About my reviews

Every review you’ll find on this site is the result of hours of comprehensive research and firsthand testing.

Hello! I'm Laura and I test at-home beauty devices to bring you fair and honest in-depth reviews at Wearebodybeautiful.com

Here I am! I test and trial devices over several months to share valuable, honest and thorough feedback from my real-life tests!

I buy many of the devices I test. And sometimes I get freebies. But that doesn’t influence my tests, or the feedback I share with you.

I’ll always give you objective and honest feedback. And because I can compare and contrast different devices, I can make solid recommendations based on real life performance. So, not only will you find product reviews, but product round-ups and in-depth comparison device reviews.

There’s a lot to test. And I like to get to know each device in great detail. Here’s a bit about how I test home IPL and laser hair removal and skincare & anti-ageing devices.

How I test home laser & IPL devices

I test for quality, design, safety features, and how comfortable, precise and easy the device is to use. So, I test each one for several sessions on my legs, bikini line, tummy, underarms and face. I record how it feels, what’s easy and comfy, or tricky and tiring. And I speed test it too, to see how long it takes to flash a full leg and my whole-body. That way you get an accurate, like-for-like comparison across all the devices.

I also weigh-up the effort you must put in during the start-up regimen, and for your top-up sessions during maintenance. Some devices are far less time-intensive than others so it’s important you choose something you can stick with. I check for clinical reports, brand guidance and record my results too, as well as other user feedback. All of this goes into my reviews as photos, videos, guides, pros & cons. So, you get fair, balanced and reliable device recommendations.

I’ve given each device a 5-star scoring criteria for lamp lifetime, ease of use and effort vs results, as well as summary pros & cons. Look out for my exclusive voucher codes next to the deal links!

How I test home skincare & anti-aging devices

Testing at-home skin care devices requires a lot of time and patience. First, I review all the guides and manuals. Then I use the device as directed over several months to asses how easy it is and how much effort you must put in. I test the device for quality, comfort, simplicity, and how easy it is to follow the routines. I assess the feel and expense of consumables such as conductivity gels. Then, I record how it feels, how much concentration you need, easy, tricky or difficult bits, and any potential skin reactions.

During the start-up stage I also keep a diary to record my thoughts and feedback. I record how motivated I am and how easy it is to stick to the schedule. Some devices are less time-intensive than others, and it’s important to choose one you can stick with long-term that gives the results you need.

I also record any changes I feel and see in my skin, and I take comparison before, during and after photos too. I check for clinical reports, other before and after comparisons, and brand guidance as well as other user feedback. And from this I create my reviews packed with photos, videos, guides, tips, and pros & cons. So, you get fair, balanced and reliable device recommendations.

There’s a 5-star scoring criteria for each skincare and anti-ageing device too. This time it’s for ease of use, effort/schedule, and results. And the summary pros & cons finish it off, with the odd exclusive voucher code there too.

What’s next?

Thanks for taking the time to understand what makes the difference with my reviews. I hope you’re confident they’re the result of genuine hard work and attention to detail!

Please go have a look around my site. Get in touch if you’d like – I love to hear from my readers!

Take care of each other,

Laura ❤️

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