These machines are my recommended best buy home laser hair removal machines. Which is best for getting your full body fuzz-free, just small areas, or your face? Which is best for dark and black skin, for fair hair. Or which should busy mums consider?

This isn’t just a list of the choices available on Amazon – this is a genuine round-up of the best. Read the full reviews for in-depth information and buying options.

Tried & tested Mira-skin ultrasound & Hyaluronic Acid facial review by

Mira-skin ultrasonic skincare booster review

Mira-skin start kit


Sssh. This must be the best kept secret in the beauty universe. The Miraskin ultrasound & Hyaluronic Acid system is safe for all skin tones and types. It mega-plumps your skin, boosts your skincare results, collagen & elastin, brightens & fades discolouration. The easiest & least effort device for confidence boosting results. Just ace.

Quench, plump, smooth & glow

Learn all about home microdermabrasion in WeAreBodyBeutiful's review of the Trophyskin mminiD

Trophy Skin Home Microdermabrasion review MiniMD & MicrodermMD

Trophy Skin MiniMD microdermabrasion


This is probably the missing step in your skincare routine. The Trophy Skin tools are safe for all skin tones, ages and types (including sensitive skin). Refreshes skin on your face, neck and chest for smooth, bright, healthy, hydrated skin & reduced wrinkles. A simple, low-effort, affordable home device with serious results.

Smooth, clear & fresh

WeAreBodyBeautiful's tried and tested Philips Lumea Prestige home IPL revew

Philips Lumea Prestige review – my overall favourite

Philips Lumea Prestige


The Philips Lumea Prestige is my personal favourite home IPL. It's the comfiest and most precise home device I've tested, thanks to the intuitive gun-shape, curved flash windows and fast flashes. Simply the easiest for legs. It's safe for light to dark skin and matches your skin & intensity. Plus, the high power IPL promises your longest-lasting results on fair tones. Oh, and you can use it cordless too. Top-notch zappingz.

Best overall home IPL
Comfiest & most precise

Tried & tested Skin LED light therapy mask review by

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask review before vs after

 CurrentBody Skin LED light therapy mask


This is officially the easiest home anti-aging device trial we’ve ever done. The Current Body Skin LED mask is safe for all skin tones and types. It uses red and near infrared light to stimulate cells and boost collagen & elastin which refreshes, rehydrates, fades discolouration & brightens your skin. No hands or concentration required! Perfect for zero-fuss results in the shortest timeframe.

Smooth, bright & healthy skin

Tried & Tested Smoothkin Pure home IPL

Smoothskin Pure review; fastest, easiest, best value premium IPL

Smoothskin Pure


Striking good looks, strength, brains and speed are hard to find in one attractive IPL package. But that’s what you get with the Smoothskin Pure. The clever sensor auto adjusts each flash to match your skin tone, so it’s super-safe for light to dark skin (and works on dark hair). And using speed mode on legs, a whole-body zappin’ takes just 19 minutes. It’s the easiest and fastest home IPL we’ve ever tested. 😍

Fastest & easiest
Best value premium IPL

Tried & tested Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL review by

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL review – Fast & no-faff

Braun silk expert Pro 5 IPL


The Braun Pro 5 IPL is one of the fastest and most straightforward high-power home IPLs we've tested. It's safe for light to dark skin auto adjusting every flash to your tone, and it works on dark hair. Compact, light-weight & quick for face, small & large areas. A whole-body is done in just under 28 minutes.

Fast & no-faff

NIRA Skincare anti-aging home laser review tried & tested by

NIRA Skincare laser review: bye bye eye-bags & wrinkles

NIRA Skincare laser


All hail this easy-peasey eye-bag buster! The NIRA rejuvenation laser is for use at home to target wrinkles, crêpey skin, fine lines and to brighten. It’s safe for all skin tones and types, for men and women. The little laser pulses suit small areas like under eyes, crow’s feet and lip pucker lines. With no pain, it creates heat in your lower skin layers which boosts collagen and elastin synthesis for gradually brighter, firm, smooth and supple skin.

Smooth, firm & supple eye area

All the pros & cons in this tried & tested Tria Beauty 4X laser review

Tria 4X laser hair removal review – most powerful

Tria 4X laser hair removal


The Tria 4X is the only FDA-approved home laser hair remover. I recommend it for hair-free results on face and smaller areas, done in 30 minute sessions. It's safe for light to medium skin tones, and works on dark hair. It's the most powerful home device you can buy and so promises your longest lasting results. But it has some real cons, so it's not for everyone. Learn more in the review below.

Most powerful home hair removal laser for longest-lasting results

The silk'n Infinity is a super budget device that's safe for all skin tones including dark and black skin. Learn more in the this full silk'n Infinity review.

Silk’n Infinity review: safe for dark & black skin

Silk'n Infinity


The compact, simple Silk'n Infinity uses a combination of gentle IPL and Galvanic energies. Together, they give effective hair removal that's safe for dark and black skin on the lowest intensity levels. And it's just as effective as the more powerful IPL rivals on the higher levels. Oh, and sessions are quick and it's affordable too. Read this detailed Silk'n Infinity review to learn all.

Fast & affordable
Safe for ALL skin tones

Tried & tested Smoothskin Bare+ review by It's our best fast, affordable home IPL for light to medium skin tones

Smoothskin Bare+ home IPL review; fast & affordable



The Bare+ is a fast, medium-power home IPL that's elegantly straightfoward. It's safe for light to medium skin and it works on dark hair. Compact, light-weight and nimble, this beaut let's you flash your whole-body in 30 minutes. And all for under £200. We have big love for this little guy.

Best fast, affordable device for light to medium skin