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Welcome! Here you’ll find over 30 easy to digest, real-life and tried and tested reviews of home beauty devices. All are clinically proven safe & effective for use at home and from reputable brands. You won’t find any marketing fluff or waffle. Just facts, thorough research, honest feedback, and loads of photos and videos.

Home anti-aging & skincare

WeAreBodyBeautiful.com's round-up of the best at-home anti-aging & skincare devices

From microdermabrasion to microcurrent, look your best and boost your confidence by choosing from the best home anti-aging & skincare devices.

Best home anti-aging & skincare devices

Home IPL & laser hair removal

The best home laser & IPL machines recommended by WeAreBodyBeautiful.com

This round-up helps you choose your perfect device from 2020’s leading and trusted brands in the UK, Australia, US, Canada and worldwide. See which is best for your skin tone, body areas & budget.

Best home IPL & Laser hair removal machines

Not sure where to start?

There’s a lot to learn about laser and IPL hair removal and home beauty device technologies. But you’re in the right place. Get informed about it all here (and in plain English too).

Home skincare device technologies

Do you know your microcurrent from your microdermabrasion? Not to worry. We’ve researched and created these comprehensive, fact-checked guides – without fluff – to all the technologies you can use at home for healthy skin and anti-aging results.

All about home laser hair removal

Learn how it all works, what’s the difference between laser and IPL, what home treatments are like, shaving vs waxing, safety & potential side effects, and what results you can really expect. Oh, and get a straight answer on if it’s permanent or not!

About the reviews

Can you trust these reviews and recommendations?

You can. Most devices are trialled by our small team of testers over several months. Therefore, you get real-life photos, tips, pros & cons. Our in-depth experience and understanding also means our round-ups match the best devices for your specific needs.

We compare and contrast each device, their specifications, performance and customer service to arrive at a fair and objective scoring criteria. This means you can compare them like for like, without the marketing waffle. I hope you see the care and consideration that goes into each one. If you want to know more about the crazy level of detail that goes into all the reviews, come see here.

About the reviews




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