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Nuface Trinity ELE LED review – Microcurrent anti-aging at-home

Nuface Trinity Laura G
Nuface Trinity


The Nuface Trinity is safe for all skin tones and types. It energises your skin & boosts collagen to firm and tighten. Choose it to lift & contour, for smooth, healthy, dewy skin. But it demands ongoing commitment and time to get and maintain youthful results.

Lifted, healthy & dewy skin

The Nuface Trinity is a small, hand-held microcurrent device for home use. It passes a teeny 400 micro amps (μA) current through your skin with the help of a conductive water-based gel. Mimicking the gentle bioelectricity in your own body, it boosts creation of an energy molecule called ATP. Your cells use this to build stronger collagen and elastin, healing and refreshing the skin and muscle on your face and neck. The result is a healthier, younger appearance, improved facial contour and reduced wrinkles.

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What it fixes: Tighten, lift & contour, shrink pores, firm & smooth skin, depuff eye bags, lift eyebrows & hooded eyes, fade fine lines & wrinkles.

Ease of use
Very easy to use, requires gel. Soothing pamper time. Use morning or night. No pain or side effects.

It’s a commitment! 5 to 25 mins per day, 5 days a week for 60 days. Continue if needed or switch to 2 or 3 times a week to maintain your results.

Subtle effects build over time and differ by person. Refreshes, smooths and tightens for a healthy, younger appearance.


  • Soothing, pleasant pamper time
  • No pain or skin irritation!
  • Comfortable, robust & very easy to use
  • Nuface leave-on gels double as beautiful skincare
  • Aloe Vera gel works as an alternative
  • Excellent battery life
  • Clinically proven & FDA-cleared
  • 90-day money back guarantee (from


  • High-effort start-up phase & maintenance schedule
  • Even more effort for ELE & LED attachments
  • Lifting results may take longer than the advertised regimen
  • Nuface gels a bit faffy & expensive
  • The Nuface App video tutorials need updating
  • High intensities can leave a metallic taste in mouth

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A photo of the Trinity device on the charging cradle, the box with Gold primer inside , charging cable and plugs and prep and glow cleansing cloths.
Clinically proven and FDA-cleared the Nuface microcurrent stimulates skin & muscle cells for small immediate changes & builds anti-aging results over time.

In this Nuface Trinity review:

This is an in-depth tried & tested review with real-life photos.

First impressions

The Trinity comes with the big-balls trainer attachment, and you can buy the ELE and LED wrinkle reducer attachments separately. This is the Nuface Gold Trinity limited edition. Different editions are available now, but all contain the same specification Trinity device with big-balls trainer attachment.

The packaging is small box, attractive, professional and feminine, with a fun paint stroke accent. There’s lots of information and some very small print!

Photos of the box front and back of the Nuface Trinity Gold edition.
Love this fun, attractive small box. Let me open it!
Close up photos of the packaging showing the clear design, print and information on various side.
Clear and concise, but some very small print.
Angled top down photo of the contents in the big box: smaller box with bits in it, microcurrent device and charger in protective moulded plastic, the leatherette flat pouch and user manual.
The contents inside the outer box.
The content of the smaller box: 24K gold Firm priming gel in a box, compact plug and cable with interchangeable prongs, and Prep n Glow cleansing cloths.
The contents of the smaller cardboard box.

What’s in the box?

In all Nuface limited editions:

  • Nuface Trinity device with facial trainer attachment
  • Charging cradle
  • Mains lead with UK, US and European plugs
  • Primer gel (59ml / 2oZ)
  • User manual

In my Gold edition Nuface I got a 24K Gold Firming primer gel. The standard trainer kit comes with the Nuface Hydrating primer gel. My Gold edition also has a pink and gold purse thing (which isn’t big enough to store anything. Looks pretty though). Other editions now replace this Gold edition, so check the deals at the end of the review.

Photo of the Trinity device upright and forward facing in my hand.
Hello Trinity. The large electrode spheres create the microcurrent.

The device is small and curvy, with simple controls. It feels good to hold.

First impressions are excellent. The packaging is beautiful, the information clear and the Trinity device looks inviting and cute.

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Before you start

Before your first session, you must charge the device, read the user manual, do a skin sensitivity test and watch the instructional ‘how to’ videos. There’s an App you may find helpful too.

First, charge the Trinity. Set it in the charging cradle attached to the mains and charge it for 12 hours (16 hours for the mini). You’ll hear a beep and the blue lights cycle when it’s charging. The lights stay illuminated when it’s fully charged.

Read the user manual to get acquainted with the Trinity and learn about important warnings and reasons you may not be suitable to use it.
Whilst it charges, read the user manual. It’s a quick & easy read.

Whilst it’s charging read the user manual. It’s a quick and easy read, there’s not much about how it works but there are helpful diagrams of the routines. And it’s very important you read the warnings and contraindications for reasons you may not be suitable to use the Trinity.

Close up photo of the contraindications listed in the user manual
Check the contraindications, precautions & warnings in the user manual.

You can learn more about microcurrent contraindications here. The key reasons you’re not suitable is if you’re pregnant, suffer seizures or have an electronic implanted device like a defibrillator, neurostimulator, pacemaker, or ECG monitor. If you’ve had recent Botox or fillers you should consult your doctor too. It’s your responsibility to check the user manual thoroughly before you start.

The user manual also explains how to do the primer gel sensitivity test. Blob a dime or 20p size amount onto your forearm and rub it in. Leave for 15 to 30 mins before washing it off. If there’s no reaction it’s safe to use.

And it’s also a good idea to have a cuppa and watch the instructional videos on My Nuface website and/or in the App. These help you understand the movements in the routines and what to expect during your treatment.

Other preparation tips

Close up of the 3 gliding diagrams
The manual’s glide and hold diagrams are a very helpful routine sequencing reminder.
  • Take a before selfie so you can track your progress
  • Study the instructional ‘how-to’ videos before you start
  • Pick a time when you’re not rushed or interrupted
  • Drink plenty of water before and after your session. Staying hydrated helps create ATP
  • Find a comfortable spot in front of a mirror (I prefer sitting rather than at the bathroom mirror)
  • Set your phone in a stand so you can treat along with the videos
  • Open the user guide at the routines page
  • Put on some music or TV if you like.
  • Wash your face and neck with an oil-free cleanser. Oils stop the microcurrent from passing into your skin
  • Men must shave or your beard stops the magic!
  • Tie your hair back so the gel doesn’t get in your hair
  • Have a towel handy to wipe your hands
  • Apply gel with a cosmetic foundation brush

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The routines

Once you’ve done the preparation steps above, you can start. There’s a basic (glides) and an advanced (glides & holds) routine to choose from. Work on the left side of your face, then repeat on the right. Divide each side into sections. I start with the left side of my neck, cheek and then forehead.

The Trinity beeps every 5 seconds. You start a glide or hold on a beep and move to the next position on the next beep. Both spheres must touch the skin for the microcurrent to work.

  1. Apply a thin mask-like layer (1 to 2 mm) of the primer gel to the first section
  2. Power on the Trinity & select your intensity from 1 to 5
  3. Treat with your preferred series of glides and holds
  4. Move to the next section, apply the gel and treat. Repeat on all sections
  5. When complete massage in any remaining Nuface gel primer

You must allow 24 hours between each treatment.

It’s simple and straightforward to use, but for the first few sessions you’ll need the ‘how-to’ videos and user guide diagrams to remind you of the routines.

TIP: There are ‘how to’ videos in the App demonstrating the routines. However, I found the website ‘how to’ videos featuring Tera Peterson much better (also below). These more clearly demonstrate how to glide around your facial contours.

The videos demonstrate two routines as follows:

The basic 5-minute facial-lift

This short gliding routine gets you familiar with the Trinity. It’s the minimum you must do each day. Also, it’s the original routine followed in the clinical test.

Watch 5-minute facial lift on Youtube

Slowly glide the spheres across your skin with medium pressure. Repeat each position 3 times.

  • Neck glide: 3 glide positions on neck repeated 3 times
  • Cheek glide: 3 glide positions on cheek repeated 3 times
  • Forehead glide: 3 glide positions on forehead repeated 3 times

TIP: There’s a slight inconsistency between these videos and the user manual. The user manual says to always start with your left cheek. In the videos, Tera Peterson says to start with your neck. It’s entirely up to you where you start. Just be consistent so you don’t get in a muddle about which facial areas you’ve done!

15-minute advanced facial-lift

This longer routine features a mixture of the above glides plus additional holds for even better contour and firming results.

Watch 15-minute advanced facial lift on Youtube

Do the glidesas above. For the holds, place on your skin and lift and hold the spheres with medium pressure, either in a vertical or horizontal placement. No repeating.

  • Lower neck lift & hold: 4 vertical hold positions on lower neck
  • Upper neck lift & hold: 4 vertical hold positions on upper neck
  • Jowl lift & hold: 3 horizontal hold positions under jawline
  • Jawline lift & hold: 3 horizontal hold positions along the jawline
  • Jawline lift & hold: 3 vertical hold positions along the jawline
  • Cheek lift & hold: 3 horizontal holds around the cheekbone
  • Forehead lift & hold: 4 horizontal holds on the forehead

IMPORTANT: Stop and apply more gel if it dries out and starts to stick!

A note on the App

The App also has follow-along video tutorials in the ‘Today’s treatment’ section. It’s a neat idea, but it’s flawed.

That’s because the step-by-step tutorial videos don’t include the neck area. And the Advanced 15-minute session is not in there either. It’s confusing and a bit pants because you must then refer to the ‘how-to’ videos and/or user manual. This totally defeats the purpose of the tutorials in the App.

Instead, I studied the videos above and had the user manual open at the relevant diagrams page to help me remember the moves and sequence. And I found it very easy to use.

View Trinity deals

Charging & battery life

Photo of the charging ports on the bottom of the Trinity, th base of the charging cradle with the matching ports to align, and a side on view of the Trinity sat in the seat-like cradle
Connect everything up and align the ports on the device and cradle to charge.

You get UK, US and EU prongs, handy for traveling with your Nuface overseas. They slide easily into the mains adaptor. The power cable (115 cm) is long enough to set on a table or ledge directly above the socket. The blue lights cycle and you’ll hear an ascending beep as it starts to charge.

Photo showing the Trinity sat in the charging cradle from the back angled to the right. He looks a little sad and lonely.
Poor little lonely Trinity. Cute!

Charge the Nuface Trinity for a full 12 hours and 16 hours for the mini. When it’s fully charged the blue lights stay illuminated.

The battery life is excellent. It lasts for two weeks if using it five times a week 20 minutes per session. However, pop it on the charging cradle after every session and you’ll never run out of power.

Close up photo of the controls on the Trinity showing all 5 intensity indicators illuminated blue.
I’m charged. Let’s go!

Shape & controls

I like the design a lot. It’s small, curvy and characterful.

4 photos of the cute Trinity held upright in different grips and positions.
He’s cute and very comfortable to hold
Photo of the back of the device and the grey grip on the bottom
The Trinity is glossy white with a textured, slightly shimmery grey grip section at the bottom.

It weighs about 180g so feels solid and substantial. The weight is at the spheres-end but feels perfectly balanced when held upright. It’s easy to gide around your face because it curves towards your face so you can see where the spheres are going.

It could be a bit smaller and still be as comfortable. But that’s what you get with the Mini device. However, the downside there is the ELE and LED wrinkle reducer attachments won’t fit. They only fit the full-size Trinity. More on those soon.

The controls are very simple. Placed at the top of the ‘neck’, they’re out of the way so you won’t accidentally press them.

Close up photo of the controls on the Trinity; on / off power button in the centre, _ and + intensity controls and the 5 blue intensity indicator lights.
So simple to work

There’s an obvious power button and a +/- microcurrent intensity control. The downward curve of the 5 blue indicator lights shows the intensity selected. It’s simple to operate.

A thumb pushing the power button to turn the Trinity on, the device with 1 intensity indicator illuminated, a thumb pressing the + button and increasing the power intensity
Easy controls.

I started with intensity level 5. Some people can feel a tingling sensation from the microcurrent or a strong metallic taste. If it’s too much reduce the intensity to a more comfortable level.

The Trinity automatically shuts off after 20 mins.


 photo of the big golden microcurrent spheres, aka Big golden balls!
Big golden balls.

This Trinity has 18K rose-gold dipped spheres. I prefer to call them golden balls. The standard big-balls are chrome-plated. Nuface calls them the Trainer attachment. They’re kinda cool to look in (and impossible to avoid reflections in photos!). I don’t think the gold adds anything to the microcurrent effect, but they do look pretty.

They also feel very pleasant gliding around your neck, cheeks and cheekbones.

ELE & LED attachments

Photo of the 3 attachments without the device on a white background
The Trinity’s 3 attachments

There are 2 additional attachments for the Trinity device (so 3 in total hints at the name ‘Trinity’). You get the facial trainer big-balls as standard and can buy the others separately.

Attachment What it does Treatment duration Cost

Big-balls Trainer attachment
Improves facial contour and skin tone 5 to 20 minutes £240 to £315 (with device)

ELE 2 long prongs with small balls
For hard-to-reach eyebrow furrows, crow’s feet,under eyes & smile lines 5 minutes £125 to £145

Red & near infrared LED wrinkle reducer
Extra help to reduce fine lines and deeper wrinkles 5 to 25 minutes £125 to £145

It’s very easy to swap and change them.

Photo showing the attachment release button on the Trinity and what it looks like with no attachment in place.
Press the attachment button on the back of the device to remove and reinsert the attachment.

ELE attachment

Precise microcurrent for the areas big-balls can’t go.

Although the microcurrent ‘travels’ in your tissues, ATP doesn’t leave the cell. So, some facial areas you can’t reach with the big-balls trainer attachment don’t get an ATP boost. Using the smaller ELE attachment means you can treat hard to reach problem areas too. Such as forehead lines and 11’s lines, hooded eyes, under eye wrinkles and bags, nasolabial folds and upper lip lines.

It also requires gel and the routine lasts around 5 mins. It’s easy to follow and remember, but not as pleasant as the gliding routine with the trainer attachment. You also need a mirror and a delicate hand for working around your eyes. Follow the same regimen 5 days a week for 60 days, or longer if you need it. Then switch to 2 to 3 maintenance sessions per week.

LED Wrinkle Reducer Attachment

Trinity device with LED attachment
Red & near infrared light attachment for wrinkles

Nuface has added a red and near-infrared LED light attachment too. Use it for 3 minutes on each wrinkled and fine-lined trouble spot for a collagen smoothing boost. No gel needed for this, just clean skin. Use the LED attachment BEFORE the microcurrent attachments.

I like the idea of it, especially as microcurrent and red light therapy seem a popular and powerful duo. And if you need it for just a few trouble spots, it’s fast and easy enough to do. You can watch TV while you do it.

But after trying it a few times, it’s not something I’ll stick with. That’s because it’s hard to cover the entire flat treatment head with your skin, and the lights flash. I find it very irritating even with closed eyes. In addition, if you want to treat several areas it’s very time-consuming on top of the microcurrent.

The LED attachment costs from £125. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it. At that price, you’re part-way to the cost of a full-face LED mask that doesn’t flash, is hands-free and does your entire face in just 10 minutes.

Nuface primer gels

You must use a water-based primer gel with the Trinity Trainer and ELE attachments to pass the microcurrent into your skin. My first thought was gel’s such a faff. But I really like the Nuface leave-on formula gels.

My Trinity Gold edition came with a 24K Gold Firming gel (there’s a Brightening gel too) and some Prep-n-Glow cleansing cloths. I also bought and tried the basic Nuface Hydrating gel primer.

Photo of 24K Gold Firming gel box with picture of the gel on the front, and a second photo of the Hydrating gel, both from Nuface.
Left: 59ml of 24K Gold Firming gel, Right: 59ml of Hydrating gel primer.

I can take or leave the cleansing cloths (I prefer a squeaky-clean with water and a cleanser). But here’s what I like about the gels:

  • They’re cool, thick, smooth, not too slippery or tacky
  • They don’t drip, sting your eyes or taste funny
  • No need to wipe or wash your face afterward, just massage it in
  • The Hydrating gel contains Hyaluronic Acid and other moisturising actives
  • The 24K Gold Firm gel contains anti-aging goodies Peptides and Alpha Lipoic Acid to tighten, tone and enhance elasticity
  • My skin feels wonderfully soft and hydrated afterward. I don’t need an additional moisturiser on top.
  • There’s a no-mess brush applicator built-into the 24K gels’ tube. Simply paint on a thin layer so your skin looks wet, squeezing the tube if you need more. Hands stay clean and you use just the right amount.
The 24K gel squeezing out the top of the  brush, and painting alayer on my cheek.
Love the no-mess brush applicator with the 24K Gold primer gels.

TIP: Apply more gel if it dries out during the session, or you can also spritz your face with a water spray or a toner if you feel the gel drying out.

The following table compares the sizes and prices of the 3 Nuface gels and links to detail about the key active ingredients.

Gel Primer Size & Price All ingredients
Hydrating 2oz/59ml @ £10/$14
5oz/142ml @ £20/$29
10oz/284ml @ £43/$48
Hydrating gel ingredients list
24K Gold Firming 2oz/59ml @ £32/$39 Firm gel ingredients list
24K Gold Brightening 2oz/59ml @ £32/$39 Brighten gel ingredients list

As you can see, the down-side is these gels are expensive. There’s more on that when we get to the negatives…

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How does it feel?

I do the advanced 15-minute facial daily, or the 5-minute one if I’m short of time. After a few goes both are easy to remember. The helpful 5-second beeps prompt you to move to the next section. The gel is cool and treating my face is soothing, relaxing and calming. Especially the glides. It’s a bit of pampering down-time.

There’s very little sensation from the microcurrent. You don’t feel any muscle contractions because the current is extremely gentle. It’s close to the current naturally occurring in your cells. You can’t feel that therefore you can’t feel this.

However, it can zing a bit over spots and blemishes. And sometimes if the spheres touch a bit where there’s no gel. Occasionally, when working on my forehead, I get a twitching, pulling sensation around my hairline. It can also make your vision ‘wobble’ or pulse if you get too close to your eye! But it doesn’t last or hurt at all.

I do sometimes have a lingering metallic taste in my mouth during and after a session. This is a minor annoyance and I can’t work out any pattern to it.

After each session, my skin feels very smooth, especially if using the Nuface Firm gel. I feel relaxed and centred. I notice my eyes look awake and less puffy. I’m a bit obsessed with it.

Effort & results

Use the Trinity 5 times a week for 60 days. This builds your ATP levels. Then maintain them with 2 or 3 sessions a week. This regimen is the same for all the attachments (trainer, ELE and LED wrinkle reducer). Each session with the trainer takes between 5 to 20 minutes.

If you form the habit, the 5-minute basic session is easier to fit in most days. However, I feel for best results, I must follow the Advanced 15/20-minute routine. And that makes the NufaceTrinity a high-effort device demanding a significant commitment!

Add in the ELE attachment and it’s another 5 to 10 minutes per session. It’s manageable but does take more motivation. But add in the LED wrinkle reducer attachment? Phew! That’s another 5 to 25 minutes on top. So, with all attachments and the longest routines, you could spend around 50 minutes total on one day’s session. Yikes.

I’ve calculated the likely effort by attachment so you can decide if the Trinity is right for you:

Treatment 60 day start-up regimen start-up weekly effort Total start-up effort Ongoing effort p/w Ongoing effort p/m
Trinity with Trainer attachment 5 to 20 minutes per day,
5 days per week
25 minutes to 1:40 hours 3.5 to 14 hours 3 sessions per week
15 minutes to 1 hour per week
1 to 4 hours per month
ELE attachment 5 to 10 minutes per day,
5 days per week
25 minutes to 50 minutes 3.5 hours 3 sessions per week
15 to 30 minutes per week
1 to 2 hours per month
LED attachment 5 to 25 minutes per day,
5 days per week
25 minutes to 2:40 hours 3.5 to 17 hours 3 sessions per week
15 minutes to 1:15 hours per week
1 to 5 hours per month

On the plus side, it’s a calming, pampering experience and more manageable once you get to the maintenance stage. You can do it at any time during the day. I tried both morning and evening and preferred an unrushed, wind-down evening session. And at first, 3 or so maintenance sessions per week seemed a chore. However, they’re now pleasant to do on lazy evenings whilst watching TV.

TIP: To make it more manageable, begin the 60-day start-up for each attachment once you’re in the maintenance phase of the other. It’s easier to fit in.  

What results will I get?

Nuface say the breadth and depth of your results vary based on skin type and skin damage. Your ATP builds with each session over the first 60 days. Therefore, results come in small increments, so a before and after comparison photo really helps to see where your improvements are.

Based on user comments, some see an immediate firming and lifting effect. Others see noticeably toned skin after just a week or two.  They say their skin tightens in a subtle way, eyes look awake and less puffy, pores are smaller and skin is soft and fresh looking. Some even find their neck, jawline and jowls start to lift.

Others don’t get a quick transformation and need months to see similar results. So, they continue with sessions 5 days a week. Nuface advise this is perfectly safe and a good idea because the more you use it the better and long-lasting your results.

Other common results are a defined jawline, cheeks that ‘pop’, droopy eyelids lift and lips look fuller (especially with the ELE attachment), jowls are less pronounced, a smoother forehead, reduced wrinkles, and skin is plumped and fresh.

You may see all the effects, or just a few. And they vary in impact too. Some comment the results are similar to the Botox injections they no longer need. Whilst others admit the results are subtle but noticeable enough to boost their confidence and feel better in themselves.

The effect of one treatment lasts roughly 1-3 days.

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The Negatives

Here’s a quick review of the negatives we found whilst testing and trialling the Trinity.

The minor niggles are the App tutorials don’t match the basic and advanced routines and sometimes it leaves a metallic taste in your mouth. Lowering the intensity usually helps here. And now onto the more notable negatives.

If you have little spare time or don’t spend much on self-care, you may find the Trinity a challenge. That’s because you must put in a lot of effort and commitment with the advanced routine during the start-up stage. And although much less intensive during maintenance, it’s still takes more time and effort than other devices we’ve trialled. A much lower effort alternative is the Mira-skin system.

Another potential negative is needing continued effort of 5 daily sessions per week until you get your desired ‘lifted’ results. Because unfortunately, there’s no way to know the speed, breadth and impact of your results.

Next, Nuface Trinity deals are good value at around £250, but you must add another £125 each for the ELE and LED attachments. So, if you need extra help with wrinkles, brows, hooded eyes and lip lines you’re £500 all in. It’s pricey.

And finally, I love the Nuface gels, but they’re expensive! A 2oz/59ml tube lasts about 1 month when using the Trinity five times a week. The 24K Gold gels are beautiful but add another £32/$39 per month onto your regular skincare routine. Boo. The basic Nuface primer gel is better value but still a bit pricey.

So, can you use a cheaper alternative?

Can you use alternative gels?

Yes, you can.

Nuface say the ingredients in their gels increase the conductivity of the microcurrent. But not by how much. Also, these gels don’t factor in the Nuface clinical study, so you’ll still get results with an alternative. Please don’t feel you must buy them if they’re too expensive!

You can use any cheaper, water-based conductivity ultrasound or microcurrent gel. Nuface also suggest Aloe Vera gel if your skin is sensitive to their gels. Check the ingredients on to see what’s in an alternative. Patch test it on your skin first too.

Photo of a large 500ml bottle of water-based gel from Amazon next to a much smaller 59ml of Nuface Hydrating gel.
Left: 500ml of cheaper, alternative water-based conductivity gel. Right: 59ml of the Nuface Hydrating gel.

I’ve tried this Hyaluronic Acid gel and this leave-on formula collagen and elastin gel. They aren’t as moisturising or as luxurious as the Nuface gels. But both last for ages and are affordable at under £20 for 500ml (I prefer the latter because the leave-on formula is less faff).

TIP: Use the brush on your 24K gel to apply a cheaper gel by squeezing a blob onto the brush applicator and painting it on my skin. A cosmetic or foundation brush works just as well.

View Trinity deals

Should I buy it?

Yep. It’s easy to see why the Nuface microcurrent device is so popular.

It’s one of the few home-use devices that can contour and lift mild to moderate sagging skin. It’s also excellent at improving texture, tone and reducing pore size and wrinkles. It’s one of our favourites and a superb choice to look healthy, fresh and younger.

I also love the ELE attachment that reaches areas other devices can’t like under-eye bags, eye-brows, wrinkles and lines around the mouth and upper lip. I love the soothing, dedicated pamper-time and healthy, fresh skin results. But if you don’t have much spare time or can’t commit to regular sessions, then it’s probably not for you.

Photo of the Trinity Gold box content and the Trinity device in my hand
Yep. It’s top choice if you have the spare pamper time & commitment

Here’s a quick round-up of the pros and cons from this review:


  • Very intuitive, robust & comfortable to use
  • Relaxing & pampering
  • No pain or skin irritation!
  • Massage in left-over leave-on gel
  • No-mess applicator brush on Gold gels
  • Some see small instant effects
  • ELE lets you target your eye and mouth area
  • One of the few devices that lift brows / hooded lids, neck and jowls
  • Maintenance schedule means results won’t fade (you’ll still age though)
  • Clinically proven & FDA-cleared
  • 2-year warranty (
  • 90-day money-back guarantee (



  • It’s a big time commitment
  • And even more with the ELE & LED
  • Effects build slowly so are difficult to spot without a before / after photo
  • Results may take longer than the advertised regimen
  • High intensities can leave a metallic taste in your mouth
  • Expensive Nuface gels (use a cheaper alternative)
  • The App video tutorials need updating

View deals for Nuface Trinity, ELE, LED wrinkle reducer & gels

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Please note: the ELE and LED wrinkle reducer attachments work only with the full size Trinity device. 90-day guarantee from

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