Let’s get started on your hair-free quest

If you want to learn about IPL and laser hair removal, welcome! On this site you’ll find thorough background information on laser and IPL, a comprehensive guide for choosing an at-home machine  and of course objective reviews of home laser and IPL hair removal systems. 

Start here for an easy to follow guide on home laser and IPL hair removalYour ultimate guide to laser hair removal at home

Start here if you don’t know much about laser hair removal at home. This guide asks all the crucial questions and lays out all the important information to check it’s right for you, and to help you choose the right machine.

  1. What hair colour do you have?
  2. What skin tone type do you have?
  3. Do any of these apply to you?
  4. Do you tan regularly?
  5. Where on your body do you want to be hair-free?
  6. What’s your budget?

I then share my recommended best buy home IPL machines.

Your ultimate guide to laser hair removal at home


click here to learn all the important background and facts about IPL and laser hair removalAll about IPL and laser hair removal

This guide is for you if you are new to laser hair removal and want the basic info and background. You’ll learn everything you need to know about Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and laser hair removal. From the science behind the technology to how professional and home-use treatments compare, we’ve gathered all the facts and put them into plain English for you.

Learn about IPL and laser hair removal






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