Real-life Mira-skin sultrasound & Hyaluronic Acid phonophoresis user diary with before and after photos

Before & After Hyaluronic Acid with Mira-skin Ultrasound

Honestly, we’d never heard of the Mira-skin system. It’s not as popular as Nuface, Tipollar or Tria. But after researching it I’m impressed by the science and Mira-skin’s clinical results. It’s a quality tool made in Germany and used professionally in salons too. So, we just had to trial it.

And now we can share the results in this real-life user diary recorded over 6 months using the Mira-skin system. Read on the see why it’s awarded 5 stars and is one of our favourites. After you’ve skipped to the photos be sure to come back and read the rest of the diary 😜.

Contents: Why the Mira-skin? | Results after 2 months, after sheet mask & after 6 months | Is it worth it?

Why the Mira-skin?

My Mam is the lucky tester of the Mira-skin system. She’s 71 years old and I bought the system as her Christmas present. I chose it because it sounds the best fit for more mature skin that’s lost its Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluron serum, conductive gel & ultrasound boost wand. Hyper hydration sheet masks. And my Mam. Magic.

The Mira-skin system is a small ultrasound wand which partners with a potent Hyaluronic Acid serum and your own skincare. Using scientifically -proven phonophoresis, the ultrasound opens tiny pathways in your skin allowing skincare molecules to sink deep. Together with the serum, they replenish the Hyaluronic Acid molecules lost in aging skin and get other anti-aging skincare goodies deep down where they work harder. The ultrasonic waves also create gentle heat which energises your skin cells so they build more and stronger collagen and elastin.

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So, with regular use Hyaluronic Acid builds. The water it binds with intensely hydrates, plumps and soothes skin, smoothing and reducing fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Other actives in the serum brighten your complexion, and your own skincare goodies do their thing too. Finally, your increased collagen and elastin brighten and refresh your skin. It’s an all-round powerhouse skincare home device.

My Mam invests in pricey skincare from Elemis. I love the idea they’ll work together so she’ll get more for her money. Plus, it’s a pretty low effort system without any unpleasant sensation or side effects. You use the serum daily and with the ultrasound boost 1 or 2 times a week. Feel the difference immediately and results build over a month or so. It’s for ongoing use. Right up her street.

She’s tested it for 6 months so far.

Her skin concerns

These are my Mam’s before photos.

Forward facing and side-angle close-up photos of my Mam's face and neck. she's wearing no make up
My Mam, before starting her Mira-skin user trial

And her skin concerns description:

My skin is very dry over my nose, cheeks and tops of lips. So, I love the idea of deep-hydration to soothe it.  I also have some sun damage and a large age spot on my right cheek. If they fade, I’m happy.

I’ve had my wrinkles for some time now. They don’t bother me too much but I wouldn’t say no to filling them a bit. I don’t have deep horizontal forehead lines or crow’s feet. I do have slight 11s lines, under eye wrinkles, smile and pucker lines around my mouth.

To be honest, I’m not expecting any drastic changes. But, if there are, that’s ok with me! Having said that, I do like a bit of premium product and pamper time so I’m looking forward to this trial.”

This is how it went.

The first 2 months

This thing is easy to get the hang of, and I really enjoy it. After the first couple of goes everything is dead easy to remember. I don’t feel anything during the session, just peace, quiet and pampering.

The kit

The ultrasound wand feels quality. Not too big, not to small. Nice and light to move around my face. And the battery lasts for ages. I’ve only charged it once so far.

I like the serum, although the pump is a bit fiddly for my hands. The serum itself sinks right into my thirsty skin so I must be quick to apply it evenly all over. I need 2 or 3 pumps for face and neck.

The gel’s ok despite being a bit tacky. I use my fingers to apply it, then give a quick wipe on a towel draped on my knee. It doesn’t drip, sting my eyes or smell. It’s cool at first, but soon warms on your skin, and sometimes dries a bit itchy on my face. But it’s fine once wiped off at the end.

My experience

The wand is easy to use, the diagrams for how to move it over your face are clear. It’s simple and easy to remember. The first couple of goes, I found the gel dried too quickly when I applied it to my whole face. So, now I smooth it on in sections. I turn the wand off and sit it in my lap whilst gelling the next section. And I’ve worked out exactly how much gel I need per section too so there’s little waste. I start with my forehead and work down my face.

Photos showing my Mam using the Mira-skin ultrasound wand on her face
No pain, just a relaxing, warm, smoothing sensation.

It’s a very calming and pampering experience! It’s part of my 9pm nightly wind-down routine. Very relaxing before sleep. I use it 3 times a week but don’t have set nights; I just space them over the week. It takes me around 10 minutes because I start/stop to apply the gel in sections.

Afterwards, I put on my Elemis Oxygenating night cream or calming lavender skin bliss capsule. I love this expensive skincare brand so I’m very happy more of it gets into my skin. Once done my skin feels soft and hydrated. And I’m calm and relaxed, ready for bed!”

The results at 2 months

During these first 2 months my Mam and I spoke a few times by video call. I thought her complexion looked brighter, but it was difficult to tell without a comparison. She shared her thoughts on her results so far:

My skin is soft and moist to the touch. Those dry patches on my upper lip, nose and cheeks disappeared a month or so ago and haven’t come back. I enjoy using the Mira-skin. I think the serum maybe helps reduce my wrinkles, but honestly, I can’t really see any change.”

And that makes me a little sad. I’d hoped for more, for her. But hang on.

As it turns out, her distinct lack of enthusiasm is because she can’t see her face clearly when looking in a mirror. So, even if there are changes she literally can’t see them. Her cursed presbyopia. Or not, because as far as she’s concerned, she has no wrinkles at all! Huzzah. If you can’t see them, they don’t exist. 

Anyhoo, let’s compare the 2-month photos to the originals.

Before and 2 month comparison photos of my Mam's face
2 months later: bright & juicy

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Here’s what we see:

  • Skin is plumper and firmer (especially the cheeks), with more elasticity on the neck
  • Lower jaw skin has filled out, subtly lifting the jowls
  • Skin redness has reduced A LOT! There’s slight fading of a few red broken spider veins on the cheeks too
  • The large age spot on her right cheek is about the same. But the rest of her complexion is clear and bright
  • Skin tone has evened out and it glows
  • Wrinkles are still there, but have softened. It’s particularly noticeable on upper cheeks and upper lip
  • Skin texture is smoothed

Now I’m happy.

To celebrate, we gave the Mira-skin sheet mask a try with the wand.

And. Oh. My.

The Mira-skin Hyper-Hydration sheet mask

The results are impressive. This is the treatment you’ll get at creator Anni Valentin’s clinic. Now I see what all the fuss is about.

Before and after comparison photos of the Mira-skin hyperhydration mask with ultrasound boost. Results are impressive!
The sheet mask & ultrasound before / after. Noticeably bright and juicy!
Before and after angled comparison photos of the Mira-skin hyperhydration mask with ultrasound boost. Results are impressive!
The sheet mask & ultrasound wand visibly reduces wrinkles and unifies skin tone.

I see skin that’s brighter, juicy-soft and plump (yes, like a baby’s bum). Pinky-purple patches have faded and overall the skin looks fresh and healthy. Wrinkles have softened especially on cheeks/under eyes area. And her skin looks smooooth and glowy.

Beautiful lady.

Mira-skin hyper-hydration sheet masks cost €15.90 each/$59.99 for 4.

Mira-skin hyper hydration sheet mask treatment steps; the most affordable and effective professional at-home facial.
Mira-skin Hyper Hydration mask facial is quite possibly the most affordable and effective professional at-home facial

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The next 3 months

The trial continues over the next 3 months. My Mam reports:

I still use the wand 3 times a week, and now I apply the serum twice a day daily, both morning and evening. I also use a Mira-skin sheet mask monthly as a special pampering treat.

About a month ago, I started to feel a big difference in my skin. Maybe because I’m using the serum more now? It’s very hydrated and full.”

Let’s take a look at results 6 months in.

The results after 6 months

Before and after 6 month photos of using the mira-skin system
Reduced redness and a clear, bright, glowing tone. Overall healthy, hydrated younger-looking skin
Before and after 6 months photo comparison using the Mira-skin system
Fuller, plump and lifted skin that looks super-hydrated.
close up of the left cheek and mouth area before and after 6 months using the Mira-skin system
Lip pucker lines are softened and smile lines less deep. Fuller cheeks with plumped out wrinkles

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The results have improved since last time. Here’s what we see:

  • Skin feels even better. No dryness, very moist & super-soft  
  • Looks bright, smooth, hydrated, dewy and full. Plump and healthy
  • Some of the wrinkles have softened further around mouth, upper cheeks and eyes
  • Skin texture has smoothed (chin), and jowls and neck are more elastic and lifted
  • Redness has all gone, skin tone is unified, bright and it glows

Is the Mira-skin ultrasound & Hyaluron kit worth it?

Most definitely.

Take before and after photos so you can see and compare the changes.

My Mam says:

I can really see the changes when comparing the photos! And I feel good about it. I love the regular pamper time, especially with the masks. And I’d do more ultrasound if allowed. It’s quick and just a few times a week so easy to fit in.

I think the serum is excellent. Plus, it’s not bad value for how long it lasts (around 3 months if using 2 squirts from 50ml bottle twice daily (€139.00/ $129.99). My favourite brand serum is the same price for 20ml less. So, with the money I save I bought an even more expensive night cream (don’t tell my husband 🤫). It’s beautiful, and I love the Mira-skin makes it even more effective.

To summarise:

  • Gives healthier, hydrated, smooth, lifted & plump skin, reduces fine line & wrinkles
  • Fades pigmentation & evens skin tone for a healthy glow
  • Low effort, quick & easy pamper-time
  • Mira-skin Hyaluron serum & sheet masks give excellent skin plumping & anti-aging results
  • Gets more from skincare you’ve already invested in

I definitely recommend the Mira-skin system to anyone with more mature or dry skin like I had. Or to anyone who wants plump, healthy, smooth and soft skin. Which I think is just about everyone.”

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