side effects. At-home RF doesn’t rely on skin pigment to work and so is considered safe for all skin tones. But if you’re unsure, you should first check with your doctor or dermatologist.

Learn more about at-home RF contraindications here.

You should also follow the instructions to do a skin sensitivity test on your forearm. Apply gel to a small area, select level 2, turn on the RF and move the electrodes over your skin in small, slow circles for 4 minutes, until the device buzzes. Wipe off the gel and turn off the device. If your skin shows no lasting reactions to the gel or heat, you can start with your first face and neck session.

The NEWA comes with a handy fold-out visual guide you can quickly reference for your subsequent sessions.
You also get a helpful 6-step visual reminder guide for subsequent sessions.

The routine

You can use the NEWA at any time. I prefer an unrushed 30-minute evening session as a wind-down before bed. 

As well as the device, power cable and gel, you’ll need:

✔️ A mirror (I use a hand-held mirror)

✔️ A mains extension lead

✔️ A small towel

✔️ the Visual Guide leaflet.

It’s very easy to use, but refer to the Quick Guide the first time you use it. You can then use the Visual Guide leaflet as a quick reminder during subsequent sessions. 

The 6 treatment zones are 2x upper cheeks, 2x lower cheek, 2x jaw, under the chin and upper neck. You shouldn’t treat the eye cavity area, upper lip, or forehead.
Areas you can treat with NEWA

This is what you do:

Step 1 using the NEWA: Plug in the device & remove the cap. Then, squeeze two strips of gel to cover the electrodes.
STEP 1: get comfy & squeeze the gel
Step 2 using the NEWA: There’s no mess with the NEWA gel. Apply the gel to the first treatment zone using the device tip as an applicator. 
STEP 2: Apply the gel to the first zone
Step 3 & 4 using the NEWA: Select your RF level using the slider on the side - the status indicator light shows solid blue for ready. Then, press the “on” button and the indicator light flashes blue to show the RF is flowing.
STEP 3: Select RF level STEP 4: Press the “on” button!
Step 5 using the NEWA: Place the treatment head on your skin and, with medium pressure, draw slow circles to cover the area. The indicator flashes green to show your skin has reached the target temperature. After 4 mins, the device buzzes, telling you to move to the next zone…
STEP 5: Cover your skin in small warming circles for 4 mins per zone

Once 4 minutes is up, you’re ready for the next zone. You can wipe off the remaining gel if you prefer. And don’t forget to turn off the RF before applying gel to the next section! 

Step 6 using the NEWA: When the buzzer goes, the RF switches off so the blue light stops flashing. Wipe off the remaining gel if you like. Then, apply gel to the next section and repeat steps 1 to 5.
Step 6: Turn off the RF and repeat 1 to 5 on the next zone.

What does it feel like?

First, the water-based lift gel. It’s easy to squeeze from the tube in two strips over the device tip. And I like this simple and mess-free way to apply a generous layer. The gel is cool and clear, doesn’t drip, isn’t tacky, and it gives great slip over your skin. It has a slight smell, but no overpowering perfumed scent. And it doesn’t clump or dry out during the 4-minute zone treatment. It’s easy to wipe off at the end.

NEWA claims the gel gets the current deep into your skin. However, its main purpose is to protect your skin surface from overheating and make the device easy to slide. Based on the decoded INCI ingredient list, besides some moisturising glycerin, there are no standout skincare goodies in it.

The NEWA device is comfy and easy. You can hold it horizontal or vertical. The small circle motion is intuitive and easy to see what you’re doing.
The NEWA is comfy & easy to use

NEWA gives a comfy, natural hold with your thumb gripping the curved ledge on the back and fingers resting on the front. The gently rounded shape means it’s easy to see where the electrodes are on your skin. It feels most balanced when held horizontally, and this way you can clearly see the indicator light, too. But you can also turn it sideways if you prefer. As you work, the power cord stays out of your way.

The slow circling motion is simple and there’s no strain on your wrist or hand, so no need to alter your grip. You must lift your head to reach under your jaw and chin, but less so than other RF devices because the NEWA is so compact. It requires very little concentration and you can do it as you watch TV.

You can’t feel the electrodes on your skin. Just a pleasantly warm, gliding sensation. The flashing indicator gives clear feedback on how you’re doing, changing from flashing blue to flashing green when your skin is at temperature. And it’s fast to warm up too.

The NEWA gives a fast and efficient warming sensation but never gets too hot. Remember to keep moving it on your skin. It leaves your skin with a pink flush and feels beautifully plump and super-smooth.
Feels lovely and warm & works fast

It feels lovely and warm, and level 2 never gets too hot for me. My skin goes pinky red quickly, which means the RF is working to flush your skin with more blood flow. This fades quickly after the session. And I love the automatic built-in 4-minute timer. It vibrates to let you know when the time’s up. No other at-home RF device has this simple but helpful feature.

My skin also feels deliciously plump and super-smooth too. This lasts a couple of days until the next session.

Schedule, effort & results

For the start-up stage, you do 3 to 5 sessions per week for 4 weeks. I aim for 4 sessions, doing them on alternate days.

This is the NEWA treatment schedule; Do 3 to 5 sessions per week with the NEWA for 4 weeks. Then do 2 top-ups per week ongoing. You’ll see and feel results after 4 weeks with further improvements over 12 weeks total.
The NEWA start-up and maintenance schedule

Each session is fast, taking just 24 minutes if you treat all 6 facial and neck zones. The sessions are easy to fit in. Plan a relaxing 30 minutes with your NEWA every other day. It’s a pleasant and pampering pre-bed routine and takes just a little concentration so you can do it as you watch TV.

After 4 weeks, you can reduce to 2 sessions per week for maintenance. This is the most frequent of the at-home RF devices I’ve tested, but it’s quick and very easy so doesn’t seem like a chore. I aim for one at the weekend and another mid-week. This way, it becomes a regular habit and is easy to remember.

Advertised results


✔️tightens & lifts sagging skin along the lower face and cheeks, ✔️smooths, refines texture & large pores, ✔️plumps & firms, ✔️fades fine lines & wrinkles, ✔️gives a radiant glow.

Skin feels super smooth and plumped after just the first session. And it lasts longer between sessions as you progress. Your collagen and elastin tighten and rebuild during the first 4 weeks of concentrated use. During this time, you’ll notice a smoother texture, tightened pores, and radiant and bouncier plumped skin. Then, wrinkles soften, scars fade, and loose skin starts to tighten.

You can expect your results to further improve after the first 4 weeks, for anything up to around 12 weeks of use.

Some people see subtle skin tightening and brightening results. For others, there’s a more dramatic lifting of sagging skin around the jawline and chin, and plumping of nasolabial lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. Therefore, results vary in significance and by individual too. 

Take photos…

Take before and after comparison photos so you can see your progress! Because changes are hard to spot when you scrutinize your skin every day!

The Negatives

The NEWA has a few negatives.

First, the gel is a little expensive. But you can save a bit if you buy gel bundles from There are no bundle deals on the UK website.

Next, unlike other at-home RF devices, you can’t use it on all facial areas. It’s designed for lifting loose skin on your cheeks and lower face only. If that’s all you need, it’s a top choice. 

“Can I use NEWA on my forehead?

NEWA is not indicated for use on the forehead, thus results might be limited.”

NEWA visual guide & FAQS leaflet

But if you want to plump out wrinkles and expression lines on your forehead, check out the Tripollar STOP range instead.

And finally, in the US you can buy the handy cordless NEWA Plus model. But unfortunately, it’s not yet available in other regions, including the UK, Europe and Australia.

NEWA Review Summary

If you want something to lift sagging cheeks, jowls and chin, I highly recommend the NEWA. That’s because the pampering warming sessions are the easiest of all the at-home RF devices I’ve tested. And they leave your skin super plump & smooth with noticeable results after just 4 weeks. It’s a more affordable choice, and with a 30-day money-back guarantee too.

The NIRA Pro Laser is easy, comfy and intuitive, and fast enough to treat large areas of your face, neck, chest and hand.

Here’s a summary of my test scores, and pros and cons for the NEWA to help you decide:

Ease of use


Very easy RF sessions on cheeks, lower face and under chin. Requires a gel. Treat your face in 6 zones, 4 minutes each, with slow & small warming circles. There’s a helpful built-in timer. It’s safe, quick & easy to heat your skin. Use morning or night, you can read or watch TV. No pain or irritation.



A medium-effort device. All treatment zones take 24 minutes to complete. Do 3 to 5 sessions per week for 4 weeks. Then drop to 2 sessions per week for ongoing maintenance. Set aside 30 mins at the start and midweek, it quickly becomes habit. Repeat the start-up stage if you lapse with your sessions.



Leaves skin flushed pink, but this fades quickly. Skin also feels super-smooth & plump for several days after each session. See & feel noticeable results after just 4 weeks as fresh collagen & elastin smooths, firms, brightens, and softens wrinkles & fine lines too. Skin also tightens for lift around the cheeks, chin and jaw. See further improved results over 3 months, with continued twice-weekly top-ups.


  • Very simple & easy

  • Lightweight & comfy
  • Warms skin fast
  • With a built-in timer
  • Pleasant warming sensation
  • Leaves skin smooth & plump
  • You can do it as you watch TV
  • Cordless model available (US only)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Clinically proven & CE certified
  • FDA-cleared


  • Gel is expensive

  • Not indicated for your forehead (so may not give results there)
  • Not indicated for your upper lip
  • Cordless models are not available outside the US

NEWA RF deals

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