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by | November 12, 2022

This super-hero-worthy red light therapy eye mask has a clever flexible & comfy fit. It’s safe for all skin tones & types. The 4 red wavelengths reach different depths & stimulate your cells, boosting collagen & elastin which rehydrates, brightens, plumps & firms. It's hands-free, quick & easy in just 3-minutes every day.
"Smooth, firm & bright skin, softer periorbital lines, & meatier skin"

4.5 / 5

Around the eyes


CurrentBody Skin red light therapy LED Eye Perfector review by Wearebodybeautiful

What is it?

The CurrentBody Skin LED Eye Perfector
Wear this LED eye mask for younger-looking peepers

The CurrentBody Skin LED Eye Perfector is a wearable LED (Light emitting diode) device worn like an eye mask. It shines lights of 4 different wavelengths around and under your eyes, over 11s lines and on crow’s feet.

The Eye Perfector mask has LEDs of 4 wavelengths: Amber 605nm, Red 633nm, Deep red 660nm, and Near Infrared 880nm.
Light therapy works by a process called Photobiomodulation

The photons in these specific light wavelengths boost blood flow and energise the mitochondria, which are the power generator organelles in your cells. The process is called photobiomodulation.

This perks up all your cells, including fibroblasts which build more and stronger collagen and elastin. This gradually heals and refreshes your skin. With regular use, they’re clinically proven to reduce facial lines and improve texture and pigmentation for younger-looking, healthier skin. Use with an optional Hydrogel Eye Mask under the device for enhanced skin hydration.

✔ Reduces inflammation

✔ Boosts blood flow

✔ Faster cell metabolism & so more ATP energy

✔ More antioxidants & detoxifies cells

✔ More & stronger collagen & elastin

First impressions

Just like the rest of the CurrentBody Skin range, the black and white sturdy cardboard Eye Perfector box is elegant, and understated but beautifully finished.

Simple, neat & sophisticated small cardboard box containing the Eye Perfector
The front of the CurrentBody Skin Lip Perfector box
A brief overview of the Eye Perfector in English French, German & Italian on the back of the box. Designed in 🇬🇧too!
The back of the Eye Perfector box
The Eye Perfector packaging is neat, simple & sophisticated, and sturdy & secure.
Slide up the white lid to see the kit inside.

The contents are tightly secured in a protective, carved-out black foam. It’s recyclable ♻️ (dependent on your local recycling guidelines). You also get a separate small box containing 15ml of CurrentBody Skin Green Tea Eye Cream.

The contents of the CurrentBody Skin Eye Perfector kit: LED Eye Perfector, Headstrap, User manual, USB charging cable, Charging stand, Storage bag, and Goggles
What’s in the Eye Perfector kit?

In the CurrentBody Skin Eye Perfector box:

  • Eye Perfector device
  • Charging base
  • USB charging cable
  • Headstrap
  • Goggles
  • Storage bag
  • User manual
  • 15ml Green Tea Eye Cream

Quality & design

From the front: The Eye Perfector has a flexible fit and is shaped to your contours, and it’s lightweight. It weighs 141g.
The Eye Perfector is a bendy, one-size fits all eyemask that covers around your peepers, 11s and crow’s feet areas.

The front of the Eye Perfector is a smooth white material with reflective silver sides and simple CurrentBody Skin branding between the eyes. It’s shaped to fit the contours between your eyes, and over and alongside your nose. There’s just one button on the right temple area to power it on/off. The underside is a thick transparent silicone covering over the LED circuitry which gives the mask a bit of weight. There’s a black fabric head strap and optional goggles too.

The mask has a smooth & white front surface and metallic reflective sides. There’s a single power button on the right-hand side. Long-press it on/off and it lights up white when it’s on. The LED circuitry is on the back and a 1cm thick transparent silicone protects it.
A simple but comfy shape.
The Eye Perfector mask has a flexible width, the sides are 6cm high and 8cm long, the eye area opening is 12cm, and the mask is 1cm wide around the eyes.
The measurements of the Eye Perfector mask

TIP: don’t play with or force the flexible shape of the mask! Excessive force could dislodge the LED circuitry and stop the mask from working.

The 30cm stretchy, soft adjustable head strap gives plenty of room with the velcro tabs secured at both ends. There’s a grippy silicone patch in the middle which stops it from slipping down your head.

The Eye Perfector head strap is 30cm long, but stretchy & soft, with grippy silicone dots at the back, and fold-over velcro tabs.
A soft and grippy velcro-secured head strap helps keep the eye mask from slipping

Under the thick protective silicone is the LED circuitry. There are 40 LED squares, split into two colours per square. The lights cover all the skin covered by the mask with no gaps.

The LED circuitry on the Eye Perfector mask = 40 LED squares, 12 per side, and 4 over and under each eye
The LED circuitry on the Eye Perfector
There are 2x colours per LED square on the Eye Perfector = Total 80 LEDs
A closer look at the LEDs…

On the right-hand underside is a small charging port. Insert the USB charging cable to charge the Eye Perfector without the charging base. You’ll also see small metallic circles. These are magnets which align to secure the device when sitting on the charger.

The USB charging cable fits in the charging port on the right-hand underside of the Eye Perfector mask. There are also small circular magnets on both undersides which connect with the charging base.
The underside of the mask with the charging cable in the port

The USB charging cable is good quality and flexible. It’s 1 metre long which is decent but may not reach your USB adapter or socket if it’s located at a mains outlet. I have one of those USB banks on a mains extender cable, and that does a grand job.

Alternatively, you can charge the Eye Perfector and show it off at the same time in the charging base.

The charging base matches the shape of the Eye Perfector perfectly. Place it in the base until the magnets connect. Connect the USB cable to the back base of the stand, then the cable to a USB power plug. The charging stand base has a black grippy lining to stop accidental knocks from sending it flying.

The charging cable for the Eye Perfector is 1m long and connects to the back of the charging base. The Eye Perfector sits snug and secure in the charging base, and the charging base has a grippy base to keep it all in place.
The charging base is 15 cm wide and has a grippy base. The 1m long charging cable inserts in the back of the base.
The Eye Perfector device takes 1.5 to 2 hours to fully charge, and the power button flashes white when it charges, and shows solid white light when it’s fully charged. You get around 10 sessions per charge
You get around 10x 3-minute sessions per charge

You also get a small white fabric draw-cord storage bag. Keep the Eye Protector in this if you charge it and store it without the stand. The device and charging cable fit comfortably inside.

The Eye Perfector and charging cable are comfy inside the soft protective storage bag.
The soft storage bag is handy for travel.

A lot of thought has gone into the Eye Perfector. It’s a neat, quality bit of kit and comes with a good 2-year warranty too.

Before you start

Read the user manual and do a skin sensitivity test.

The cautions and contraindications sections inside the Eye Perfector user manual. check them all to keep yourself safe.
Read the user manual carefully.

The user manual is an easy read with a few helpful diagrams. The first 19 pages are in English. It provides a short background on CurrentBody Skin, what’s in the box, safety information, warnings, cautions, contraindications, skin sensitivity test, how it works, how to use it and charge it, to do your charging, your treatments, maintenance, cleaning, troubleshooting, warranty, specification and finally, the compliant safety standards.

You shouldn’t use this device if you are sensitive to light or are taking medication which makes you light-sensitive (here’s a helpful list). You must also be over 18, not pregnant, or have cancerous lesions. You can learn more about red light therapy here.

You’ll likely know if you’re light sensitive already, but if you want to check turn on and hold the eye perfector against your inner forearm for a 3-minute session. If your skin shows no long-lasting redness after 2 hours, you’re good to go.


TIP: Test the eye perfector immediately once you receive it because accept returns within 14 days of purchase for those who experience skin or eye sensitivity.

The routine

Use the Eye Perfector on clean and dry skin. You can use an eye serum or cream with the mask – but check it has no SPF which blocks the light energy. 

Do it at any time during the day or evening. It’s easy to see out of the mask, but I still prefer to use it whilst sitting down.

HOW TO USE, Slide-through & fold-back velcro tab, Press it on
Secure it around your peepers and press the button. Easy.
  1. Wash & dry your face, then apply your eye serum or cream if you like.
  2. Check the mask is clean & the head strap is secured
  3. With one velcro tab loosened, slip the mask over your head, position and tighten the strap
  4. Press the on button. Sit for 3 minutes after which the lights auto-shut off.
  5. Remove the mask and wipe the protective silicone with a damp cloth. 
  6. Store it in a safe place until next time

That is it.

What does it feel like?

Not only do I feel a bit super-hero special whilst wearing this eye mask, but it’s also super easy to use. No levels, cords, gels or hands are required.

What does the Eye Perfector feel like? Easy, Quick, cool & comfy, Bright (but harmless), No skin reactions, & painless.
Simple, easy, quick, bright & painless
The flexible and comfy fit of the Eye Perfector covers all the problem areas around your eyes and bathes them in red light;; Crows feet, 11s, upper eye & brow, under-eye
Excellent coverage & comfort for different face shapes & sizes.

The head strap is ok at securing the mask, but I need to pull it rather tight which squishes my skin somewhat. And even then it does gradually slip down your head. So, I find it easier and more precise to put my hair in a low ponytail and position the strap over the top. 

The strap on the Eye Perfector slips & squishes a bit. TIP: Secure it over a low ponytail
Wear a low ponytail to stop the mask from slipping
The eye Perfector mask sits snug against your cheek, eye and brow contours. All areas are bathed in light!
No wrinkle escapes…

The device measures 15cm wide when sat in the charging base. But it flexes to fit wider or narrower faces. The eye holes are the right place for me and give good coverage under and over my eyes. The side section bits are large enough to cover my upper cheeks and crow’s feet area too. It’s very comfy to wear.

The LEDs in the CurrentBody Skin LED Eye Perfector are very bright but safe, your eyes adjust quickly but you can wear optional comfort goggles if you like, Use it in well-lit room so the lights don’t seem overly bright.
It’s bright, baby.

The lights are very bright, but your eyes adjust to them after a few seconds. If it’s too bright, just close your eyes and have a short 3-minute power rest. And if there still too bright, you can wear the goggles that come with the kit under the mask and over your eyes. But rest assured the lights are safe for your peepers.

When I use the mask in a dark room the lights seem extra bright and I can’t see much else but red! So, if you want the use of your eyes to read, work or watch TV, use it in a well-lit room.

Aside from being bright, there’s no sensation from the lights. They don’t feel hot or tingly. And skin reactions to this light are rare. Your skin may be a bit red afterwards but it should return to normal within 1 to 2 hours.

Finally, the mask is comfy and cool to wear for the short 3-minute sessions. 


Effort & results

Use the Eye Perfector for 3 minutes daily. It’s for ongoing use.

The treatment schedule for the Eye Perfector is 3-minute daily sessions. You’ll see changes at 4+ weeks,  and best results at 8+ weeks. It’s for ongoing use.
Use the CurrentBody Skin Eye Perfector daily. It’s fast & easy.

It’s very easy and quick so requires little motivation and is easy to stick with. If you keep it in the charging base on your desk or bedside table, you’ll see it and remember to use it. And it quickly becomes a habit. You can use it whilst watching TV, checking your socials, working on your laptop, reading etc. Like the rest of the CurrentBody Skin LED range, it’s hands-free and zero concentration.

The targeted Lip Perfector & Eye Perfector devices from Currentbody Skin should bring further improvements if you use the flexible LED face mask. That’s because they have more & targeted light energy in these problem areas.
See further improvements with these targeted LED devices

If you already use the CurrentBody Skin LED mask, you’re likely to see enhanced results in the eye area if you use the Eye Perfector. That’s because of the LED light concentration and positioning on the Eye Perfector vs the wearable full-face mask. You can also use it along with the CurrentBody Skin Lip Perfector – both are done in just 3-minute sessions!

Take photos…

Take before and after comparison photos so you can see your progress! Because changes are hard to spot when you scrutinize your skin every day!

It’s very easy and quick so requires little motivation and is easy to stick with. If you keep it in the charging base on your desk or bedside table, you’ll see it and remember to use it. And it quickly becomes a habit. You can use it whilst watching TV, checking your socials, working on your laptop, reading etc. Like the rest of the CurrentBody Skin LED range, it’s hands-free and zero concentration.

You can use it along with the CurrentBody Skin Lip Perfector – both are done in just 3-minute sessions!

If you already use the CurrentBody Skin LED mask, you’re likely to see enhanced results in the eye area if you use the Eye Perfector. That’s because of the LED light concentration and positioning on the Eye Perfector vs the wearable full-face mask.



✔️ fades fine lines ✔️ smooths under-eye bags ✔️ plumps & firms skin, ✔️ softens crows feet and 11s lines, ✔️ rehydrates, ✔️f ades pigmented spots, ✔️ brightens discoloured skin & dark circles

As with all home beauty tech, results vary by individual. Your lifestyle, age and overall skin health determine the breadth and depth of your results. You may see all the possible results or just a few, and to varying degrees too.


There are just a couple of negatives with the Eye Perfector.

First, the lights are bright. You can use it in a brightly lit room so it feels less intense. Wear the goggles or close your eyes during the short 3-minute session if you find them irritating.

Second, although the front of the box clearly states “Clinically proven technology”, the device itself has not been through a clinical trial to show reassuring data and feedback on safety and results. 

This doesn’t mean the Eye Perfector is not safe and won’t give you results. From my tests I conclude, it’s very simple and user-friendly, and it has passed all the related CE electrical and manufacturing safety standards. The LEDs inside the Eye Perfector are built to give the desired effect on your skin cells. So, whilst I’d be happier with clear results from a clinical trial, I trust the CurrentBody Skin brand to deliver. 

Also, you get a reassuring 60-day money-back guarantee to try it and see your results.

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CurrentBody Skin LED Eye Perfector review summary

If your eye area looks tired, dark, puffy and lined, (or if you want to prolong your youthful peepers) give the painless, effortless and quick Eye Perfector a try. It partners very well with gentle microcurrent around your eyes to tighten and brighten loose skin. Try it with a reassuring 60-day money-back guarantee from CurrentBody, and a special discount code just for you!

The painless, effortless CurrentBody Skin LED Eye Perfector rejuvenates your eye area.

Here’s a summary of my test scores, and pros and cons for the CurrentBody Skin LED Eye Perfector to help you decide:

Ease of use


A quality, cord-free flexible moulded build that’s light and comfy, with 80 precisely-placed lights bathing the skin around your eyes. Lights are bright but harmless to your eyes. Optional goggles provided. Simple one-button control and hands-free operation. Use any time of the day, watching TV or working. No pain or irritation.



Use the Eye Perfector for easy 3-minute daily sessions. A quick habit to form. Keep it in the base to remind you to use it. It’s hands-free and easy to do whilst watching TV, reading, or working at your desk. For ongoing use.



Collagen and elastin build with noticeable results after 4+ weeks to brighten, firm, smooth and plump your lines & skin. Fine lines, crow’s feet, & 11s gradually soften, skin feels meatier, and dark patches fade for a clearer, brighter eye area. See your best results after 8+ weeks.


  • Affordable
  • No messy gels
  • Fast 3-minute sessions
  • Hands-free & simple operation
  • Quality construction
  • Painless & comfy to wear
  • Easy to remember & stick with
  • Optional hydrating hydrogel masks
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • CE certified


  • Not clinically tested
  • Not FDA-cleared

LED Eye Perfector Deals

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