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by | October 27, 2023

This chunky white helmet is rather splendid at maintaining a magnificent mop. It’s lined with 120 LEDs which shine 640nm red light onto your scalp & hairline. This awakens sleepy follicles & keeps your tresses growing for longer. Each hands-free daily 10-minute session boosts blood flow & growth energy. You’ll see stronger, denser, & healthier hair, with regained bald & thinning spots over the course of 16 weeks. It’s a commitment, but comes with a long 4-month money-back guarantee. 
"Thicker, stronger, healthier, denser hair & healthy, hydrated scalp."

4.7 / 5

For men & women (widening partings, balding, receding & thinning hair)


CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth review tried & tested by

What is it?

This hair regrowth device from CurrentBody is cordless helmet with full scalp coverage, which uses red light therapy to boost hair growth. Red Light Therapy, or Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) as it’s also known, is gentle but precise red light energy in the 620nm to 660nm range. Studies show it increases hair regrowth in users with male and female pattern hair loss.

CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth helmet is lined with 120 strong LEDs that shine therapeutic 640nm red light onto your scalp and hairline. The red light works with a process called photobiomodulation which boosts blood flow and cellular energy in your scalp tissues. This awakens sleepy hair follicles so they grow healthier hair for longer. Red light therapy, also called Low Level Light Therapy is a clinically proven technology.
CurrentBody Skin’s LED hair regrowth technology

It works in a few ways. First, the light energy boosts blood flow in your scalp. A boost in circulation detoxes cells and delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the dermal papilla at the base of your hair follicle. This area is the fuel source and machinery for hair shaft growth.

Second, the specific red light photons stimulate your cell mitochondria organelles. These then create oodles more energy molecules (called ATP). So, the growing machinery and cells inside your follicles are primed and ready to go.

And third, the red light stimulates the epithelial stem cells in your hair follicle bulge. The bulge communicates with the dermal papilla fibroblasts and tells it to connect to the follicle where it starts the hair building processes. This triggers the growing stage of your hairs (called Anagen).

Illustration of human hair in the 3 growth stages, 1 Anagen growth stage, 2 Catagen growth stops and follicle and hair retract, 3 Telogen follicle inactivity and hair falls out, back to early Anagen where the follicle connects to the dermal papilla again and hair grows.
The dermal papilla and bulge start the active Anagen growth stage. The duration differs by body area.

All of this means your dormant hair follicles buck up and get to business building strong hair. And your active hair follicles are more vigorous too. Therefore, more follicles are in the active growth stage for much longer than usual. It takes a while, but after 6 to 8 weeks, you’ll feel and see stronger, denser, and healthier hair. Give it 8 weeks more for bald spots, wide partings and a receded hairline to fill in again. Magnificent. 

You can learn more about red light therapy here.

First impressions

The CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth device comes in a large sturdy square cardboard box. It’s a distinctive smooth, clean, white cardboard, just like the devices in the rest of their range. The black and silver detailing is simple and elegant, with a concise description printed on the back in English, French, German and Italian.

There is some non-recyclable protective plastic and foam inside. But there’s not much to send to landfill if you keep the box for safe storage or transport.

The CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth device comes in a large, sturdy, white recyclable cardboard box. I like the simple elegance with black and silver design accents.
The distinctive CurrentBody Skin packaging style
On the back of the large CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth device box is a short description of what it does. It says “CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth can help you grow thicker, healthy hair with just the power of light. For both men and women, it revitalises and enlivens the hair follicles, helping to suspend hair loss and supporting new hair growth.” you can also find the size of the device (either large or small) just above the bar code.
A clear & concise multi-lingo description

To open the box, break the two clear seals in the middle where the sides meet, then push each half of the attached lid to the side. A thin plastic covering protects the helmet, and it sits snug inside on the base cradle. Protective black foam stops it from shifting about and shields it from any knocks. The charging cable sits on top of the helmet.

The CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth helmet is covered in thin, transparent plastic, nestled on top of the helmet non-charging cradle, surrounded by shock-absorbing black foam (which is not recyclable).
Open the box…
The currentBody Skin LED hair regrowth device packaging is thoughtful and secure, using a little non-recyclable thin plastic, and black foam inside to protect the device from any knocks. Keep the large box to store or transport the device for extra protection.
Keep the box for safe storage & transport
In the CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth kit you get the LED helmet, the non-charging cradle, USB charging cable and the small user manual.
In the CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth kit

Quality & design

Take out the device and cradle. The cradle is just to keep the helmet secure. It’s not a charging cradle.

A view of the CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth from the front in the non-charging cradle. The charging port for the charging cable is on the helmet on the front of the right hand side outer earphone.
The helmet, snug in the non-charging cradle

The helmet outer is a glossy white flexible plastic, with simple CurrentBody branding at the front. Over each ear are two solid ribbed plastic panels, both with adjustable, soft, white, padded earphones on the inside. There’s just one button on the front of the right-hand earphone. Long-press to power it on, and single press to turn it off. You can also listen to music or podcasts by connecting your device via bluetooth to the earphones.

A view of the CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth from the back in the non-charging cradle. This angle shows the slatted, semi-rigid design which flexes slightly to fit your head shape and looks like an armadillo! The helmet is robust and made of quality materials. You get a 2-year warranty too.
Robust & quality build – Armadillo!

You can choose from two different sizes. Small size fits a head circumference of 54cm to 58.7cm, and large fits 59.7cm to 63.5cm. The helmet is not too heavy from around 710 grams.

The CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth helmet comes in two sizes. Small is H 205mm x W 220mm x L 249mm and fits a head circumference of 54cm - 58.7cm, and Large is H 223mm x W 240mm x L295mm and fits a head circumference of 59.7cm - 63.5cm. It’s lightweight at around 710 grams (for small size).
Dimensions of the Currentbody LED helmet
The CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth helmet has adjustable padded earphones on the inside of the helmet. Slide the pads up and down through 3 positions to best match your lug holes and sit comfy on your head.
Adjustable padded earphones

Inside the helmet are rows of 12 LEDs running along the length of each slat. A thin layer of wipe-clean transparent silicone protects the LEDs and slats. And on either side of the centre are two rows of transparent silicone spacers that look like little suckers. These hold the helmet LEDS about 1.5cm above your scalp surface so the light energy can diffuse along your skin. Everything is precise, with strong seams and close joins.

On the inside of the CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth helmet each slat has a row of 12 LEDs, and 2 silicone head spacers to keep the LEDs roughly 1.5cm above your scalp. A layer of wipe-clean transparent silicone snugly covers and protects the LEDs.
On the inside of the helmet
A close up of the LEDs, silicone spacers and lining inside the CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth helmet.
Have a closer look inside…

The CurrentBody Skin LED helmet is cordless, so you must charge the battery periodically. It takes 2.5 to 3 hours for a full charge. Connect the cable to the mains via a USB mains adapter. The cable is long, but you must be close to a power outlet. As it charges, the indicator flashes white, and turns solid white when it’s done. The battery life is good. You get 7 to 8 daily sessions for a single charge. Let the battery fully discharge before recharging. This prolongs the battery life.

Charge the CurrentBody Skin LED helmet for 2.5 to 3 hours. The indicator flashes white as it charges and turns solid white when it’s done. You get 7 to 8 daily sessions from a single charge. The power button is just below the charging port.
Charging your CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth device

Before you start

Read the user manual to understand how to use the helmet. Red light therapy is very safe but don't use it if you have light sensitivity. Check the adverse reactions and stop using it if you have any of them.
Read the user manual before you start

Before you start, read the user manual. It’s a quick, easy and informative read. Check the warnings and contraindications sections for important reasons you may not be suitable to use the LED helmet. CurrentBody advises you to check with your doctor if the following apply; if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, or are taking any drugs known to cause light sensitivity, have cancer or any suspicious or cancerous lesions, or any photosensitive disorders or genetic conditions of the eye.

Also, don’t use it if you have a medical history of seizures or epilepsy triggered by light, or over open wounds, bacterial infections, or areas with phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, and varicose veins. See more contraindications here.

The routine

The LED helmet is very easy to use. You can use it any time. However, wear it on clean & dry hair to avoid product gunk gathering in the silicone supports and over the LEDs, or moisture damaging the circuitry.

The CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth helmet is very easy to use. Wear it on clean and dry hair. Pop it on and long-press the power button on the right hand side earphone. It beeps as the lights turn on. A timer automatically turns off the LEDs after 10 minutes.
How to use the CurrentBody Skin LED helmet

What’s it like & feel like?

This chunky helmet gives off strong Star Wars X-Wing fighter pilot vibes. And there’s more than a hint of Mandalorian about it too. It’s hard not to brandish your built-in hand guns and exclaim “pew! pew!”. This is pleasing if you like all that. And I do. This is the way. Let’s learn more.

The CurrentBody Skin LED helmet is made of quality materials and is robust. It’s simple, cordless and comfy to wear and use, secure and lightweight on your head. You’ll hear a gentle tick and electronic hum from the earphones, and the lights are bright (but not annoying) and they stay cool on your head. There’s a countdown timer on the right hand earphone and the lights shut off automatically after 10 minutes.
It’s easy, simple & comfy

First up, it’s easy to put on and comfy to wear. The logo sits at the front of your head. I adjust the soft earphone pads to the middle position each time I put it on. The silicone spacers keep the LEDs above my scalp and although not all of them are in contact with my head, they make for comfortable wear, too. That’s because the slightly angled ends have two slits that flatten and gently grip against the curves of your head.

And I like the helmet is available in two sizes. Size large is spacious on my head and slips forward if I bend over a little. The smaller size would be a better fit for me. However, it’s still comfy, lightweight and secure enough. And because it’s cordless, you can safely wear it whilst doing minor household chores. Such as loading or emptying the dishwasher, and laundry-based fun. 

Make sure your hair is dry and clean. This is to avoid damaging the LEDs. And also, to stop the inside getting gunked-up with sprays, gel or wax products, so the light photons from the LEDs can penetrate down to your hair follicle.

Depending on when you shower and wash/dry your hair, you could use it in the morning. Perhaps whilst applying your make-up or eating breakfast. Or maybe in the evening as part of your nightly routine. My tester washes their hair daily in the morning, but prefers to wear the helmet early in the evening when it’s easier to fit in. And that’s ok because he doesn’t use any hair product at all.

I love that the CurrentBody skin LED helmet is hands-free and zero concentration. You can wear it whilst relaxing and watching TV, or do a few small household chores. There’s no pain or nasty skin reactions.
It’s easy to fit in

Next, it’s very simple, with hands-free operation and it needs zero concentration. There’s just one button to turn it on, and it auto shuts off after 10 minutes. You hear a high-pitched beep as it turns on and the white indicator light flashes on and off for the duration. 

There’s an LCD countdown timer on the outside of the right ear. It alternates every few seconds between the CurrentBody logo and the time remaining. It’s a helpful feature. However, you can’t see this screen when wearing the helmet or if looking in a mirror. So, it’s not much use unless you’re sitting next to someone.

The earphones dampen ambient sound a little. Plus, from inside you’ll hear a rhythmic click of the countdown timer, a little white noise ‘hum’, and sometimes beeps of various pitches. So, you may need to turn up the TV volume a notch or two. Or, once turned on, you can connect your phone via bluetooth to the built-in earphones and listen to music or podcasts. However, it’s a little faffy to connect for such a quick session and so our tester doesn’t use this feature often.

The red lights are bright, but you don’t notice them if you’re in a well-lit room. And they don’t feel hot because the slatted construction and silicone spacers ensure good ventilation around your scalp.

The battery life is good. You get around 7 to 8 uses before it needs a charge. However, there’s no battery level indicator on the helmet. This helpful addition would serve as a charging reminder to ensure you never run out of battery and miss a session.

Schedule, effort & results

Use the LED helmet daily. It’s for ongoing use.

The CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth treatment schedule; use the device for 10 minutes daily. See changes in your hair and scalp at around 6 to 8 weeks, with your best results at 16 weeks. It’s for ongoing use.
When to use the CurrentBody skin LED hair regrowth device.

Each session takes just 10 minutes. So, once you find the best time in your daily routine, it’s an easy habit to form. And because it’s hands free, you can wear the helmet whilst relaxing, eating breakfast, watching TV, reading, or even doing household chores!

It takes several weeks of use before you’ll see any changes, so stick at it. During the first few weeks, the red light wakes up dormant follicles and nourishes those that are active. Healthier and thicker hairs emerge. After around 6 to 8 weeks, you’ll notice this fresh growth and stronger hair. It feels thicker and denser, and your scalp feels hydrated and healthy too. Keep going with the daily sessions. Results get better week-on-week because more of your hair is actively growing and the follicles are stronger. You’ll see your best results after around 16 weeks with filled in thinning hairlines, partings, bald spots and denser hair all over. Plus, your scalp and hair get a significant health boost too.

Continue with regular sessions (several per week or daily if you can) to maintain these results, and keep your healthy hairs growing for longer!


✔️ Fills in bald spots ✔️ Regrows thinning hairlines and partings  ✔️ Less visible scalp  ✔️ Thicker hairs  ✔️ Stronger hairs  ✔️ More dense hairs ✔️ Hydrated & healthy scalp  ✔️ Less breakage & fallout  

Results vary by individual and can range from subtle to significant. Your lifestyle, genetics and overall scalp condition determine the breadth and depth of your results.

Before & after photos

The lucky tester of the CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth device is my partner, Geoff. 

*Activates tact mode*

Geoff is a distinguished gentleman and established member of the over-40s club. He has naturally wavy, silvering hair that’s thinning in a few areas. And a little wispy in others. Therefore, he’s qualified to test the LED helmet, even though hair loss does not bother him in the slightest.

Luckily, he said “yeah, ok” to my “wanna test it?” pitch. He even agreed to publish his before and after photos of his follicular challenged bonce on my website. He’s a top lad. 

Geoff used the LED helmet religiously for the first 2 months, missing only a few sessions. During those weeks, he reported his hair felt less oily than usual, but he didn’t notice any other changes.

Here are his before vs 2 month comparison photos.

After 2 weeks using the CurrentBody skin LED hair regrowth helmet daily, there’s thicker, fuller and more hairs growing. It’s noticeable around the thinning crown and parting areas, although you can still see the scalp. Overall, the hairs look thicker, shiny and stronger, with more shine, health and vitality.
Noticeable change after just 8 weeks!
In this close up of hair treated with the CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth helmet for 2 months you can see stronger and denser hair along the side and top hairlines. The hair is fuller and far less soft, thin, fluffy, wispy and fly away. The texture is thicker with lift and volume.
Closer up at the front of the head…
This close up of hair treated with the CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth helmet shows the back of the head / crown area where a baldy patch was growing. After 2 months, although you can still see areas of scalp, the pattern of the hair whorl is reappearing and filling in. The hair along the parting has more volume, lift, thickness and shine. And the natural wave is visible in the locks on top once again.
Baldy bonce close up…

Geoff agreed he could see the changes in the photos. After 2 months, his hair is thicker, fuller and more dense. There’s more hair visible along his parting and the whorl pattern which is missing in the before photo is now filling in. You can also see his natural wave as the texture is much less wispy, fluffy and flyaway.

It’s encouraging. And we’re eager to see the results after 4 months. So, Geoff continues with the daily sessions.

But it proved hard to stick with. Over the next few months, life events such as moving home got in the way. Geoff wasn’t able to stick with the daily sessions. He managed around half, doing just 3 or 4 per week. These maintained his results but didn’t show any further significant improvements. This isn’t the fault of the device at all. But it shows you must commit to the ongoing daily schedule to get your very best results.

He may start up the daily sessions again to further improve his results. I’ll share his photos if he does.

The Negatives

The CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth helmet has a few negatives to consider.

First, as mentioned earlier, it takes up to 2 months before you’ll notice any change in your hair. And for some people, if they don’t see quick visible changes, they lose motivation and give up too soon. But stick with it even if you feel it’s not doing anything. It takes a while, but the results are worth it.

Take comparison photos…

It’s a good idea to have a helpful assistant take photos at the start and periodically during your journey, e.g. 2, 3 and 4 months. That’s because you can’t see all areas of your head! But with photos you can see your progress, so you’re more likely to stick with it for the long term!

Second, I recommend you keep the helmet somewhere visible so it’s easy to grab each day. However, along with the protective stand, it is rather bulky. So, you’ll need a dedicated space such as a tabletop or shelf. Being close to a power outlet is handy for charging too. If you don’t have the luxury of space, store it in its sturdy box on the floor or under your bed (if it fits). The box also protects it from dust, knocks, curious eyes and pokey fingers. However, you need even more space when charging, because you must keep the lid open for the charging cable access.

Next, take care when you take the helmet off. It can pull and even snap a few hairs which get caught in the silicone lining. Remove it gently to minimise damage. It’s also a little fiddly to sit the helmet in the cradle if you get it the wrong way round! Just remember, the long slanted black bit of the cradle is like a nose at the front of the helmet. 

Also mentioned earlier, a helpful improvement would be a battery level indicator. You may end up missing a session if you discover the battery needs a charge when you try to use it. To avoid this, pick a designated charging day/night during the week.

And although the front of the box clearly states “Clinically proven technology”, the device itself has not seen a clinical trial. This means there’s no reassuring test data and feedback on safety and results. It’s the same with other LED devices in the CurrentBody Skin range.

However, this doesn’t mean these LED devices are not safe and won’t give you results. I find the helmet is quality, comfy, user friendly, and it’s passed all the related UKCA and CE electrical and manufacturing safety standards. The LEDs inside match proven therapeutic standards to work on your scalp and hair follicles. So, whilst I’m partial to robust clinical data, I do wholeheartedly trust CurrentBody Skin to deliver results and value.

And finally, the LED helmet is expensive! However, for the price you get a robust, cordless, hands-free design, with quality LEDs covering your whole scalp in just a 10 minute session. And to give you confidence in the results, you also get a reassuring long 4-month money-back guarantee from CurrentBody. Therefore, you can buy and use this LED helmet risk-free over the entire 16-week program. 

If you’re still undecided, I’ve also got a special discount code (below) to help save your pennies!

CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Review Summary

It takes a while to see results, but the short daily sessions fit easily around your routine and quickly become a habit. Over 16 weeks, the red light fills in thinning hair, partings and bald spots with thicker, denser, and stronger hairs, for both men and women. And you can try it with a long and reassuring 4-month money-back guarantee. A top choice.

It takes a while to see hair regrowth results with the CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth helmet, but the short daily sessions fit easily around your routine and quickly become a habit. Try it with a long and reassuring 4-month money-back guarantee.

Here’s a summary of my test scores, and pros and cons for the CurrentBody Skin LED hair regrowth helmet to help you decide:

Ease of use


Wear the cordless helmet for easy & short, hands-free sessions. Pop it on, then turn it on. The flexible shape is secure, comfy & cool, covering all your scalp & hairline. The light is bright, but not overwhelming. You can listen to tunes or podcasts via bluetooth on the in-built earphones. After 10 minutes, the lights auto shut off. Remember to charge it every week.



Use it daily for 10-minutes per session. It takes zero concentration & effort. Sit back & relax, read or watch TV. Or do a few chores if you prefer. Pick a consistent daily time & it quickly becomes a habit. For ongoing use.



See changes in hair count & thickness after around 6 to 8 weeks of use. Scalp health also improves feeling less dry & itchy. You’ll see your best results after 16 weeks of continuous daily use. Hair is thicker, denser, healthier,and your scalp is less visible with reduced thinning & bald spots. Keep going to maintain your results and protect from future hair loss.


  • Painless
  • Flexible fit
  • Easy hands-free routine
  • Full scalp coverage in one sitting
  • Quick 10-minute sessions
  • Quality materials & robust build
  • Easy to clean
  • 4-month money-back guarantee
  • UKCA & CE certified
  • FDA-cleared


  • Expensive
  • Bulky to store
  • It’s a daily commitment
  • Takes several weeks to see changes
  • No battery charging indicator
  • Not clinically tested

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Use this voucher code at CurrentBody for a special discount!

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