WeAreBodyBeautiful's review of The Goddess Glow 100% Natural and suplhate free Shampoo Bar; is it all that?

The Goddess Glow shampoo bar review with photos 📷

The Goddess Glow shampoo bar


Lather me up, baby. The Goddess Glow shampoo bar promises shiny, healthy, manageably soft tresses. It’s vegan, 100% natural and free from drying sulphates. It also smells like heaven. But…does it do as it says? I shower-tested it for 7 weeks, so come see what I say! Also, lather me up again. Please.

It makes my hair behave

Fancy skincare I can take or leave. But I’m a massive sucker for hair product, and specifically shampoo. That’s because I have ‘problem’ hair and I’m always on the lookout for a better solution to manage my mane. So, these The Goddess Glow shampoo bars from Very Pretty Vegan quickly piqued my interest.

And their ads are all over my Facebook feed. I expected to see fake and overzealous comments. But I found genuine customer questions and scepticism met with witty, honest, and real responses from Very Pretty Vegan. They even made me smile. So, I thought what have I got to lose?

Well, apart from £19.97, nowt. Also, I can test it and write a review for you, so you know if it’s worth your cash or not.

Why I like the sound of it  

Now, I don’t just go around trying every shampoo on the shelves (I’ve already done that and I’m over it). And I’ve successfully ignored the daily explosion of rival wonder-poos social media throws at me. However, The Goddess Glow grabbed me for a few reasons.

The Goddess Glow shampoo bar fron Very Pretty Vegan: 
Small & light-weight, No plastic, More washes, Vegan, Kind & caring ingredients, Longer between washes
Why I want to try The Goddess Glow shampoo bar.

First, I do like the idea of shampoo bars in general. I like that they’re small. They’re easy to store in the bathroom cabinet, and one less bottle on the side. Also, they’re light-weight and hand baggage friendly 👜 on an aeroplane ✈. This is important to me because my hair needs TLC and consistency. I can’t just pick up a whatever-bottle of shampoo at my destination. My hair will punish me.

Second, they’re kinder to the planet because they’re plastic-free. They come wrapped in paper, delivered in a cardboard box. 🌍♻

Next, you should get more washes from a bar as you get from one bottle of regular shampoo. 👍

Also, I like the kind and vegan ingredients without palm oil or any drying sulphates 🌺🥥Ⓥ.

But I think what finally hooked me is they describe MY quest for the perfect hair product exactly. I’ve tried so many products, and they tell LIES. They do the opposite of what they promise, trapping you in the relentless daily-wash cycle. And I can’t even think about the cash I’ve haemorrhaged on these bottles of frizz 😡.

As I read Very Pretty Vegan’s sales pitch I could feel the trauma of my hair-based baggage resurface. They know my pain! For the first time someone was describing the REAL problem AND offering a solution. Wowsers, this could be it!

Or it could simply be Very Pretty Vegan mind tricks.

Well, anyhoo. Here we are with a couple of shampoo bars to test. So, let’s get on with it!

The Goddess Glow Shampoo bars

The shampoo arrives in a neat, simple cardboard box. There’s an info sticker on the outside reminding you there are no nasty or unnecessary ingredients and how to use the shampoo bar. And the smell is delicious.

The Goddess Glow shampoo bars arrive in a small, neat recyclable cardboard box and it smells delicious!
Neat, cute packaging. Lovely attention to detail and a gorgeous smell!
The storage tin and x2 bars of The Goddess Glow shampoo
Inside are my two Goddess Glow bars and the tin I ordered too.

Very Pretty Vegan say The Goddess Glow is a 30-day revival program to upgrade your hair with enhanced shine, texture, and colour. With 100% natural ingredients, it works for every hair type; dry, fine, thick, curly, mature, and oily. Also, the kind and conditioning ingredients won’t strip colours so your hair stays bold and vibrant.

What does Goddess Glow do?
It's 100% natural, Gives beautiful shine, texture & colour in 30 days, It's for dry, fine, thick, curly, mature, oily…all hair types!,  Keeps colour bold, and you can get a handy storage tin!
There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee!

It’s pitched to people who use traditional Highstreet or salon-brand shampoos. Very Pretty Vegan explain these shampoos contain oil-stripping sulphates which make a luxurious lather, but totally knacker your hair leaving it dry and dull. Therefore, to muster as much protective moisture as possible, your hair follicles swell with sebum and your roots turn slick with oil. Result: limp greasy roots and dry, fizzy, brittle ends. Boo.

👉 The more you wash, the more shampoo you buy. So, it’s not surprising these brands peddle the promise of lustrous locks, but really, they trap you in an endless hair-washing cycle. Shame on them.

The Goddess Glow soap bar on top of the storage tim, next to my regular Jason Biotin shampoo and Alba Hawaiin conditioner bottles. Which will come out best?
Will The Goddess Glow be better than my current natural & sulphate free shampoo and conditioner?

I worked this out a few years ago and have since tried several sulphate-free natural shampoos. My oil production calmed and my hair became softer and less frizzy. But I’m still tempted by the promise of even better hair with The Goddess Glow!

The unwrapped, white and blue, compact, round bar of The Goddess Glow  in the wild...
Oh my The Goddess Glow – You’re naked!

The bar is a chunky and soft, white and blue, 7cm diameter disc with a large dimple in the middle. It has a beautiful Lavender scent, which is strong but not overpowering.

Here’s the ingredients list:

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Brassica Alcohol, Kaolin (white Kaolin Clay), Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Isoamyl Laureate & Isoamyl Cocoate (Coconut & Sugar Cane derived), Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (Guar) Gum, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candalilla) Wax, Citric Acid, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Lavandula Augustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Limnanthes Alba (meadowfoam) Seed Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Glycerine (Vegetable), melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Sodiu Chloride (Salt), Brassicyl Isoleucinate Esylate (and) Brassica Alcohol, Limonene, Linalool C177891, C177019, C177007.

My The Goddess Glow trial (in the shower)

Here I am in my shower with my bar of The Goddess Glow shampoo
I’ve never done a shower-based test before

It’s pretty obvious how to use it, there’s no special technique.

Step 1: Lather & massage The Goddess Glow shampoo bar into your scalp and hair. I do this for a minute or so.
Step 2: Rinse your hair. It feels clean and soft.
Step 3: I then like to detangle my hair with my Tangle Teezer
Step 4: Pop the soap bar somewhere that's not wet to air-dry. I bought a matching tin, but any soap tray or box will do...

...Still here? You need to get out the shower, get dry and dressed and do something else!
Just incase you’ve never showered before…

The bar lathers quickly and best on drenched hair. I rub it in small circles around my hairline, then on the crown. Then, I put the bar down and set to work massaging with my fingers spreading the lather down to the ends.

The Goddess Glow shampoo bar feels good because:
It's a thick, creamylather, Ace conditioning slip, No major tangles, and a gorgeous lavender aroma
Small circles around the hair line and crown starts off a lovely thick lather
You can lather the shampoo bar in your hands but it takes a lot more effort and time than lathering the bar directly on yer bonce.
If your hair does tangle, make a lather in your hands and then massage into your scalp. It takes a lttle more effort

Very Pretty Vegan say it’s low-lather, but I’d say it’s a different type of lather altogether. The lather is thicker and creamy, almost gloopy, with wonderful slip over your hair. This means my hair doesn’t tangle, so I can be much more aggressive with my cleaning massage. Regular shampoos don’t have this cushioning feel, so a good scratchy scrub often feels too much. But with The Goddess Glow it feels lush.

And it smells gorgeous too (if you like Lavender, which I rather do). Altogether, it’s an invigorating shower experience.

The lather lasts a minute or so then dissolves. I then rinse my hair and I can tell I don’t need a separate conditioner. Then, I brush it through with my Tangle Teezer.

Clean and soft hair after rinsing out the Goddess Glow lather. I don't need a separate conditioner,  but you may!
My hair is silky soft with no major tangles after I rinse it.
After washing with The Goddess Glow shampoo my hair and detangling with my Tangle Teezer, my hair is silky, soft and tat-free!
After brushing with my Tangle Teezer. I don’t need a separate conditioner.

TIP: It’s important to let the bar air dry after use. It lasts longer. A tin or soap dish comes in handy for this.

One shampoo bar lasted me 17 washes over 7 weeks. How long it lasts you depends on your hair length and how often you wash it. To be honest, I’ve no idea how long my regular shampoo bottle usually lasts, but this seems like pretty good value to me.

My hair before & after

My hair is a few inches longer than shoulder length. I’m a natural brunette, and I’m growing out blonde highlights. So, the ends of my hair are stripped, dry, brittle and a little brassy. My roots get oily around 36 hours after a wash (or sooner if I use a conditioner). I wash my hair every 3 days, and use dry shampoo on day 2 and 3.

I can feel a difference after the first wash. I use a boar bristle rounded hair brush to blow dry my hair because it doesn’t pull and leaves my hair lovely and smooth. And it’s even easier to blow dry with after using The Goddess Glow. My hair is soft. I expect the roots to get oily after 24 hours as it does if I use my bottled conditioner. And I’m pleasantly surprised when they’re still fresh, especially considering the very conditioning formula.  Apart from that, my hair looks the same. I continue to wash my hair every 3 days. The delicious smell fades by day 2. And I still need dry shampoo on day 2 and 3.

After 4 washes my hair is super-soft from root to tip and has a healthy shine (but not on the coloured ends that I’m growing out). And after around 9 washes (just over 3 weeks) I notice it’s now less oily. I still need dry shampoo, but less of it. And, if I wear my hair up on day 2, I can wait till day 3 before applying it. This is progress. And that’s how it continues when I finish the first bar after around 7 weeks.

I took some comparison photos at 4 weeks which is roughly the recommended 30-day revival program suggested by Very Pretty Vegan. They’re taken after washing and blow-drying my hair. The before photo is after my JASON bottled shampoo and Alba conditioner, and the second photo after 11 consecutive  washes with The Goddess Glow. I see quite a difference.

My hair before (with bottled shampoo) versus 4 wks of Goddess Glow: My hair is easier to blow-dry, smoother, softer, with a shiny natural colour and lifted blonde on the ends
Before: Fluffy, dry & frizzy coloured-ends VS Smoother, softer, shiny natural colour after 11 washes with The Goddess Glow shampoo
My hair before (with bottled shampoo) versus 4 wks of Goddess Glow side view: My hair is smooth and much less frizzy, with defined & textured layers, lifted blonde, and beautiful touchable softness. This is good.
Before: Floof, shapeless, brassy tones VS Smooth, textured layers, lifted blonde, touchable softness after 11 washes! Yay!

Based on my experience I can confirm The Goddess Glow gives hair that:

✔ Is soft, manageable & shiny

✔ Has volume & texture

✔ I don’t need conditioner (but you may)

✔ Smells lush

Note: I can’t comment if The Goddess Glow leaves zero dandruff because that’s not my hair type.

So, does The Goddess Glow transform your hair? Well, I was already using a sulphate-free, natural shampoo and The Goddess Glow has further improved the condition of my hair. So, if your hair is like mine and you’re switching from a standard sulphate-laden shampoo, I think you’ll notice an even bigger difference.

I’m very happy with it. I’m now on bar two AND I’ve had my mop chopped short. With the dry blonde ends gone, I’ve got healthy, shiny, soft, smooth brunette hair for the first time since my early teens.

I’m not looking for any greys.

The Goddess Glow Negatives

OK, so there are a few negatives to consider.

First, the shampoo bar broke up into smaller chunks after around 7 washes. This means it not as easy and quick to lather in your hair. You can just use the larger bits, but it’s best to squish all the bits back together in a bigger lump. I was glad I’d opted for the tin to keep all the bits together.

Broken bits of the Goddess Glow shampoo bar in my storage tin. Squish em back together so you can use the large piece to lather in your hair again.
The bar breaks into smaller bits – but just squish them together!

Also, after the major ‘break-up’ occurs you’ll also notice little blue flecks of the shampoo bar in the shower after shampooing. These are a little slippery, so it’s best rinse them away once you’re done.

Second, I felt the urge to use a conditioning oil mask before shampooing one day. That’s because I have a small stock pile in my bathroom and felt the urge to reduce it. But I find the shampoo bar has a tough time cleaning this from your hair. You must wash it twice to ensure you get it all out. But to be fair, you probably won’t need this extra moisturisation anymore because The Goddess Glow does a super conditioning job without them. So, if you’re a fan of hair masks and oils, it’s just something to bear in mind.

Next, I find the thick consistency of the shampoo blocks my shower drain. I’ve experienced this before with creamy facial cleansers so I recognise the cause. However, it’s easy to solve with a couple of kettles-full of boiled water, or an eco-friendly drain unblocking stick.

And finally, this shampoo is expensive at full price. That’s £19.99 per bar so around the price of a premium or salon brand shampoo. But with the special 2x bundle with 50% off deal and free shipping, it’s pretty good value working out at £9.99 per bar. True, that’s more expensive than my old favourite, but now I don’t need a separate conditioner or conditioning masks. So, I’m happy with this.

Should I buy The Goddess Glow shampoo bars?

These little bars have impressed me. They’re better than my old natural ingredient and sulphate-free bottle shampoo, that I thought I was happy with.

Obligatory shot with product in front of eye and 'oooh' face. I like The Goddess Glow shampoo bars.
Oooh indeed.

They’ve no nasties, they’re kind, conditioning and caring. They leave me with tamed, smooth, shiny, and healthy tresses, and washing my hair is now a rather invigorating experience. And, when we’re allowed to be free-range humans again, I love I can take a few on longer trips, and provide effective hair-care continuity.

I reckon they’re worth a go. If you do try them, let me know how you get on. I’m curious to know if they’re just as good on different hair types too.

The Goddess Glow shampoo bar deals

With 30-day money back guarantee:
🇬🇧 Very Pretty Vegan x2 shampoo bars & free delivery

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