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Iluminage Precise Touch & Me Chic review

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by | August 4, 2020

This is a small handheld device with the same clever Elōs tech as the larger Touch model. It uses Radio Frequency current to make gentle IPL flashes more effective. This means it’s safe for ALL skin tones, including the very darkest black. And, when combined with plucking or epilating, it’s clinically proven to work on fair hair too! It’s best for face and smaller body areas like underarms and bikini line.

4.3 / 5

Face & small bits


Safe Fitzpatrick skin tones:

Hair colours it works on:'s tried & tested review of the Iluminage Precise Touch home IPL

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The Iluminage Precise Touch and Me Chic are both small handheld, mains-power devices which use Elōs technology. Both are safe for ALL skin tones and work on fair hair as well as dark. Their branding and looks are slightly different, but they work in exactly the same way.

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TIP: For this review I tested the Iluminage Precise Touch device by Iluminage Beauty. The Me Chic device is an alternative brand choice from the same manufacturer, with identical technology, indications and ease of use. 

Iluminage Precise Touch & Me Chic IPL + RF hair removal device
Different brands and look, but by the same manufacturer with patented Elōs technology.

The Precise Touch and Me Chic are safe for ALL skin tones because they use much gentler IPL than other devices, and combines it with Radio Frequency (RF) current. The two energies work together making the IPL energy more efficient. Therefore, they can use much gentler (but still effective) IPL, that’s safe for dark and black skin too. The combined IPL and RF energy is called Elōs. Learn more about this FDA-cleared technology for dark and black skin here.

After each session your hair growth slows and is softer. Eventually it stops growing altogether and periodic use keeps your skin silky smooth.

Safe for ALL skin tones

The devices from Iluminage are safe for dark and black skin, as well as light and medium. They’re safe because they use IPL combined with Radio Frequency. The two energies work together creating more heat around your hair follicles, right where it’s needed, to cause damage which stunts your hair growth.

So, this means the Precise Touch and Me Chic use much gentler IPL that usually wouldn’t work, and that’s safe for dark skin tones. Both the devices are clinically proven and FDA-cleared safe and effective on all skin tones. The technology is called Elōs (electro-optical synergy) and you can learn more about how Elōs works here.

Quality & lamp lifetime

Iluminage Precise Touch home IPL is decent quality and styled simply
Decent quality, simple styling, long lasting IPL flashes

The mains powered Precise Touch is simple glossy-white and good quality. The boxy shape and finishing lack the refinement of other rivals, but at 285g, it doesn’t feel fragile or flimsy. The 175cm power cable is long enough to work next to a power outlet or with an extension cable. It’s thin compared to rivals, but is durable enough. You also get a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

175cm power cable is thin, but durable enough.

Based on our standardised calculations, the 300,000 flashes from the IPL bulb last 10+ years of monthly use, for face and smaller body areas (bikini line and underarms). It’s excellent value. But on legs, you’ll use too many flashes from the small flash window, plus it’ll take ages to cover such large areas.


TIP: The Me Chic comes with less flashes than the Iluminage Precise Touch. You get 120,000 flashes from the IPL bulb. This is still a good amount for treating your face and small body areas. It’s enough to get to hair-free and stay that way for years. And, because it has less flashes, the Me Chic is often cheaper than the Iluminage Precise Touch.

Design & speed

Slightly bulky but comfortable & cord stays out the way
Dimple at comfortable grip point on the underside of the Iluminage Precise Touch IPL device
Underside dimple for a comfy grip

Despite the bulky design, it’s comfortable to grip with your fingers and thumb resting in the top and underside dimples. And because the shape tapers to the small flash window, it’s also easy to see where you’re flashing. The device’s long length helps keep the power cord out of your way too.

Small rectabgular flash window on the tapered end of the device
Small 2.5cm by 1cm flash window fits upperlip and other small areas

It’s simple to operate. There’s no faff with skin tone sensors either because the Precise Touch is safe for all skin tones. So, there’s just the power button and Elōs button to control it. The Elōs button cycles up through the three intensity levels shown by the star icons. Be sure to start on LOW and work up to MEDIUM and HIGH levels only if it’s comfortable.

End of the Precise Touch device with 2 buttons, Level indicator lights and power cable
Simple controls: Power, & Elōs buttons, Elōs level indicators
Press the Elōs button to cycle through the intensity levels
3 close up photos of the Elōs energy star indicator lights illuminated according to the selected level
LOW, MEDIUM & HIGH Elōs intensity levels ranging from 2 to 4 J/cm2

There’s no flash button to press either. The flashes come automatically when the two silver RF contact bars are against your skin, creating the RF circuit. Slowly glide it along your skin for continuous flashes. Or, stamp the applicator against your skin for single, precise flashes.

The Iluinage branded badge is not a flash button on the Iluminage Pecide Touch device - there is no flash button!
There’s no flash button to press – it flashes on skin contact!
Silver RF electrodes create an RF circuit through your skin which activates the IPL flashes

The RF contact bars double as an eye safety mechanism too, because you can’t accidentally flash into open air anywhere near your eyes.

The Precise Touch flashes every 0.9 to 1.9 seconds. It’s fastest on LOW level. Cover your skin in adjacent flashes, then repeat for a total of 2 or 3 times. You can cover your skin in up/down flashes, then rotate the window 90 and do left/right flashes for no hairs missed coverage! Zapping your face and smaller areas takes only minutes.


TIP: The Me Chic has a slightly different shape but the same size flash window and operation as the Iluminage Precise Touch.

For dark & fair hair

close up of the Hollywood Browzer sharp blade behind safety bars for no nicks or cuts

For fastest, longest lasting results on dark hair you must shave before your sessions.

And if you’ll be zapping facial or neck hairs I recommend dermaplaning as an alternative to shaving. Learn more about dermaplaning here and there are buy links at the end of this review.

However, the Precise Touch is also clinically proven effective on fair hair (blonde and red) if you pluck, wax or epilate immediately before your sessions too.

Colour wheel showing the hair colours grey, red, light blonde, dark blonde, brown and black.
Clinically proven on black, brown, blonde & red hair too

This helps the IPL work on hair colours without the melanin pigment found in dark hair. Instead, the IPL energy targets the small blood droplets left behind in the follicle after it’s pulled out.  

Although the Iluminage clinical tests don’t include grey/white hair, it should be effective in precisely the same way as blonde and red hair.

You can also pluck darker hairs on the face if you suffer with fast, daily growth and don’t want to shave. But, for both fair and dark hair you pluck, you’ll need more than 7 weekly sessions to see results. More on this next.


Treat weekly for seven sessions to get smooth. You may use the device more frequently on facial hair if needed – up to 2 to 3 times per week. Then switch to monthly top-ups.

Iluminage Precise Touch start-up schedule daigram showing 1 weekly treatments taking 6 weeks to complete
The Iluminage Precise Touch start-up schedule

Seven weekly sessions is usually enough to get smooth. But on darker skin using the low intensity level you may need a few more sessions. And some people may need slightly more frequent top-up sessions to maintain smooth, fuzz-free skin.

For fair hair, be prepared you may need over double the recommended sessions. So, around 14+ weekly sessions. That’s because, to be effective, the IPL relies on just a micro dot of blood in the follicle. Therefore, hairs must be waxed/epilated and zapped several times to be effective. Also, your reduction in growth rate and hair thickness is not as obvious as it is on shaved hairs. Therefore, it may seem like it’s not working. Please be prepared for the extra commitment!

Iluminage Precise Touch start-up schedule diagram for fair hair when plucking, showing 14 weekly treatments taking 13 weeks to complete
Iluminage Precise Touch start-up schedule on fair/plucked hairs

The negatives

There are a few negatives with the Precise Touch.

Close up photo of the Iluminage Precise Touch flash window showing the silver RF bars at the top and bottom.
Small flash window is good for face & small areas but not for legs!

First, not so much a negative as an FYI. Don’t buy the Precise Touch (or Me Chic) if you want fuzz free legs. The small flash window talks ages to zap larger areas and you’ll use up all the flashes. Instead, check out the Iluminage Touch.

Next, on fair hair you’ll need several more sessions than advertised. So, be prepared for significant weekly commitment and effort. Unfortunately, there are no clinically proven alternatives to try for fair hair.

And finally, there’s no money back guarantee and the Precise Touch is pricey compared to rival compact models. You’ll pay a premium precisely because it’s FDA-cleared safe and effective for both dark/black skin and for fair hair.  You could consider the cheaper Silk’n Infinity for dark skin. But for fair hair, it’s the only option clinically proven to work.

Store it in the neat box to keep it dust free & protect from knocks

Precise Touch Summary

The Iluminage Precise Touch (& Me Chic) is a top choice especially for facial and small areas hair removal. The clever combined IPL & RF mean it’s gentle and safe for all skin tones, including the very darkest. And it works on fair and grey hairs if you pluck before hand. But note, it takes longer to work on fair hair.

The Iluminage Precise Touch (& Me Chic) is a top choice especially for facial and small areas hair removal.
Lamp lifetime


The flashes last for 10+ years of monthly sessions for face & smaller body areas (bikini line & underarms). That’s more flashes than you’ll need for decades of smooth skin.

Ease of use


Decent quality, simple, precise, comfortable & fast to use on your face & small areas. Gentle, no stinging sensation. For fair hair removal, pluck/epilate/wax before zapping.

Effort & Results


Medium & gentle power IPL. Seven weekly sessions for smooth skin, then top-ups every month or so to stay that way. But results take weeks longer on fair hair!


  • Clinically proven & FDA cleared for ALL skin tones
  • Clinicall proven on blonde & red hair as well as dark hair
  • Decent quality & comfy
  • Small accurate flash window & easy flashes
  • Decades of flashes for face & small areas
  • Works even if your dark facial hairs turn grey
  • Can pluck, wax, or epilate hairs before sessions
  • FDA-cleared & CE certification


  • It’s expensive at full RRP
  • No money back guarantee
  • Several more sessions than advertised for fair hair users
  • Not suited to large areas & legs
  • No longer available in the UK

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Dermaplaning tools are an excellent alternative to shaving your face!

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