WeAreBodyBeautiful's review of the LYMA laser starter kit device for use at home

LYMA laser starter kit review

LYMA laser


This cordless, handheld NIR laser combines with bacteria-busting blue LEDs, and is safe for all skin tones and types. There are no sticky gels, pain, or irritation. The 808nm cold laser stimulates your skin cells and right down to your muscle, rejuvenating and perfecting throughout the layers. It’s a clever multi-tasker for acne, anti-aging, scars, thread veins & cellulite around your face & body areas. But you must dedicate time, and be rather flush to afford it. Learn more in this LYMA laser starter kit review.

WeAreBodyBeautiful's review of the Sensica Sensilift skin tightening radio frequency device for use at home

Sensica Sensilift at-home Radio Frequency review

Sesnica Sensilft


This distinctive at home RF device is a top choice. The RF combines with a massaging action so not only does it feel lush, but it spreads the RF current more evenly and thoroughly throughout your dermis. So, each skin warming session tightens and rejuvenates as your collagen and elastin rebuilds. It’s easy, intuitive, the most comfy and lowest effort at home RF device I’ve tested. Try it and if you don’t like it return it with Sensica’s 60-day money back guarantee.

WeAreBodyBeautiful's review of the Dermalux Flex MD medically certified light therapy device for use at home

Dermalux Flex MD medically cleared light therapy review with before vs after 📷

Dermalux Flex MD


This home-use light therapy kit is something rather special. The robust flexible panel houses 360 LEDs of three clinically proven colours; blue 415nm, red 633nm and near infrared (NIR) 830nm. But these aren’t standard cosmetic LEDs. These are Dermalux precise and potent LEDs, with photon power that delivers fast & significant anti-aging results. And because it’s so effective, it’s also medically cleared to treat acne, psoriasis, healing, & musculoskeletal pain. Yup. This is next level stuff. But wowsers – what a hefty price tag.

Next level stuff

WeAreBodyBeautiful's round-up of the best lash serums for luscious lashes

The best eyelash growth serums compared

Big fluttery lashes. That are REAL. And if you’ve got around $50/£40 spare noodle, then in just a month or so time, you can have them too! This is what fancy lash enhancing serums promise you. And I do rather ...
FOREO UFO 2 tried & testedreview by WeAreBodyBeautiful

FOREO UFO 2 review before vs after

Foreo UFO 2


If you love and invest in premium skincare, the UFO 2 is a colourful & cute companion whose special purpose is to make YOU feel good. Each session is a quick 90 or 120 second alternative to 20-min full-face nourishing sheet masks, and the vibrating, warming and cooling UFO applicator ensures ALL the product gets in yer face, and not on your hands. The "hyper-infusion technology" is debateable, but the calming pampering pleasure is not.

Tried & tested CurrentBody.com Skin LED light therapy mask review by WeAreBodyBeautiful.com

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask review before vs after

 CurrentBody Skin LED light therapy mask


This is officially the easiest home anti-aging device trial we’ve ever done. The Current Body Skin LED mask is safe for all skin tones and types. It uses red and near infrared light to stimulate cells and boost collagen & elastin which refreshes, rehydrates, fades discolouration & brightens your skin. No hands or concentration required! Perfect for zero-fuss results in the shortest timeframe.

Smooth, bright & healthy skin

Tripollar STOP VX vs STOP V home RF skin tightening review before vs after

Tripollar Stop VX


Top choices for tightening sagging skin, these Tripollar Radio Frequency (RF) devices are safe for all skin tones & types, & work best to regenerate visibly aging skin. They smooth & tighten, firm & brighten for a healthy & fresh complexion on face & neck. Some models you can use on hands too, and some also strengthen facial muscles with a DMA mode. See your best results after the simple start-up routine, followed with an easy low-effort maintenance schedule. Learn how the different models compare in this review.

Tight, bright, smooth & healthy

Tripollar Geneo personal device for oxygen boosting facial and daily cleansing, reviewed by WeAreBodyBeautiful

Tripollar Geneo review; oxygen facial at-home

Tripollar Geneo Personal device


The Tripollar Geneo is a daily facial cleansing brush and oxygen-boosting facial device in one. It’s safe for all skin tones, types and ages. Ongoing daily cleansing and one weekly boosting facial oxygenates and detoxes your skin. So, your skin cells perk-up and behave younger. The facial gives an immediate smooth glow, and healthy, hydrated, cleared skin after a month or so of use. Ongoing use slows cell aging. Quick and easy, low-effort pampering device with ongoing monthly consumables.