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Top choices for tightening sagging skin, these Tripollar RF devices are safe for all skin tones & types, & work best to regenerate visibly aging skin. They smooth & tighten, firm & brighten for a healthy & fresh complexion on face, neck & hands. Some models also strengthen jawline muscles with a DMA mode. See your best results after the simple (but time-consuming) start-up routine, followed by an easy, low-effort maintenance schedule.

Tight, bright, smooth & healthy

The Tripollar models are small handheld devices that send painless Radio Frequency current into your skin’s dermis layer.  Resistance in your tissues to this RF current creates heat. This heat tightens your collagen fibres, whilst also stimulating your fibroblast activity which gradually remodels the collagen & elastin structures in your skin. After a regular-use start-up schedule, it’s clinically proven to tighten your skin and reduce wrinkles. The increased collagen also firms, plumps and brightens too. Use it with Tripollar or CurrentBody RF prep gel. Learn more about Radio Frequency here.

The Tripollar V and Vx models also have DMA (Dynamic Muscle Activation) mode used around the mouth and along the jaw. This is a like a mini Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) pulse working deep on the SMAS layer facial muscles, below the dermis and hypodermis. Tripollar say it strengthens muscles to build tone, and works with the RF enhancing lift and countouring along your jawline. Phew!

What it fixes: Smooths texture, tightens pores, plumps skin reducing fine lines & wrinkles, tightens loose skin around facial contours jowls, chin, jaw & eyes, refreshes for firm, supple, glowing, younger-looking skin.

Ease of use
Pleasant & fairly easy RF sessions (after a little practise), requires a sticky conductive gel. DMA zaps a little but is bearable. No pain or irritation. Requires focus but you can use it watching TV.

High upfront effort for 6 to 8 weeks. 2 to 3 sessions per week taking longer than advertised at 30 to 50 minutes (full face & neck). Manageable maintenance sessions weekly or one every 2 weeks.

Immedaite smooth & plump skin, but best results after 6 to 8 weeks as collagen & elastin slowly remodel your skin, softening wrinkles & fine lines too. Skin gets gradually tighter around chin, jaw & eyes. Regular maintenance sessions keep skin fit & healthy.


  • Painless & pleasant warming sensation
  • Gel lasts aaaages (so is good value)
  • Lower cost gel alternatives available too
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Clinically proven & CE certified
  • Most models are FDA-cleared
  • Low effort maintenance sessions


  • RF routine takes a few goes to master
  • Very sticky prep gel
  • Time-intensive sessions for full face & neck
  • High up-front effort during start-up
  • No money back guarantee
Learn all about the Tripollar V home RF & DMA device in this tried & tested review by WeAreBodyBeautiful
I trialled the Tripollar V special edition (because it’s rose-gold) for this review

Virew Tripollar Stop deals

When you shop via my links I earn a small commission (your price stays the same). I really appreciate your support 🙏!

More models & deals

Tripollar Stop V RF & DMA
🌍 Tripollar 20% code BODYBEAUT
🇬🇧 CurrentBody UK
🇦🇺 CurrentBody AU

Tripollar Stop Vx RF & DMA
(latest model, fastest sessions):
🌍 Tripollar 20% code BODYBEAUT

In this Tripollar Stop RF review:

First impressions

The Tripollar is beautifully packaged in mostly cardboard, with a little plastic to protect the contents. The box is small but robust, and fits in a draw so you can store the device, power cable and gel in it when not in use.

The front and back of the attractive Tripollar V box
Compact, sturdy & attractive cardboard box ♻
The lid lifts up to show the classic black interior and my special edition rose gold Tripollar V device
Pull the small black ribbon to lift the lid. The Tripollar device sits snug in a moulded bed, and the user guide & warranty booklets affixed to the lid in a black envelope.
Underneath the plastic tray are further cardboard boxes snug & secure
Under the plastic tray are two cardboard boxes for the power cable/plugs and the preparation gel
the contents of the Tripollar V box
The Tripollar V box contents

What’s in the box:

  • Tripollar device
  • Power cable & UK, EU, US plugs
  • 50ml tub of preparation gel
  • User guide booklet
  • Warranty booklet

Tripollar V quality & design

The Tripollar is a small, light-weight, handheld device decorated with pleasing geometric shapes. It stands upright on the protective cap and the design resembles a bottle of expensive perfume. It comes in various colours; black, white, pink and rose-gold (as pictured).

Tripollar V RF & DMA device in Rose gold looks sexy. Oh yes.
Robust quality & attractive, symmetrical, geometric design
Top down shot of the rose gold Tripollar V
15cm long (with cap), 4cm wide and 3 cm deep

The mains-powered device comes with a 2-metre-long flexible power cord and a choice of mains adaptors. Depending on how close you are to a socket, the cord may be long enough. However, I like to sit on my bed and there’s not quite enough slack, so I use a small extension cable too.

The white mains cable of the Tripollar V in my hands
Decent quality mains-power cable around 2 metres long. A mains extension cable is handy too.
The three mains plugs (US, UK & European) with the Tripollar V device
Plug attachments with the Tripollar V

However, it’s a shame that this white cable somewhat spoils the striking look of the device. A black cable to match the black accents would complement the design a little better.

The Tripollar V device with the white cord that doesn't really match
A black cable would look better, but hey, it still works!
Remove the fancy geometric cap before RFing your face.
Remove the plastic cap to see the business-end
Dinky, lightweight Tripollar V
Lightweight (just under 100g) wand-shape to hold with your fingers
The power button and mode & intensity indator lights are on the end of the device oppsite the business end
Very simple one-button control and indicator lights on the Tripollar
Close up of the treatment head on the Tipollar V device
Treatment head: X4 small RF electrodes and skin temperature sensor in the middle
Tub of prep gel & the Tripollar V device next to each other
You get a 50ml tub of radio frequency conductivity gel. You must use this (or an alternative) with the Tripollar

Radio Frequency routine

You can do your routine at any time of the day, but I prefer an unrushed, quiet evening as a relaxing wind-down before sleep. I have a snug set-up in bed (one of my favoutite places), which requires a small power extension cable, and adjustable mirror on a small laptop tray in front of me.

My set up on my bed for my Tripollar V evening routine
My kit for my comfy bed set-up for my evening RF routine
Tripollar or CurrentBody prep gel, foundation brush and wipey towel, power cable and mains extension, and the Tripollar V device.
What you need: ✔ Tripollar device & ✔ power cable, ✔ Tripollar or CurrentBody RF gel, ✔ foundation brush, ✔ mains extension cable.

The Tripollar routine is simple enough, although the instructions make it sound more complex than it really is. Work on one side of your neck and face, then repeat on the other. I start on my under-chin and neck, then my jaw, cheek, and under-eye, and finally my forehead.

My foundation dipped in the thick and gloop Tripollar RF prep gel
Use the foundation brush to apply the thick conductivity gel.
Use the foundation brush to paint a very thin layer of gel on one side of your face
With just a few gentle dabs in the pot, paint a thin layer over your face & neck. A little goes a very long way!

The gel’s consistency is thick and tacky so the brush helps keep your mitts clean. A headband keeps your hair clean and try not to get the gel in your mouth because it tastes sickly-sweet.  On the plus-side, I love it doesn’t dry out at all, so I happily apply to one entire side of my face and neck to start.

Take off the protective cap
Then remove the protective cap…
the cable fits snug in the Tripollar RF device
Insert the mains cable and then connect that to the mains
Press the power button on the end of the device
Press the power button to turn on the device, then use it to cycle through the RF levels.
Close up on 1 green RF indicator light and 2 green lights for low & high RF respectively
Press the power button once for LOW RF and once again for HIGH RF, shown by green lights

Start LOW until you’re used to the sensation. The aim is to heat your skin in small sections with slow circular motions. Place the electrodes firm against your skin and draw a small circle, then another next to it, both roughly the size of the treatment head. Overlap is fine. Move it slowly – slower than you’d think – and feel the gentle heat build in your skin.

draw slow &teeny circles on your skin
Press all four electrode nobbles against your skin and draw very slow small circles
If you see the green RF and orange temperate light your doing really well!
Seeing both green & orange lights is good 👍!

The green light stays on as the RF current flows.  The temperature sensor monitors your skin so soon after you’ll see an orange light too, closely followed by a beep-beep. This means your skin has reached the target temperature. After another slow circle or two, move slowly to the next spot and repeat. If you don’t move, the RF and green light turns off so as not to overheat your skin. So, you must pay attention! Ideally you want to see both the green RF light and orange indicator light for most of your treatment.

TIP: Sometimes that pesky beep just doesn’t come! So, move on if you’ve been circling awhile and the orange light is constant. And keep your eye on that green light. If it flickers on/off your skin is hot enough and you’re wasting time circling the same area! Move on to the small area next to it.

Follow this technique until you’ve warmed all your skin on one side of your face. To make sure I cover all my skin, I like to work in sections (as below), regularly circling over treated areas again to keep up the temperature, and circling over the whole completed section once more before moving on.

The order in which I gradually, slowly circle my neck & face
I gradually circle from my under-chin/neck up to my forehead, then repeat on the other side. It takes about 20 mins per side. ⚠ Avoid the centre line of your neck.

To keep your skin nice and warm, as you go, occasionally and slowly swoop over previously warmed areas and sections. Once all areas are warm, slowly glide the electrodes up over your skin for a few minutes more looking for the orange light. It’s quite precise work and it can take a while, depending on the temperature of your skin. I’m meticulous and it takes me around 20 minutes per half neck and face.

Once you’re happy, leave the gel on your skin, then apply more gel to the other side and repeat the routine.

RF & DMA mode for your jawline

Next, use the RF and DMA mode on your jawline for 5 minutes each side. Press the power button again until the indicator lights show one blue light for LOW RF and DMA mode. Press it again for HIGH.

Close up of the blue RF + DMA mode indicator lights on the Tripollar stop, 1 is low and 2 is high!
Press the power button to select LOW and then HIGH RF & DMA mode

Start on LOW to see how you find the DMA sensation. Slowly glide the electrodes along your jawline area, from chin to ear.

Slow gliding movements along your jawline in blue RF + DMA mode.
RF & DMA mode activated: jowl zappage commence!

Start at the jaw bone gradually moving up to under the cheek bone. You feel heat from the RF, and the orange light shows as your skin gets up to temperature. Every few seconds, you hear a series of clicks as the electrical DMA energy pulses, then switches off again. Keep going slowly for 5 minutes. Then, repeat on the other side.

Finally, you can remove the gel from your face. It’s a bit slimy, so I prefer to wipe it with a face-cloth then rinse or wash away the residue. It feels lush to drench your skin with a nourishing face mask or serum and moisturiser afterwards.

The DMA mode feels quite different to the soothing RF, so let’s cover this next.

What does it feel like?

First up, the gel is thick and sticky. This is messy to apply with your fingers so a cosmetic brush is best. The advantage of the sticky formula however, is you don’t need a lot and it doesn’t dry out. So, you won’t need to reapply. Make sure your hair doesn’t get stuck in it!

Imagine the potential mess from my sticky tub of prep gel, and the control & calm applying it with a foundation brush!
The gel is thick and sticky, so keep your hands clean and apply with a foundation brush!

Some users report they break out if the gel stays on too long. So, ensure you wash your face thoroughly after use. There are no added anti-aging skincare benefits from the gel (see the ingredients here).

The RF routine feels soothing and warm on most facial areas. It’s not as pleasant on my forehead where the skin is thinner and the electrodes don’t glide smoothly over my expression lines!

And remember, you must continuously move the electrodes. If not, they create a small area of intense heat. It’s uncomfortable, but if you have normal sensation in your skin you can feel it build so it’s unlikely to cause a burn.

Some areas are harder to cover with the large treatment head too, such as under the eyes and around the nose. Take care, especially under your eyes, but crow’s feet are easy to cover.

You can feel the RF & DMA mode! As it gently clicks, and if you have it on the right spot, you can feel teeny contractions in the muscles around your mouth! It feels a bit zingy and can involuntarily pull your lips when around the side of your mouth. Take care not to zap it on your lips as this is quite a startling sensation. For me, I feel it most around my mouth but I can’t feel it on my jaw area towards my ear. Other users don’t like the sensation at all, so use it on LOW or use it just once a week.

A half & half comparison of my face after I used the Tipollar. On the left pink & plumped skin!
After RF plump & flushed skin (or edema and erythema)

I like how my skin feels after each session. After a sufficient dose of heat, it looks pinky-to-red, and is slightly swollen, but in a good way. It feels warm and invigorated as after a workout, and plumped up. It gradually fades a few hours after your session. And the next morning my skin feels exceptionally smooth and soft.

Effort & results

For all Tripollar RF devices you’ll need an RF session roughly every other day (2 or 3 times per week) for 6 to 8 weeks. So, this start-up routine requires commitment. And more time than advertised too.

A full face & neck routine is long and a little tiring
Not as quick as advertised. It’s time-consuming for a full face & neck at 30+ mins.

Tripollar says you can treat your full face in 20 minutes with the Tripollar V. I’m very precise and want my skin at the optimum temperature as I work, so it takes me 20 minutes per side (including neck). Plus 10 mins for the RF + DMA mode on both jawlines. Phew! That’s around 50 minutes in total. I double-checked the most helpful online reviews and they say it takes around 30 minutes total for their face (but not neck).

But, if you have the time and motivation, it’s a pleasant way to pamper your skin. And you can also do it whilst watching TV (although I find it takes me slightly longer again because I’m not as focused!)

After 6 to 8 weeks, you can then switch to less regular maintenance sessions, weekly or one every two weeks (2 to 4 times per month). These sessions are much easier to fit in, but you must remember to schedule the time with yourself. It’s so easy to skive off (but then see your results fade! 😲)

Although most users feel immediate plumping and smooth skin results from the Tripollar, you must allow at least 6 weeks to see noticeable results. It’s during the first 6 to 8 weeks of concentrated use your collagen and elastin gradually rebuilds to tighten and rejuvenate your skin.

Some users do feel changes in their skin before 6 weeks such as smoothed texture, tightened pores, and brighter skin. Then, wrinkles gradually soften, scars fade, skin plumps and tightens, with best results at 6+ weeks.

For some, their results are a subtle tightening and brightening. For others, a dramatic lifting of the jawline and brows, or plumping of nasolabial lines and wrinkles. Therefore, results vary in significance and by individual. Home beauty tech can give you a healthy-skin “I’m not wearing make-up” confidence boost, but they aren’t overnight miracles!

The negatives

There are a few negatives to consider with the Tripollar V.

First, as mentioned earlier, a full face and neck session takes quite a bit of time to do properly. However, it’s not complicated once you know what you’re doing. And you can do it whilst watching TV.

But if you want a faster option, try the Tripollar Stop X or the lastest Vx models. They give faster sessions because they have larger RF electrodes. Tripollar say you can treat your full face in 12 to 15 mins. So, add a bit more for your neck (and because Tripollar seem over optimistic). Note: the Stop X model doesn’t have the DMA mode.

Circling the Tripollar is not as comfy as it could be, especially for longer sessions
Peek-a-boo: Slightly awkward angle to work at, not so comfy as other designs, but pretty good for busting bingo wings

Second, the shape is not as comfy and ergonomic as other rivals. That’s because you must hold the Tripollar device at a right angle to your skin. This means holding your arm up at an uncomfortable angle, especially on the forehead. Plus, it occasionally obscures your view so you must move your head to various angles to see in the mirror. Thankfully it’s very light so not too tiring. However, I’d prefer an angled treatment head so you can better support your arm, held lower and closer to your body, and easy see where you’re cicrcling on your neck and face. (But I guess that wouldn’t look so pretty).

Some users suggest a cordless design would be better. However, cordless means a heavy rechargeable battery inside and so tiring to use for longer periods of time. Plus, the battery may not last long enough to complete a session. Therefore, with this particular design and length of routine, mains-power is best.

Next, the Tripollar preparation gel is rather expensive at £30 to £39 for 50ml. On the plus side, it lasts aaaages. The 50ml tub/tube lasts way past the start-up schedule if using it 3 times per week. So, it’s pretty good value compared to other device consumables such as Nuface and Ziip. But you do have a cheaper alternative from too. You get double the amount (100ml) for £30 (bulk offers available too!). It’s almost identical, super-sticky, and works just as well.

Should I buy the Tripollar Stop V?

I like the compact Tripollar V for RF facial tightening at home.
Low maintenance effort for noticeably smoother & tighter skin.

Yup. I like this device despite the upfront effort of time-consuming sessions. That’s because you see your best results in 6 to 8 weeks, so there’s no “false summit” where you’re encouraged to keep going to see even better results (ahem, Nuface).

However, I’d like to compare the Tripollar V model to the latest Vx model to see if the increased cost is worth it for the faster sessions. If you’re short on time, I suggest it is as you’re more likely to fit in your sessions and stick with it.

But the maintenance sessions are super easy to fit in with all models. Just remember to pick a quiet evening with a relaxing hour in front of the TV each week to pamper and plump. The results are noticeable too for fresh, bright, tight and healthy skin.

If you need the fastest sessions, look at the latest model Tripollar Stop Vx with its bigger nobbles for faster warming. The Tripollar X model is the same but without the DMA mode. Or try another technology such as one of my fave rivals, the Mira-skin, to plump skin with ultrasound & Hyaluronic Acid.

View Tripollar STOP deals

When you shop via my links I earn a small commission (your price stays the same). I really appreciate your support 🙏!

Tripollar Stop V RF and DMA skin tightening device

Tripollar Stop V RF & DMA deals
(the device reviewed above):
🌍 Tripollar 20% code BODYBEAUT
🇬🇧 CurrentBody UK
🇦🇺 CurrentBody AU

Tripollar Stop vX RF and DMA skin tightening device

Tripollar Vx RF & DMA deals
(latest model, fastest sessions):
🌍 Tripollar 20% code BODYBEAUT

Tripollar Stop X RF skin tightening device

Tripollar Stop X RF deals (fastest sessions, but no DMA mode):
🌍 Tripollar 20% code BODYBEAUT
🇬🇧 CurrentBody UK
🇦🇺 CurrentBody AU
🇺🇸 🇨🇦 CurrentBody US & CA

Tripollar Stop Classic RF skin tightening device

Tripollar Stop Classic RF deals (like the Stop V but no DMA mode):
🇬🇧 CurrentBody UK
🇦🇺CurrentBody AU
🇺🇸 🇨🇦 CurrentBody US & CA

Preparation gels

Tripollar Preparation gels:
🇬🇧 CurrentBody UK
🇦🇺 CurrentBody AU
🇺🇸 🇨🇦 CurrentBody US & CA

Better value CurrentBody prep gel:
🇬🇧 CurrentBody UK
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