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Quasar Pure Rayz review; red light for smooth, glowsome, healthy skin

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Quasar Pure Rayz


Strawberries🍓, roses 🌹, socks 🧦 and ketchup 🍅. Just some of my favourite red things. And now we must add this affordable red and infrared LED light device to the list. It’s safe for all skin tones and types. With four wavelengths of red, super red, amber and infrared light, it stimulates cells and boosts collagen & elastin to heal, smooth and brighten your skin. It’s a fine choice for softening facial lines especially around the eyes, mouth and neck.

Smooth, glowsome, healthy skin

The Quasar Pure Rayz is a mains-powered, compact and lightweight hand-held device with 40 red, amber and near infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs). These light wavelengths stimulate your skin cells to build more collagen and elastin, improve blood flow, oxygenation and detox the cells. This heals and refreshes your skin, and helps with rosacea too. It’s safe for all skin tones and types, for women and men. With regular use it’s clinically proven to fade facial lines and improve texture for brighter, younger looking skin.

Quasar offer a Pure Rayz for men and a Pure Rayz for women. Pick up either regardless of your gender! No one checks 🤭- just choose the colour you like best because all are of identical technology and performance.

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What it fixes: Softens fine lines & wrinkles, smooths texture, corrects skin imperfections, reduces inflammation, calms rosacea, for glowing & healthy skin.

Ease of use
Easy to use mains-powered compact device gliding over facial contours in small sections. Treat your full face & neck, or just a few areas such as around eyes. Light is bright but not harmful, and it’s pain-free.

Low effort quick sessions for a few small areas, medium effort for full face & neck. Treat each section for 3 minutes, 5 times per week for 8 weeks. Then, reduce frequency as your skin likes. For ongoing use.

Collagen & elastin build gradually in treated areas to brighten, firm & tighten. Wrinkles and fine lines soften over the course for smooth and bright skin.


  • Super value & affordable (around £100)
  • Simple routine for easy, pain-free sessions
  • No messy or faffy gels
  • Very quick targeted sessions for eye & mouth lines
  • Compact & lightweight (so good for travel)
  • Top-quality with 5-year warranty
  • Clinically proven, CE certified & FDA-cleared
  • 90-day money back guarantee


  • Light is bright & may be irritating for some
  • Mains powered so you must sit close to a power outlet
  • Time-consuming if you treat full face & neck, chest etc…

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Ease of use

The Pure Rayz is a cute, small teardrop shape made of durable glossy plastic. It’s sturdy with no creaks or cracks and fits comfortably in your hand.

compact Quasar Pure Rayz red light device in teal
Compact, lightweight mains-powered red light device available in several colours.
side and back view of the small Quasar Pure Rayz at home red light device
10cm long by 6.5cm wide and 3 cm deep, weighing just 56g

The long power cord is durable and flexible, made with a clever braided design so it won’t wear and split. And to demonstrate the device’s excellent quality, Quasar boast a very long 5-year warranty for extra peace of mind. 🏆

the mains cable fits snug in the base of the device
Robust mainspower operation
simple one button operation to turn on the mainspowered Quasar Pure Rayz device
40 bright LEDs (but our human eyes can’t see the infrared ones!)

The treatment head is a circle of 40 evenly spaced bright LEDs behind a protective polycarbonate lens. You get four different wavelengths of light. Red 610nm light works on the surface layers to firm and smooth. Super-red 630nm and amber 660nm light help detoxify and reduce inflammation – good for rosacea. And near infrared 850nm reaches the deepest to boost collagen and elastin production for rejuvenation.

It’s very easy to use. Simply press the power button and, in small sections, slowly swipe the lights over your face. Use a ‘C’ shaped swipe from your inner brow, around to your crow’s feet, under your eye and then back. Or slow swipes across your cheeks and lips, forehead, neck etc. After 3 minutes the lights turn off. Move to the next section and repeat wherever you want smooth and fresh skin.

It’s very straightforward, requiring little concentration. You can use it as you watch TV or listen to music. It’s quite calming and there’s no sensation of heat, no pain or skin irritation afterwards.

Effort & results

Some home devices are a massive time suck. But the Pure Rayz is not. It’s a low effort home device to smooth wrinkles or treat trouble spots in targeted areas. For example, your eye areas take just 6 minutes per session.  However, treat your entire face and neck and you’ll need around 18 minutes per session. So, decide if you have the time for this. Do the start-up regimen of 8 weeks, treating each area five times per week. Our tester prefers using it in the evening whilst watching TV.

The Pure Rayz gradually heals and refreshes, smooths fine lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections over the course of 8 weeks. The combined red wavelengths can also ease inflammation and heal rosacea. Your results may be significant or more subtle because results vary by individual. Some see and feel smooth skin after a week or so. But results build gradually and are best after the 8-week regimen.

To maintain your results, reduce your sessions as you need them. This is usually between one to three sessions per week. It requires ongoing commitment but is quite easy to fit in.

The negatives

The Pure Rayz has a couple of negatives you should be aware of.

First, and a minor gripe. You must sit close to a power outlet. So, if it’s difficult to find a comfy spot, use an extension cable to give you more slack.

Second, although harmless to your eyes, the lights are super bright. Your peepers may find them irritating depending on your sensitivity, and especially if working around the eyes. Unfortunately, the goggles you get in the kit are rubbish. They’re too small and tight. Our tester reports they’ve rough, burred edges against the skin and they’re extremely uncomfortable. 👎

quasar Pure Rayz smaller bright treatment area vs the larger treatment surface on the CurrentBody skin LED red light mask
A small treatment surface is time consuming on full face & neck

And finally, it’s rather time consuming to treat your entire face and neck. A quicker (but pricier) option is the CurrentBody skin LED mask for a hands-free 10-minute full face session. But we still heart the Pure Rayz because it reaches targeted areas the face mask can’t. Like getting close around the eyes, under your chin and on your neck and chest. So, it’s a super choice if you need help in these targeted areas.

Do you think the Pure Rayz is what you’re looking for? You can try it with confidence with a reassuring 90-day money back guarantee. This is plenty long enough to test it out and fall in love. If you’ve found this review helpful, please shop via my links below. I earn a small commission but your price stays the same.

Buy the Quaser Pure Rayz red light device

View Quasar Pure Rayz deals from £99 to £150
🇬🇧 Currentbody UK
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