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Philips Lumea Comfort review

A quick summary…

by | June 6, 2015

The Philips Lumea Comfort is a compact, mains-powered, hand-held device. It's an old Philips model and not readily available anymore. Instead, try the Silk'n Infinity, Smoothskin Bare+ or Lumea Prestige at-home IPLs.

3.3 / 5

Face & small bits


Safe Fitzpatrick skin tones:

Hair colours it works on:

Philips Lumea Comfort SC1981 mains powered device is small and lightweight with top of the range features and functions

The Philips Lumea Comfort is no longer available.
Try the Silk’n Infinity, Smoothskin Bare+, or Philips Lumea Prestige instead, or check out my best IPL hair removal guide

Philips Lumea Comfort Review Summary

This simple, no frills at-home IPL device from Philips is no longer available. Instead, try the Silk’n Infinity, Smoothskin Bare+ or the latest Philips Lumea Prestige models.

The Lumea Essential is a mains-powered hand-held applicator that’s very simple to operate, easy to manoeuvre, light and comfortable to hold.
Lamp lifetime


Plenty of flashes to give 5+ years of monthly use.

Ease of use


A light-weight, mains-powered basic choice with built-in safety features for up to medium skin tones. Faster options are available for larger areas, and it’s a bit bulky so it’s hard to flash your upper lip and other uneven surfaces.

Effort & Results


Do 4 treatments at 2-week intervals (taking 6 weeks), continue if you’re not yet hair-free. Then, do top-ups monthly to stay smooth.


  • Design is comfortable to hold
  • Simple to operate
  • Non-stop mains-power
  • CE certified


  • It’s sometimes difficult to flash on small, curved and uneven areas like knees and shins
  • Takes practise around the upper lip
  • Sessions are slow so use it on smaller body areas only

The Philips Lumea Comfort is no longer available.
Try the Silk’n Infinity, Smoothskin Bare+, or Philips Lumea Prestige instead, or check out my best IPL hair removal guide

Laura Gladman
I'm a bit obsessed with at-home beauty devices. It's a habit I've had for around 9 years now. I love the science, testing and reviewing them, and sharing my experience and feedback on my site I'm also a crazy dog lady, and I don't care.
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